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Director of the Castlevania Netflix series, working at Powerhouse Animation Studios in Austin, TX!

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Retweeted by Samuel Deats @MathiasZamecki @DannyAraya @sstarkm Afraid not, at least not that I'm aware of. @AdamDeats don't suppose you know… @sstarkm @DannyAraya Gotta give a shout out to the compositing team for that subtle reflection on the knife and lit… @DannyAraya You made me so hungrystill can’t believe I got to draw some anime food (the garlic in the pan)
Retweeted by Samuel DeatsI boarded this scene and I'm pretty proud of it ngl. This is probably the most fun I've had on any art job and Sam…
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@kellanstover Hahahhaaahh I mean that works tooHe's become very demanding of my lap while I work as of late, which is very sweet and cute, but he's a big round po… @SimonBAnderson I haven't had much time with it but I love these games and this one hasn't changed my mind about that as of yet 😁 @fayren SOOO COOOOOOOL guess that's one way to describe an animator...? #BravelyDefault2 @LitterboxComics Muh baby boy 🥺There's a hidden face in this photo mockup still for my in-progress series pitch. Working up to a full landscape after this and finding my skills lac…
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@NeilaK20 As far as I can tell it's just the left joy-con, but I've switched to playing it with my right hand brief…'ve barely had time to poke at Bravely Default 2 but I sure do appreciate the one-handed mode so I can give my dra… dont want to beg, but PLEASE, I DESPERATELY need work to escape from my current tourism based job. Between unsa…
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@AzouraArt Oooh nice work! 😄Happy BIRTHDAY to one of the sweetest and simultaneously most badass people around! @Adetokumboh you are crazy tale…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @miukumauk So nice!! @suzehua1 @joshaguilar98 Wow, great work!! @jetopyon @Adetokumboh HEEEEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADE!!Thank you!!!🎉
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @ANCalaway GOOD GIF @tendermiasma 😤😤😤😤😤😤Magnanime in Victory. - as you were.🧛
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @kakimari YOU TOO, WE'RE ALMOST THERE.. @AdamDeats I call mom all the time I'm a good sonI can see it
#CastlevaniaNetflix #Castlevania
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@e1n Is this a director thing, this seems like a director thingWelp, here we are... How dare y’all make us live through another Drac and Alucard fight 😭💔 The #Castlevania
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @xavierck3d this is really neat! The fight choreography of our shows always amaze me, so it’s nice to see our directors tal…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @StageMcnulty @LanaluuArt HAAAAH nice!!Powerhouse doesn't shy away from throwing least in terms of animation. Join us and @netflix as our dire…
Retweeted by Samuel DeatsTrying to do every-day tasks without using my right hand at all to save it for drawing only is getting interestingMy right hand is teetering on the edge of tendonitis, hold out just a bit longer little guy @rocketboiART Niiiice! 😄 @troubledmn If the final boss is a tired nerd I got this
@bluebeezle Lololol @Elisa_Swann I have played it, I'm not currently playing cuz I'm too busy 😵I am a Director and that's why you have a coffee Damn I feel called out @AdamDeats @ANCalaway @DUNOTS @ANCalaway @DUNOTS @AdamDeats I'M SO MAD @ANCalaway @DUNOTS @AdamDeats WHAT HOW @vicehii 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @miukumauk 😂😂🤣🤣 I'm so sorryWhy is this the most stressful video on the internet GOES BERSERK #illustration #digital #fanart #character #ibisPaintX #Monsters #action #Castlevania #Vampire
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @Gilrond1 @powerhouseanim Oooo nice! 👀👀 @TheCryptomancer @powerhouseanim They're not but I can't help but imagine it 😂🤣
@powerhouseanim It's a shame y'all haven't seen Striga in a fight yet.... 😏😏😏😏A BRUTAL first round of our #Castlevania #CharacterClash! Take a moment to mourn... or celebrate (lookin’ at you Ta…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @powerhouseanim If this were a fighting tournament some of these would be real interesting match-ups 🤔🤔🤔🤔 @beanyzilla @AdamDeats @ANCalaway @powerhouseanim I got this @JamieSamnang Al...... Most................. @beanyzilla @AdamDeats @ANCalaway @powerhouseanim Assuming World Martial Arts Tournament rules I'm pretty sure I co… @macdoodlesyano @AdamDeats I'm soooo excited for Bravely 2, wish I wasn't so busy right now, I'm gonna have to wait… @AdamDeats @ANCalaway When I watch your combo videos without the volume up I hear them in the form of CLICK CLICK C… @AdamDeats I'm not gonna lie I do sometimes kinda miss watching you fuck around with combos @AdamDeats Hey @ANCalaway does he ever keep you up with the clicking and clacking of his arcade stick
@itskoob I still can't seem to sleep more than 4 hours a night, it's so weird @sstarkm Shit posts @itskoob Dang, no luck. @noctifur It's actually the guy's shirt he tore off with the heart I think is what they were going for, but because… @segseu hahaha I've muscled my way through my fair share of mediocre old 90s dubs during these trying times I'll make it work @segseu I have kuroko no basket on my watch list too @segseu Where it at and does it have a decent dub so I can put it on while I work @segseu BIGONG @segseu WHAT'RE THE RULES, do I just have to have watched some of it or does it need to be like a favorite cuz if I… @sstarkm It was sort of surreal to go out today in a t-shirt @troubledmn I wish all of my science classes were taught to me in manga form @Magearon In the original he pulls the fella's heart out and crushes it, but in this version he places the little "… love Killua he's such a little shitThinkin' 'bout that time censorship actually kinda paid off
@Bad_Dream_Boat Yeah I gave up, feel like it's impossible to get till Covid's over and I can get in a physical line without scalper bots @rapturebae 👏SUE👏THOSE👏SHITHEADS👏I just wanted to take a moment and talk about the people at @powerhouseanim, who obviously went through hell this w…
Retweeted by Samuel DeatsSomeone better be cooking up a class action lawsuit against these pieces of shit. @GiggukAZ @TheAn1meMan HEEEEY thanks y'all this is a ton of fun!! 🙏I'm back with another Anime Special with Netflix! Today me and my boi @TheAn1meMan discuss our favourite character…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @habibkun6 @DanchukVova Trying our best! 🥵 @DanchukVova 😄😄🙏🙏 Thank you!! y'all, these good folks lost their home to a fire the firefighters couldn't put out due to the winter condition… @tendermiasma You go get that piece of shit Suz
@DannyAraya Me at the new Star Trek shows @SteinHolic @ping_timeout EXCELLENT!!Hello world. Welcome your New saint. Waiting for new season eagerly. Photo by talanted @ping_timeout
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @EggsXavier I'll take Arby's over McDonald's any day! @MsSaiFox I think he would name it Trevor @DannyAraya Do it, live your burger dreams Danny @DannyAraya Once the roads were OK yesterday I picked up some Domino's and I nearly cried @DannyAraya Yeah see exactlySaw Arby's trending cuz folks are dunkin' on it and all they did is make me crave Arby's @leboism