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Working on what is next at @google.

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hat town #livelaughconf 🎩⛑️👲
@sebmck %s/vscode/textmate @kosamari I really appreciate the use of <details> and <summary> instead of a JS based solution for expandable sec… I work day-to-day made a build tool info site :
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@jedrek @sebmck @cpojer happy to set up a call. @sebmck @cpojer Pet peeve: People who name their pet PeeveCSS Overview in @ChromeDevTools is a gem! 💎
Retweeted by Sam SacconeHey y'all! Anyone hiring junior or mid-range developers with experience in JS, DevOps, and various other bits? Sev…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @tekiek absolutely really @GuyFieri it looks like your site has a wicked case of serving mixed content (https for the document an… see a site load so fast it makes you want to stop and see what's up? is doing just tha… @ElliottZ @rauchg It depends on which webpack hashing implementation they are using. Naively yes this would be a pr… @nomadtechie @github @npmjs Thank you for sharing your experience! @nomadtechie @github @npmjs Congrats on the new role!When a company like Microsoft “coincidentally” fires all 5 black engineers from a company they just acquired (npm),…
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"The current state of accessibility for HEY, and future plans" by our accessibility specialist @bergatron, who've b…
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Retweeted by Sam SacconeRETURN OF THE KING
Retweeted by Sam SacconeBREAKING: ICE must release migrant kids in family detention centers. Citing coronavirus pandemic, federal judge say…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @rauchg @timer150 @shubhie @wongmjane @hdjirdeh @rauchg lemme know if I can help at all! Happy to review anytime. @rauchg @timer150 @shubhie As @wongmjane mentioned the points raised in and… @rauchg @timer150 @shubhie Maybe this is a poor case to base a change off of.. Do y'all have metrics on the distrib… @rauchg What does next do for the case of a single page app? Is there a bailout to optimize not chunking in this case?331kb of javascript now 👁️👄👁️ Interesting to see nextjs generating so many chunks. of javascript 👁️👄👁️ 👏
@jaffathecake No need to apologise. I was wrong, my language was too strong, I have deleted the original tweet and… @rezassar Yes, the language in the original message was too strong (deleted), apologies. My frustration came throug… @jaffathecake @fvsch @Stroebelr @rezassar @tomus_sherman @SonstHarmlos @juristr Yeah we were able to figure out why my initial page load experience seemed so… @heydonworks @csswizardry Got to the root cause for this specific issue: Working with a f… I'm checking out @dhh 's new HEY email service as I'm keen to get away from Gmail and like what they preach abou…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @marcysutton I dug more on this one and was able to confirm your hypothesis 🙌🏼 The welcome page looks to be focusi… critiquing a user interface for accessibility on the ol' Twitter megaphone, it helps to have the right expecta…
Retweeted by Sam SacconeWe're thrilled that the research @marcysutton has done using Fable will now officially impact @gatsbyjs sites, and…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @marcysutton @rob_dodson Totally agree, my expectations could be totally off base, speaking as a novice user of th…
@marcysutton The entire welcome screen at: is being -1ed I can not claim to be a fluent u… @rob_dodson no landmarks I was only able to get though it by tabbing throughHere is some clear documentation from the W3C ARIA working group for how to handle this class of interaction is not just a minor nit Let me walk you though the core user journey of hey... *interacting with an email* 3…
Actual prison systems are ending their ties with ICE but @github still won't.
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @samccone On all modern browsers IndexedDB allows a metric poop ton of storage. Full details in
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Obviously it is more nuanced than this though, here is a much more detailed explanation from @inexorabletash @cpjolicoeur shhhhh I can not give away all the secrets.The two tiers of storage in the browser // 🔐 no more than 5MB or else 💥 sessionStorage.setItem localStorage.setIte… @patrickhulce @GNUmanth @____lighthouse yep they have a rule already! @redefrita In the case of svg, if there is a <title> it is announced in macOS voice-over.Your friendly reminder that anchor tags with only a visual icon *are* *not* *accessible*. In this case please use…
Immigration has contributed immensely to America’s economic success, making it a global leader in tech, and also Go…
Retweeted by Sam Sacconey’all look at what this girl from nyu created:
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Today's hot take nobody asked for: Pay your technical writers like you pay your engineers because if your docs are…
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@auchenberg broken compressor low freonJuneteenth is a fantastic day to arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by Sam Saccone👎🏻 Performance budgets are considered necessary, but many teams find them hard to use. 📈 We’ve spent the last few…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @cpjolicoeur I can't wait.I’m a software engineer looking for my next role! I’m good at solving problems collaboratively, asking the right…
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🚀 Parcel 2 beta 1 has been released! 🌳 Improved tree shaking 🗺 20x faster source map builds #️⃣ Improved content h…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @andybons 🥰 thanks AndyThis years @HTTPArchive Web Almanac is open for chapter author nominations. I would love to see more BIPOC authors,…
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@__apf__ I finally understand 🐶➕2⃣ @theefer @sebmck @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate :) lot of opportunity and ambiguity in this space. @sebmck @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate There is a huge opportunity for the team to engage in this sort of… @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate My knowledge scope is not global, but I do not know of any public facing a… @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate In no way am I saying this is good, or even something we should be happy w… @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate I look at it this way The default/well-lit tooling gets us something that… @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate We can look at a different project which uses a ve… @Rich_Harris @hsablonniere @slightlylate "great" example only in that it uses SSR and client side-hydration along w… @hsablonniere @slightlylate is a great example.
@sstephenson 👋 would love to get the stats.json from your project (if you are using webpack) to do some digging. Happy to chat more!
@jordwalke @natfriedman @Una @github @billygriffin22 Thanks for the improvement, looking forward to you taking a stand against… company's response is confidential, but mine isn't: continued anger and disappointment. @github's words and (ho…
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tech bros in code reviews foam at the mouth about naming variables concisely and accurately but in any discussion a…
Retweeted by Sam SacconeHere’s a useful JavaScript thing I learned today that might also be useful to you: Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.
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The Founder: The Product:
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This piece by @tiffani is my new ringtone. It’s spectacular. Share widely.
Retweeted by Sam SacconeIf you’re in STEM and you support #BlackLivesMatter, please retweet and like this! I’m trying to see something 🚀👩🏾‍🚀🛰
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Are you a white guy who is feeling unsure what you should be doing rn? Have you already donated and are like "now w…
Retweeted by Sam Sacconeread the Ben & Jerry’s statement on BLM and George Floyd and recognize how pathetically short every precious ivory…
Retweeted by Sam SacconeI don’t care what color your avi is. It feels like “turn your avi black for a single day” is the “wear a safety pin…
Retweeted by Sam SacconeLet me be clear. This is revolting. The Bible is not a prop. A church is not a photo op. Religion is not a politica…
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@natfriedman Nat please take a real stand against ICE and take action to remove yourself from the injustice continu…
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @natfriedman Nat please take a real stand against ICE and take action to remove yourself from the injustice continu… this is the fakest tears ever, github literally contracts with ICE
Retweeted by Sam SacconeGitHub still works with ICE to forward this pattern of systemic racism, if you mean these words stop the contract.
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @js_tut This is incredibly disgusting. This sort of vitriol has no place anywhere.I’m old enough to remember two weeks ago when mobs of white people armed themselves to the teeth and stormed state…
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We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate. We are postponing the June…
Retweeted by Sam SacconeFuck white supremacy. Fuck white supremacists.
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @jackyalcine I am deeply sorry if this came across in any way that communicated a lack of me caring about the terri… Who will match my donation? #GeorgeFloyd
@MylesBorins I found learning these things to be valuable as well, based on my experience I *had* to learn these t…“In the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear?”
Retweeted by Sam Saccone @HenriHelvetica the khan academy content is wonderful, and very hands on which matches my learning style. @HenriHelvetica starting is *really* easy: I went from basically 0 to cross joining in < 1… @oluco_de