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@wexler Really missed out on Monster in the Mirror by GroverCOVID has not changed in the slightest how sweet it feels when Duke loses.Notable and unmentioned here: Hawley’s COS is a McKinsey alum, which in a way makes this more potent. His office is… irony is that Obama’s biggest successes were when he actually pleased the people he already agreed with (endors… Ted Cruz issues statement calling on the Supreme Court to hear GOP appeal seeking to throw out Pennsylvania el…
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Pool report: Attorney General Barr left the WH at 5:07 p.m. He had entered at 2:42 p.m. That’s a long meetingHow do you show evidence of something you couldn't find? this didn't leak pre election news for the queen of New Haven. @mattdizwhitlock sure. But Neera has a fairly lengthy history in politics that pre-dates CAP too. It might be helpful to look that up. @mattdizwhitlock The current OMB chief was previously the VP of Heritage Action.I mean, two days ago Trump was musing that the FBI was in on the proposed election fraudNEW: In the sharpest criticism to date, a top member of Biden’s COVID team is raising the alarms at the failures of… about shooting someone are not funny. I know this because im very good at humor. @attackerman It's delicious! So is Mac and cheese!This might be the most goy thing I ever tweet, but I like buttered bagels a lot. few weeks ago, I believe, she did a video from her hotel room claiming the gyms were closed. Today, we get a pic…’s suggestion here that there would be no Senate run offs if not for alleged voter fraud only ends up accentua… is a smart read on the Deese pick and the logic extends to the Kerry appointment too: having someone purely fo… an obvious question: how low-balled are our numbers on infections and death if it was around months before w… @frankthorp @HallieJackson Couldn’t agree more. Parental leave is such a blessing. I’m ashamed of myself for not ta…
HE'LL GET BACK TO YOU Back in July, Gov. Ducey said he changed his White House ringtone to "Hail to The Chief" so h…
Retweeted by Sam Stein @mattkbh That’s what I want to know!I’m starting to get a bit freaked out by the metal monolith story. @igorbobic Lol @IanFromCT Bigger than mine for sureClarity here on the Grassley remarks, which make more sense now @seungminkim Ahhhh. That's clarifying thank you. @jheil Congrats man!The ole hammer and the dance…. And then the hammer again. at my beautiful child. If you’re interested in learning about the specific ways the Forever War paved the pa…
Retweeted by Sam SteinThe current witness for the Trump legal team says he personally debriefed "the son of a Cuban intelligence officer"… this make him the first Trump appointee to implicitly concede that there won’t be a second Trump term? of the NYT platform - the Mckinsey - Purdue pharma rebates story was in STAT News on 11/19 and almost no reac…
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The idea that Bernie Sanders will make severe problems for Neera Tanden’s confirmation I think fundamentally misund…’s a temptation to look at Biden’s hirings and say: 3rd Obama term. But, on at least one impt pt that’s not tr… these two QBs, quite literally every pass seems to have a 50% chance of being picked off.Colt McCoy throws a completion for NEGATIVE nine yards and then a pass that was absolutely remarkable for the fact…’s not just that. The chyrons have pushed the conspiracies too, one (I believe) said Biden did well in “magical”… seems genuinely moved by Trump. “This is disgusting and we can not allow America’s elections to be corrupted,” she says.Is this a new one? Trump claims that ballots were handed out with “just Biden on top.” Though to keep up with all these conspiracies.Fauci’s interview with MTP is pretty bleak. He expects a surge on top of the current surge. Seems highly pessimisti… bleaker
@KFILE Praying for you guys 🙏The answer of course is just pure political convenience.Again I ask, why is Warnock's religion fair to attack but any talk of Amy Coney Barrett's religion deemed anti-fait… founder Patrick Byrne claims he's funding an army of hackers who can save the election for…
Retweeted by Sam SteinNEW — Trump’s plotting of a 2024 run is getting more specific. He’s weighing holding an event during Biden’s inaugu… anyone want to see this?
Dying. seems to be the point this piece on loss, listening and thanksgiving by ⁦@NKingofDC⁩ “What Losing My Voice Taught Me About Listening…
Retweeted by Sam SteinEasy to dismiss. The Pope has a well known bias against religious liberty.
When FDR tried to mess with Thanksgiving, it backfired bigtime w/ @samstein
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@Lesdoggg has caused some, well, drama in my marriage. @kyledcheney He just…. Tweeted it out!Let’s put it bluntly. Sen. Perdue’s campaign lied to reporters for weeks/months by insisting he had no input on his… is calling Jenna Ellis while Trump is on her line. LET IT GO TO VOICEMAIL, JENNA!“If you were a Republican poll watcher, you were treated like a dog” I love my dog. president of the United States being patched in over cell phone to Pennsylvania State policy committee hearing…. appears to have called in to Ellis’ phone. But (if it was him and it sure seemed to be) said he didn’t want t… Justice Dept looked into Sen. David Perdue’s stock transactions.’m not sure Schumer would put his back into this if he didn’t give a heads up and (relatedly) a go ahead from Bide… does one watch Rudy live in PA?Had a false positive a few weeks back. @BorisEP Sorry to hear this. Get better soon Boris. @conncarroll I also think Trump’s ego and arrogance is driven by a latent insecurity. But I’m not a professional ps… @conncarroll Obama definitely is cocky. But I don’t think we need to look too far back for a politician who "exudes… and very readable @TimAlberta piece on the last few weeks of politics/Trumpism and the deficit of truth i… mayor of Jersey City says they’ve basically given up on trying to get people to change their Thanksgiving plans… Trump recount/legal challenge effort was raising massive $10m a day online in the days after the election.“Are you ok?” Meghan Markle shares her miscarriage story and uses it to make a broader point about what we all need…
Retweeted by Sam SteinI know that part of the routine here is to wake up and stir the pot on Twitter, but this is ridiculous. With 260k d… GOP staff already pledging to kill Biden’s immigration proposal before he’s submitted it (he said on NBC tonigh…"This is all crazy, lunatic stuff.” - Trump bundler on Trump’s current legal strategy @jaketapper @TheHellfireClub Congrats man. Thats great newsSo not a total lost week for Sidney Powell— Big donors are fleeing Trump’s quixotic legal campaign. But the grassroots fundraising has been insane. One so…
NEW—Biden is weighing Mike Morell as his CIA Chief. But Sen. Ron Wyden tells us he won’t be confirmable.…’s recounting of his step father’s survival of the holocaust is just incredible and gut wrenchingFor the record, the Trump statement was 786 characters long. Meaning it could have been delivered in a three-tweet… an important statement @morninggloria is, frankly, the best if this is a pledge to vote agains confirmation. But it certainly reads like it. political actors wouldn’t view everything as a cultural wedge issue to hammer. Certainly, when every sci… @KennethBaer Pretty sure Pompeo was in the Maccabiah Games
Retweeted by Sam SteinA Roger Stone-linked super PAC that's been largely dormant since Trump was elected has kicked back into gear with a…
Retweeted by Sam SteinRandy Quaid’s gonna pull this one out for TrumpSCOOP: A host for OAN is assisting Trump’s legal team with their election overturning efforts, showing up at campai…
One thing that I will legitimately appreciate during the Biden years: the diminished likelihood of news breaking wh… 20…. Schumer had a “long and serious talk” with Feinstein about this post"Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today announced she will not seek the position of chairman or ranking member o…"When you are in public life, people remember the last thing you do."
Retweeted by Sam SteinThe “are you kidding me” could easily be read each way 1. These picks are so non controversial there’s no way they… this @attackerman article sure looks prescient
Retweeted by Sam SteinThis was such a weird evening, if I’m recalling correctly. For a while there was a rumor going around that Rush Lim…