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Texan. Procrastinator. Loud. Also host of an @NPR show called "It's Been A Minute." I'd love 4 u to listen. @NPRItsBeenAMin

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@jdelreal @lexieschapitl Sometimes you need the same song 12 times @lexieschapitl It is a perfect albumHow tired are you, on a scale of one to ____________ (fill in the blank)?This history is difficult but I truly believe we all need to understand it. White supremacist groups remain the gre…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @starbanzobeanz STARWOW. Thank you so much to the #NPRShortWave listeners who made us the #1 science podcast in the country. THIS IS WI…
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James McBride (Color of Money, The Good Lord Bird, Deacon King Kong) gave some advice on @NPRItsBeenAMin with…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @karenbates @NPRItsBeenAMin 🙌🏾🙌🏾I've done more than 100 interviews for #NPRShortWave but I think this is the only one I've cried in the middle of.…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @kehmia_t @NPRItsBeenAMin 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters! Seeing our Spotify wrapped has been the best thing for our week…
Retweeted by Sam SandersClassic Jeopardy 🤦🏾‍♀️
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@mckaycoppins We meet every third Tuesday. @brittanys @NPRItsBeenAMin @Spotify Thank you friend! Come back on the show soon miss you @mckaycoppins McKay, as another bald and bearded, I welcome you to the fold. It’s fun here! @peyotegroce They are the best! @spokoloka @willportello That wasn’t an accident. It was a blessing. @josephlongo_ @MAOHare @NPRItsBeenAMin @Spotify Thank you! @mrhu03 @NPRItsBeenAMin @Spotify Thank you so much! @Dj_Tazzy_Taz @NPRItsBeenAMin @Spotify Thank you so much! @zchace @NPRItsBeenAMin @Spotify Thank you friend!! Miss you much!!Spotify also shares special year-end data for podcasters. Couldn’t be more proud of what the @NPRItsBeenAMin team a… @jb23nov @StartHereABC @Marketplace @dissectpodcast @NPRNewsNow Thank you for listening!What food item could you not have survived 2020 without? I’ll go first @MrDanZak It’s been 14 hrs and I’m still stuck on this @Murphy_1618 thank you for listening! @StephenWilson congrats!!!It’s only 11:30am and I have already seen two people walking cats on leashes. Not sure what to make of this.Fantastic to see @NPRCodeSwitch recognized by @ApplePodcasts as the Show of the Year! Excited to see…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @HannahBThornton 🙌🏾🙌🏾 @HannahBThornton 😂😂😂 @charlieharding @phoebe_bridgers Done @senarae @BreneBrown @maddow ❤️❤️ @WanderingTeeKay @NPRItsBeenAMin @NPRCodeSwitch @nprfreshair Thank you for listening! @MadzDutt @whoweekly Oh just you wait @juliareinstein Yes!I contain multitudes @benjpasek 😂😂This tracks. Thanks @whoweekly @MrDanZak 😂😂😂 @BruceCupcake @LaChicita_ It’s been a long week @LaChicita_ DON’T HAVE MY SPOTIFY WRAPPED YET AND HONESTLY I AM GETTING WORRIED @becks_duncan @natebobphil @NPR Thank you so much for listening! @becks_duncan @NPR @ramtinarablouei @RundAbdelfatah @throughlineNPR @HiddenBrain @NPRCodeSwitch @GeeDee215 @Dajzia_Frat Thank you for listening!! I’m honored!!!I was late to podcasts, but one of the best parts of 2020 for me was all the time I spent with brilliant, insightfu…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @JessElizarraras @UpFirst Thank you so much for listening!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @VictorMinetola @phoebe_bridgers Next Tuesday in the podcast feed @fineughwhatever @NPRItsBeenAMin @BTS_twt @bts_bighit I am in good company!!! Thank you for listening!!! @WFKARS @CapehartJ @LasCulturistas @pchh ❤️❤️❤️Be like Kelly 😊 @sylvaneida Thank you Kelly!!!
@AskLeezul Congrats!! @ankh1799 You’re too kind!The Book Concierge from @nprbooks is heeeeere. I recommended two books this year, both poetry: @feihernandez's "Hoo…
Retweeted by Sam SandersSince @samsanders graciously mentions the white gays in his audience, I pass along to you this conversation, from w…
Retweeted by Sam SandersY’all I just interviewed @phoebe_bridgers'all, we have to gush a little. Longtime @NPRItsBeenAMin producer @AnjuliSastry was just named a Nieman Visiting F…
Retweeted by Sam SandersMy dear friend and colleague @AnjuliSastry is leaving the @NPRItsBeenAMin team for a bit to start a new and amazing… @colleengoodhue @vikkie 😂😂 @kimfunk @cathyparkhong @NPRItsBeenAMin Either first is fine! @MamaCass_1920 @Rica_DoesIt @NPRItsBeenAMin Thank you both!So proud of my friends!!! @wordscience ❤️❤️❤️OMG @cathyparkhong and @samsanders that interview was amazing! Everybody needs to hear the latest @NPRItsBeenAMin
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @sdleyva @cathyparkhong @NPRItsBeenAMin Thank you for listening! @cathyparkhong It was an honor! Thank you for your book, and the lovely conversation! @sdleyva @cathyparkhong @NPRItsBeenAMin thank you! @elisewho @sdleyva @cathyparkhong @NPRItsBeenAMin I read what you wrote abt Minor Feelings as prep!I loved talking to @samsanders for NPR’s It’s Been a Minute! You can listen here!
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @hberkes Thank you Howard!After she saw Richard Pryor’s 1979 special Live In Concert, @cathyparkhong set out to write a book about race as bl…'m reading this book right now and it's really really revealing about my own life & about her Asian American exper…
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @vikkie Lol just wait @RHAVote It is my personal Infinite Jest @cna006 😂😂 @amwr Not enough characters in a tweet for all that!!Not that you asked, but I’m on Season 11 of Grey’s @starbanzobeanz @NPRItsBeenAMin it’s the incredible ⁦@edyong209⁩ talking with ⁦@samsanders⁩ on one of my favorite podcasts, ⁦@NPRItsBeenAMin⁩ ,…
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The good folks of @NPR when they start their week
Retweeted by Sam Sanders @LeroyWilliamsJr wait send a link! @Curledandqueued @NPRItsBeenAMin Thank you so much! You made my day @hexedwitchbitch Season 11! @dispositive @WPLN TRIPLE SPEED??!!! @eamccrory laughed the whole ep! @warnoj @BreneBrown thank you!I'm back! Please don't tell me what I missed.
Save for one interview, I’m off all next week. Which means I wont be on here. See ya sometime after Thanksgiving. Be good to yourselves! @C_GraceT 😂😂 @jenisicecreams Same, tbh @phdproductivity Thank you for listening! @CameshaGosha Thank you! @moheganscout Well thank ya! @Steph_Pollock ❤️ @akornblatt Congrats! @RachelOLindley Good convoWhat are y’all up to this weekend?