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Abraham: Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? Sampson:
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonNews! #sekritproject is officially #RenFaire3! Mitch and April will be snarking their way into your hearts in 2021!
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonAnd today’s all we got So we cannot stop This is our block... #InTheHeightsMovie #Summer2020
Retweeted by Sami Thomason🚨Live now!🚨 🚨#LoveFromAtoZ for free!❌💰❌ ♥️And will only last I think until 2am EST so take a peek at Adam & Zayne…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @anotherfleabag I cleaned up multiple “code U’s” in line when I worked at dumbo, I am not surprisedWOW!
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonIf i had a dollar for every time a customer said “I’ll just order it from amaz*n” I’d be rich enough to never work again.
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonVogue Arabia December Issue. I'm at a loss for words
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Inject this INTO MY VEINS.
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonLast Christmas, I gave you my heart But the very next day You stuffed it underneath the floorboards with the rest o…
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@itsrorypower The digital galley is on edelweiss!I am racing through @itsrorypower’s BURN OUR BODIES DOWN and I’m completely unsettled and terrified in the best way🌽No one: Millsaps:
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonLol it was 60 degrees all day yesterday and now it’s snowing. My hair is trying to explode off my head
@gomaegango So good!!🚨 New Patreon post! 🚨 Here’s an (incomplete, as I’m still reading!) list of my favorite 2019 books, along with som…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonTHE NIGHT COUNTRY comes out in less than a month! Here's one last teeny peek at THE BOY WHO DIDN'T COME HOME, the F…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @1snotacrayon @DressLilycom Bless you!!Now THIS is the disability content I am HERE for, @nytimes. Of course, the big difference between this and the rest…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @caitlin_sweeny SO GOOD. I’m in such awe @1snotacrayon I WANT THAT PLEASEWhen I assumed chair of the Appointments Promotions &Tenure Cmte at Duke U, as I entered board room one of the comm…
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Happy December, folks. If you're looking for a YA fantasy to gift, SHATTER THE SKY has: ☑️ angry bisexuals ☑️ drag…
Retweeted by Sami Thomasonif you’re wondering how tired the holiday season makes booksellers, last night a mysterious dripping dragged me out…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonFrom our archives, 12/7/1938: Bette Davis's husband files for divorce because she "reads books too much"
Retweeted by Sami Thomasonif we're mutuals on twitter and I see your book in stores I will 100% tell whoever I'm with that we're friends
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonMy favorite thing about the whole "Baby Yoda caught the industry off guard now they're scrambling to make Baby Yoda…
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solidarity with food service and retail workers who have to listen to the same shitty playlists for 8 hours every day! I see you ✊🏼
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonJust here to point out that it seems like the Venn diagram of people who complain about millennials and participati…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonWhat does an author do when she's pressed for time? Trim back on furniture. HOW UNFORTUNATE THAT THERE IS NOW ONLY ONE BED!
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonReaders are literally begging authors & publishers to do this. PLEASE DO THIS.
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@AlissaDenay Oh my god I’m so glad they’re okay. That’s absolutely terrifyingI NEED THE WHOLE THING THOUGH
@hafsahfaizal Just happy we get book 2!! Take care of yourself ❤️❤️ @Lin_Manuel Dog Man or Captain Underpants? @what_eats_owls I’m so glad you’re okay!!
@LaAnnaMarie Thank you for your bravery in writing the most beautiful books 💙an ambiguously male blue slug alien is going to cast a longing look at a meerkat pilot thing shortly before he gets…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonAlanna has always defied labels. She took the best bits of being a woman and a man, and created her own unique iden…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonThis description makes me want to weep but I know this is the kind of book that makes people better people. BEEN ON A PLANE FOR SIX HOURS AND JUST HIT THE TARMAC TO OSCAR ISAAC HIMSELF CRADLING MY TWEET??????? no YOURE…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @moonandpeach Yeah same 😬Y’all I am WEAK for Irial and Wicked Lovely and I am so PUMPED am crying they eat bread and apples and cheese on the journey, it makes me happy and also makes me want bread and apples…
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The look you give someone who says they haven’t read your favorite book:
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonHAPPY RELEASE DAY TO REVERIE!!’t wait for this!!! 2Crow2Merciful might be a better title though 😂😂' the season for giving, friends. The @mbmbamangels are once again working to provide for people in need in Hunt…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonIf you have Mordred feels from THE GUINEVERE DECEPTION, this is a really delightful (mildly spoilery) thread...
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🎄 Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust ✨ Ancient Persian-inspired fairytale retelling ✨ A princess cursed t…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @ashposton @ashposton You are far more generous than me bc I just want to beat his ass with a vengeance 😂😂Read the opening of LADY HOTSPUR! There’s war and regicide and reunions and lusting and ghosts! All in the first tw…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @AlissaDenay YAYYYY CLARA!!!#KnivesOut spoilers with no context
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonGRATITUDE POST: Thank you so much to @tomi_adeyemi @lilliamr @SamiSaysRead @KellyBurlingham for your kind words abo…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonNow that the holiday season is underway, may we offer up this tale of gloom, woe, and #milkandcookies?…
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Dang I forgot about STARLESS SEA! Tbh I’m on 280 books for this year so I need like a top 50🐝THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME by Julia Quinn 👁 RUTHLESS GODS by @glitzandshadows (comes out 2020) 🎮SLAY by… MY QUOTE NEXT TO THE WOLF, I am OBSESSED with the illustrations 😍🐺 @1snotacrayon @ebruenig HEROfinally understand what hygge is
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonHeyyy, if you'll be hanging around with nothing to do on December 23, reading SHATTER THE SKY for free in one day i…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonImagine not understanding that The Mandalorian is based on old Westerns and that the widow who can shoot in the tow…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @amandareid @TheRippedBodice I NEED the baseball cap that says Trollop tbh @hafsahfaizal @ShireenWriter @IceyDesigns An excellent choice!! @amandareid We deliver locally too!! People do seem very afraid to ask and I wonder why that is
@recitrachel @TheRippedBodice 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻#ShopSmall if you can today (it’s how I pay rent!) but don’t shame people who can’t. A lot of people in the disable… love ordering from @TheRippedBodice!! They get signed copies of my favorite romance novels and their merch is ama… @catherinetinker *GOOFY Dang Black Friday hit me too hard @catherinetinker I only chanted to spare everyone from the full power of Wake Me Up Goody, a modern classic
SaVe Me!!!For reference:’m at the point in the day where I’m standing at the register chanting the lyrics to Bring Me to Life in a goofy voiceIt’s Black Friday so please please PLEASE be nice to retail workers today, this is a day we dread all year because… is Small Business Saturday... Let's out there and #ShopSmall! Support the local businesses that make our…
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Ilan Galkoff played Brian in Good Omens. He’s an astonishing young actor. And now he needs to raise the money for a…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonThis video is hard to watch but so so important. Melissa is incredible and I hope she finds peace with this.
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria (1959)
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonHappy Netherfield Ball Day! Be sure not to let your fancy for Wickham lead you to slight a man of ten times his consequence
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonWhen Werner Herzog learned the Mandalorian team was considering replacing puppet Baby Yoda with CGI, he had a devas…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @divinemadness Lemme at em
Happy birthday to dearest @nebrinkley, a generous friend, fierce book dragon, and all around wonderful human being.✨Cover reveal!! ✨ If you had any doubt of Chunk’s fame, she has her very own cover for the GHOST SQUAD school mark…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @what_eats_owls Me when I saw the title in the spring catalog
I miss the days when if your crush rejected you, you could just go to Bath to visit a family of sisters with 20,000…
Retweeted by Sami Thomasonyou are only a teenager once! - ask ur crush out! - go to parties! - join a gang of criminals, agree to a job that…
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonI haven't yelled about this book in a while but now that it's getting colder again for most of us it's THE PERFECT…
Retweeted by Sami Thomason @clairelegrand 🔪🔪🔪 @clairelegrand AHHHHHHHHHHHHH @steph_heinz Yes!!! It is perfection!!I feel so seen.
Retweeted by Sami ThomasonI did start watching #Watchmen today though and immediately had to take a nap bc of all my feelingsPaul and I have spent the whole day on the couch while he plays the new Star Wars game and I play the new Pokémon a… @chelscurr1207 Thank you!!! Seriously a struggle @brookecnorman @squarebooksjr 😘happy to help!!
@nebrinkley WOW I LOVE HIM