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SoaR Sammay @SammayTV friendzoning fanfan

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look how many bullets it takes me to kill the first 3 @RiotNu thoughts on this one? I could just bad but who knows @strafeNA_ was either east or illinois @ChrisOchoaTRR trust me ive had my fair share of this happening in tournaments :(its just a DM but is this just not a headshot? 0 packet loss, bullets just going nowhere @Glorinsz @YodaVALORANT @ChoicePlays LMFAO @makz happens to me too, maybe thats why we cant win a ranked game
@kale4kaleTTV hope it was fun!! @xkaiamii @JimmayWNC vouch + hes rich and handsomeour content creators are kinda cracked i cant lie happens when PROS play CONTENT CREATORS in Valorant... 📺:
Retweeted by SoaR Sammay @featHarman Vid bout to go nuclear with this thumbnail @WedidOfficial I hope I never do @yvonnie Please just give me any map I NEED SOME VARIETY 4 times in a row! fun! @featHarman Bro what without you I’d be making thumbnails and titles like this, you’re a goat and you’ve accomplish…
Gm, stream soon @aaroncave7 They ass now @markybuildy @angeojna @plooful No when did we ask
@ashIyne just stop cappin' on the timeline alright @ashIyne Hi! Judging by this photo (mainly the first pic) if you were to scoot back on the bench, I can only safely… behalf of SoaR, happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers out there! ❤
Retweeted by SoaR SammaySlumped mom used to hate when I played video games all day because I would slack SO HARD in school.. now she supports me… @in0X_fps Happy birthday old man
This is the top 0.3% of Valorant... 📺:
Retweeted by SoaR Sammay @Keith_LaFortune Arenas are trash @fflauw starting morning streams again every day starting monday with val, just apex at night :) @yoojpls @karagii nah i aint playin w/ this is lit i regret quitting this game @joytuai Long sleeves and jackets? Cover up... that’s gross
@cluezVAL ima leave these here since u deleted these tweets for some strange reason ! @cluezVAL @issfanfan might as well take "IGL For ???" out of your bio, you'll never find a team acting the way you are rn. best of luck ! @Yonji_x1 @hoajuu like these make me 🥵🥵* shows to @issfanfan * her: "aww its so small, is that a pig?" @quitoxo @_Miruux @featHarman Quito I can’t keep defending you when you spam post shit like this. Stop it.
@EngineerBionic @Twitch We boxin @floaromaa Durdle @Sydeon I’m queueing again already @starsmitten_ Need this for all the breach flashes I be eating am 1-14 my last 15 ranked games.
24hr with @SammayTV
Retweeted by SoaR Sammay24hr with @DekyFPS @karagii Had to swap off the ghost huh @b0ssyCS clutches the semi-final series leading us into map 3 🔥
Retweeted by SoaR Sammay @ChoicePlays @nurfed25 Im silver idiot! Got the toxic part right thoayo.. @makz @DENYAof Yk there is a reason why Ethos left SoaR- simply becuz SoaR is made up of toxic teens that are only gold. @in0X_fps fuck offsoar watch party!
@KittenElise @karagii or else what @SoaRGaming @subihighwaters pretty sure i got team flashed 25 times by him in 2 gamesWhen Playing Breeze Goes Wrong... (ft. @subihighwaters & @SammayTV) 📺:
Retweeted by SoaR Sammayyo @karagii lemme get that kovaaks routine i been slumping hard recently hour around 1pm cst with the boy by @Tiffae 's stream ! really fun community shes got there ! @VaporLX Go to bedAstra is not good for this game @plooful nah im maining kj from now on idc fuck this gamephoenix flash is dog shit
@makz @Crudes You cried watching animated characters in a made up story @Crudes @makz Vouchdw guys i got it just bought my new leap pad to stream on @comcast theres no way ur throttling me so hard the last few weeks to the point where i cant even do my job with…’s stream is #sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends! Gonna play some ranked with Zack then hop into some gameplay… @KittenElise Just don’t talk!1!1!1!!1 @andivmg @tobylewiss I’ll just make an alt with your name and drop 50 on him dw @tobylewiss @andivmg Heard she’s cracked, must be a fluke
how did they know?
Retweeted by SoaR Sammay @ThynoDAW Sheeeeeeeeesh AND U WATCH THE VIDS @featHarman Man come onoh yeah be there
Retweeted by SoaR SammayDoing a 24hr (not a subathon) on Wednesday, May 5th @ 1:00pm CST with @DekyFPS - wanted to give back a little bit a…
@JustAgito Nah I unfollowed @DekyFPS @ethoz @DekyFPS fuck deky @mariss Oh heyyyyy good morning Riss! Hope you’re having an amazing day! Have I mentioned how cool you AND soar are?? Really awesome! @mariss I’m kidding please don’t yell at me @mariss Happy for you, but unfollowed. @SmexyRosies I thought u said ur radiant.. @issfanfan no way u won this i dont believe it @KittenElise what do you mean "cmon?" are we watching the same fucking vid? @mariss pleasure doing business @KittenElise i thought this was a joke video at first... unfollowed. @mariss, i dont charge, just doing this to help the homies. please do NOT send me ONE CLIP of a round and ask for cri… this back again since a lot of ppl were interested, not doing this for $ so im extending this to friends /… @WedidOfficial @Envy nt brother hell of a series @twobooo aimrip ace :( nothing fancy @Governor_Val @SympulTV
@Keith_LaFortune @in0X_fps Tag me again I’ll block you @featHarman Fr tho, I’m tryna take some aim duels in a 1v3 not face 600 seconds worth of mollys
@soriyei Winston :) @issfanfan @kwistenkim what the...