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@omnikrll @thatkidflan Oh it's a bop couples don’t exi-
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonWho took this video of me in Miami @jetgreguar YES CHEF @jetgreguar YES CENTO IS THE SHIT @LeBatardShow "A cashless business discriminates against low-income people, and often they are people of color and…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonEveryday I'm mad that I don't look like Alan Rickman in DogmaMike Pence about to bring back the witch trialsMiyuki may seem crude, but her backstory proves Satoshi Kon's ability at realizing complex characters. ❄️ TOKYO GO…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonI've had two tequilas and now I want to kissLmao
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonI am deeply concerned not just by the rise of cases of coronavirus worldwide, but by the inadequate and incompetent…
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@Matt_Hecht They're sharing a single creme brulee and he is needling her the whole time like "when was the first ti…'s 2020 make out with your friends who gives a fuck JeremyStraight dude getting insecure and passive aggressive because his girlfriend says she kisses her close friends -_-The Trump administration is refusing to fund emergency preparations for a coronavirus pandemic until House Democrat…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonI don't like it, will repaint!
Retweeted by Samuel Johnstonmy guy, what
Retweeted by Samuel Johnstonplease support my friends of the @TartineUnion as they fight to be recognized by tartine. this is important and ser…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonOh hello, my good bitch 👀✨ is a gigantic, gorgeous longhaired black cat in the backyard, and I think now I know who got the little tabby… @Matt_Hecht My other band is Rotisserie Hellspit @Matt_Hecht Plate of carbs and skin
*baby yoda voice* I want boston marketThe view from my therapist's office is cool as hell @snoothaver 😘✨ I’m officially on the market ✨ I’m looking for Developer Relations roles, but am open to all opportunities for t…
Retweeted by Samuel Johnston @snoothaver of context this looks like a delightful romp about a single trans dad @jetgreguar @jetgreguar And your knees still hurt from the day before ;; have to go into work -_-I should just finally give upAll my life I've been told who I am and who I should be by other people, and now I'm so fucked up I don't know if I'll ever figure it outfinished t shot commission ^^
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonCURSED love when my cat is lying against me and she just, snuggles in closer 😊
@apricotghost EP 8 is sooo good! Like it brought the whole series together for meI was wholly unprepared for the extended Metal Gear Solid goof in Eizouken 8, that was maybe the most fun ep yet?yes ok I approve all of my kinks are coming together
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonAlso Youngstown is super blue collar, over 50% POC, and heavily unionized, so yeah, some locals are not going to Ap… would say this is fake but propping up a graffd plywood sign on a building is extremely Ohio Polite. everyone!! have you checked out @bluestockings Queer + Trans Comics Fest yet?? you have a few more days to appl…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonOH HO HO HO HO the kitty needs surgery Please help if you can! 🐱On February 24th, 1989, Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks. #TwinPeaksDay
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonT ruined my skin, then made my eyelashes extremely lush and twice as long as consolation @apricotghost And then he basically does the same character in that John Mulaney special lol
@RonnieLauth Absolutely worth it @apricotghost Oh you watched it! yeah he is hilarious and what even is that accentThe Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security. So do the Palestinian people. I remain concerned a…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonGoing to the feminist sex store, need anything? Happy uterus enamel pin? Expired vagina chocolates? Some dirty bind… @cathygjohn Phew! my god he looks great @canicuIa Fred Rogers brutally roasting us all here“I have cast some lonely votes, fought some lonely fights, mounted some lonely campaigns. But I do not feel lonely now.” - @BernieSanders
Retweeted by Samuel Johnston @canicuIa bernieA CNN panelist was just asked to explain what’s happening right now and her answer was “people can’t afford insulin”
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2020 art
Retweeted by Samuel Johnston @TinyBurninator My working theory is that she's just a liquid metal slime in a cat-suit is purring So hard am mostly unaware of my physical appearance or how I come off online, so I am curious want to go to the beach ;;:D help my mummies afford my surgery pls
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonTwo wolves inside me, one wants to see Little Women and drink Spanish Wine, the other wants to watch Sonic the Hedg… @gaylittleanimal Sounds nice :) Happy early birthmas!Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune, bleeding out, locking arms and rolling around in the Pacific, forever and ever, ))<>(( @omnikrll *looks up the tabs Immediately* @Matt_Hecht I know, I love the first woman's style, I bet she's cool as hell.You ever think about Lee Marvin and smile? :-) @omnikrll You Know I support this. 👍
Drinking thistle tea and reading the latest trans literature from @daniel_m_lavery is so sweet and charming? the whole house with one good arm cause I know my roommate won't 😑 @toddwords He is just a solid pal, I trust him with my life @ohhoe When I look at them I smile :)Runners up: fav AC villagers in no order: are 2 wolves inside u
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonNightstalker🐎
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonPicrewの「Icon Maker // フェイスメーカー」でつくったよ! #Picrew #Icon_Maker____フェイスメーカー“I believe in murder. I believe in pain. I believe in cruelty, and infidelity. I believe in slime, and stink, and i…
Retweeted by Samuel Johnston @slimyswampghost YES!!!The frilled tentacles of the Halitrephes maasi jellyfish spotted at 1225m in the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja…
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonThe "filmic" quality in the art of Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847–1915)
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonTop ten anime betrayals: Grimes shops with single stall restrooms are save points for trans people
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonHey if anyone else wants to go to see Tokyo Godfathers 3/9 @ 7pm, Union Square, I am buying tickets today! It's res… Fridays we make pancakes 🥞Jake Gyllenhaal endorsed Bernie via his cats Instagram (what a sentence!)
Retweeted by Samuel Johnstonregular people who identify as capitalists crack me up. like, you might have some misguided belief in capitalism, b…
Retweeted by Samuel Johnston @DJMEATDADDY Thank you, 💜💜💜💜 I really think it willHey the perfect candy bar is Baby Ruth thanks goodnight
Retweeted by Samuel JohnstonI wish someone would pat me on the head and hold me and tell me everything is going to work out