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Samantha Inman @saminman01 Los Angeles, CA

actress in training to be a force of nature and reckoning! published author!

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@SPOFarrell3 @CrimeRivers @Kellyrei007 @emvan6 @joanne_paulson @halo_scot @Blink_Drive @DellOlioMario whole preorders?! I don't care that Stephanie Meyer must have had 1000s. I'm so freaking pleased with 8. Anyone…
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@DKemeridou @wordrefiner Please check out my work
@TheDeniseCrosby 💋 anytime xoxoI won’t be able to make it but if you can you should! She’s brilliant xo @rebekah_starks @astrid_klos @AstrimaPrd @kay_tee_79 @starscythe @MorganBinnix @JessiBinnix @Pendragon_Wyrm
@RowellPublish @A_R_Pearson1 @Rekwahiba @MatthewJBenecke @laliaristo @kkyoung62 @torturedmemoirs @peter_sellin
@MarinaSirtisFan I’m grateful right now I don’t have kids I’d be a horrendous wreckAbout time they actually do something @rebekah_starks Mine would be dog or marina related to cause the quickest alarmThis is a beauty. Sonnet 104. #ASonnetADay
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Retweeted by Samantha InmanGet your own little piece of Yorkshire wherever you are in the world. @SirPatStew @htafc #yorkshiretogether
Retweeted by Samantha InmanWe’ve reached a milestone: Sonnet 100. #ASonnetADay
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @rebekah_starks Hahah yep @rebekah_starks @MarinaSirtisFan Agreed, but the degree of the plea would definitely mean “help I’m in serious frea… @rebekah_starks @MarinaSirtisFan I’m BACKUP can’t just watch #GoodTrouble. We must go out and #MakeGoodTrouble. It’s up to all of us to continue Congressman…
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@Ayesha28134679 @WilliamHearst5 @noamchomskyT He might need to go back to school I think he missed this lesson @EmAsInMoney @abandonedladder @abbythetweet @Remember_Sarah @Ketih_the_Yeti @dadthatwrites Heck yes we should do this team @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Lord I hope so I’m in unemployment right now @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Lmao oh shucks one more thing to put on my resume “not woman” @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Cuz we are because we know what it means to hurt in sile… @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Ooo that’s good @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yup, love it when family do it though hahah @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Oh darn that must be why im single and not barefoot and… @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yup exactly @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @glittersoflife Yes!!! #whoopasswednesday @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yes please @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yes!!! Or when people are like you have to plan for ever… @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife There ya go!! @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Ooh shoot you know you’re right oh darn what a silly woman I am @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Right @ItsaMeTeo @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Anytime @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Right... flexing the old muscles felt great @MRClarkNomad Please check out my work: @AmaryDiariez Please check out my work and congratulations: @BrandonMorehous Please check out my work: @_slaphappymama Please check out my work: @setoutwoulemski Please check out my work: @artmystsoul Please check out my work: @KACroft_Author Please check out my work: @callanjmulligan Please check out my work: @ElizaLuckey Please check out my work: @EmiliaSowersby Please check out my work: @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Ouch... Betty Crocker should have frosting in a container @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Precisely @HoldingSucubus @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney Oh bless, ptsd can be brutally difficult… @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Ouch I’m feeling a wee bit insulted for not being remove… @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife It’s like buttercream frosting just in a container @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife They are...they don’t have it hahaha because America just likes sweet stuff @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Awe you guys xo @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Hahahahaha wow @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney Oooh accuracies ans truth dropped here @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Right?! It’s like the *slinking out of the room because… @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yeas!!! @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Yeas!!! @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Really? Yea like pilsbury frosting 🧁 @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Wow he actually does have some sense @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife She’s always good at that!! @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney Since day one right?! @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Hahahahaha @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Awe bless, it’s so cute and TJMaxx plus love the colour!! @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Strawberry frosting tastes nice out of the container on its own @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Always!! @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Very I made new friends and together we demolished a tro… @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife True @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites Check out my pinned tweet :) @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Awe thanks @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney I am fluent in sarcasm @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney I took two years of French and four-five years of mandar… @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife I will help and learn it with you cuz then you can have a practice buddy @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites Freaking deal I’ll take the steal from su… @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites I do actually have a book of poetry thoug… @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney No it’s my fault as a friend I never told her this secret lmao @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife Absolutely agree on both @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @abbythetweet @glittersoflife It was the best in a good while @abbythetweet @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney Who knew it was so simple as to learn a new language and… @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites Anytime I’ll spin a rhyme just for fun under the sun @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Must also really hurt when they get handed to him @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @Ketih_the_Yeti Anytime and all the time @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @abbythetweet @glittersoflife I have thoroughly enjoyed this @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @glittersoflife @Ketih_the_Yeti We have nothing to fear but fear itself right @Ketih_the_Yeti @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney As do many languages @glittersoflife @abbythetweet *buzzzzz* your answer is wrong please Try again @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Haha he doesn’t @Ketih_the_Yeti @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites You’re most welcome @Ketih_the_Yeti @EmAsInMoney @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @dadthatwrites I have gotten rid of friends who believe… @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @Ketih_the_Yeti I will back you 100% I will not support l… @EmAsInMoney @thejuanupsman @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @dadthatwrites @Ketih_the_Yeti That just needs to be his… @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti @dadthatwrites @abbythetweet @glittersoflife Hahahahaha ha *gasps* hahhahahahahahahahH… who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. Wh…
Retweeted by Samantha Inman @abbythetweet @glittersoflife @EmAsInMoney @Ketih_the_Yeti “Go get some formal education in Sanskrit” hahahahaha @EmAsInMoney @thejuanupsman @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @dadthatwrites @Ketih_the_Yeti I bet I can recommend some… @Ketih_the_Yeti @dadthatwrites @EmAsInMoney @abbythetweet @glittersoflife I missed that too @thejuanupsman @glittersoflife @abbythetweet @EmAsInMoney @dadthatwrites @Ketih_the_Yeti Hahah right