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Samantha Quek @SamanthaQuek Wirral/Liverpool/London

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@LukeTomsett Seriously, that has haunted me since I posted it 😂🙈
@simoncrosse @IanWright0 Who’d you swap? @LukeSaile @EAFIFADirect When you least expect me... expect me 👀 I play every little but packed a Salah once... s… @EAFIFADirect 99 Messi as compensation?Can’t wait for the Premier League’s third inductee to their Hall of Fame to go to a public vote and Lucas Leiva to… 👏🏻 @Carson70Robert INSTEAD OF WHO? @furno5tom Not one of your suggestions is retired 🙈 @ChazyfmDavid RioRULES... If you are stating a replacement must say who you would swap out! Keepers ARE people too - I just can’t f… mind it’s retired players that are being considered for the Premier League Hall of Fame, are their any argu… @thenotoriousbmg Not retired @aldo19381 Both awesome... who do you take out? @LewisRushton19 Who do you take out? @ged_147 Not retired! @WalkerBaitStu Been the talking point all Day on our WhatsApp 😂 @FitzyR14 Good point - Ashley @AlBoumPhoto Not above the other strikers for me @MartinProffitt Love Jamie, but finding it very hard to squeeze him in top 15Note: Keepers ARE people too, I just can’t fit them in! 🙃 @Dougie93 Agree but top 20 I’d say. @Ronan99_LFC Milner yup! Up there @MatthewJB1978 Mentioned it once or twice like.This may not surprise people, but I am a massive Liverpool fan... ...what does surprise people is I think David Be… @Grumpydev 😂😂 @scottfmackay Oooh! My head went straight to players! Great shout 👍🏻With the Premier League announcing they are creating a new Hall Of Fame, my money is firmly on Shearer and Giggs to…🚨🚨Just when you thought Marquee week couldn't get any better! We are delighted to announce that Olympic Gold Medali…
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@BirdCantona Still the second best manager in the world 😉City miles the better team, fully deserved the win. Poorest Real Madrid team/performance I can recall. How the mi… hate to see it... 👋🏻 #Ramos #RMAMCIOh dear... Ramos got that all wrong there. 😏#RMAMCI @thecaddies7 He was my hero when I was growing up! You leave him alone. @CommodoreMudkip 😂 He was moving the other way weight against him and got down well. I thought it was a decent reaction!What a save by Ederson! 👀👏🏻 Macca a bit harsh in commentary 😂 “I think he should have pushed it wide really”... #RMAMCI @NFLUK Stunned by Big Ben’s time to be honest! @MichaelAyres92 Slow news day @MichaelAyres92 Aww come on! It’s an oldie but a goodie!... I bet Rick Astley really struggles with Lent
@Grummy1976 How good are those pans tho! @cchcuk @premierleague 👍🏻 March 2018...
@TomMairs @jimbo888 😂😂😂 @paulreigler Born in the old Mill Road Hospital. First home was on Newby Grove (off Croxteth Hall Lane) @iPOLYMYTH Trent Alexander-Arnold! 😉 #IKnowWhatYouMeant #GitWest Derby has a population of around 14,000... What are the chances that two world class right-backs would be born… @andyjones550 I would rather that too tbhSo the Man Utd v Man City becomes a big game as that appears the fixture that could open the door to Liverpool winn… more wins 🤞🏻 #LFC #YNWA do like Antonio as a player you know #LIVWHU @BigTomD *Fabianski @BigTomD Bet you’re secretly relieved now... Salah might have saved your show there mate! 😂😉 really weird watching Alisson pick the ball out of the back of his net at Anfield in a league game... But w… @BigTomD 😂😂😂 I won’t hold my breath!That’s like me saying I model because someone took a photo of me once...
Retweeted by Samantha Quek @BigTomD If the Hammers win, can I have a walk on part in King Gary?! @BigTomD It won’t be that bad. Moyes wins. That’s what he does. 😉 @BigTomD score prediction for tonight? @andyhammer73 Haha that’s my chicken catching shelf! @jjenas8 good luck getting some women’s hockey footage to retaliate! 😂 @jjenas8 @footie5official 😘 @jjenas8 ... you are miles ahead in @footie5official ... A 26 point lead at this stage is the equivalent to bei… you’re at #Anfield for the game against @WestHam tonight, please don’t forget your Foodbank donations.…
Retweeted by Samantha Quek @ClaremontFarm Disappointing first visit to your farm shop today. I tried to purchase vouchers for the Fishery. St… thread on Man City’s FFP issue and how other teams in Europe also have some suspect financial arrangeme… chickens... 😋🍗 do you tell the sex of an Ant? 🐜 Drop it in water and if it sinks - Girl Ant. But if it floats - ... #ThisWeeksDadJoke #ImSorryLove this 👍🏻
🚨 VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION TO SETTLE A DOMESTIC ARGUMENT 🚨 It’s Saturday... you say, “I’ve got an appointments nex…
Retweeted by Samantha Quek @PGutierrezESPN @DanWillisNE @DailyMirror Up late 🙈 @M1kemcilwaine @Tyson_Fury @BronzeBomber One sided. @adamvale92 @Tyson_Fury @BronzeBomber Talks the talk then walks the walk. Rare. 👏🏻This video by @Tyson_Fury from 2017, when he was out of shape & struggling, telling @BronzeBomber that he was comin… @CraigJacob21 No need to Bow ☺️ thank you for the nice tweet!Feels like a good time to plug my @DailyMirror column from earlier this week... 😉🥊 #WilderFury #WilderFury2 @EddieHearn 🤞🏻 need for a third let’s go straight to it in the Summer! #undisputed
Retweeted by Samantha Quek @daltonNUFC He will get a massive paid out to forfeit the clause. I’d take it. @BigTomD @Tyson_Fury Nice punting Sir 👏🏻Let’s be honest, despite what Fury said, that if he wins there will be a rematch, it’s best Wilder doesn’t take up… anyone do post fight like Tyson Fury 😂 #WilderFury #WilderFury2Wilder may have found a punch from the Gods, but I seriously doubt it... Fury absolutely battered him! Superb.AWESOME! Tee’d up for a big rematch. #Wilder will say #Fury never knocked him out and the corner shouldn’t have th… going back to his corner after the 5th round. #furyvswilder2 #WilderFury #FuryWilder2 @mattnashmetro @PatrickMahomes Same! But he looks open to a pop shot that first round! 🤞🏻🤞🏻How my fella comes into the living room having just emptied the dishwasher for the first time ever... #WilderFury Tyson is taking this as serious as ever 😂😂😂... #WilderFury2 @mattnashmetro @PatrickMahomes It’s quite a QB too 🙌🏼 Champ can wear what he likes 😉 Who wins the fight? @mattnashmetro @PatrickMahomes Don’t talk about my QB like that! 🥊 @PGutierrezESPN 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🥊🥊🥊 mood #furyvswilder2 @dannyashton96 @chrishughes_22 Good one 👍🏻🥱 @chrishughes_22 Don’t start 😂😂😂Watching the first encounter of #FuryWilder2 to get me in the mood for tonight’s fight! 🥊🥊🥊
@pauljburton I know 😂 @carolvorders you seem like you’d know the answer to this... @chrishughes_22 @_Benjamin_Dover Seems to be the crux... whether “This Tuesday” was 4 days ago or in 3 days time! @jonnyplfc Correct @Devsx94 @chrishughes_22 I meant to reply to Chris and yours snuck in there!