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Samantha Inman @saminman01 Los Angeles, CA

actress in training to be a force of nature and reckoning! published author!

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Happy saturday everyone! Let's help out #writers below 5000 followers! If that's you, leave a comment and we'll fo…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @bl98 @Misha54131912 #TeaTime #mystery #thriller #crime @SgMinae #TeaTime #mystery #Thriller #crime @RSJoneseeAuthor Reading not really it depends on the story really what works best @RSJoneseeAuthor Depends but currently in third @Kaylee_Bliss1 I did I’d like to get two to three manuscripts to my publisher by the end of the year @daveoneillsf #TeaTime #mystery #thriller #crime @JackDeanna #TeaTime #mystery #crime #thriller @HarvestlandBook #TeaTime #MYSTERY #thrillers #crime @andrewkeates @realDonaldTrump No god no please take your hands off of Starfleet @UKavyajanani #TeaTime #mystery #thriller #crime @TheDeniseCrosby My thoughts exactly @writingiswar I’m not I’m just glad strangers buy my book honestlyNight all @KaitlynEKeller First oneWhy aren’t you asking @StarTrek or @CBS if they are going to file suit for copyright infringement?🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
Retweeted by Samantha InmanEarlier today, a Chicago woman became the second U.S. patient diagnosed with coronavirus. The Centers for Disease…
Retweeted by Samantha InmanI mean.....#StarTrekPicard . Sometimes there’s no way of saying how good something was other than it was just fucki…
Retweeted by Samantha InmanThis! 👇 @HoarseWisperer @PattyArquette #StarTrekPicard and I’ve written ten pages + on my second book out of a two month writers block @MalloryRAtwell The left @markberkins I thought you were older. You look so much older than that? #awfulcomplimentsEveryone should get their hands on a copy of the US Constitution and send it to Donald J Trump, The White House, 16…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman#WeAreStarfleet is a show of solidarity in a harsh world. Star Trek is a promise too. It's a promise that all peop…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman“They guard everything like the nuclear codes. Actually, probably better than the nuclear codes right now, but we w… @thejaynebrook It’s brilliant @J_Motoki Writer, photographer, artist, entertainer #creative oh and hi! Book link is up on home page thanks mates!Happy Chinese New Year! #YearoftheRat2020 🐭 @ThePrimaryCarer @niladri_m @JazdzewskiTara Yes and with the right voices it can work very well @BatlethBabe That’s awesome!With the take it’s going this would be really cool! @ManuIntiraymi what day it is... that’s right it’s Friday!!! #writerslift Let the games begin! The goal: collect as many wr…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @DevinVandriel #TeaTime work published @atwmarino @ScribblerBlue @brendawhitesid2 @mecastanares @ScarredLE @OliviaHuse @DarkeIndustries @WildWolfPublish @JonathanMaberry Star TrekThank you Doctor , you speak truth
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @KristynJMiller Always a twist
@CynthiaPONeill @ohiowa89 @taliesin_g @GamingKitchen @Jeevansrealm @AmberRwrites @VampireMaman @ro_deidre plagiarism but I’m not surprised #TrumpLies @KaitlynEKeller Yes it will! And happy birthday! @stephenRB4 I have done it but I’ll try to keep them separate @ohiowa89 @stephenRB4 Writing and work @PiaKristina1 I think I’m on episode three and I love it more and more @MarinaSirtisFan @DollyParton Alright let’s see if I can find these LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder @andrewkeates I agree with this ☝️ @MichyMashup #TeaTime #mystery #Thriller #crime @PiaKristina1 I’ve been watching promise #nospoilersOk. We need to hear from witnesses. If the GOP senators do not stand up to Trump they might as well be lining up…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @lightstar1013 Joffrey is right! @IfeOshun #WIP is the sequel to my current book link here: #TeaTimeOk my wonderful tweeples, I have somethingreally awesome to share w you today. IT'S FRIDAY!!!! No that wasn't it, b…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @idinamenzel I would! @TheDeniseCrosby @Pinups4Pitbulls @PBRCtweets @UnShackledPit @CBSAllAccess @startrekcbs He barks in English and in… @Qu33nOfTheNight ...24 @gates_mcfadden Always @agletterman One of my favorites is dan brown @Marina_Sirtis @latimes Just wait until your episodes are released :) @MaggieMay2914 @MonPetitChum @mariadkennedy @dunia_Tav2000 @mistfitsgalaxy @blacksheep_inn #Merfolk are the best an… @MonPetitChum I’m hoping soon! You were amazing and I recommend you as often as I can :) @MonPetitChum @bookingcom You should be that’s well deserved!! @Marina_Sirtis Precisely! @MatthewTPritt It’s a start @daraven17 @RochelleNorlund If you haven’t already please sign and share the petition and #KeepBingingGargoyles @ArtofEli @GregXB @Greg_Weisman This is amazing if you haven’t already please sign and share the petition and… @LadyDayWrites I hit snooze and have snuggles with my dog lucky then we stretch look at each other and go downstair… @JaymeElliott23 Wrote a bit but have a rough patch but I’ll be fine @AshTudor888 Well I don’t write short stories much but I try to get ten pages a week for my novels if I’m not reall… @reba @DollyParton I love this ! @TheDeniseCrosby Happy anniversary! @TrekNewsNet @realDonaldTrump Yet you made it clear just a couple days ago that if re-elected you’re prepared to cut it and Medicare.
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @sabrinanetflix Hell yes! @StarTrek #StarTrekPicard make it so!! This would be epic!! Please!!! @J_Motoki Sprinkle it like salt as you would in life it’s a seasoning not to be missed but too much and the flavor… @jake_fluekiger Both
@ohiowa89 Yup I do the maternal figure in my books is inspired by all the women in my life who have been friends or… @DKemeridou book signing information is here! If you are able I’d love to say hi and sign a copy!! Sunday, February 16, 20… is why I don’t listen to critics ever. Fans want Star Trek and this is Star Trek of today it is “grief-stricke… @PFDonato #WIP under a year and published work took about five years to complete @DoxieBarks @katyperry @billmaher @Wolfiesmom @CarnieWilson @chrissyteigen @CSiriano @Sia @ohiowa89 Depends on the book @DrakeGatsby My best quality is amazing thank goodness... this must just mean I’m straight up awesome lol @jennhockley They’re usually surprised and curious. But most friends and family are proud and are some of my bigges… @stephenRB4 But you rarely get the full story that way @stephenRB4 Sequel to my first #TeaTime its a mystery thriller dealing with the theme “is history truly what is wri… @AGAWilmot @GregXB There is a petition to bring them all back! Please sign and share and use the hashtag… @stephenRB4 I’m working on my second novel and outlines upon outlinesToday is the day!! #Picard #CBSAllAccess #StarTrekPicard
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @Marina_Sirtis And it was fantastic #nospoilers :) @stephenRB4 What about you? @stephenRB4 I’m going to do some writing today then off to one of my day jobs @laliaristo #TeaTime #WritingCommunity @PFDonato #WritingCommnunity #TeaTime @StarTrekRoom #StarTrekPicard