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@isabelchalamet Same @ppjuiceee Fr @mformadarosis The hair is different colours! @g7byy Without u they would have nothing fr 🙄 @adriansslut Meeee! @g7byy U a celebrity on the tok @sabpie_ lil sab @Ietmeshine 💜 @albert12798 Woah @jmiryamm Woah @ayysop_ Same fr @bbyslaze I’m bronzepain.
Retweeted by Sam 🌎☄️💕 ® @SteadyCam_ Same sir @g7byy I kidding I would never do that , great tweet gaby keep going! @ltsChroma @macawcaw123 😔 @g7byy turning off notis i cant handle this anymore @goon4brezzzy @macawcaw123 where is she @andaze767 ur too good for her @TidesofMercury good luck :) @PScizz0rs same man @XeenNoLogs @g7byy :D @g7byy oh i thought u were talking about me :(aired @g7byy thank you lol @layi_olusanya D: maybe @ezbak3lovin eat food @feiyjr twins fr 😔 @khibestealinn Wpain. @snootid its everyday for me 😔 @2kspaced u just like me @arielhelwani nooooo @NotoriousRMD :( @jujuxbangzz yo @JrWave19 oh brother please dont come over @CharlitoWRLD ong asap @Ietmeshine they got u again? :( @layi_olusanya oh brother @ascxndingz shits wild man, no one messes with ronaldo 😠 @layi_olusanya man utd man ... wbu? :) @Leo__ffs praying man @TristanGHill @Footballogue dude my anxiety went through the roof when i saw the tweet @layi_olusanya yessir big football fan :) @Footballogue shame on you @layi_olusanya they deleted it so we think it is @FIikify same man @Pastamanforever @MR_No_Hoes @Ietmeshine @g6byy @g7byy @snootid @JefferyxBball @JoeBiden I read bruce jennermy ass had a full on panic attack holy shit :( @MR_No_Hoes @Pastamanforever @Ietmeshine @g6byy @g7byy @snootid @JefferyxBball @JoeBiden avengers and me @g7byy same stuff happened to me with the r*pe tweet :( always here if u need anything gaby <3 @Avalanche100T @LazasBautista talk man @RealBlxkSuprman ong bro @Pastamanforever @Ietmeshine @g6byy @g7byy @snootid @JefferyxBball @JoeBiden we got joe biden in here huh @KobeSexuaI fr man @SamSzn__ yea i saw man @mustardbeans fr man @UJustLostToThe exactly @CharlitoWRLD fr man @Miniboy999 i got so anxious @g7byy ew wtf @CharlitoWRLD @Ashbuni a big football account with 1.2 million followers tweet out this tweeting this about Ronaldo man... its most likely fake, jesus how messed up do you gotta be. @CharlitoWRLD @Ashbuni football player @Ashbuni i shit myself man ): @Miniboy999 @Footballogue yea they deleted it @Miniboy999 @Footballogue if anything happened to ronaldo id be distraught @LazasBautista thats so messed up if its fake man @g7byy what did u mean by this @LazasBautista nah man i pray @Footballogue praying this is fake @RealBlxkSuprman pain man painmf is gonna become the joker in a week man i stg @andaze767 :( @g7byy what @ErvinTolaa pain @CharlitoWRLD FR @KobeSexuaI i feel so bad LMAOcryptic gotta have the worst luck on this app @CryptiicNoOne oh brother @Ashbuni gn ashhh enjoy tomorrow @CryptiicNoOne WE ALL GIVING UP @ImMahti streamer twitter @CharlitoWRLD @albert12798 thank u! @CharlitoWRLD @albert12798 :( @Pastamanforever @albert12798 LMAO @ImMahti im confused @albert12798 i dont wanna be ugly anymore @oFabz poor guy cant win @ashIeyyx u too ash 💜 @CryptiicNoOne poor guy @CryptiicNoOne @CorinnaKopf i'm good homie @Ashbuni get good kid @paradox_ek ONG I AM︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
Retweeted by Sam 🌎☄️💕 ® @ForeignSoph I SNAPPED @Ashbuni U need friends to use discord which we both dont have !!! @DCFC_Capon 😔 @limbolul ily :D !