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Energy reporter @latimes. Proud alum @MyDesert @USATODAY @ColumbiaSpec. Dodgers fan, hiker, co-host @TheHatchPodcast. Just trying to be good to people.

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PSA: If you think you've been exposed to COVID-19, don't go spelunking. cc @rozmurph @Jill_CastellanoFollow up is that a few months later, the L.A. Department of Water and Power said it would try to build the world's… @michmobile @lila_seidman @LATstevelopez Not sure, sorry.Thanks Rosanna! I was excited to get the @LAPressClub nod for this story, about how Los Angeles made plans to ditch… you @LAPressClub for recognizing our sea level rise project for environment reporting, and our feature on…
Retweeted by Sammy Roth @jfleck @phaneritic Just for the record, John, I read your book! But apparently did not remember every detail... @gspeng @latimes I agree with you."If the players can’t even trust the owners with a swab, how can they trust them with their lives?" @BillPlaschke n… Betts is not satisfied by Major League Baseball's response to the killing of George Floyd: one of the many ways that climate change is affecting and will affect water infrastructure at all levels. up here: The company that has received the most fracking permits in California since Newsom lifted his morat… deep dive here on how utility companies use charitable giving to build support for their rate hikes and f…
🥶 latest with @rozmurph! officials, including Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, say state approval is still needed before the project can g… @CathyCasilda Yes!Kicker is that, for better/or for worse, the Army Corps really did reshape America’s rivers.’s Mark Twain singing the praises of rivers and dumping on the Army Corps of Engineers. @optimizetaste Sure thing.Sunrun, the largest U.S. rooftop solar installer, is acquiring Vivint, the second-largest U.S. rooftop solar instal…
@JoshuaBasseches Thank you! @AngelRubinetti You’re welcome!You can get Boiling Point in your email every Thursday! Just enter your email here: @KDEarthAdvocate Thanks, Kim.And now Supreme Court says Keystone XL construction may NOT go on while underlying court case proceeds. Trump adm…
Retweeted by Sammy RothSupreme Court leaves in place injunction against Keystone XL pipeline concerning dredging permit dispute but curbs…
Retweeted by Sammy RothForget Baby Yoda. 'Hamilton' is Disney+'s newest draw, ⁦@RFaughnder⁩ writes: officials urged Los Angeles County residents to refrain from setting off fireworks anywhere near dry brush:, in Washington state, a gas utility wants kids to "color in Don Fuego." @loiskeller This is an interesting idea!If you'd like to follow Meredith's lovely example, here's where you can subscribe to the @latimes:… @ConnollyMer @latimes Thank you so much, Meredith! That means a lot. I'll try to make it worthwhile for you. @cece_coffey Also a good choice!Not a huge shocker here, but Southern California Edison is now also telling state officials it would support an all… The Newsom administration issued another dozen fracking permits in Kern County on Thursday, this time to Ch… @jlappen1 I was hoping someone would know it. Thank you! @YeyeLobet Thank you!Wow. A new study finds that 55% of water consumed in the Colorado River Basin is used to grow crops to feed cattle.…"If we don't get this under control in California, there'll be 250,000 of these giant 40-pound swamp rats within fi… audit found that major U.S. companies — including Coca-Cola, FedEx and Walmart — have been using huge amounts of… federal judge has ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to shut down and remove all oil within 30 days, a huge win f… typically depends on prison inmates to help fight the biggest fires. But with COVID-19 spreading in pris…"What’s insidious about the fossil fuel industry’s strategy is that they only appear to care about those racially d… here's another one from @emorwee: Now Alaska's all-white congressional delegation is claiming big banks are dis… Britain, meanwhile, coal is almost entirely gone and the grid operator is talking about going full weeks without… looks at why utilities say they still need natural gas, as coal plants close and renewables get cheape… a night of illegal fireworks, Los Angeles air quality was worse than usual even for July 4-5, @phila_lex rep… raft continues. How long have we been adrift?
Retweeted by Sammy Roth @LBY3 Yes, a toe-in the water!John Jay, in Federalist No. 2: America is bound together by its rivers. started reading “The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Remade Its Rivers,” and I had no idea that th… @JimMoor70058163 I do, thank you! @airfrezno Oy. @amywestervelt @KendraWrites Have written a couple pieces related to this, but can't say I've dived in fully...… @russ1mitchell @latimes Thanks Russ! Fyi we have a dedicated signup page at @MadelineJanis That's a very good point. Thank you for raising it. @Maya4EJ Argh, yeah. @gspeng @ivanlpenn Interesting question...Feel like the hidden headline here is Warren Buffett investing billions of dollars in natural gas infrastructure in… in medieval England build a church.
@JamesGunn @JuddApatow "...researchers are raising alarms that the novel coronavirus and the covid-19 disease it ca…
Retweeted by Sammy Roth.@MikeTrout wearing a mask WHILE working out. Nothing more needs to be said.
Retweeted by Sammy RothThese stories are so terrifying"You want to be an ally? You make sure that Black people and people of color and women are getting paid, that they’…, I read the Bret Stephens piece. Ho hum. Yes, the intolerant left is a threat. Stipulated. However, I have exc…
Retweeted by Sammy RothI love the name Cleveland Spiders and love it even more because the actual Spiders were literally the worst team in…
Retweeted by Sammy RothBig Sunday energy news: Berkshire Hathaway's energy group to buy Dominion's gas pipeline and storage business for $…
Retweeted by Sammy RothLink to press release:
Retweeted by Sammy RothHouse Democrats' climate plan "imagines the United States fighting climate change alone, an isolated government wit… damning part of this investigation from @OPB @Oregonian @propublica: The former lawmaker & former governor who… edition of Boiling Point, my email newsletter for @latimes, features House Democrats' climate plan, clean tr…, in San Diego County, a bunch of local water district officials showed up at the "American Liberty Forum… and more headlines like this as sea levels rise. via @RosannaXiaAlso interesting: "Statewide, the conservation habits city dwellers were forced to adopt during the parched years o…, California hasn't been getting less rainfall in recent decades. But the year-to-year — and decade-to-deca…! Air quality in LA looks about as bad as when we have wildfires.
Retweeted by Sammy RothWe’re number one! 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Sammy RothSo happy to learn that the air quality is so bad today that we will all be trapped inside with the windows shut on a 90-degree day
Retweeted by Sammy RothWalking around my neighborhood this morning it looks like the marine layer had rolled inland from Santa Monica. And…'s public lands are one of the best things about this country. How much renewable energy should we build on…
Retweeted by Sammy Roth"What a luxury it would be for this city to be concerned about championship aspirations. At the moment, the state o… support David Price opting out, much as I'll miss watching him pitch. similar has been happening in Australia: @thesep7 @dapperdannyroth Is that.....Pablo? @thesep7 OK, you got me to like a Giants thing. Congrats ;-) @MarkOlalde Same to you! @GotitaJB @LifeOnThinIce Oh yeah, I read Jenny's study. Fascinating. Meant to write something but @MarkOlalde beat me to it.This is the most real
The geology of the Imperial Valley (and Southern California more broadly) is so damn cool."So what do we take with us when we remove the masks and move forward? What should be on our post-pandemic, post-pr…"In a land of finite resources, every choice, big or small — irrigating an alfalfa field, taking a swing on a golf… Chad Mayes, the Republican-turned-independent lawmaker from the High Desert, has a bill that would (temporari… of Yucca Valley, just outside Joshua Tree National Park, are furious about a proposal to list the western… edition of The Wild, a new @latimes newsletter by @maryforgione about the great outdoors. This one's got rec… awful that this happened in Niland. It's tough enough there. via @stephaniealaiFrom our conversation with Henry Ian Cusick and Sonya Walger about "The Constant"! Give it a listen on your podca…
Retweeted by Sammy RothGreat fact-check of Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette's "clean coal is essential to America" op-ed by @DanGearino:'s official, PG&E is no longer bankrupt Santa Barbara has figured out a way to keep its desalination plant running even when there's no drought — sel… @WuebbenD Would love that, if you don't mind. sammy (dot) roth (at) latimes (dot) com. Thanks much!