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@Richardsonphil8 @JaacksHappyHour @KavosYT @ImAllexx Yeah, if it's going to happen I think there would have to be a… @Richardsonphil8 @JaacksHappyHour @KavosYT @ImAllexx He's asked for this numerous times. Alex would never sit down…
Just 18 Labour MPs voted against a bill which effectively legalises war crimes committed by British troops. 18.
Retweeted by SamWelp, Labour Party is dead then. British politics is fucked."'The real Kai Havertz has shown up" Yeah, against a side who would've been playing League 1 football had Wigan's… @BcfcLegion I would've liked him back, but I don't think he's an enormous miss. The Friend/Dean pairing looks solid… Brexit will improve your lives 2020: You’ll need a permit to access Kent
Retweeted by Sam @piersmorgan The monarchy is a ridiculous and outdated system anyway. The guy can't share his opinion because of th… @cotterill_david The Government are responsible for all of this. Reacted far too late initially, entered lockdown t… government opens their call for evidence from players, game makers, parents, carers & anyone else interested aro…
Retweeted by SamBrilliant idea and execution from Burger King!
Retweeted by Sam @Jaf72_ @MarkAirey501 @Dalersand @_Birty @SkySportsNews @SRtRCScotland I don't see your point. Of course racism sti…
@Rob20_11 Looking good Kiler 🙏I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Retweeted by Sam @Rob20_11 Britain rn Government’s approach to fighting Coronavirus has been a disaster. Today, they should have announced a totally…
Retweeted by Sam @emilyhewertson Yesterday you were advocating for students to go back on campus when cases are on the rise again, n… feel terrible for people who will now be out of work again, especially those who've followed the advice we were… lockdown is gonna suck balls, but at least I can find solace in the fact that all the anti-maskers who've s… we’re on the verge of a second lockdown I’d like to give a special shoutout to; - The cunt that scranned bat…
Retweeted by Sam"Stay at home" *Stays at home* "What the fuck are you doing" "I-" "GET BACK TO WORK" "But-" "BUY A FUCKING SANDWICH…
Retweeted by Sam @FUT_Hatchet As long as it's not another final day relegation battle I'll take it @FUT_Hatchet We've looked really good so far, only concern is that we're yet to score from open play. It's early da… @vinsquat67 @11matrob @vdaynes2 The Conservative Party, bringing people together by being cunts. @BelvidereEdward It won't be complete harmony. There are always going to be criminals regardless of how much we inv… @vinsquat67 @11matrob @vdaynes2 And also made huge cuts to social projects and welfare which leads to society's mos… @vinsquat67 @11matrob @vdaynes2 No, because we're not talking about taking the entire police fund. The Tories cut p… @BelvidereEdward Solid rebuttal. I'm sure that the Tories fucking society's most vulnerable and the rise in crime are completely unrelated. @Jaf72_ @MarkAirey501 @Dalersand @_Birty @SkySportsNews I'd like more funding to help the police, yes. Not necessar… @megadollardog @vdaynes2 If you're going to call others dumb it would be handy to know KS1 English. @vinsquat67 @vdaynes2 I'm not interpreting it differently. Google the difference between defunding and abolishing the police and you'll see. @vdaynes2 I'd consider it a redistribution of funding rather than taking money away. If we were to use your hospi… @brotherbriian Taking a part of the budget for policing and investing it into community projects, which in turn wou… @MarkAirey501 @Jaf72_ @Dalersand @_Birty @SkySportsNews Not to mention how much money we could get from their buddi… @BelvidereEdward Not really, because the money is still being invested elsewhere in order to reduce the workload. W…
@Dalersand @_Birty @SkySportsNews Why though? Surely it's better for all parties to nip problems at the bud and hel… @_Birty @SkySportsNews Just to clarify, defunding the police doesn't mean that we scrap the police entirely.Worth a read @pashelley @SkyNewsBreak Smart one you PaulOk this is fucking fantastic imagine an FA Cup miracle happens Hashtag United make it through to round 3. The draw happens they get Birming…
Retweeted by SamEven though I disagree, there are some very good points made here, especially about governing bodies being useless.… @SkyNewsBreak Here before boomers complaining about handouts but voted against the party that wanted to increase wages last December. @ShyamMehta08 @DJames1731 @piersmorgan @MattHancock @GMB Guy can't even spell 'trophies' correctly in his bio.Danny kruger, the tory MP for Devises not wearing a mask for the entire Hungerford to Paddington train journey yest…
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@FutbolBible Look at his save percentage. He's a legitimate contender for worst keeper in PL history.Horrible cunts Adams slander on the timeline @rodribosu @United_MUF_C @TheSaItIsHere Not sure how Bayern winning the CL is relevant when comparing individual pl…
Retweeted by Sam @CatherineMrt @1SuzanneDonovan @petelewis59 @MENnewsdesk Might want to do your research because millions of those w… @DatBoiDeeek @OMGItsBirdman I mean ultimately it's just down to opinion. There's nothing wrong with preferring SBMM… @DatBoiDeeek @OMGItsBirdman I disagree tbh. I'm straight ass at CoD but get far more enjoyment from mixed lobbies.
I weep for the future of our country swear my brother's cat has a Northern Ireland accent. Aye.
Retweeted by Sam @FUT_Hatchet Idk about selling them but should give you an idea of value. There's bound to be a card shop nearby that'll take at least some. @FUT_Hatchet EBay vaccine/mask crowd of hundreds in Trafalgar Square. I’m just in complete despair. Not only endangering thems…
Retweeted by Sam🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by SamRemember when he was happy to let children go hungry and the Tory bootlickers pushed the message, "don't have kids…
CIA torture victim Khalid El-Masri statement to the Assange hearing. #AssangeCase Pages 1-4 out of 11.
Retweeted by Sam @_camaza @goal Legit the ugliest kit I've seen this season
Fair play to the the government, they’re so committed to the science they’re repeating every last fucking thing the…
Retweeted by Sam @KEEMSTAR @TaylorLorenz You've made a living off reporting YouTube drama why are you speaking like you're Bill Gates 😭😭😭Devilman would never 🐐 @AllFifaMistakes Not really to be honest. Icons are retired, so there really isn't a need to update the images. It… @anv01 @heathrowsnowman @RhysG94 @Ollie_Bayliss @hashtagutd @HTUFanzine @SpencerOwen @sebcbrown4 @SohamTownRanger @heathrowsnowman @RhysG94 @Ollie_Bayliss @hashtagutd @HTUFanzine @SpencerOwen @sebcbrown4 @SohamTownRanger @Connor_4400're really gonna get a second lockdown in time with the FIFA 21 releaseEvery job requires some sort of skill and every worker deserves a fair valuation for their time. At the very least,… being over the age of 14 and caring about which box people play their video games on
@Jujube247_ Number 1Nearly two-thirds of US adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust – study
Retweeted by SamThere isn’t a better sight in football than a sold out Tilton/Kop going absolutely mental. 👌🏽 #bcfc
Retweeted by Sam @Connor_4400 @Connor_4400 the corruption in this country is a joke. Worst part is that stuff like this is most likely the tip of the icebe…
Jude Bellingham, the youngest goalscorer in the 110 year history of Borussia Dortmund ⭐️
Retweeted by Sam @MHeyhoe91 Tbh this is pretty scummy. If you're going to charge such ludicrous prices then certain standings should… keeps asking why there's no food in the fridge. How do I tell him Daddy needed that Elite 3 finish 😔💯🙏Naaa what the fuck is this? £50 to finish Gold 3? £25 for 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘤𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴. Got to love the FIFA community man.'s Dad when he won't eat his fish supper
Retweeted by Samwe really let Jude go for just £25 Mill
Retweeted by Sam30 | HEY JUDE!!! ON HIS DEBUT!!! #MSVBVB 0-2
Retweeted by SamJuuuuddddeeeOften wonder how stupid you'd have to be to elect Trump as your President, then you see something like this and it…🚨 BVB STARTING XI 🚨 Jude Bellingham will make his first BVB start! 👏
Retweeted by Sam @paige_summers92 @ClamLock @IshanKokra @piersmorgan So you're just making the same point. Police put themselves in… @PaulyFutter @FUT_Hatchet Is Serie B not in the game?
@MANapier19 @hashtagutd Ignoring how cringeworthy this is, you're all complete idiots for being that close and not…
@FUT_Hatchet Don't stop being you. There are definitely elements of the stream that could be improved, your personality isn't one of them."Falcooon puuunch" miss by Aster Vranckx for Mechelen is all kinds of incredible
Retweeted by Sam @AndyBowers11 @FoxyWeather0123 @Habs19671 @SkyNewsBreak Not only is that number completely false, it also isn't as… Wela.
Retweeted by SamCan we make shithousing Brentford on Day 1 an annual thingCan u imagine terrorists tryin to hijack a plane that the WWE crew was on? Box cutters vs the craziest mofos on the planet? Game over jihad.
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