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today did it. for my sanity i'm logging off for the summer—first, want to share the flowers that my sis…
grateful to @ClarkishaKent for helping me to work through my feelings with her brilliant writing: been thinking about Toyin all day. The kind of suffering and abuse cis straight men w/in our own "communities"… of my love to survivors in our movements. When we #SayHerName we shine a light on police violence AND interpers…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @JasmynBeKnowing every show / movie bring in Moses Sumney to rip out my heart tho #InsecureHBOI can't do this episode ... #InsecureHBOoh no....Andrew, no... #InsecureHBOlive now with @MituK @LatoyaPeterson @versiphied & @JustinNXT 👇🏾👇🏾 #insecurehbo
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORIf you’re watching the #insecurehbo S4 finale, why not have team @GlowUpGames in the room with you? We’re live on T…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORHealth isn't a binary, it's a spectrum of experience unrelated to one's morality or ethics.
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @selfcha Not the pink highlighted streak!! I see somebody looks at their receipts as closely as I do
don't get folks who feel the need to invoke fatphobia + ableism w/ the orange shitbag like that's some kind of "cri… Baker didn’t take no sh*t
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORBeautiful, huge crowd at the Black Trans Lives Matter rally at the Brooklyn Museum. #BlackTransLivesMatter
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORstart with my husband @Lanre_Ak and his YA book series #Blacktop: Hate (here) (Moor Mother) by CORPUS
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORIt’s so insane that Minneapolis stopped getting coverage after the fires died out. The city hasn’t stopped protest…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORi say "in real life" because ultimately, this is about Black people being here on earth, living, breathing, members… real life #DominiqueFells #RiahMilton #TonyMcDade—3 Black trans folx, were killed within 2 weeks of each other.… I wrote this scene into a piece about america and brought it into a writing workshop, people would absolutely sa…
fave moment of the #BGGOnlineSummit was def watching ppl in the chat ask about @LatoyaPeterson's copy of Hip Hop Wa… @AuntTifa420 omg i love you :') the sweetest ❤️ @fdwellington haha i was lowkey shocked like, omg i kinda like this, i may have done a thing @LatoyaPeterson is my hero, if u enjoyed my #NACVGM talk please follow her, @GlowUpGames and @InsecureGame @PerfectPlum @EscoBlades @LatoyaPeterson Heather!!!! ::hugs:: miss you @EscoBlades @LatoyaPeterson Now hopping over to the N.A. Conf. on Videogame Music for @sammusmusic's Keynote talk!…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORif you missed the afternoon session (panels or my keynote) for this year's North American Conference on Video Game…❤️ #NACVGM thank you for having me ~ looking forward to cultivating more speculative sonic spaces together @LatoyaPeterson just made such an inspiring speech about shooting your shot in the industry AND THEN followed me ba…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR:') a cathartic end to a very tough week, thank you so much for being part of this wonderful #NACVGM community! @jinsnocturne @PrjctSpectrum following!! thank you for pinging me about this :D @BardicKnowledge @toggleModal haha hi!!#BGGOnlineSummit
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORsuper dope panel on voice acting / directing work as a black woman in games @davidjbenjamin lmao omg fly nerd ???? never heard of it!!! @AnnaKohlweis haha "kinda extremely" is definitely my forever moodkid me is somewhere weeping with joy over all this beautiful black girl gamer flavor today ~ it's me, i'm kid me. @sad13 lmao shit's wild! like ok, i do actually know how to lowkey write a tune, the past ten years has not been a fever dreamhaven't listened to my own music in a minute, shit kinda slaps nglAnother #PrideMonth another Black Trans Woman murdered in #Philly. RIP Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells This has to stop…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORY’all please tune in for what I’m confident is going to be an unbelievably powerful keynote from one of the most in…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @uglymachine 😊 d'awwww thanks hunnyToday
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @ratparkprince thanks so much 😊 hope you enjoy!north american conference on video game music is live! schedule: dropping a 🔥 keynote @ 4p…
@cindyanguyen thank you so very much Cindy!!! ❤️💛🧡❤️The "Streets of Rage" soundtrack functioned as a ’90s electronic primer of sorts, with nods to Detroit techno and U…
this weekend, north american conference on video game music :) my stuff is pre-recorded bu… 2 sleepBaby are you coming to this?!?!?! Please visit for tickets and the donation link!! Proceeds…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORawake and i want to shout-out my wonderful friend, the filmmaker @ShuhTarUh, whose brilliant film Test Pattern is s… @Mike_Eagle @thenewnegroes you're pretty much my favorite rapper, thank you for sharing this song with me friend ❤️… post for my gratitude (kinda) 🌊 i'm currently recovering from a surgery i've been waiting on for a year n sum cha…
biggest song i ever wrote was so much about me trying to survive in the academy #BlackintheIvory: @ Arabella looking up "how to write quickly" ... def regularly googled "how to write a dissertation quick" whe… tuned after #InsecureHBO for the premiere of Michaela Cole's #IMayDestroyYou. #gatheringthepieces
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR💔💔💔 #InsecureHBOWe aren’t streaming for @GlowUpGames tonight - me, @MituK and @sammusmusic are going to be processing #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORAll the labels that passed on me rn.
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @dstfelix feel like this needs an "i repeat, my mom has radicalized the whatsapp," congratulations to u and your family @zoe_brecher love you back forever sweets!! 😘😊cc @terrycrews @ztsamudzi professor in my grad program "tugged" a braid to say hello...i was shocked to say the least. the other s…
We signed - so should u & ur union! Cop unions only serve to defend state violence, shield cops from accountability…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORInteresting thread.
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORThis analysis feels so important to me. “Data-driven” is a claim to a powerful process for building knowledge but i…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOROrgs raising money for black trans folks’ rent and for food insecurity, respectively
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORdoing an all Prince dj set on twitch today for URL Fest ~ 6pm PT/8pm CT
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR @NnamdiOgbonnaya schitt's creek, avatar the last air bender, legend of korra, abstract, the it crowdFIRST THURSDAYS | HUSHPUPPY (@zoe_brecher) @GottaGoMichelle She needs the taste slapped out of her mouth 💛
Philly today. I’m speechless.
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORanyways #BlackTransLivesMatter @jk_rowling you ain't shit hoIf your revolution doesn’t include our Black LGBTQ fam then it’s not a revolution. It’s you trying to mirror the ac…
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLORBIG LOVE to @MegaRan, @Mike_Eagle, @ceschi, @TheDoubleclicks, @sad13 & @mirahmusic, who brought me on tour (or trie… from the brilliant artist and human @MomoUhOh 💔 happy 27th birthday beautiful 💔 you should be here still. it… never again want anyone to say theorizing doesn’t lead to change. Black feminist theory and intersectionality inf…
hey, I'm Ethan - I make aggressively stylized 3D art and games 🤘🏾 #drawingwhileblack
Retweeted by #SAYHERNAME BREONNA TAYLOR to recharge ~ breonna we love you so much, i hope you feel our love from here: @themaglo: @dnnywtts: @jelani_sei: @sneaks_zia: @NnamdiOgbonnaya: @MABScle: @zenizenzenizen: @vagabonvagabon: @suziAnalog: @IvySole: @MO_Nature: @CallMeLatasha: @TweetGMT: @mrehiorobo: @MovaKween: