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@Skipitorloveit @N_Reflections No glasses!! @zzzombiy @N_Reflections It's @brittanylainey and she IS A GOD <333333 I am Very Lucky @cynixy YEAH!!! YOU DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @zzzombiy @N_Reflections oh you better BELIEVE @nicterhorst @N_Reflections They SELL THEM AGAIN 😵😵😵ICYMI: 9 Lessons From 10 Years in Publishing "Some of these lessons are about the business of publishing, but some…
Retweeted by Sam Maggsonly my Canadian Real Ones know #northerngetaway #northernreflections #catstreetboys @msdanifernandez AHEHRHFUSJFHUE YES!!!!!! CONGRATSThis is huge and there’s nobody in Hollywood who works harder than @msdanifernandez. WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO STAN know what i like and that's colors and atmosphere in sailor moon
Retweeted by Sam Maggs.@Respawn producer @BlairBroon sheds some light on the ways #StarWarsJediFallenOrder pays tribute to the films. Hav…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @Khallion Omg this is me with Gold IV right now!!! I play so much I should be MUCH BETTER LMAOMyself and @SamMaggs have been friends through so many different hairstyles and colours!! Where do the years go??
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @shrimpssss I LOVE THIS Hmm think I wanna cut all my hair off again.....delicious energizing cereal from your favorite Legend! ⚡⚡ #apexlegends #wattson
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @KyleneWalker @brynmdhughes @jutanclan @RebeccaLiddiard Omg purple and gold represent 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
@KarinAbcarians @rachsyme @dj_diabeatic @IWriteAllDay_ @JoelleMonique @lsirikul @rosasreviews @ValerieComplex evil but also chaotic good not out yet but TELL NO TALES (co-created with @kendrawcandraw) features a main character who is non-binary - O… that maybe I have no choice but to stunt as hard as humanly possible in 2020
Retweeted by Sam MaggsThe #GoldenGlobes nominations snub female directors, again 😡
Retweeted by Sam MaggsApropos of nothing, here’s a list of some incredible films directed by women that came out this year:
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @Melqartiii Dang this fuckin RULES @kateleth I literally am also chaotic good and lawful evilI can’t believe Apex Legends only came out this year like... who even was I before I played 100 hours of Apex every… will only respond to men who look at me like this, thank you
Retweeted by Sam MaggsLongtime bookseller Patrick recommends #BraveandBold! Female DC Super Heroes Take on the Universe, by @SamMaggs. Fr…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @HFBooks Thank you! @jmarieray don't ask for much besides a full and complete HD remake of the Mass Effect trilogy.
Retweeted by Sam MaggsWhen I say “yes, generation wars jokes are not a class analysis but there are real and undeniable class differences…
Retweeted by Sam Maggstoday i learned that the first fanfic to ever use the phrase “tongues battling for dominance” was a drarry fic and…
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I will only respond to men who look at me like this, thank you new era of wonder begins. #WW84 in theaters June 5.
Retweeted by Sam MaggsSolving some mysteries 🔎
Retweeted by Sam MaggsGood morning to @JohnBoyega and his sweet lil jeté and no one else
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @perriav THIS IS AMAZING @ericsmithrocks TOO REALhow i look after i finish putting blush on my nose
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @resreverser @insomniacgames We are at the zoo @kiwi_hell We are literally inside of a zoookay okay hear me out what if SPIDER-MAN became a JEDI @BlairBroon rode the carousel and it was VERY FUN THANK U WE ARE ADULTS ACTUALLY @BlairBroon @TriMakesGames @itsgunnabemee this anteater and did you know anteaters are ADORABLE??!!! @insomniacgames holiday party was tonight at the L.A. Zoo and sorry but THERE WAS A WHOLE SLOTH AT THE PARTY it’s kind of rude of spotify to release your top songs of the year when there are still 25 days for me to…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @Mulwin444 YES!! 💙🙏🏼 @SEchouafni @valkyrieent Congrats!!!There’s a Star Wars hijab collection and its so cool😭😭😭
Retweeted by Sam MaggsI wrote [too embarrassed to reveal the number] books this year and I’m trying to get them all edited and put to bed… Trends on Social Media as Fans Campaign for a Revival via @ComicBook
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最近、過去のポケペクス絵を見て下さっている方が居るので、 今更ですが一つに纏めてみました😃 一緒に居るポケモン達は初代赤緑の中から選んでいます😊
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @XCK3D Ah @BlairBroon’s favorite @maryknews CONGRATSOmg y’all the #WeWantStargate tweetstorm made @deadline!!
Retweeted by Sam MaggsExercise bike not included. #AviationGin
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @deadletterboy LRJFUDIDUS he’s such a little bitch the whole time it’s INCREDIBLEIf you're looking for a magical Christmas movie full of hotties, might I recommend the 1948 classic THE BISHOP'S WI… @megsauce THEEEE BEST @RainbowFrancks Happy birthday!!Thanks gang - #wewantstargate was trending worldwide. Fingers crossed!No idea what I’m on about?? Check out my Beginner’s Guide to Stargate on @io9! #wewantstargate fifteen more minutes! Let’s do a quick poll... favorite episode of SG-1? #wewantstargate @EnlightenedIan @dhewlett @JeffBezos @CriticalRole @WyvrenGaming Stargate fans gotta stick together 💪🏼 #wewantstargate @dhewlett @JeffBezos @CriticalRole @WyvrenGaming @CriticalRole plsHalfway through our SG-1 pitch to Showtime the fire alarm went off. We all had to go downstairs and assemble in th…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @neal_acree @bradtravelers @BaronDestructo @rachel_luttrell @dhewlett @torri_higginson I still listen to the scores… years I spent working on the Stargate series with Joel Goldsmith were some of the best years of my life. I was…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @StrawmanKWeir LMAO I always write-in ballot with stargate #wewantstargate @thevowel @mikamckinnon @scalzi 💙💙💙 @AusgateDesign @scifivision LOL GOOD POINT 😂😂😂😂😂 I must have my dates mixed up!! 2009 perhaps.....Stargate made such an impression on me when I was 11 because of Sam Carter - she was a woman AND a soldier AND an a… @scifivision That’s 2008! I think this was a Creation one (only did that once... lol) @Mulwin444 @bradtravelers @stargatecommand @StargateNow @BaronDestructo Would write 4 freeAlso, the hardcore Stargate fandom is almost entirely adult women. It’s the least toxic, most welcoming and kind fa… @TheGaryJones 😂💙🙏🏼😭💪🏼#WeWantStargate I started consulting in Stargate during grad school. Stargate was my first film gig & my first tim…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @bradtravelers @stargatecommand @BaronDestructo #WeWantStargate Let’s do this!!!
Retweeted by Sam MaggsAwesome concept art from SG-1's Deadman Switch #WeWantStargate
Retweeted by Sam MaggsAlready number 2 in trending #WeWantStargate
Retweeted by Sam MaggsI don’t know about you, but be fair the robots want what i program them to...So humans...let’…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsA lot of people ask if I have the painting from my Stargate Atlantis episode..I don’t, but I do have a mini version…
Retweeted by Sam Maggs @ElJChan1221 @stargatecommand @StargateNow CorrectYou ever just INDEED this hard?? #wewantstargate // 2019 Stargate is forever 😭💙🙏🏼 #wewantstargate be honest, I do have a full Stargate on my human body and you know what, I’m not sorry (@megsauce has the sam… I am last February with the great @TheGaryJones at Bridge Studios. Stargate is so excellently Canadian... can… so much a deleted scene but a portion of a scene the was deleted - Rodney and Carson's Turtle Talk scene from t…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsI wouldn’t be who I am today with Stargate and the great folks it brought into my life sooo LET’S GET SOME MORE CAN… Stargate is EXACTLY what we need right now - sweet, funny, optimistic sci-fi that reminds us it’s okay to… you want more STARGATE?? Join our tweetstorm right now and use #WeWantStargate to show the world that we’re all…
I wrote for @FLAREfashion about the 30th anniversary of the École Polytechnique shooting and what the next 30 years…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsThis is the frequently-repainted engineering cairn at @UBC. On December 6, 1989, these 14 women were targeted and…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsHow engineers of the Montreal Massacre generation are changing the world: #polytechnique #6décembre
Retweeted by Sam MaggsGeneviève Bergeron Hélène Colgan Nathalie Croteau Barbara Daigneault Anne-Marie Edward Maud Haviernick Barbara Kluc…
Retweeted by Sam MaggsIt has been thirty years. Never Forget. #polytechnique #6décembre
Retweeted by Sam Maggswomen are coming to snap necks in 2020 and honestly that’s fine
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