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Fantasy author of Seven Blades in Black, the Bring Down Heaven Trilogy and An Affinity for Steel. Professional bear-wrestler. Friend of Humanity.

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Retweeted by Sam Sykesi’ve watched this video maybe 300 times today
Retweeted by Sam SykesIn the Yukon wilderness, Jordan Lincez is my nearest neighbour. He is an educator and also plays bagpipes. We decid…
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @MykeCole @JoeZieja Siri, show me a child sitting down to breakfast and lamenting his boring ol’ cereal before the… @JoeZieja @MykeCole Siri, show me thirteen elderly maitre ds breaking into peoples’ houses and arranging their silverware. @lu_cid_sky 😍Part 2/3 #SixFanarts #SixFanartsChallenge
Retweeted by Sam SykesInstant noodles + chicken breast + sautéed veggies + spices + egg. I feel like if I had put one more egg in, it wou… @MykeCole Siri, show me the last promise a man breaks before he departs this wicked earth.Curry Instant Noodles with Chicken! has nearly 9 million people, and many of them live alone with no one to call on. If you’ve got COVID, that’s de…
Retweeted by Sam Sykes
Finally finished my Cloud fanart! So excited for the game coming out this week!!! #FF7R @finalfantasyvii
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @KatWithSword @ArtofNickRobles It’s a compelling case.still tryin to chase that high I got from watching the Wizard’s Duel in the animated Sword in the Stone @AbsolumT Your art is officially on a Nintendo page. That is kind of extremely cool.The game in which I made the cover art is finally out So surreal to see my art in the Nintendo Eshop 🥰, Please che…
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @planetrazzmataz LEAPIN LYNELSstop clicking on trends it’s like putting your face in a beehive the rare times you’ll get honey are never worth ge… won’t lie, it’s a genuine delight going into the center and finding them just doing office work. It’s an extremel… really helps you be productive is being so goddamn dumb that every minor discovery is a miracle I have only ju… I pretended a classic Zelda cartoon was created once (Inspired by The Sword in the Stone)
Retweeted by Sam SykesHey #DrawingWhileBlack 👋🏾 I'm Chanel and I'm a freelance artist that really really likes drawing strong girls ✨💪🏾
Retweeted by Sam SykesBut a full faced sploot is satisfying at that dapper little leg cross. only people who say you can’t solve everything by suplexing it are the CHUMPS that get suplexed from sun-up to… @JennRavenna Not a lot you can do for a genuine panic attack except ride it out with whoever’s on hand that can hel… @OhHeyDJ She leaves at noon :(I just went to the residential center and found Isabelle and Tom Nook doing synchronized calisthenics together and… your quarantine character 🍾👏😂
Retweeted by Sam SykesAhhh, to experience the calm, peaceful splendor of [checks notes] 1970's Belfast.
Retweeted by Sam SykesStop! Coagulate! And glisten!
Retweeted by Sam SykesUse this video wisely.
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @nachosarah we made Dumb Asshole a religion and gave them tons of political power @CristinaVee and it's always handed down the same way: from someone who doesn't actually believe in it.I didnt want to say anything since we all deal with stress in different ways, but boy am I tired of @MykeCole’s dis… she sees the bronze plaque on your wall'm only 10 minutes into my set and the crowd wylin'! This crowd knows how to turnip!
Retweeted by Sam SykesThanks for the input, gang! We’re gonna start with canned pumpkin, since everyone recommended it, and see what happens. @AshExplores what in gods nameCheck out my updated commission info, as well as some handy links! 🤟👽 ✨ ✨…
Retweeted by Sam SykesHe likes to sleep with a sock. It’s very weird. I'm M! 🖤I'm a non-binary comic book artist/writer and illustrator. Currently working on various projects. 🎨Port…
Retweeted by Sam SykesPoor Bosley is having some troubles with runny poops. I thought it might be his glands, but now I’m wondering if it… yeah just got an S Rank from the Happy Home Academy brb adding this to my dating profileHe looks like he’s trying to avoid eye contact with an awkward acquaintance across the restaurant @princess_jem4 Well make a millionsbooty shorts with dread invocations written on them @LucyFurTweets eighteen years*marks Steve for release* @Sweeney_Boo It's really good. Funny, exciting and surprisingly deep. @Sweeney_Boo I really like Delicious in Dungeon but I haven’t read enough manga to know if it’s atypicalSo what's the process for getting a new cryptid recognized? do you just make it up and wait for it to catch on or d… @whatmaddness He’s kind of a pain sometimes. But he’s a lot of fun. @FayeMata a harsh lesson was learned @whatmaddness I wake up and spend some time lazing about, petting Bosley and reading Reddit. Then I get lunch. Then… @MykeCole @corybarlog don't call ghosts stupid jeez that's an excellent way to get us all cursedI've never seen the Peter Pan line drop below 20 minutes and it's not going to start now
Retweeted by Sam Sykesevery child's life journey involves a major event that changes their mind about being a marine biologist
Retweeted by Sam SykesFRIENDS title sequence but Ross drowns (I'm unemployed)
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @FayeMata Sometimes needs must. @MykeCole wait, can you? @MykeCole you can’t get sick from a ghost, stupidI feel seen
Retweeted by Sam SykesHe’s very argumentative. someone asks me to be reasonable I draw again? Miruko for fun
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @MykeCole hey if you're free this tuesday can you come lend a hand to my ghost hunting team word for the feeling of heaviness and shame at having done battle with a cheeseburger and been defeated @StopFief whotbh i haven't continued this concept bc i don't think i got the tone i was going for right lol. ideally it would be…
Retweeted by Sam SykesHey! My name's Bug and I'm an illustrator and character/creature designer. I like drawing monsters, cowboys, and Dn…
Retweeted by Sam SykesHe looks kind of dramatic here, doesn’t he SOME COIN ON THE WITCHER O EDITION COMPLETELY @ArtofNickRobles Pros: -Fun, classic turn-based RPGs with a few mechanics thrown in to make it smoother. -Character…
@notquitefrodo That's a hole-a mola!streamers: how much is considered an acceptable donation for a viewer to request you realize a truth you weren’t re… @DaveRapoza you goddamn maniac is this your twisted game @DaveRapoza you uh ever gonna do an arte book @lu_cid_sky Marcille thoEvery time I talk about Sabriel I have to remind everyone that Tim Curry reads the first three audiobooks, and now…
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @MykeCole @spacecrafff @CynthiaMN5 he wouldn’t have said it on twitter if it wasn’t @lu_cid_sky Delicious in Dungeon @MykeCole @spacecrafff @CynthiaMN5 well he tagged me soNo.
Retweeted by Sam Sykes高温サウナ後からの水風呂ってこんな感じです💕
Retweeted by Sam Sykesare my FPS fundamentals like aiming and shooting strong? no. however, do i know when to use abilities in intelligen…
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @spacecrafff @CynthiaMN5 lolAfter two weeks of not going out, the animals came to check if everything’s ok #lockdown
Retweeted by Sam Sykes @Bonnieprintingp I’d like to, know. The plague.Here's the full sketch for my Final Fantasy 6 piece. Follow along on my patreon to see all the updates so far and g…
Retweeted by Sam SykesLook! LOOK! They arrived! is very sweet, affectionate and nice, but all he wants to do is exercise and play. It’s never enough. It’s like…'ve never had a pug as athletic as Bosley before. Two walkies in a day used to be a treat, but I think he needs i… Window popsicles are supposed to arrive today. @Robaato_Art WHAT