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Space witch 🔮 Writer ✍🏼 CAPTAIN MARVEL 🌟 UNSTOPPABLE WASP, CON QUEST! (2020) & TELL NO TALES (2021) 📓 prev. bioware, insomniac 👾 bi 🌺 Rep: @msmariavicente

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@nbolinpin Ontario peach... I am so so jealous!! Enjoy!!
@SarahEnni AHHHHHH ICONIC !!!!
@BlairBroon @ShifallyR @HairLaVie I haven’t used this but I’ll definitely check the ingredients list!! And if you’r… favorite time of the month is here, Lets gooooo! 😍 @IDWPublishing @SamMaggs @Andernell @jcburcham @coralus_SF
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24)Hope folks are having an okay Wednesday! Just briefly wanted to pop by and say Transformers Galaxies #8 is in store…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24)
Missed our fun-filled event last night with @SamMaggs and @veschwab? Fear not! You can still catch the conversation…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24)Hear all about @SamMaggs passion for women in STEM and her new book about the Unstoppable Wasp on a new episode of…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @taylorson @emberquade omgggg!!!!!!!!Also if you are looking for our registry you can find it here, we are still figuring out how to adult! <3 @crashwong So excited to see what you do next!! <33
Okay, I am going to try to be completely offline for two weeks - I’ve never done this before but I’m gonna truly tr… @CoastingAlong YES!!!! @WyldeFandom @BlairBroon Omg haven’t had it in AGES!!!!! @teresaelectro @WellesleyBooks @veschwab Mine were The Tiger’s Daughter by K Arsenault Rivera and You Should See Me… @DreamWriterDKS Absolutely amazing. today’s is “fitbit rash - got soap in there, or leukemia?” @Darth_Krytie I think I’m gonna delete social media!! Or hide my phone!VACAY MODE. You can’t even tell I’m in the middle of a hypochondriac panic spiral!! Cute now... I am officially... 🌟ON VACATION FOR TWO WEEKS🌟 is in ONE HOUR!!! At 2pmP!! Come hang!! huge thanks to @emberquade for this kindly sending this adorable brain-teasing puzzle for Eevee off our housewa… @BlairBroon This tracks @mplacko @tenderchris @G4TV PLEASESeriously who would watch @tenderchris and I on @G4TV because frankly I think we would CRUSH 🤭🤭🌚🌚 with you and the three characters you matched with So... I should maybe consider platinum, then?… @StillNotSam Baggy shirt short shortsMe and @BlairBroon every night @Caitlin_Renata no omg i have to !!! @lostthenumbers @Marvel :') <3 @Caitlin_Renata @ElliePyle omg yes i am OBSESSED!!! @MichaelDobkins No no the comic was @jrome58 !! But I agree it's fantastic!! I just wrote the novel :)Absolutely LOVED doing this #WomenofMarvel podcast with the great @ElliePyle - check it out here!
Did you know THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP also comes in audiobook?? Narrated by @lisacordileone! You can grab a copy right…!! Will @veschwab and I see you at @WellesleyBooks online?? RSVP now!! LITTLE TOOTH GAP... WOULD DIE FOR HER😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 @GillianGDotCom YIKES @joshscherr @davidgaider WISH I was making this up @macleodholdfast Absolutelykeep himbtw I want y’all to know tweeting shit like this about McKee actually limits the number of studios who will hire me… @EbengerJohn Lots of game studios cite his book and his three-day $$$$$ seminar as like the be-all end-all of storytelling lmfao @deedlite @doggojones Like, don’t they think if someone had Cracked the Code we would all just... do that??????????????? @SirLazloTheG Again, all great tools, but a story that doesn’t follow the Story Circle is not necessarily a bad sto… @qorquiq @davidgaider We told HR! We sent them articles that said it was a cult! And yet @davidgaider 10000000% 😂😂 @cmpriest ALWAYS!!!!!!! @StillNotSam @ashleyversus Absolutely @Rhodes_Writes You are truly THE BEST 😭🙏🏼 @BioMaryKirby @davidgaider The same folks that did this later allowed a literal cult to run recruitment sessions in their media r… @SirLazloTheG Story, Story Circle, Save the Cat - they’re all tools in a writer’s toolbox. Where you run into troub… @deedlite @doggojones A lot of other fields in games are also very tech based and so have clear “judging” standards… @PeterClines 😂🙏🏼💙 @cmpriest This is so many video game studios it’s brutal @ericsmithrocks loved that one (1) teleplay for Mrs Columbia @missingwords I mean, right?incREDIBLE
@ericsmithrocks EXACTLYyou gonna read a carpentry book from a dude who's never cut a piece of wood? i don't think so yall McKee is a scammer and a hack and writing shouldn’t be judged on a quantifiable ~rubric (which includes Stor… “idea guy” totally exists at studios and usually it’s leadership’s favorite designer and they honestly suck.
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @GennHutchison The lightbox is a really special place! So glad you got to enjoy it to the maxFemale
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @OneEyedPeteAB I didn’t want to get too ~deep on it but sadly it’s a) on an island, so I’d need to get to my parent… @ChristopherMNor Amen @carolcollector @Sweeney_Boo @IDWPublishing @Marvel I love this! Thank you for being so supportive. Also that Sween… @msmariavicente @BlairBroon This is wise @ohenieledam this is such a good idea!! @WriteLeeWrite it's so so sad, i'm so sorry to hear that!!all i want in the world is to fly home and see my family and rest at my cottage but there's a mandatory fourteen da… @WriteLeeWrite what can't the pandemic ruin? nothing!!! @WriteLeeWrite Yes a great idea, I also have a cottage on a lake with basically no reception where I like to go to… no one call me August 10-21 I'm going to be eating a carrot and doing one (1) online workout @KendraJames_ holy shit this is something i am definitely afraid of!!Take care of yourselves kids eventually your digusting meat suit will betray you and no one will tell me how to tra… like I haven't gotten stress hives since high school! My resting heart rate is like one million! I really need… all that being said I'm going to do something I never do and actually take the next two weeks off and actually l… I think being 30, house buying, the pandemic, and 6 books + comics + games have all caught up to me and my healt… don’t think you have to write every day.
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @charliejane This is good for book signings as well btw! Even if someone tells me their name is Ron or whatever I s… @cookie_everman @runwithskizzers OMG....... FATED TO ONE DAY MEETExciting announcements for @TamoraPierce fans! Here's a quick thread about two requested items launching TOMORROW:…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @runwithskizzers The TWoP forums for the west wing were really my lifei kno you dont want kids to miss a year of school cause they’ll fall behind but we never missed a year and my class…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @SaraJBenincasa A) you look amazing obviously B) this is Final Form Sicilian. You made itHave you seen all the covers for MLP/TRANSFORMERS #️⃣1️⃣? Some amazing pieces from @TonyFleecs, @JLawrence_Art,…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @runwithskizzers STOPPPPPP OMFNGJFJFJR I AM GONNA CRY RN 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
@PizzaDogZZZ @megan_mb @Sweeney_Boo @br_peer Physical! @PizzaDogZZZ @megan_mb @Sweeney_Boo @br_peer Tomorrow!! @thetzechun IEJJEKVIEKJFKDFJI'm going to try and entirely DIY my laundry room reno, so instead of looking up anything practical to do that I am…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24)maybe the best thing I've ever put in a comic book imo
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @LR_Lam happy double birthday!!HELLO! It is my real birthday AND my book birthday. Please buy this book and make my birthday even better! I still…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs (hiatus til Aug 24) @eplerjc I want arbys so bad now @IDW_David_M @Sweeney_Boo @megan_mb @br_peer @IDWPublishing Thank u 😭😭 I have no idea what year it is anymore Truly @LetsTalkMock Yes! This arc Carol teams up with Nadia and the GIRL squad! @barknoll @Sweeney_Boo @megan_mb @br_peer @IDWPublishing Omg thank you, I have actually been Going Outside, I am en… tomorrow days have no meaning anymore