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Upper School #historyteacher and lover of the world. Traveler, photographer, reader, explorer. Always looking for new & exciting ways to bring #history to life

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Oooooohhh I'm interested in this and I'm sure @cheffernan75 may like this too!
Hey @OasisMiddleOMS how many retweets would it take to win the chance to chaperone the trip to see @starwars #RiseofSkywalker ? 😁
Retweeted by Sam Mandeville 🌎Just learning something that is MINDBLOWING with #GoogleSlides. Use the EXPLORE tool! Oh my goodness! The options a… @wakelet Huzzah! That's awesome! Thank you for getting back to us!! #EdCampSEMass @EdCampSEMass Wahoo!!Found a resource!!! @alicekeeler's "AnyoneCanView" Chrome Extension allows you to change your sharing settings with… @wakelet, we have a question. Can you have “SubWakes” inside of a Wakelet category? #EdCampSEMassRiding the @wakelet wave at #EdCampSEMass @S_Orton @MeehanEDU Thank you! I have high schoolers, and they overall understood what to look for. It was just tim…
@MeehanEDU John, do you know if anyone has shared a link of their completed ones? I'm at a loss for whether or not… @S_Orton @MeehanEDU This is what I created. It needs some tweaking, so feel free to change whatever you'd like: @mikewhopkins @SnowdenDawn @MichelleMebius @MeehanEDU @cultofpedagogy That would be awesome! Thank you! @EstherLoney @MeehanEDU Sure thing! I'll send a DM! @SnowdenDawn @MichelleMebius @MeehanEDU @cultofpedagogy That's exactly my same question. I usually do 1 point for N…
@MeehanEDU @cultofpedagogy I'd love to learn more about these. I implement them in my class, but I'm finding diffic… Badge Battles, inspired by @MeehanEDU. It wasn't 100% perfect nor completely successful, BUT students said th… love to chaperone this trip to see @starwars #RiseofSkywalker with our students. I’ve been a good boy this ye…
Retweeted by Sam Mandeville 🌎Thank you @zacbrownband for being my top-streamed Artist of the Decade! #SpotifyWrapped @MichelleMebius I gave a topic to students: Mao's Reign. Students then had to write all the words they could think… @mrballhistory @ihadztotweet @Mrs_DeeBuck @rigg_alyssa @historybymintz @kc_surfer @StantonAlana @mrt_mmsep Oh wow! Thank you! @TechSavvy_Teach @socialstudiestx @teacher2teacher Oh yeah all that stuff too lol. I'd love to see some of your work! @TechSavvy_Teach @socialstudiestx @teacher2teacher Shirts, canvasses, etc. Nothing crazy. Yourself?
Had some fun getting back into Chinese history with a word splash relay #edrenalinerush #playlap #sschat #edutwitter @CHitch94 I have to finish my current book before I get to this one! I'm dying to read it!! @socialstudiestx @teacher2teacher I'm pretty soon thinking of opening a type of Etsy store. We're dying to buy a ho… @teachtomentor @historysandoval Absolutely! I am introducing it today to my 9th graders. I'll keep everyone updated on how it went :)
@SnowdenDawn @historysandoval Thank you!!!!! I'm excited to see what my students choose for their sourcesMade a thing, inspired by @historysandoval. Used the Tic-Tac-Toe method for students to choose what source they wan…
@MissHunsberger @CHitch94 I think I'm currently struggling with them looking at the resources. What is the most eng… @MissHunsberger I very much like this idea. I've had the students recently do either a propaganda poster or politic… @MissHunsberger That's a great question. I'm not quite sure. I want to show the different sides to the story instea… need help. So many resources of various lengths, and I'm not sure what to do with them. I feel like I've used the… Does anyone have examples of evaluation forms they've used in their classrooms? I'm looking for check-in f… @GeoScholar Ahhh yes, I completely understand. What may be a dusting of snow and completely tolerable in the north… @historysandoval As always, your slides look fantastic and the activities that correlate seem engaging and magnific… have a love-hate relationship with snow in my apartment. Snow day for me means my boyfriend has to go and plow f… @mrballhistory @ihadztotweet @Mrs_DeeBuck @kc_surfer @mrmikeMTL @NicholasFerroni @nplace1 @rigg_alyssa Ooooooh either @EmmaWatson or @Malala
I'm in a major Christmas crafting mood. But I should be lesson planning... #decisions #HouseIsNotDecoratedEnough
@teachcaudill YESS! This is awesome! I will definitely be ordering this
@cheffernan75 That's definitely a draw for me is meeting people. I think as a newer "history" teacher, coming from…
@socialstudiestx @NCSSNetwork @NCGE1915 @TXCSS Is there anything we're adding in particular? Or is it mainly resour… @miss_lombardo02 The most fomo! @AriMarucci In 2024, it'll be in Boston. So there'll be no excuse since I'm in NH. But I'm just dying to go to this conference.Mission: I WILL go to #ncss conference next year. I WILL (crossing fingers)
@MeehanEDU They had fun! It was a great way to see what they knew about food systems. The hard part was declaring a "winner"Kids got creative with Anchor Chart Keep Away, suggested by @MeehanEDU and #Edrenalinerush
@MrHistory123 @jedikermit @bradleyhistory @mydaughtertalk I just purchased mine
@MeehanEDU @OConnellHS @WebbDJO @mmekirschbaum @lewickiEDU @MsDannaher @ColleenSwaimDJO @laurajuarezdjo @HoranDJO @cheffernan75 @socialstudiestx @historytechie @awfrench1 @ConklinSteph @ErikaLowery @madisonteacher @DrJHarmon
@MsMarshallCMS I love my Stitchfix boxes! Most of my wardrobe is now from there. I'm also looking into Let's Make Art
@MeehanEDU Ahhhhhhhhh length-validation! I forgot about that! I do have "wrong answer" pages within the Google Form… @Jim_dEntremont I'm looking to have the students choose the right answer. If they choose the wrong answer, they hav… @historysandoval A digital break-in. I can send you a copy of my form for a closer look?Looking for some #googleform help! Is there a way to eliminate the "Back" option on a Google form? #sschat
Yikes! I forgot I have something I need to do for Yearbook club tomorrow. Can't wait to see the archives! #sschat @classroomtools Oy, time is a big one! There's almost "never enough time" #sschat @JoeTerbrack Agreed! #sschatA3: Oy choy oy.... Devising activities that are engaging enough for freshmen... Doing history does require some per… @NHTOYMc A2: Studying history doesn't often lead to further inquiry. Doing history pushes us to think more like tho… @Jenny_Osowski Oy! Then I need some help in getting my students to be more actively engaged... #sschat @klrembert @NHTOYMc I agree that simulations have to be carefully thought out. I do believe students can analyze si… question is what does "actively engaged" look like to people? Maybe I'm bringing us on a tangent? #sschat @flipping_A_tchr Hahaha yes yes, I couldn't help myself hehe #sschatI'm loving the responses of this first question so far: critical thinking, collecting information and data, activel… @FlahertyBill Ooooh this is a totally different take on it than I had. I see your point though. #sschat @NHTOYMc A1: The way I interpret "doing" history would be simulations. Putting yourself and your students into the… @CHitch94 Yikes!!! No snow for us yet, but probably loads of cold rain this week #sschatHello hello! Sam here from NH. It's freezing up here, but only going to get worse this week. #sschat
I'm here for #sschat tonight! Wahooo! @JillWebs @MeehanEDU @MsHawthorne266 Thank you for your note at the bottom of your post about not all students bein… @teresagross625 SNOW?! WHERE?! @mikewhopkins @eduprotocols I left my book at school, but can you clarify Iron Chef for me? Is it a giant jigsaw activity? @JillWebs @MeehanEDU @MsHawthorne266 @coachschutte @glennw98 Ooooooooh this looks intriguing! @FernandoSintora With the iron Chef protocol, do students need to have an understanding of the information first? O… @Teachhx @socialstudiestx @madisonteacher @awfrench1 @MrShaneGower @ecasey77 @scottmpetri @ConklinSteph @socialstudiestx @madisonteacher @awfrench1 @MrShaneGower @ecasey77 @scottmpetri @ConklinSteph @historysandoval
@emilynute1 I love #EDUProtocols. I use them as much as I can, but I'm having difficulty with buy in from my students @MoriartyHistory You are on a roll! Thank you so much! I love all these ideas and my mind is going crazy haha @MoriartyHistory We are beginning the reign of Mao. Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, etc. @MrKoz31 I just find my students aren't fully understanding the textbook, so I find myself repeating a lot of the i… @MrKoz31 I'm usually assigning textbook reading for homework then going over the information in class the next day. @MrKoz31 I would love to see more about this. Specifically, how do you provide necessary information? Do you lectur… @ericalorraine @teachcaudill I LOVED using that graphic novel for the Boxer Uprising. However, I wasn't able to go… @sgormanyogi @edpuzzle Do you have an example of one of these "themed experiences"? That sounds awesome! I also jus… @DanaTeaches3rd @PearDeck I think I'll have to use @Peardeck more often. I've used it once and it makes for a more… @MeehanEDU I definitely loved Hashtag Hunt. I want to do more of that! I haven't tried Anchor Chart Keep-Away yet @BabTeacher @teachcaudill That would be amazing!!! @MrEscobarNRHSE I've done stations as well, but my students never discuss. I feel like I'm failing at something
@AlexSVenet I'll be honest in saying that I feel pushed for time. I have to stay on track with my co-teacher, who t… @mrterborg @TouchCastApp @Ozobot Honestly, I feel like I have them discuss primary documents and they just fall sil… @teachcaudill I'm struggling with comics since I'm focusing on Asia history. Right now, we're about to dive into th…'m really stuck. I feel like all I'm asking to do is have students read primary documents or listen to a lecture i… @socialstudiestx @madisonteacher @awfrench1 @MrShaneGower @ecasey77 @scottmpetri @ConklinSteph @historysandoval
@makehistoryfun I'd love to learn how you set this up!!!
@JillWebs @MrsWalkerOPS @KDoubleU13 Were there any very fast finishers? I can think of some in my classes. How woul… @JillWebs @MrsWalkerOPS @KDoubleU13 How did it go???
@jmgarner2003 @CNN @CarlAzuzCNN @MsBPope @ForsythCHS THIS IS AMAZING!!!
@MeehanEDU Totally just bought this from Amazon. Thank you, as always! @Jim_dEntremont ENTOURAGE! How could I forget this?! @MeehanEDU oooooooh explain???