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@bIuntinski please be safe. love you so muchone year since the blueprint’s your daily reminder to sign petitions and educate yourself know that when you speak up only after being criticised for not using your platform, your words are tainted and almost meaninglessPhotographers tryna make a name for themselves Rn you got blood on ur hands if them ppl disappear months from now
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@teialily a hacker doesn’t sit and wait for david hunter to tweet a mediocre badly timed joke to reply that “they’r… @thedavidhunter have a day offWaitress fans! Our Tyrone and his partner Sean have been arrested for peaceful protesting. If you’re lookin to dona…
Retweeted by sammywaitress pals!! please if you can donate to help out tyrone and sean with bail. they’ve been arrested at a protest…, dynasty has enough plot holes to trigger trypophobiaWhite folks: instead of lather, rinse & repeat your tweets for #GeorgeFloyd or about #AmyCooper, here are things yo…
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Retweeted by sammy @rayalikepapaya I love you!you have no better way to spend the next 4 minutes of your life than reading this article. read, learn, read again… @rayalikepapaya you make me so proud. your words will change the world one day.A thread!
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@bIuntinski I really love your dad. everyone deserves a dad like keithsometimes water is thicker than blood and that’s just the fucking truth @ollyflynn_ it be like that sometimesWe did a thing. #DawnAndOgieDuets @JoelMontague 🧡
Retweeted by sammyI should be heading to the theatre to see vicki carole right now motion. two meanings. one kneeling in protest against racial discrimination. the other kneeling “ON” a man f…
Retweeted by sammySTOP PRAISING YOUR FAVES FOR TWEETING ABOUT BLM ITS LITERALLY THE LEAST THEY COULD DOknow their names. know their stories. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by sammy @abbiecops you’ve tweeted some shit but this is the worst fuckin oneThe police officer who killed George Floyd should be charged with murder.
Retweeted by sammyi made this video to educate my irl’s who follow me on instagram but to any white people who also wish to be educat…
Retweeted by sammySTOP saying you don’t “see colour”. you SHOULD, you should see the different features, traits, cultures and be than… tl is not “clogged” because of all the activism today. if you can tweet 20 times a day about a fictional chara…
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Retweeted by sammyso what we’re not gonna do is use clickbait headlines that cause further stress for people that work in the west en… @knoxcarys are you kidding look at you !! @ollyflynn_ ur block button is looking REAAAAAL good @ollyflynn_ I’m in this tweet and I do not like it✨no I don’t want to join your zoom✨I just drove 30 miles to Barnard Castle to check if I’m gay
Retweeted by sammythe world has progressed past the need for the world @AimeeStern our origin story ❤️❤️
aw does the sight of them no just take you right back to bouncing your 11 year old closeted ass into your living ro… got the urge to pick up a real life fucking centipede on the ground so I’ve decided I need some time away from animal crossingI usually detest when people speak to me but I must say every person that has said hello/morning to me on my walk t…
if I see one more homophobe waving a (six colour rainbow) pride flag fOr The NhS I’m going to strangle them with itleicester is like home to me and one of my favourite places I’ve lived because of the community of artists based th… @EvaNoblezada screaming @nlyonne this has big you energy @koalatygirl I’m SCREAMING
@Iovinisbible I thought that said kat and I was like ... the writers of little fires everywhere decided to use the songs sex and candy, bitch and only happy when it ra… must be absolutely warped in the brain to compare the recording of a broadway show to the recording of CHILD po… ink x @mythicmusical not gonna lie . way higher than I expected @Iovinisbible it honestly must be mental illnessdecided to watch #sweetmagnolias on netflix cause it looked like some lighthearted yeehaw shit but cut to fucking n… @GraemeManson1 so, how do I get you to give me a clone code in the year 2020👉🏼👈🏼
behaving like an adult sounds really bad
Retweeted by sammythis is what same person different font means @iamstephbeatz honestly just have a scroll on @humorandanimalsJust 60 perfect seconds of Alexis and Moira Rose saying "David"
Retweeted by sammy @nlyonne looool it’s literally just for decoration @wewritelettrs time for bed, rayacan the birds chirping outside have some fucking respect @melissafumeros it hurt until delphine says it was her first time with a woman and cosima says it showed . that still absolutely sends meI got Cosima Niehaus! you lie about being at the manchester attack, on today of all days, GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED
"Theatre" and "Broadway" are not synonyms.
Retweeted by sammy21. I mean they all changed a lot but helena went from a literal cult psycho assassin to the most incredible sister… leda, obviously @brochuscormier season 3 hair tho19. neolutionists18. alison driving and singing Bitch is such a moment so let’s go with that17. I have so many ?!,!, the first that springs to mind is “my sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me”16. for sure rachel15. im probably most like cosima but more so a mix of cosima and sarah with a sprinkle of helena14. around the time the third/fourth episode of the first season aired. I saw cosima and realised I was in danger13. none other than the legend herself, tat mas definitely not the season 3 finale, I’ll tell you that for fucking free. probably the season five finale young helena10. helana and sarah but like closely followed by cosima and sarah what a stupid question to ask a cophine supremacist mika7. ferdinand (kira sent with invisible ink)6. I have one for each clone so this is hard but one of my top ones is helena meeting cos and alison and the dance party afterward5. I hate myself but I’m gonna have to say 1x08 cause if you know you know4. it’s a toss up between two and five but I’d probably say two3. felix, he was criminally under appreciated there is only one correct answer cosima niehaus, 324b21 <3 don’t have the commitment to do this daily so I’ll answer one for each like, cool? cool @NlCOLEKlDMANS it’s worth it every timewinding molly up is literally my favourite thing to do, the way we constantly risk years of friendship to take the piss out of eachother @IFlTBLEEDS @DanaLeigh_H @GillianA If I can’t torment molly then who can @NlCOLEKlDMANS I like to see u squirm sorry @NlCOLEKlDMANS @GillianA I AM SCREAMING @GillianA I think you should watch this #askgillian @324B21phine Stop it 😭😭😭😭