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@CouRageJD Whoever told u that needs to be arrested immediatelyI will officially be running as Kanye's Vice President #2020VISION
Retweeted by Sam 🌎☄️💕 ® @Classify it really is classy LMFAO Florida got more cases than my entire continent , europe is chillin @liImorg lalalalala @axVEVO i aint even had a reply draft LMAO is that a thing? @axVEVO frrr @nCaustic_ goodnight nat @itsWaddles_ I think the same with my shit man i just try to stop care but its fucking hard LMFAO, but i love ur tw… @ImNotNik GOODNIGHT! @itsWaddles_ LMAOOOOOOOO but these type of tweets are the best man i stg @McFarlandRiley Goodnight Rileyyyyyyy @itsWaddles_ Waddles with another beautiful tweet @LiaSimpForever gn! @Freddychini @IcyVert delete the video soon my man ! dmca scary @mauguadron @k1gotsuspended GOODNIGHTTT @olbechia NP!!!!!! @C162X U too clef! 💜 @gumdorp LMAO GN!!!! @realphoenixlens goodnight phoenix!! @SteadyCam_ goodnight cammmm! @CrypticNo damn u aint the glizzy gladiator @AstroLeonrd GOODNIGHT! @bil_cipher Goodnight sir! mr 3k :) @AmirInTheTrap gn :) @SullysMad @CrypticNoOne its poggers @yussuf420 goodnight Yussuf! 💜 @IcyVert goodnight beautiful @Freddychini i got it from icy so ill be good but he should delete soon so he dont get dmcaaa @sockshoptweets no! @AJKumble Goodnight AJ! @HandmemyWs Gn king <3 @xvslader HUH @xAkumalol GN AKUMAAAAAAAAAA @kvrohs gn kuro! @olbechia GN!! @yacinevtheworld gnnnnnnn @CouRageJD cuties @paradox_ek Goodnight Ariel! 💜 @VisionEfects LMAO goodnight <3 @notchaselyons Present @AstroLeonrd D:Goodnight Twitter! Say it back or I'll be sad 💜🖤💜 @lexieyuh woo have fun @gumdorp @IcyVert true @IcyVert cause i am water @Essabee93 :( @SullysMad @CrypticNoOne well in ireland we barely have any, like ive never seen or been bit by one. like idk what they are @Abstraaa take it easy! @IcyVert I do @lexieyuh LEXIE THERE IS MORE FIRE AND ITS NEAR YOUR HAIR @CrypticNoOne im so lucky we aint got them here @mauguadron @bil_cipher i stg LMFAO i had no idea @keyotech LMAO @liImorg GET HIS ASS @mauguadron thanks homie! @C162X madi really spent 10 minutes of my life making this @100TJackiee just wanna be called kitten :( @C162X @bil_cipher i stg im not @HandmemyWs SAME @SteadyCam_ shh @bil_cipher ohhhh i had no idea i thought it was like u stay indoors all the time @SteadyCam_ @bil_cipher LMAOWhen Kanye becomes President @bil_cipher yeah LMAO @NinTechDoGaming LMAO @bil_cipher what is stockholm syndrome @nCaustic_ meeeeeeeeeeee @nCaustic_ what rank are u in valorant now ? @C162X peep was so good man, so much potential @C162X 2 here were shot and 2 were drug related :( so sad @DivideX_org i loved his music @DivideX_org nah peep got some bangers @noah2883 same :( @_davvd i was such a big fan man it hurt me bad @olbechia all girls are the same is mine! But its so many to count i have so many favs @darklizardtv trueee @BrenBrenlol u too homie @olbechia lots of great songs!juice hit me the hardest man , idk when ill get over that @olbechia it really did @LilCharlito :( @HandmemyWs FR MAN @Blankzy_ its my ass clappinThey were taken too soon man 😔😔 @longneckedbeck my big ass is shaking in excitement @Mako LMAO @jessdot i didnt even think bout that :( @AmirInTheTrap LMAO FR @optiuh LMAO @optiuh Ok lol @CrypticNoOne whats it gonna be cryptic @fithola Thanks homie @_Badjada LMAO ITS SUCH A NICE ENDING TO THE ANTHEM @michel_120 maybe @KiwiSweetPie zayn is cool @CrypticNoOne Do u support me!!! @bil_cipher FR"And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye"