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ah, yes, today's Borat embargo has lifted. the Giulani scene you've heard about includes a camera-angle shift, whic… @AlexMLeo "we noticed you're trying to dial into this call on a phone, but this call only works on TVs and computers, isn't that ironic"lightning? in Seattle? did @Naughty_Dog code today's weather?
TIL that Windows Magnifier + a computer connected to a TV = I can type with fully dilated eyes. thanks, technology @larrymizelljr Larry, Moe... @mollywood I dunno, I'm still waiting to hear the houseplant's side of the story.Seattle: Plz boost the signal. If you know anything about this break-in, let John and his team know. cc… on the RTS! My take on @frost_giant's announcement, which includes reminders of what Blizzard's current RTS r… @neptunesnachos does that mean we're going to waco @neptunesnachos I mean this as a compliment: between the glasses and the statue, some srs David Koresh vibes @Frost_Giant any chance y'all can answer some questions? sam at arstechnica d*t c*m if so (or my DMs are open) @suburban_woman @LindseyGrahamSC Right, South Carolinians never loudly and aggressively confront members of Congres… @DaveOshry I was wondering when someone would notice. Cuz..... yeah. @LindseyGrahamSC "hostile & unhinged" is a weird way to describe being held accountable—for a rare 45-second intera… @hello_amanda noooooo should I bring weed @mitchgit yeah, when it comes to work-life balance, don't be a muenster @afraidtomerge I can't invite you over EVERY day to play Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox Series X, man but I'm general…’m profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and well w…
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂ @AlexMLeo solution: tell them to click on a veiled link for more information about the REAL thing Gen Z has going for it @AlexMLeo poindexter 🤓
This is how you end up with a lot of side boob and no climate coverage. Please don’t do this. There is no sustainab…
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂I'll use a company whose former CEO was my Secretary of State for a while, yeah, that's the ticket for this hypothe… agreements are reciprocal -- this means the same thing happens to US correspondents based overseas.
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂ @PlayStation @TwitterSupport oh and to be abundantly clear, Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights Are Human Rights, Beli… @PlayStation @TwitterSupport can you save us all the trouble and just comb this thread, thxHR Giger vibes on Alki Beach tonight
@donwinslow @MattPulle this song is over 10 years old but will be forever relevant'm fond of an old Denton, TX song, "Fuck You, Mike Love," and I got another reason why today: His bastardized, non…'s PR email pitch of "at least one good thing has come from COVID" went from 0-to-delete in record timenext-gen Sunday #xboxseriesx #43ratio @anniezaleski @kateseventy8 do they uh need substitute english teachers @anniezaleski @kateseventy8 dude srsly fuck y'all's school @GameOverGreggy In frozen food terms, I think you were just...... Newman's OWNEDsomeone please make GIFs of Justin Bieber's weird "I got you, bro" backup dancing moves #snlKarate Man is in the house #snl peacock series when?I did a really good job of watching that uneven snl cold open and I'm going to reward myself with a very soft cookie @umiscar yeah but this could get you fired showing your Dota logo like thatjfc @windows your attempts to install Win10 ver 2004 fail EVERY TIME. Four attempts (one every 30 days), each has w… @kuraine @kuraine microsoft solitaire at 360hz or bust. it's like the cards in the victory sequence are falling AT younow that I've heard @brandicarlile x @soundgarden can we please get a full-length follow-up? I'm gonna run these he… @mrvarbles @SolidSnake120 correct. I would never publicly out my specific voting pleasure if it might get that vote tossed.the pleasure of voting #fuckingvote @ObiCynKenobi three boxes of Oreos O's cereal
@chetfaliszek In multiple instances, like this one, specific language trended highly in Twitter and lead ultimately… @chetfaliszek Over the last few years Chet has operated a project studying various tech companies and their commitm… @dark1x full Hudsonsoft blast, plus Kirby's Pinball Land!unsure how his most faithful can reconcile @realDonaldTrump making the same claim Barbra Streisand did in 2000 @Miexriir cc @lopsidedwheel, the only person I know who'd appreciate this anywhere as much as youOn repeat all day yesterday and all day today, the new incredible @deland_helena album: @dirgeoverdrive @GameMinimalist That's not where my mind's going, unless it's political to make Lords of Waterdeep better to play.I thought I missed live music in 2020 and then @dirgeoverdrive @GameMinimalist I mean, once you sell a copy, who cares what players do with the pieces and rules that they paid for? @dwilsonphotog me too, I saw your post and immediately asked myself, "who is that band that printed shirts that cal… @3liza probably not a can of Tab, since that's getting discontinued this year :'( @dwilsonphotog is/was this person ever a member of Strangleweed
@TychoBrahe /me sees "amp" in an Ars url, sighshappy birthday to two of my sexiest Seattle pals @afraidtomerge @LisaCoronado! I hope each of you enjoys eating cak… @Lenniesaurus if you find any of my long-lost relatives a wee bit to the southwest I promise you they're bang on mateson Oct 29, three LucasArts remasters land on paid #xboxgamepass subscriptions, for both Win10 and Xbox: Day of the… you upgraded your laptop recently but not gotten rid of the old one? A student without a device to access onli…
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂babies in cages, Palmer. babies in cages. you're forever linked to that by endorsing this man in any way, shape, or… Seattle friends. If you know someone who's broke in the arts/bar/club world, @deepseadiverbnd is offering 50 fr…
@majornelson need to call Feinstein’s office NOW: 202-224-3841
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂ @majornelson Thanks, Larry. When're swinging by my Seattle apartment for some split-screen DiRT 5? You can see the tv from outside, I swear. @Wario64 wario64 after being held back by twitter bugs for two hours: we have any armchair arson experts who can look at this Seattle PD story and clarify whether it looks legit or B… @framerate screenshots, account name, other identifying info can be forwarded to my first name at arstechnica d*t c… @cherryrae the rumor I can wholeheartedly confirm is that you are charming and nice to strangers during really weir… @cherryrae I'm pretty sure I followed you specifically because I met you in person at a Squeenix thing, so any anon… here, great lunchtime background chat w/ infosec smartypantses @k8em0 @edskoudis @marcusjcarey @spekulation ok this one sent mewow, this snuck up on us. one of the best roguelites of the past decade, easily.'m surprised nobody else in the #XboxSeriesX preview pool has tried mocking up a sexier horizontal orientation. I… most humans in WA State, this is a sext @AlexMLeo mhm, my monthly mucus parties aren't the same @lydia_loveless hey! sorry to be a reply guy but if you can, get a convection oven, even a miniature one. they do t…,400 words more from me today. Have at the X, friends. the Census before it's too late—it determines the resources your community will get over the next decade,…
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂ @melshizzy I mean the FLOODING is sort of a turnoff @TheRealAndyMc Spore 2. Complete with a 120-page manual. Make it happen. @melshizzy ooh what's the rent @MaryNumair which half @ModernVintageG Microsoft should prove you wrong by showing us how well Goldeneye 64's HD port runs on Series S @meganmorrone does he look like this
@icecube babies in goddamned cages, Cube. @kexp @evieluxx masterful afternoon playlist, thank you for today's thunder. that 8-minute Magnificent Moon single… @technosucks I have two more words in response to thissssss4,300 words. Can I eat breakfast yet? @AlexMLeo congrats, I hope this makes for MUCH faster, higher-resolution doomscrollingGOD DAMN REPUBLICANS ARE SO EVIL AND WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR HOW TO MAXIMIZE THEIR EVIL
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂The kind of weird game-preview period where we can say "yeah, it seeeeems good, but we can't review it as such just… are working to resolve issues with our forums and comment sections at Ars Technica. Please stand by. --Moonshar…
Retweeted by Sam Machkovech ☂ @chetfaliszek considering how many job-fluency questions she dodged or feigned ignorance to, methinks the blank pie… is wild. fans responding to a game studio strike by saying they would NOT CROSS THE PICKET LINE to play the ga… @hcjewell Clare's been a soothsayer for roughly a decade, why stop now
happy Sam's-new-icon day, courtesy of @mindfad. without any prompting, he put a Shyguy in there, and I didn't fight…