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Director of the Castlevania Netflix series, working at Powerhouse Animation Studios in Austin, TX!

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@VonderDrake 342! @TofuDomination Hahahahahaha, glad I could help 🤣 @Gilrond1 @digitalspy @AdamDeats Haha, yeah this is inaccurate. My first assumption is Jessica wasn't sure if S4 ha… @kakimari Haha, I'm getting plenty of drawing time in right now fortunately 😆Dang, this ep got me pretty good. 😭 @kakimari Every day of directing is longing to get in to a drawing while those 5 things keep dragging me away from it 😂 @Sparkleredpanda @_tamlu It doesn't make any sense to me tbh 😂 @emilyyyhu These days I thumbnail right in sbp, and rely a lot on writing in notes for myself so I can just crank t… @Sparkleredpanda Haha, awesome work tho!! @_tamlu has been using his lefty sometimes to do some animation for the s… @jul_shii It's still pretty horrifying as an adult, ngl!! What a great "OH SHIT" momentLove the decision to have the panel cutting Hiyori in half on that first page, wowAh, yes... I thought I remembered this scene hitting different in the manga than it does in the anime......
Powerhouse is looking for a Controller!! If you or someone you know has experience with film entertainment accounti…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @BenNiteShymalan 👀💦💦 @Gilrond1 For ultra wide shots of Legion, we handled that in 3D! But the model looked too out of place up close, so… @Gilrond1 Yeah any shot where we hand animated Legion is usually one of the most expensive of the show 😅 @BenNiteShymalan That could turn in to a deadly drinking game very quickly with this series 😂 @troubledmn @fishuuuu Excellent, perfect 🔥🔥 @ling_extra So cool!! 🤩 @sageofnonsense @karekareo Oh no I'm so sorry 😩 @revolocities Nice work! 😊 @fayren Why is it 10pm damn it @fayren ....... I never thought to try that @vaultmiku Yeah those are the worst 😀 @troubledmn .... Smu. . @beanyzilla Yeah we use little tricks as much as we're able to, but a certain amount just needs yah to roll up your sleeves and draw 🤷‍♂️Kellan Stover (@neighborkellan) is a Creative Director for our Boutique team who has spent his time during…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @curIsweatshirt **stares in to the void** @MissRRH It's all about line mileage at the end of the day, so if the designs are roughly equal in detail it comes… @Tyrnn @RealMatthewWolf Ain't that the freaking truth 😂 @curIsweatshirt SO FOR LEGION we actually used 3D for ultra wide shots like this, but it didn't hold up very well d… @TMP3M_Tempest We've used a bunch of tricks! Like duplicating smaller groups, reusing assets, etc. But sometimes if… @AcHeJesus That's how lives are saved
@curIsweatshirt Yeah we.... We have a lot of crowds in this show.................................... @MissRRH I don't even remember why but I knew it would come in handy some day 😂Fun fact: just a still of a crowd like this can take longer than full blown action shots, pour one out for the anim… got done voting early here in Texas!! GET OUT AND VOTE, Y'ALL!!! @segseu 😅😅😅😅 @segseu 😬 It was like 15 for me 😬 @EmptySoul423 Castlevania on Netflix! 😄 @ChocoboKei93 @AdamDeats THAT'S GREAT!! @AdamDeats @SamuelDeats am I doing this right?
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @Pandaandwolf I tried reading it for a short bit but knowing I'd be trapped for literally years before the arc was…
@evan64barron_ I'm definitely the one being stabbed/choked, it's that kind of year 😂 @Toukolina @Castlevania AWESOME!! I dunno I think it looks great! 😄😄You all wanted Sypha? Happy now? Was it worth it??? I hate this wig a lot ;-; @SamuelDeats how would you rate her…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @AdamDeats @NeilaK20 I would recommend holding off on spending any money; I haven't spent a dime and I've managed t… @xxebonyqueerxx Oh yes I'm definitely the things getting killed, but also at least i have cute pets @AdamDeats Got you too huh"Without downloading any new pics, where are you at mentally?" @nocturinal I got Venti, Xiangling, and Fischl off the free rolls the game threw at me (+Barbara atm for heals), so… @nocturinal @kloysius For a game I've so far spent $0 on, it's great! 😆 @nocturinal @kloysius YEAH they got me, hahaha @kloysius ... I still feel bad I'm sorry
@CarolineDirectr One of the more surprising things about watching through Sailor Moon's new dub was how often it go… @RitaMaltese3 @AdamDeats Hahahah no worries it was easy to fix, just an annoyance 😜 @AdamDeats Lololol guess that explains my 4am rendering issues! @PeytonMcLeod_ @Castlevania @adultswim Haaah, that's cool! @paigefinnn I've hired people I found via Twitter. 😀 @jetopyon OOOH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@artofjosevega They're the best! ✨ @SnuffyMcSnuff Oh my gosh what a long purrball @Mlickles Aside from actual whips (with a lot of creative liberties), I'd recommend checking out "rope dart" and "meteor hammer" videos! 😊 @FHaiabe Thank you!! I'm glad you like it! 😊😊 @tendermiasma Have I mentioned how glad I am we had a 3d model of the Morning Star built I still have to trace the… @jivke Reading this makes me wish it had Tales of style skits @tendermiasma The trick is to animate said prop, then you'll have every inch etched in to your brain as you had to… @zearcier I will! Uh.. Eventually 💦💦 @strawbrymiiilk Awwwww what a good pupper!! @HazelMonforton The good news is I can personally confirm that feeling definitely never goes away! But it is poss… @TofuDomination I cannot, I'm sorry 😂 @MissRRH 👀👀👀 @Giancarlo_Volpe You're a paladin actually
@Proph3cy__ @dancarnate As tempting as that is I'm afraid not, but trust me when I say it's not as exciting as it might seem wa… @troubledmn @housegoblin **takes notes**I've been drawing Sypha a lot this week which always means it's a good week @Giancarlo_Volpe I apparently took those 10 pounds (and then some, probably, I stopped checking 💦) @asheissketchy DELIGHTFUL 😂😂 @AloeVieraB HAHA UH I don't even know, I'm just a product of a lot of hard work and my influences?? Be flexible, ex… @HazelMonforton For a long time I thought "F" meant "fail" and the internet was just very mean but it turns out the… @nthonyholden I'm sorry @strawbrymiiilk @AloeVieraB Aaaa lovely work!! 😄😄 @jetopyon I'm barely getting by on 6 hours anymore, I'm gettin oldLttp but Bleach ep 166 sure is fucking coolWelcome back the one and only @artofjosevega for another #PHAprotips. Get a glimpse inside a pro's toolbox with thi…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @Artof_C_Carter As a fellow work horse myself I fully understand the drive, but you're not only doing yourself a di… @JenosonTwit Yeah no one had any idea what Ichigo should look like till like 100 episodes in, it's very funny, but… @JustNealon It's on my to-do list for sure!! @lejoroz I finished Naruto and then I rewatched One Piece, I'm a marathon monster (in fairness, I put shows on whil… @xavierck3d What about "Howdy!"? @starryluleiya At the moment Grimmjow is a real cool dude but I'll have to see how I feel after a nice reminder get…
One of my favorite moments! @Castlevania
Retweeted by Samuel DeatsTomorrow is the last "official" day of #HispanicHeritageMonth...If you haven't yet, check out my chat w/…
Retweeted by Samuel DeatsIt took me to notice and I'm see just some people talking about it. So, apparently, the statues that appear in "Sha…
Retweeted by Samuel Deats @starryluleiya I just started Hueco Mundo! I'm excited to get back in to it. 😀😀 @DokiCake @Castlevania @Netflix_CV I love them 😍Hello October❤🦇🎃 A little throwback for your viewing pleasure, Castlevania cookies🤩Be on the lookout for another Ca…
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