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@mathewi @CharlieBeckett I still think you were in the tub @andylevy bags of tuna? Jesus Andy did you also buy soup in cans?An old anarchy cartoon of mine.
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@simko_bednarski @tomscocca Conservative Protestants don’t care for it in my experience!just doing some parenting @tomscocca What do right-wing Protestants and right-wing Catholics disagree on that might come before the court?She took a fucking polygraph test! She produced notes from sessions with two different therapists five and six year… @daweiner @AdamWeinstein Pants with a wraparound print of a wheaties boxAh the ol’ “unless she was raped in the middle of Times Square at rush hour it didn’t happen” defense didn’t do this to actual soldiers, obviously)This was a little mean but the older I get the less ashamed of it I am @AdamWeinstein When I was in high school a favorite pastime among my friends was to walk up to any redneck wearing… is the best factory second father coughlin doesn’t speak for anybody except his creditors want to remind everyone that Tori Spelling’s memoir is called Stori Telling by Tori SpellingI'm a dumbass who went to a glorified Bible college! if I can understand Judith Butler so can you
Retweeted by 💭 @onesarahjones I’m getting a tattoo that says this. Or at least making flash cards @nberlat Classics of Tentacle FuckingThis is a great, scary piece that buries the lede significantly: Gellman has swing state Republican officials, name…
Retweeted by 💭service please gravy seals huge redundancies created by the Penske/MRC deal are just beginning to sink inNah, I’m not ok. And I don’t need your pity, I need your feet to the ground. Breonna didn’t get justice.
Retweeted by 💭The part of this that made me stop was @goldietaylor noting that the likely purpose of the raid that killed Breonna…
Retweeted by 💭also it won't stay lit[rolling salmon into a tube and carefully lighting one end while puffing on the other] this isn't as good as everyone says it is @FordFischer got em: same Ground (2011) is a masterpiece and I wish everyone knew that. It is the best first movie I've ever seen. It… wants to ID these guys the “how could the president be prejudiced against a group his family members are part of” crowd I recommend googling “thomas jefferson”
Retweeted by 💭 @EmilyGorcenski cat, good workI mean I suppose conservatism is broadly the practice of treasuring your assumptions but watching people try to dun… to make conservative Brits reflect on their priors is like trying to burn down an aquarium @BilgeEbiri passIf we want a writer-director-star to replace Woody Allen I’d like to nominate Vera Farmigaphew thanks for that clarification wants a piece about millennial toy collecting, economic precarity, and the Reagan FCCwhich words are too big for you you're a terrible fifty-year-old Bob Dylan nerd making a 500 best albums list at least be more creative in your tokenism than Drake @HeerJeet @lionel_trolling Andras Kun my go-to here @Bernstein I get this one too and as someone who spends a lot of his time thinking about comics and cartoons as nar…
Retweeted by 💭"It means grumbling in solitary despair rather than in hostile solidarity, something I long for." @ManohlaDargis, o…
Retweeted by 💭The editorial masthead of the combined companies will be known as the “filthy fifteen” bands: Fountains of Wayne Ween Weezer Tenacious D The Velvet Underground Scissor Sisters Modest Mouse’re not murdering the mailman if you refuse to donate your kidney to him! You’re not murdering your unborn child… Illustrated @mccanner noIf you think you’ve found an especially progressive workplace that won’t lay you off while you’re pregnant or ask y… you want kids, have them, and protect your colleagues who make that choice if you don’t. Get a dog. Like any hig… people are insane. promise i won’t tweet the entire interview but she is incredibly concise and even on that stupid Harper’s letter… Butler on trans bathroom panic: “The fact that fantasies pass as public argument is itself cause for worry.”… is really sad. I get that these people are a big part of the problem but I don’t think they deserve to choke t… something if trump just fucking wantonly murdering his supporters solves our trump problem @jbarnettr I’m confused, they didn’t take it as a compliment?excuse me leftists only buy soup in bags @NebbishWeirdo @josh_emerson Extremely solid entry tbh @nighttrace @PortlandPolice I mean I guess I assumed it was an ammo tank for a Molotov super soaker @PortlandPolice just so you know for the next time you’re staging a fake photo to scare people, it’s traditional to…
Retweeted by 💭 @PortlandPolice just so you know for the next time you’re staging a fake photo to scare people, it’s traditional to… are a lot of ridiculous lies accompanying staged PR photos from cops on here but this may actually be the laziest one I’ve ever seenIs that a plastic growler with a dry washcloth in it
fascinating thread on the realm of the botanicat am... astounded that somebody thought they could get Judith Butler with this one Devil and Mr Hare. He doesn’t like it because Bugs pretends the ketchup is blood from a mortal injury and scares Taz) @chick_in_kiev I’ll go now @chick_in_kiev You could have founded a yogurt model dynasty. Your lineage could have been the kefir Sutherlandsthere are a lot of terrible things about the increasingly inaccurately named Information Age but I do appreciate th…’s not the only thing we ought to do but it is extremely obviously *A* thing we ought to doIf you can look at the outcome of 2016 and bring yourself to do anything but vote for Biden on Nov. 3, you either d… @EricaFails Shocked no one has said Braveheart. My own personal dad loves the 90’s Bruce Willis action movies, also… @lionel_trolling I promise it’s just a really nice little movie about how weird the French aregosh, STEPHEN Pinker? it is sort of funny that as they include more black artists, women, and contemporary bands, nobody can be co… U2 and The Arcade Fire are the most incredibly boring bands on earth, I realize the people who like them are… come the fuck on, Warren Zevon? You can't throw him a single bone?I realize this exhibits a strong bias toward music that is pleasant to listen to and that might make people want to dance or play air guitarbest albums by artists not represented in the Rolling Stone 500: AWAY away a sec here we go @ishaan_jhavs I respect their commitment to describing U2 in prose as turgid as the songwritingdid Rolling Stone publish its 500 albums list in chart form or is it about destroying our computers to view every s… tip my hat to Rolling Stone and its commitment to integrity mean, they won.[watching stormtroopers fling protesters into unmarked minivans as concentration camps for toddlers are erected acr… playing carsLike, at least Chris Cillizza seems nice! I have no idea what the Bret effect is!As awful as Douthat’s politics are, I really do find him to be a reliable guide to what the right flank thinks. He…’s why I get so annoyed with the Bret Stephenses and Baris Weiss! They represent no constituency, they’re just as… thousand times this. Treating Mitt Romney or Barack Obama like your favorite Marvel franchise character is cynica… this is adorable’s what you need to get me on board with this miraculous new technology: run a school bus into one of the legs… @EvrLvnBluIdThng Yes, the one who was supposed to be leading a commission to replace O’Connor when Rehnquist died. Wasn’t even a judge!The 1954 Comic Book Hearings like that he doesn’t include the refusal to seat Harriet Miers, whose nomination demonstrates pretty conclusively…