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Space witch 🔮 Writer ✍🏼 CAPTAIN MARVEL 🌟 UNSTOPPABLE WASP, TELL NO TALES, & CON QUEST! (all 2020)📓 prev. bioware, insomniac 👾 Rep: @msmariavicente #Persist

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@_DavidNicholsJr It has saved me soooo many times!!!! @starduster360 😂😂 @MookieIX It has saved me so many timesAs a 300-tabs-open-at-all-times person, POCKET (the app and the chrome extension) have changed my life, highly recommend @vqnerdballs Hehehehe @RowanRowden I don’t know them!!Casually sleeping normally @owldaughter Thank YOU! Say hi for me! @ericsmithrocks @msmariavicente 💙💙 @joshscherr @KirkusReviews Thank you friend!!Fangirl’s Guide was my first book, too, and now look how far Maria’s career has come in such a short time!! Her ros… @msmariavicente 😭🙏🏼💙 you and me from the start!!!!!A reminder that Titanfall 2 is one of the best games i’ve EVER played in my 30 years of gaming. Point, blank, perio…
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@MacKidsSL @KirkusReviews @ImprintReads @KirkusReviews CANNOT GET OVER THIS 😭🙏🏼🌟✨🌟 you can grab vol 1 today!! ⭐️✨ trailer made me cry omg I can’t wait
Retweeted by Sam Maggsthere she IS!!!!! cool cool cool cool <sobs>
Retweeted by Sam Maggswearing glasses in the age of quarantine 🌫🥵
Retweeted by Sam MaggsYou’ve heard of Chicago... this is the isolation version of that
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @genevrael @davidgaider It’s sooo good!!!!!!!!! Sorry, meant: !!!!!!!!!?
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Retweeted by Sam MaggsProbably the only good thing that happened today is I managed to stop fogging up my glasses when wearing a mask. A…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @LooseMooser 6 sweet and sours !!!! @jengreen @mylifeasrach I honestly wonder if you would enjoy it or if I just enjoy it so much because I grew up eating them! @she_omg Oh it’s not the McDonald’s. We have been trying really hard to not order in during the pandemic for a vari… @mylifeasrach Big Mag and nugs baby @cookie_everman @BrianKindregan @crashwong it absolutely is not as good @andrewphung :') thank u @markellislive sweet and sour here @ckendall77 SAMEMay you find someone as luminous and chemistry-catalyzing as @rinahoshino is as a scene partner. 😍 May you have a l…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsZodiac Starforce - They're an elite group of teenage girls with magical powers who have sworn to protect our planet…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsGetting lost in a mystery novel sounds like a pretty great idea right now.
Retweeted by Sam Maggswe cracked and ordered mcdonalds tonight @Paul_Par @brittanylainey IUSHFIRSUHGIFHGD @RealMFrancis @RachelHeine Pops I think is sweeter! @skcourt82 Thank you! @blairbeveridge KD being different is SO painfulFTR the Canadian ones (right) are kinda like the Crunch Berries in Captain Crunch except uh... corn,,,...flavored??… @brittanylainey THEY LOOK LIKE PLASTICOh god this is a horrible thing to discover
@PennStateThor No problem. It’s a ways down but just in case: @TABYTCHI I know that’s a big website so just in case @poddtadre And I canvass, phone bank, and donate money for my candidates @PennStateThor Nope! Here, I did the google for you: @TABYTCHI Nope, but thanks for your concern! 🦹🏻‍♀️ CON QUEST! 👾 just got a STARRED REVIEW from @KirkusReviews!! AHHHHHH!!! So grateful and excited!! ⭐️💫✨… @emilyslist Thank YOU for all your hard work, I've been inspired by your organization for years!no excuses, if you're tweeting about this stuff, pick a senate or congressional or local race and DO something to help… 2016 y'all sat there and said "people who refused to vote for Hillary basically handed Trump their vote and I'll… fact that both 2020 candidates have credible sexual assault accusations against them is one of the worst things… you want roe v. wade to survive beyond 2020, sorry, you do have to vote for the democratic nominee!!TELL NO TALES: PIRATES OF THE SOUTHERN SEAS by @SamMaggs and @kendrawcandraw is a swashbuckling adventure inspired…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @SamMaggs @kendrawcandraw @SaraGideon @mjhegar and @karaforcongress :)
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @SamMaggs @johntdrake @SaraGideon @mjhegar And @ChristyforCA25 running in a very conservative area in a special election in May 🦅
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @SamMaggs @SaraGideon @mjhegar @KateForCongress (running against Steve Chabot), @AmyMcGrathKY (running against Mitch McConnell)
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @SamMaggs @SaraGideon @mjhegar also @AmyMcGrathKY running against McConnell!
Retweeted by Sam MaggsAnd @swingleft has a list of states that they believe are key to flipping the Senate, if you want to pick a candida…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsThe @emilyslist site has a list of pro-choice candidates they're advocating for, if you're looking for a starting p…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsIf you still want to support women in 2020, consider volunteering (even remotely via phone/text) for DEMOCRATIC SEN…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @tamaravh @desusnice When I lived in Toronto it was always fun to randomly see "NYC" taxis on the street because th… now new york looks like when they say a movie takes place in new york but they film it in vancouver
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @pentapod Thank you! @ABakerN7 @THEquadskater This is so kind!! It’s okay - I’ll grab some when I’m home next time. But thank you!SCOOP: @SenWarren has new plan to protect elections from coronavirus. It includes: -mail a ballot to every registe…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @KyleneWalker Indeed, I had some from before all this! @hayleyr_p Yes thanks! @Jillus THANK U @Jillus 😛😛 @ABakerN7 @THEquadskater I live in America showing me this is a hate crime @aswatki1 Holy SHIT @perriav Omg they look AMAZING @macleodholdfast Thanks!! @KelOfKells Thank you!SEND ME RECIPES! I like to bake sweet treats, especially involving cinnamon. Send me your faves!! @megsauce IT IS SO GOOD @ripplepig LOL @beccatheknight My #1 bae is cinnamon life fr @GibiOfficial I don’t think I ever really had it as a kid and now I’m LIVING @DelReyBooks @skrutskie @cblee_cblee @JessCluess @glitzandshadows @DelilahSDawson Sooo much fun!!been really vibin on captain crunch berries for dinner every night latelythis is starting at 6pmP/9pmE!! I'll be there! @outrider217 That's my ABSOLUTE ceiling though, and I can't do it too many days in a row before I need a day or two of cool-down time
Live footage of me trying to hit my typical 3500 word/day count during this infernal pandemic @thetzechun anyone has any tips for i don't know, remembering how to write a single sentence you don't hate during all this,…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @AngrygirLcomics @JoametteGil @suzusaur @OniPress @lionforge CONGRATS AHHHHHH @Jody_Houser HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @AProperMess OMGTwilight fans during quarantine 🍎
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @mstohl forever!! @kamigarcia @mstohl YES!!It’s not how I imagined this day to be but MAD BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW is in the world! I’m healthy, loved & celeb…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @sam_aye_ahm HAPPY PUB DAY my friend!!!!! Can’t wait to read! @skrutskie Same!!!!!!!