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Sam @Samsteazy In bed, California

Filipino American. Video Gamer. Twitch Streamer. A Coconut Water Connoisseur. Scented Candle Addict. She/Her. IG: @Samsteazy

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@elgato Idk this the best I could do but it looks so cool pls should read a book lol
Retweeted by SamFinally uploaded a Youtube video after years of not. Really had a great time in this one. Would really appreciate i… timing that I just watched Venom recently. I’m excited!!!, placed Bronze 2 in Valorant comp. Ah yes, feels good to be... slightly above Iron 😅Why is playing Human Fall Flat so fucking funny? 😂Tomorrow @ 12PM PST 👀 are so so sooooo pretty 😵‍💫
Retweeted by Sammañana te digo
Retweeted by SamI made a new Valorant account. Y'all wouldn't be able to guess what it is 🤣
I am so tired
Retweeted by Sammy back always hurts lately D:
Retweeted by Sam @SquareTheBear1 I appreciate you tho! 🤗✨My brother is coaching me thru Valorant and I’m STILL having a hard time. I hate it here. No more for me 😅 @amanduhhconda
@Purple @Purple can't wait to *checks calendar* take my dog for walks on Sunday-Thursday 🥰
Felt like playing Valo after playing a few matches offstream with HooyahKuya last night. So I'm practicing lol… @kichopai This is what you were working on???! SO CUTEEEEE 💜Honestly, same 😵‍💫 @KianaLede @Kehlani @VicMensa @amazonmusic Yeah no I’m still not over this...that neck grab had me personally in a chokehold
Retweeted by Sam😍💖 for hanging out in surprise GTA strim. Shoutout to @SquareTheBear1 again for the raid! Sorry I was hella concentrated lol 🥴
LMFAOOOOO I love Bretman 😂🤣 she should. Get yo bag girl. tonight, I feel like my friends and I are 👌 this close to deleting Pico Park 😅 @kichopai w/ @HooyahKuya :) #twitch:
@nanoleaf @Razer Idk my setup is pretty basic right now. I ain’t got nothin too fancy 😅 @kichopai @HooyahKuya Park is hella funny 🤣
Playing Pico Park w/ my fraaaaands! #twitch:🎁#GIVEAWAY🎁 To celebrate the launch of our #new Nanoleaf x Razer Chroma Connect Integration we're giving away the u…
Retweeted by SamI’m out here still getting these loading screens as if I haven’t stopped playing the game 🥴 @DXRacer @GuildWars2 @kichopai @HooyahKuya 🤗To celebrate our partnership with @GuildWars2. We're giving away a DXRacer Racing Series Pro and a copy of Path of…
Retweeted by SamWhy tf Riot look like that??? Venom def the better looking one 😂I didn’t watch Venom when it came out, but watching it now, it’s actually kinda funny 😂 @HayleyKiyoko I lived in that Citrine EP when it came out. It’s still my fave to this day 💛I'm tryna find a Sony or Canon camcorder from like early 2010s that has sd card compatibility. If anyone got one in…
@iLadySwoop Forreal! There wasn’t even a difference in the area they were working on in the same area. We were dyin. Love to see it 🥴🤣 @Purple Done with my assignment, Professor Purple 🤗✨🇵🇭🥇 takes me a wholeass day to recover from a full day of travel. I should be okay by tomorrow but I already know th… @iLadySwoop Honestly, right? I shouldn’t be surprised. But the last time I went to that area about half a year ago…
Pls, I don’t want it to end 😭❤️‍🔥’m pretty reserved in social settings and I only feel comfortable talking to people I know. This might come off a…
Retweeted by SamGrandma: What are you doing? Me: Laying in bed. G: Why?! It’s the afternoon. Me: I’m tired from traveling all day y… in bed after traveling all day. Goodnight 😴
Why the 101 has so much construction going on on it on a gahdamn Saturday? 😵‍💫
@Valkyrae @fuslie 100T co-owner Valkyrae is a savage, confirmed 😂 up at 6:30 to be a chauffeur. Came home around 8 and been knocked out since 9. I’m still tired 😴My family is so invested in the A Quiet Place movies lol
life is so eerie and so beautiful all at once
Retweeted by Sam @amanduhhconda Okie! What should I sing? I’m Like A Bird? Or maybe Songbird? Hummingbird Heartbeat? Pretty Wings? 🕊 @jerriies_ Okieeeee! I’ll try. Probably tomorrow tho 😅✨Suddenly, I don’t know the song Tears in Heaven. Never heard of the song… 🥴 mom and I are so invested in this birdhouse. We’ve bought bird seed and I just put out a bird bath today. This is who I’ve become now 😅Tfw both you and your cousin are named Sam 😅😂 Me: Uh, can mine say Sam pls? I don’t usually go by my name… My cousin: I can be Samantha lolI woke up with markings on my arm. Yup, definitely the best sleep I’ve had in a few days ☺️ @notGhostStories Idk… no context is where it’s at tho 😂Ugh, feels so good to finally have a day where I could sleep in. I’ve been waking up early for a few days now and m… Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online is so fireeeeee.Booker and CP3 in the locker room like *sadge* are champs, sheesh.Damn, I miss the thrill of that last few seconds of your fav basketball team about to win the Finals. Makes me miss… than a minute, I think the Bucks are gonna take it.
Hanging with my friends in Discord is making me feel better at least 🥺✨Bruh, that was fucking rough. I feel like I got bodied and double teamed just now omfg 😭 @PlayApex He really said 😅
We watchin Space Jam 2 with the crew 🪐
@Valkyrae Ma’am I- 😳❤️‍🔥
Lookin @ Monday like 😵‍💫 @Method @TeamRazer @Razer @samstEZggNot everyone can win the Race To World First, but you could be the winner in our Race to World First #Giveaway! 🎁…
Retweeted by SamCandid photography ☺️’s what you get for trying to be like Instagram 😂
⚽ 𝔾𝕀𝕍𝔼𝔸𝕎𝔸𝕐 🏎️ For a chance to win #IntelWorldOpen exclusive swag bundles: 1️⃣ Like & retweet 2️⃣ Watch the…
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Yoooo, if they got Korra, I'm so buying this! @pokimanelol @NZXT Plsssssss 🤍celebrating 8 mil on Twitch 💜 giving away 8 @NZXT PCs or console of YOUR CHOICE to 8 winners! RT + like + comment to enter <3
Retweeted by SamJustin Chon looks so different, wow! I already have a feeling this movie is gonna take a lot of accolades 😭're giving away 10 Red Dead Redemption 2: Collector's Boxes to celebrate the special limited-time re-release at t…
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@jerriies_ As someone who has broke ankles and constantly rolls them, keep elevating it and ice! Stay off it as muc… deserve happiness. i deserve joy. i deserve love. i deserve fulfillment. 🔁
Retweeted by SamIt’s been 5 years and I’m still mad asf they cancelled Agent Carter. That was my fave Marvel show 😭 @dakotaz I like my coffee how I like women. Strong and sweet.
Avengers, assemble. 🦸 Enter now for a chance to win a 𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘭’𝘴 𝘈𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴-themed Legion 7i powered by an #Intel Core…
Retweeted by SamI've just joined the #TeamLegion giveaway to win a Lenovo Legion 7i! Join here: me why I thought that the person who was playing Rick Mason was Craig David lmfao 🥴Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Rachel Weisz all on one screen was too much for my gayass heart. @amanduhhconda I KNOW 😭Just finished Black Widow and I have to say, it was actually really good 😭🖤
@kichopai Lmaooo amazing 🤣LMFAO I used “Do you know Barbie’s bf?” on @kichopai and she just finished the joke for me 😂🤣
@Texasrebel86 I’m just- 😵‍💫 @Purple @NRGgg This right here was my absolute fav game to play. I miss it so much 😭 Happy #NationalVideoGameDay! 🎮 We’re celebrating by giving away a Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion to ke…
Retweeted by SamBack from the thrift and got absolutely nothinggggg 😵‍💫