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@Aella_Girl Can this alien consent
@CasJam Good on ya :)Universities of all sizes were already obscenely overpriced, but you'd be hard pressed to waste $50k in a more spec…
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#Townscaper is out in Early Access! 🏠🏤⛪️🏘️🏡👷🌊🕊️🐦🌟 Go buy it! Go build some houses!
Retweeted by 🎆 🌸 Samuel Hulick 🌸 🌄 @stephenanderson I strongly recommend checking out Bad North, which was Oskar's previous project. Similar aestheti… @jmspool ??? What have I said that gave you that impression? @jmspool I'm saying that their "customer-hood" is the far less important aspect of the dynamic for us to focus upon… @jmspool And yet, want they eventually did. @jmspool You can build whatever you want, but you will still need people "wanting that kind of help from you" in or… @ldebett @jmspool Thanks for sharing your opinion Lisa @jmspool No. @jmspool No. Does it have to be a binary either/or? Can't we center around other things than just the customer or the product? @jeffaaronbrown @zavzen Haha, gotcha. Thanks! @jmspool The alternative to centering around the customer? I think it's better to center around what the customer… you think a political system will eventually emerge that is better than democracy? @jmspool Hmm, getting a little cooler @jmspool Getting warmer @jmspool I agree with the points you made there, but that wasn't the point I was intending to make. @jmspool I'm suggesting that we shouldn't constrain our thinking toward and treatment of people as "customers". We…
@benhubbard434 Strong agreeWhat if centering your company around the concept of a "customer" is actually detrimental to the people who engage…'s profound to consider how ubiquitous the idea of customer-centrism is. Everyone seems to agree that it's a goo… sprouts is the "eating veal" of vegetarianismInteresting idea from Stephen Vargo, slightly paraphrased: @TheoBlochet I'm glad it's not just me :) @jesterhoax What are the alternatives you're seeing? @jhooks I stand correctedLaunches are promotions that you can only run once @danritz 💯 @danritz Oh, I see. You're talking in terms of the chronology of the company, not the industry, correct? If so, I… can understand some of the practical benefits that coupling those two responsibilities provides. Still, mushing… @danritz What was the necessity tho?Saw a kid try multiple times to swipe a magazine like an iPad and I guess this is what it's like to feel old
Retweeted by 🎆 🌸 Samuel Hulick 🌸 🌄 @jeffaaronbrown @zavzen Did you mean "timing" more in the sense of "timing the market" or "syncing our internal eff… @jeffaaronbrown @zavzen Ah, this totally makes sense. Thanks for the clarity @zavzen That's an interesting point. It almost seems like a counterexample for micromanagement tho @zavzen Yeah, and why would only devs/designers need to have their productivity managed to begin with?It is 2020 and it it's still so weird to me that Product Managers not only manage product strategy, but also worker…
@hnshah Agreed. And yet we design static products for static ideas of people types.You are what you do @Aella_Girl @cancel_nd "Mainstream culture" isn't really a thing anymore. It's not like we're all watching the same… @Aella_Girl @cancel_nd To be fair, I don't think big corporations have ever been exactly FOR critical thinking. I… @Aella_Girl @cancel_nd Gotcha, thanks. That is kind of a grab bag of anti-racist zeitgeist, but my take on a lot o… @cancel_nd @Aella_Girl Yes, same. @Aella_Girl, what is your case for there being a lack of critical thinking re: B…
@stephenanderson You might really like this, if you haven't seen it already:’ve hired many freelancers and consultants to: 1) Fill expertise and bandwidth gaps without needing to hire full-…
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@benchestnut Ooh, is that Banff?Not necessarily *as* they're signing up. Just "at all". e.g. Of the next 1,000 people who sign up for your service… @jhooks 🤗 @rjs @adamwathan Oh snap, two of my favorite creators👇👍 that receive value monetize better. What are you doing to ensure that more of your signups receive value?Are you proud of the way your company approaches its user onboarding? If so, I'd love to hear from you. DMs are wide openLike, how do you do "shelter in place" if your mass-communication channels are TVs and phones? And would people st… to think about what a national Corona response in the 90s would have looked like, before the internet.
@joshpitzalis Nice work dudeThe complete enterprise software sales playbook, a comprehensive guide to the expected process when a big co wants…
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@steveESPOpowers Did they not even put on shoes??And also the use of "he/his" to mean "humans" isn't great but hey what can you do this was printed in 1935That's a real sizzler endingWill Durant on early civilization: "Within that little circle of security -- a reliable supply of water and food -… @dylanofearth_ @Anderson760 @Patticus Same!
This project is the last good thing left on Twitter @jhooks That they make courses that help people and sell wellIs this a Banksy @paulrust Is this story meant to be read in a Robert Evans voice?Who are the people who are smartest about creating paid courses?
Plus giant category leaders often have no idea what they're doing either
@MightyFineCopy_ @levelsio Thanks for the attribution :)Popular on Netflix: the same videos that we show you over & over again on all the other rows
I’d like a custom mailchimp template for the brewery, anyone affordable/good?
Retweeted by 🎆 🌸 Samuel Hulick 🌸 🌄A very special thing about the Web is that we are able to learn a bit about how it's built just by looking at its g…
Retweeted by 🎆 🌸 Samuel Hulick 🌸 🌄LTV Hacking™ @G_Langenderfer What do you mean by backend service?In other words... People don't go TO your product; they go THRU your product."A conduit to what?" Better life circumstances.People don't go to your app to "be at your app". They go to your app because they're want to be on the OTHER SIDE…
"If you do not quarrel, no one on earth will be able to quarrel with you." - Lao Tse* * I thinksome one needs to tell these guys out there flying planes with banners on them that nobody can read their shit
Retweeted by 🎆 🌸 Samuel Hulick 🌸 🌄 @patio11 You cut off a significant portion of my own years in that mode.
@rjs @bmoesta Ah, I see. Thanks for all the context! Super helpful. :) @rjs Ah, I see. Where did the horizontal charting technique pop up, then? Or was it more of an improvisatory thin… @rjs Very interesting! Is there a particular Taguchi book that touches upon the horizontal charting technique that… @rjs In reading your piece on writing Shape Up, I came across this part about using a system mapping technique. If… @pastaduck @uibreakfast @tnorthcutt Haha whoops you're right. I will get on that zoom problem!Just caught up on this interview and it's a good one: @tnorthcutt @lovevalgeisler @amyhoy @alexhillman @UserOnboard I would actually point to Val's lifecycle email work, personally. :)Does anyone have a great resource for Lean Startup? I read a million different takes back in the day, but am tryin… @MatthewGunson @chriscbs Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification, and agreed! @MatthewGunson @chriscbs I agree with that line of logic for sure! How do you see delight *undermining* value, tho? @MatthewGunson @chriscbs Ooh, I'd love to hear more of this spicy take @chriscbs Haha :) I'm just saying that "delight" can be a real red herring when it comes to improving your UX. I… @chriscbs I'd swap out "delights one user once" with "provides actual value to one user once" 😀
@katerutter I love this series :) @jhooks I saw a headline recently that started with "Young Covid Patient..." and my first interpretation was that "… @patio11 @amyhoy @visakanv Ooh, may I make an unrelated book recommendation, then? I think you will find this also…
@rjs Gotcha, thank you. Nice podcast btw! I really enjoyed hearing your thought process