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21, like brie larson in ‘room’ but like, by choice

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Sam has somehow convinced my family to sit n watch Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle n my mum is trying so hard to arg…
Retweeted by samantha @vicki_manser good luck on your debut as k howard principal, sending so much love 💓life changing
@Lin_Manuel make one for science and show us what it looks likeilysmsb I love you so much sara bareilles @haleyobsession would lay down my life for hernot reese
Joker is easily one of the best films I’ve seen this year @jlb26_ I said the exact same to my friendjust watched someone spend £24.45 on pick n mix in the cinema and I’ve never felt poorerinstagram removing the “following” tab makes no difference to my life so why am I mad about it @nypdsamberg ahh have the best time!!! say hello to the queens for me 💋 @mayjqb maiya behave @nypdsamberg my brand!! 💓💞💘 enjoy the theatre cafe!!thought of you immediately @sammycxsey
Retweeted by samantha @isparklelovato thank you gorgeous girl!! Love you💓
@alicia_draycott my impactseeing jon bellion sing live just changed my life and was the absolute highlight of my 21st birthday today @tothemoonpie thank you Jess chicken !! @wewritelettrs thank you so much raya!! I love you endless amounts and couldn’t imagine my life without you now💓💝 @sammycxsey happy birthday to my favourite person EVER 💗 i can’t believe we’ve only known each other a few months i…
Retweeted by samantha @cara_willis looool thank you lovely!! 💓 @wynonnasrose thank you so much angel!! 💓 @fumerosbeatz thank you amy!! Xx @libssburgg_xoxo thank you libs❤️ @jlb26_ ahahaha tysm jodie!! 💫💕 @haleyobsession thank u kindred!! love u a whole bunch, can’t wait to give u a big hug soon❤️ @Ieability thanks lea!!😌💓 @bwaybauman thank you sm!!💕 @softplacetolnd nobody else I’d rather have grown alongside the last 6 years. Thank you so much, love you the most 🌻❤️happiest of birthdays.. soggy sammy🤪 we’ve seen each other in some of our messiest states n i wouldn’t want it to b…
Retweeted by samantha @romypom romy I love u!!! thank you sm, can’t wait to see you again soon ❤️My absolute angel girl, happy happy birthday🥳🖤I miss you so so much I hope I can see you soon. You are so kind and…
Retweeted by samantha @BallingerAddict thank u !! love and miss u the most 💘 @sugabutterfl0ur thank u danielle!!❣️ @Salute___Perrie ahaha thank you sm my fave elder💝💚sammyyyyyyy, happy birthday!!! hope you’re having the best day 💚 sucks to be a GROWN grown up 🤪😂
Retweeted by samantha @bvcccca I can’t deal with these pictures lfjdhshsur😭 thank you so much!! love u always💕💕 @lonelychicago oww thank you hollie💓happy birthday @sammycxsey !! love u long time x 💙
Retweeted by samantha @one_onlyrachel thanks rach!!!🤩 @mxghanc93 thank you sm meghan💫💓 @alicia_draycott thank you so much lis!! love and miss u loads😭Happy 21st birthday to my fave Scottish gal @sammycxsey. Words can’t describe how proud of you I am for everything…
Retweeted by samantha @Musical_soph @katharinemcphee thank you soph!! @OllyFlynn_ thank you sm olly!!! love u ❤️happy birthday to my favourite green haired girl, love you lots 💞💞💞xx
Retweeted by samantha @jonbellion please sing iRobot tonight! It’s my 21st birthday so you can’t say no, MWAH <3 @NlCOLEKlDMANS thank you!!! love you sm best fren 💓💓happy birthday to my best friend @sammycxsey there’s no one i love more on this planet 💖 u truly are my fave person…
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@alicia_draycott that’s actually not me sorry21 is such a bittersweet birthday for me, I just wanna hit pause on tomorrow
@haleyobsession @mcpheesjenna have fun my best girlies @haleyobsession SHUT UP
arrived at molly’s at 9 this morning and she had hung up pictures and banners and had balloons all over the floor f… @GillianA is this your art class? lack of announcements are a joke and SO unfair to people that constantly support the show and actors and need t… whip my hair back n forth fucker and kat mcphee onLy west end ladies that matterR THankUou @Salute___Perrie she sang door number 3 because of me so the dick paid offnot me lifting my leg up onto a table to show someone my tattoo and rachel tucker asking me what I’m doing cbatag urself I’m rachel’s face when she found out our coach wasn’t until 6/7amincredible show !!! @racheltucker1 our tipsy asses promise to make our 6am coach so u don’t need to be concerned LO…
who even am I @Aiden_Houston_ the full interview is here from 2hrs 44mins onward if you wanna hear the rest of her shite. @deanjohnsonuk Listen to the full interview! From 2hr44 onward, it honestly got worse. @DirectorDan86 the interview just got worse from that point on. it’s so invalidating and harmful to even try and in… why you seen waitress so many times?? me:
Retweeted by samantha @BenSPLATT @rahne_jones @the_Politician I relate SO spirituallyseeing SIX twice in one day is so off brand for me but here we are @lonelychicago your icon I fully screamed @nicoleackman16 she works so she’s already against the bible, hypocrisy at its finest.
@catehawess ikr🥺 @mxghanc93 she’s a little diva !!! @dalelupitadale I love her 😭the peel the avocado woman made a halloween themed video SPOOKY RIGHTSmolly is so high that she just called me in a panic and asked me if it was my birthday today and she missed it? Ful… duo that is unmatched’s people on my coach debating whether the bible knew how society was going to change and that’s why the Simps… you’ve know me, you know that racial diversity in theatre is something i care about a lot. i decided i wanted to…
Retweeted by samantha @hashtagcatie @nbcsnl add ur song being in shane/jeffrees docuseries to this @daleevanns later in the interview she said homosexuality is a sin “the same way theft and jealousy are”. She’s vile. @iamstephbeatz oh no I was referring to the woman herself, she’s a comedian and has participated in anti lgbt group… @katharinemcphee @NlCOLEKlDMANS I want this energy on Fridaymy 21st birthday is You Matter To Me Day? my waitress stan rights @walkerstaylor about 2 hours 44 mins in ! @dalelupitadale the rest of it was worse. she said that homosexuality is a sin just the same way theft and jealousy is 🙃 @hellocmb isn’t she 😭😭😭my little sister cries every time I dye my hair because she wants it so we gave her a little green streak and she’s… @OllyFlynn_ the rest of the interview was just as bad, I hope she never gets a job in theatre again“I don’t think she’s a lesbian character” - seyi oomba talking about celie 🤡 CLOWNERY @maryb0ag !!! we are the worst for this @iamstephbeatz same but also the chanel runway woman has a history of lgbtq+ discrimination soshould not have joked about my hair falling out :)
dunno why I thought it would be a good idea to spontaneously dye my hair tonight and risk it falling out like it’s not my birthday this week @Salute___Perrie listen. that was a ROUGH dayIF I HAVE TO KILL MYSELF I WILL