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Samantha Greer @SamMGreer London, England

Producer @ghgshow. Also freelance writer, artist & game dev. Gave out GamesMaster's only 100% score. The Geralt Whisperer. She/Her.

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@dialacina I'm trying to protect you! @V_Ben Hell yeah, down for that @V_Ben Cannot wait for thisSome days I see an article and hope @dialacina never sees it for fear of the psychic damage it will inflict @Jim_Crikey expect everyone to adhere to the ancient laws of GamesMaster @GameDesignDan That's enough Low Roar @GameDesignDan That's on you @GameDesignDan DO deliver pizzas in Death Stranding @pillowfort The first part of the test @SleepHussy That's you in the jail @SleepHussy Hawd yer weesht
@prismisms Dunno how yer tweeting after you've passed out but passing out instantly sounds good tbh @sarahlongthorne What, no! She's like guilted into it by her psycho dad (and later confesses to contempalting runni… @SleepHussy You know, however embarrassing it may be, we really don't have to be out here shitting on other folks g… is probably this hard wired thing that I will always be at risk of. Even if I get therapy am not sure that… @SleepHussy Have you met lesbians? @GameDesignDan @basketogress I don't know if this helps but I CANNOT believe you get the imposter syndrome. You are like the best,… @withoutaplain Frustrating as it is, you can always use the rest. Hope you feel better soonThankfully I have the best pals, who have been very patient with me while I lost touch with reality for a bit. Makes it all a bit less scaryMental health hit a real low this weekend, for the first time in months. I know you measure the time between episod… @pillowfort Scum I can deal with but villainy? Nae chance.
My mental health is really not good though. I was doing well for a really long stretch there but now it's like the… is the second bitchy tweet over my monthly limit but my mental health has plummeted so much the past few weeks…'re going to ruin Mass Effect 1 cause some dafties play these games for the "combat"
It's really fucked up that am not dead @schillingc 🤐It's so unfair that the Nier fans are out in force but I've already gone over my bitchy tweet limit this month @joeparlock If only he'd worked that hard on the panels he put together! @designCaitlin Stop you? I IMPLORE you @MikeDiver That's very kind, am just glad to get to work wi great folk! @MikeDiver Excited for you pal!Usually I do a wee positive tweet but I'm not in a great place and it's time to take some of my own medicine and st…
@SleepHussy @SleepHussy I adored it so much, scarcely get proper sci fi games like this. I even wrote some words about it: @SleepHussy (The game fuckin' rules) @SleepHussy The patented once-a-month good Casey tweet @belleteyns It's not a great situation but I think you've made it as good as it can be and being honest is the best… @belleteyns Have you told them any of this? It'll suck but it would be better in the long run to be clear with themWatching clips of Ultimate Edition and screaming about how they've fucked up the "classic" atmosphere and vibeIt's the year of our lord 2020 and I'm having strong feelings about Gears of War @benjamin_sabin YES @weareshura Filing for a refund on this one @DaMisanthrope Huh? It's right here: @kezamacdonald's nothing in the grand scheme but really feeling down about my appearance today. Trying to figure out if I'd r… @crinolinerobot Every time I do a bit of editing I come away with a deep loathing for my face lolNothing like having a job in front of the camera to make you think you don't ever wanna be in front of the camera @ScarletCatalie Hard to believe I EVER look cool, nevermind can't stopMiddle of the week. It's been a tough one, taking its toll. A lot that needs doing and not a lot of energy to get i…
Retweeted by Samantha Greer @Poonikinz @SayemAhmd @V_Ben @JDWCreativeArt Just came here to say this, thanks Ben @innesmck Feels so unintuitive. I guess what am saying is according to Tarantino I would have made an incredible s… @Squallmuzza Am sure some folk do it! But it's blatantly not some innately "British" thing Or is this another Scot… guess this is how everybody belonging to a culture Ian Fleming wrote about feelsWas reading an article there that referenced that scene in Inglorious Bastards about how "Germans raise their thumb… @gsnedders I can scarcely believe I'm hot but if I am then: -Strict diet -No alcohol -Lots of exercise (3-4 times… @GameDesignDan I do have a lamp but there's nae difference to having it on versus the room light so I never bother.… @GameDesignDan Jealous of folk living somewhere big enough that one light won't illuminate their rooms entirely @basketogress Sometimes being hot is all we got <3Middle of the week. It's been a tough one, taking its toll. A lot that needs doing and not a lot of energy to get i… @AnnaHollinrake I definitely didn't deserve this @KonaYMA6
@PatrickDane You can't just play the Jean Reno card. That's cheating @V_Ben @V_Ben Thank you for your support in this trying timeDoes this break my rule of one bitchy tweet a month? Maybe but it's becoming a brutal fucking month so let me have thisNerds really do just love the coalescence of all media by corporate monopilies eh @ScarletCatalie Throat. Punch.Things are getting a bit overwhelming with a lot of doubt hanging over the future. It's hard but it's really import…
Retweeted by Samantha Greer @ScarletCatalie Throat punch @HirunCryer @JamesMacLaw Oan yersel!if you're cis please do the bare minimum to fight for our rights to exist #uktransrights
Retweeted by Samantha Greer @CheerfulGoth Isn't this kinda Deathloop? @iainlives The feeling you should be left with is the satisfaction of knowing you definitely have more sense than moneyThings are getting a bit overwhelming with a lot of doubt hanging over the future. It's hard but it's really import…
@joeparlock Fuck, am so sorry. @V_Ben @SeaOfThieves @TheTakesmith Admiral Hummus approved all of this @JoelOtter Tbf I think that is textTonight's @SeaOfThieves session ended the way I expected. Locked in the brig playing Happy Birthday as the ship slo…
Retweeted by Samantha Greer @SleepHussy Can't believe you found some room below the bottom of the barrel @SleepHussy @OllyWrites @PocketGamer @FBFDann Oan yersel!News is stressing me the fuck out so gonna log off for a while. See ya @designCaitlin With my pale af complexion if I ever blush I'll look like a tomato not an anime girl But I got the… @prismisms @designCaitlin "Good with their hands" 😏 @designCaitlin With BPD I guess I have to be a blood hunter lmaoI forgot to tweet a positive message this morning! And that's okay! Shit happens and there's always gonna be mistak… @TheFatConsol3R Am sure it'll feel super slight compared with something like Hades but it's real neat for what it is. Very bitesized
@JordanOloman 'Ey look at this wise guy with the two legs, thinks he's some sorta spider boss, can tell us what to do @ScarletCatalie It definitely blends in but the game's attitude and the quick turnaround on runs really make it shine.Lot of chat about roguelikes atm and did anybody play Black Future 88? I got that on Switch and it fuckin' slappedFolks who've been enjoying the Tony Hawks remakes, youse should totally watch Skate Kitchen and then the series Bet… @joeparlock Nice knowing ye Joe @TheFatConsol3R Nothing but the facts here @SeaSylphGames @nielsen_holly Woah! I need to try. Yours have turned out lovelyIs there such a thing as too much houmous? Can't be true @ukieluke You come at the trash, you best not miss @ukieluke How dare you put Sense8 down like this