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This is the energy I’m rolling into 2020 with.
Retweeted by Sam MaggsYou arrive at a gate with two guards. Guard 1: Halt, traveler. You must solve our riddle to continue. Guard 2: ʰᵉʳᵉ…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @perriav YAY!!Best moment of The Witcher, hands down
Retweeted by Sam Maggsthis made me cry a little!! I will vote for whoever ends up the nominee but man oh man I hope it’s @ewarren.
Retweeted by Sam Maggsme also refusing to ever stop playing apex @ivynoelle This is soooo flawless @GreyDeLisle @kimnewmoney @ashly_burch Hope to see you sometime soon!!💙💙honestly LOOK at this power trio atop @kimnewmoney’s IG right now I’m dying CANNOT DEAL @BlairBroon HNNNHHGHH
@XCK3D Bro... I love you bro @lightstar1013 @kimnewmoney It’s a blazer from @simons! @vqnerdballs @kimnewmoney THANK U I strive for ‘80s villainess looksno one but @kimnewmoney is ever allowed to take pictures of me again, sorry @NerdGerhl WHAT?!?! WHAT!!!!! @TeddyWilson @darkroom Happy birthday dan!!!I’m old enough to remember people saying they didn’t want Hilary but would love Elizabeth Warren (because they’re n…
Retweeted by Sam Maggswatching kiki’s delivery service as a kid: haha I’m also 13! watching kiki’s delivery service as a depressed full t…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsWhich is why Holdo's sacrifice was about saving what she loved, not fighting what she hated (whereas Poe's motivati…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs
Retweeted by Sam MaggsI do like her calling him out though. Just don’t need any more reason to split Dem votes.
Retweeted by Sam Maggsbatten down the hatches, folks: the review embargo just lifted for robert downey jr's cataclysmic Dr Dolittle movie.
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AHHH my ARCs of #CONQUEST arrived today!! Look how cute!! Pre-order here if you’re interested, it helps me out a lo… case for Elizabeth Warren: - She has the best understanding of America’s problems - She knows how to wield the…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @kateleth @PocketGina @BlairBroon also loved itIt's interesting how many see diversity as being forced upon people, but can't recognize that exclusion was forced…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsYEP. If you don’t believe that most if not all of the women in your life (especially those *gasp* in power) have ex…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs50+ YA Books Starring Queer Girls Hitting Shelves in 2020 ❤️💛💚💙💜 I spot clients @robin_stevenson, @NitaTyndall,…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @treswritesstuff @IDW_David_M Tres rulesHello friends and happy #PortfolioDay. I love stuff like this. I think it's a great way to find new talent. But, I'…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsY’all I love #PortfolioDay—I’m always looking for new artists to work with, feel free to tweet @ me so I can scream…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs“Who in their right mind doesn’t believe a woman can be President?” So maaaaany people, dude. If you can’t see wha…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @GutcheckDFS @PlayApex @mewaraparth @PlayApex Love it @GerUnkreativ @PlayApex Yes! @alanschade354 @PlayApex 💪🏼💪🏼 @slimsalifou @PlayApex OMG
@JoshPosh__ @PlayApex Yesss a champ @Mrpayton1 @PlayApex A hero @JabroniTV @PlayApex IN AWE @XCK3D Callout @MoniiPle @PlayApex Almost nice!!I just discovered I played @PlayApex Legends for more than two full weeks consecutively last year.... nice😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @dagnificent @BlairBroon @RachelHeine someone in a power wheelchair: "Do you have a license to drive that thing?" -Everyone says this -Old -Slightly…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @txtriffidranch LMFAOOO @marc_saltzman This is so kind!! Thank you. Back atcha. You’re already kicking butt all over the place. Hope to see… @osyris25 @MitchyD Thank you! @stealingzen“Fuckin beauty queens blowing chunks everywhere... I-I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I live in LA” @sethboyer @TrinAndTonic I wanna say dub as well @marc_saltzman MARC... I MISS YOU AND I’M SORRY THIS IS HAPPENING💙💙 onwards to bigger and better things!💪🏼💪🏼 @revet_up @MitchyD Omg it’s very very good!!I suppose I should say “our contracts came to an end and were not renewed/extended” more properly but it’s not like… @YuriLowenthal SAME @nakashojiart Ben fuckin rules @dictura Thank you my friend @RaraBagel Yes! @revet_up @MitchyD Weird right @Jon_Ore Same @Darth_Jay Nope, we were the year before - they then let us all go and held a subsequent competition , which Tanner won @itsshannonburns @TannerZipchen ✌🏼✌🏼 squad UPIn response to a great deal of questions we’ve had today, below is a statement from Elizabeth Warren:
Retweeted by Sam Maggsnot a single oscar nomination for Carly Rae Jepsen's EMOTION... just because it "isn't a film" and "came out in 2015"...disgusting
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @Pixelfaded Quebec did in fact get different pre shows! @VonAether lmao thank you friend @ChrisGaspar twas @Jushin All three of us were not asked back @MitchyD Lol, it's the TRUTH @JayKingIngram It feels like another lifetime! @JayKingIngram HA oh, for many moons, my friend @ChrisGaspar It feels like a lifetime ago truly @amblingpanda I would imagine! @amblingpanda I mean, I certainly didn't ASK to leave lmaoAs someone who was also once fired from the Cineplex Pre-Show, I will join the Justice for Tanner army at dawn
AHHHHH friends! Today is your last day to log in and claim your BD-1-inspired, “BP-1 Pathfinder skin.” 👍
Retweeted by Sam MaggsLFG! #NerdSquad is 🔥
Retweeted by Sam MaggsToday’s the final order cut-off for Aggretsuko #1, which drops on Feb. 5th! If you want your LCS to order it, now…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @BlairBroon about right for all of us ‘88 gals tbh nominated for Best Picture is like giving Cool Ranch Doritos a Michelin star
Retweeted by Sam Maggstfw Florence Pugh perfectly describes why it's ridiculous that Greta Gerwig wasn't nominated for an Oscar for direc…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsAnother year of Oscars, another year with no female directors in the running. As we head into the 92nd Academy Awar…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs‘Joker’ Tops Oscar Nominations, But Female Directors, Actors of Color Virtually Ignored
Retweeted by Sam MaggsVery sad to have prewritten this story, and to have it turn out to be true.
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @perriav JUST WATCHED EP1 AND SAME @shrimpssss Oh I gotta try it!I just joined a few weeks back! You should too! @meganlogan LOVE this energy @thejustinperez Correct @PatrickWeekes You’re not anywhere near charge your phone levels yet but I do respect the early hustle 💙💙 @PatrickWeekes TECHNICALLY TEMPERATURE WITH WINDCHILL ISNT ACTUALLY THE TEMPERATURE SO IS IT REALLY THAT COLD @cynthialoyst 😂😂
i saw someone pointing this out and im-
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @TJFixman lmaooooooo EXACTLY