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@linzlovesyou yeah. ughhhh.
@linzlovesyou matty saved it (put it under the faucet) works great! feels funny tho 😂🥴 @bookbeaut you, a Hero. @lexisnotinlove @jamiegraydesign LEXXXXXX i am screaming.Literally my third favourite baseball thing of all time. Top three in order of love: 1- here comes the pizza 2- d… god yes. one part of mine included covering my whole iphone (w leather case) in sweetened condensed milk. @linzsports YES!!!!!! like, where are these forgotten people? i don't need new fast arcs! explore the known! aye. i… @linzsports the whole episode was woven together oddly for me, and the richard piece at the end spiked my heart rate by 20+ bpm.AND I NEED MY SICK AF CUSTOM AWAY MESSAGES, plz + ty. @hannahjmeislahn this is incredible and terrifying hahhaMy @steveluvender Random Fantasy Racing pick for the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series race at Texas is Garre… @jimstadick @RavynStadick 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭Menstrual cycles also need to be suspended until this ordeal is over.
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @HillyP PEGGY IS AT IT AGAINuh, YES. ✊ @RavynStadick legit. i wake up every morning and am like WHAT DAY? WHAT. and tweet it out bc i want everyone to revel with me. @clarelanusse nope i can't fathom. he has enough money to secure his life and TO BUY SO MUCH. for literal generatio… @allison_berg i will GLADLY share the dirt if ppl DM it. bc FUCK THAT SHIT.
@hannahjmeislahn yeah 😞 @hannahjmeislahn wow.i have a headache, i'm hungry, and my brain is ready for it to be the weekend. HAPPY FREAKING FRIDAY. how y'all do… many things. @chasingdenisse it’s the fucking AmericanVirus now.How much Jeff Bezos makes, measured in ventilator costs: 1 minute: 6 ventilators 1 hour: 258 ventilators 1 day:…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclubcan we talk about ICE doing raids while everyone is in quarantine? I want to talk about ICE doing raids while every…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @jimstadick ppl who are corrupt.Portland-area healthcare workers can request free childcare, other support from local medical and nursing students
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub🙃🙃🙃🙃“The hotel will receive a fraction of its usual room rate from the county, officials say.” Huh. Well done,…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @kelseyrushing @lexisnotinlove yessss what lex said. it’s incredible (also for tattoos!!!!)it's amazing how adding 1,000 hours to each day has not made me even a little bit more productive
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @Half_Ref ha!!! 🌞 they’re so yum. i swear we make them once a week. @Half_Ref I FAILED AS AN ~influencer~ 🌟🌟🌟 of me to not include: the recipe, or photos. i swear i know how to internet. @pinchofyum’s “the best soft ch… chocolate chip cookies today with star sprinkles; bc WHY THE FUCK NOT. hope y'alls thursday (yes, it's somehow…
Help support the wonderful people who make The Old Gold, Paydirt, Tough Luck, and Hi-Top Tavern a home for so many…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @whitneyltuttle YES YES YES. i know you got the answer, but yes! i can't wait to help ppl understand the USPS bette… GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WORK UNLESS WE DO. take note of all who chose this + is up for reelection. as constituents,… UP A DAMN PITCH FORK‼️ and don't forget to look for the helpers.'ALL. @creativemorning is the best. our local is @Portland_CM hope someone somewhere on one of the hundred Google forms stitching together this nation’s social safety net at t…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub🙏🙏🙏🙏 @jeff_gluck2 daymn, y’all got an alert?! dope. @que_sarahsarah yep. it sucks.
@sarahnicolehunt the organizational method is fascinating and i'm IN @linzlovesyou ~ y I k E s ~ @linzlovesyou fuuuuuuuuuck. i was curious how bldgs are managing this. looks like they're NOT.yeeeeeeeeep to this. @rande @zoom_us 😬😬😬😬
yooooooo. we just ordered some cans to pick up. get ya some, #pdx. @chasingdenisse noooooooooo @mmmbax @afelge lol.yes yes and yes! love logging all games played in @notch_ftw- add me!!! if you have a cellphone or tablet, cards,… @clarelanusse i have yet to participate in this madness.We’re looking for a creative, systems-oriented thinker to support @hayleybay in NYC, working as her trusted right h…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @perrysaidwhat 💛 @doubleZY @nfrazier @michele_frazier @workfrom this is v zen. and those plants!!! @ryanflorence @ReactTraining @bradwestfall @cassidoo @chancethedev Peeps, I’m hiring 20 engineers at ebay: backend,…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclubThis is great but if you’re thinking of putting in a Powell’s order, PLEASE do it through the link at the bottom of…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @ladawn TY for this thread. my heart is full, and there's tears in my eyes from giggling. @littlebrightpdx seriously. @lexisnotinlove i DO NOT know how to make apps, but i feel like we as a country deserve an app where we swipe right… @sarahnicolehunt holy. shit. @afelge make 'em!this is why i’m committed to being data-informed and community focused. it’s not a Me, it’s a We.
@lexisnotinlove Y E S.TY for the reminder, MOM! ✨ @linzlovesyou YOU ARE V BRILLIANTyou've gotta be fucking kidding me. "Failure to comply will result in consequences" is such toxic parental shit. you have the opportunity to be delicate and kind to yourself this week 💛 @linzlovesyou the cat is jumping from surface to surface like it's a fucking time trial. i am half tempted to lock… mood. @mike_hasarms @georgiecel @nicholascooke's inability to settle down (while we're WFH) is reaching weird levels. @sarahmgluck 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛ICYMI #pdx friends.💛💛💛💛💛💛 @clarelanusse 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 @MsPackyetti 😭😂😭😭😂😭😂 i cant wait to start it. wow. this thread.
@soniagupta504 love to you, sonia.aaaaand incase it wasn't abundantly clear: PDX friends that are PoC, queer, and/or another vulnerable group, holler… to this whole damn country: look out for your neighbors. we are not allies if we do not take action. @IAmBrookeCurran screaming. what is going on. @jeff_gluck uh, yes.My @steveluvender Random Fantasy Racing pick for the eNASCAR #ProInvitationalSeries race at Homestead is Matt DiBen… @JoyCozby that seems awesome! @kelseyrushing 😍😍😍😍😍 i need ‘em🥴😊😬💀🤦‍♀️😩🙌😭😍🌝🤯🤬😤🥰🤗 @slippy W O W. (hope y'all are staying safe and well) @slippy as soon as i posted this i was like "hm, i bet there *is* something, and i could just FUCKIN LOOK FOR IT" but here i am. LOL. @HillyP YESSSS. we're on day 9 (flew home that day, HA)i do not know how to make apps, but a good app to make would be cupboard cooking related. suggests handful of recip… @benjaminchait @pug @kiranapoleon HA when i read photoshop i immediately thought of @pug @mrgan crying over this? thx for making a lovely thing, and being a bright speck, Neven! @gizm0_0 i.... have literally no words. surreal being in AZ as most of the news transpired (7d ago); felt confidenc… shelter in place order is a difficult decision, but we need to heed the advice of informed doctors and scientists…
Retweeted by sammi, captain of the #socialdistancingclub @kelseyrushing 🌝
@kikismythe yep! hella fuck this shit vibes. love you, boo. @kelseyrushing WOOF. we have some orders in place in OR, but delightfully sunny weather means ppl are still flockin… coast CAN NOT support an outbreak. people will have to come into the larger cities for care. SOCIAL DISTANCING…