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@wtfshayy @fucksherwin jail time @BoyOneDrrPriv @DarienBMG yeah @DarienBMG Yeah he’s gone :( @dagostlno LMFAOOO @itsWaddles_ come up going crazy @shivisdumb frHoly fuck this Radiant lobby is packed
Retweeted by Samshits too easy @DarienBMG smh
@DarienBMG hop on val @privshiv @basedgothV2 alright man @Leoffspriv Same @Leoffspriv He’s usually sleeping at this time, I @ him on discord too @fucksherwin val tonight? @BakeHatesItHere @grownpapa We really let grownpapa win something @wtfshayy Gn @crydoglol That’s fucked man I hope he recovers ❤️ @crydoglol Why :( @mrpotatohaed MY GUY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳 @wtfshayy @basedgothV2 Ur so fake @fucksherwin @CorinnaKopf Me you Carlos Corinna dobrik (breezy on the bench) that’s a teamBreezy went from getting carried by sherwin, carlos and I to playing with @DavidDobrik what a downgrade! @WhosBreezyUK I trained you last night focus up @crystalmeowthz Some of the next palaces go crazy @crystalmeowthz Yessir beaten it awhile back how far are you in it @crystalmeowthz P5 grind @BlankzyPriv @tsunomake dressrossa you need to torrent it now since they don't host the eps anymore @BakeHatesItHere You know the vibes @BakeHatesItHere LOL @BakeHatesItHere Yo @gaIvanizer @PissNachos @AIexIoI @CDPROJEKTRED He can’t take all the food by himself @PissNachos @AIexIoI @gaIvanizer @CDPROJEKTRED Wtf? Chill @BlankzyPriv @tsunomake Upto you tbh it defo drags alot but I don’t mind slow pacing while I’m binging it @DarienBMG Oh you down bad @Nadeshot @_miyamoto__ @DarienBMG She works for the devil watch outdown bad flirting on a monday with my 2K support lady
Retweeted by Sam @BlankzyPriv @tsunomake ALOT of shit happens in this arc you’ll love it @BlankzyPriv @tsunomake It goes do hard @Mako So you’re a spitter? 👀 @HarryButAverage LETS GOOO #AverageChristmas
@fucksherwin @k_shymko ? @dr2xter How long have you been trying @JERMAlNE Fucking sucks people have to make everything weird @JERMAlNE in cases you @ them like that can’t you just lock the replies to followers or people mentioned in the tweet @wtfshayy Can I see @AIexIoI @basedgothV2 Frrrr @AIexIoI @basedgothV2 LMFAOOOOOOO @tsunomake i can't wait im still doing my rewatch/reread of the series ill probably be done before it ends @Boltsiola ??? @fucksherwin @lyssiu I can’t lie anymore bro you’re ass she’d probably teach you how to play @fucksherwin @lyssiu Took me from iron 1 to gold 3 in one week @longneckedbeck @_miyamoto__ guy like you gonna freeze to death @FavsPriv God please @fucksherwin Never seen carlos more scared in my life @SenorCherizo @Youngins_ @Boltsiola On him @Gavpai @_miyamoto__ I’d sell my lifespan for her @_miyamoto__ Pain i just finished it @fucksherwin @_miyamoto__ Bro you just don’t have to eat it @gxmblr @_miyamoto__ @fucksherwin LMFAOOOOOOOO @wtfshayy @BasedGothlol why won’t you @wtfshayy why are you yelling @ me @fucksherwin @_miyamoto__ He likes monogatari im not surprised @wtfshayy ok you say it with your chest @jakkuxd @RCrabbioli yooo wyd @jakkuxd @RCrabbioli ok then aids or some shit idk @isnifffeet @privshiv deadass if you can think of it hard enough it happens @OffbrandMilkbag I’d go back and take out the first human @TheSamsman Real shit @giulestina__ Wonder what lil man was doing @RCrabbioli Fr @Hauntterr You ain’t making it past 15 years old @RCrabbioli Congrats you’re whole family has the Bubonic PlagueThis a question for only white people @fuckopti @wittlekittenley sounds right
@privshiv Pause. @toasteddpotato Fr you gotta hop in vc soon @LazyBautista Horny tweets on private have only been going up @privshiv y’all also need GOD with these last few tweets @Leoffspriv He knows the vibes @LazyBautista I want to fuck her in the face and fuck her idk the rest @SkreetMan @YuhuuurSpam Middle eastern chicken it’s so good they defo have places in NY where you can get it @YuhuuurSpam It’s fire @SkreetMan @YuhuuurSpam come on man @YuhuuurSpam chicken on the stix slapppps but i usually get half rice and half fries chicken @DarienBMG LMFAOOO @DarienBMG @LazasBautista you'll come out of this stronger @AubieAnderson easily @LazasBautista @DarienBMG LMFAOOOOOOO I TOLD HIM ITS HELL @Boltsiola *** @_miyamoto__ @kvrohs @BasedGothlol @fucksherwin @dr2xter our future teammate @kvrohs @BasedGothlol @fucksherwin @_miyamoto__ @dr2xter peep this @kvrohs LMFAOOOO @fucksherwin Honestly you're right, literally 100s of anime come out per season and I only enjoy 3-5 of them. Just… @Mako STAR MAN @Mako goood morningg @Boltsiola oh for sure but ole tricky reds > magaball > artetaball @giulestina__ @Boltsiola @giulestina__ accept bolts @giulestina__ @Boltsiola FA cup 😭 tell him to do it in the prem now @giulestina__ @Boltsiola hope you guys score a goal from open play today