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@annnettte_ This Guy was the most talked about in the early 2000's... I remember we used to talk about him in School lol @annnettte_ this interview is on YouTube @IamDeeMoneey Ataankpa 🔥🔥 @ameyaw112 one cough, Just one cough and....Dear Twitter, I’m a budding entrepreneur (Agripreneur). I completed university of Ghana Legon in 2017 with specialt…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @_shandorf @TeflonDonRossay oh 😂😂 @LemuelTweets_ me eating bread looking at this tweet u and miss u brother @NBA2K
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭When your parents are yelling at you on the phone in public and you try to act normal.
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭D-Rose wasn’t feeling the dancing during the 2012 All-Star intros 😂
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Applying for jobs in the middle of a pandemic
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @joeyantwi 🔥🔥 @All4TheMoneyy @AgyirBrown @Realtor233 lol it's called heat extractor. it removes heat, smoke, steam and airborne g…
@usnaconnoisseur Dead Man walking lmao
@khobbyblu this advert has been vetted and approved by the FDA 😂😂Ghanaian adverts be like😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥✌️😂
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @FrankDoe101 Honda Accord?? @BleacherReport @NBA2K @BRGaming To be very honest, I think this dude is over hypedHappy New Month Fellas.... Be Safe @Kenjames1970 @NPP_GH @NAkufoAddo eii 😂😂#RegisterToVote2020
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@_misscandy @mrdduku they look like serial killers in a Nigerian movie, needed the sunglasses to complete itWe’re calling for an end to unequal, racist enforcement of social distancing policies. Learn more and take action h…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Ghanaians are the most easy going Africans, love them so much
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭monica lyrics on a brent beat 💀
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭By June die3 By June die3... Today be 30th😊😎 @FrankDoe101 This Country ibi you and your GodI’m 22 years old. I just moved into my first home. I now make a 6-figure salary. And I am blackity black black BLAC…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @BleacherReport @APOOCH $15k everyday for doing nothing... God of Miracles and Wonders eiiWhat time do you eat gob3? Tech girls:
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @iamagyaadu Chale he be suspicious Covid patient seff @NAkufoAddo is this the best card we could make? will we ever move foward as a country? @kobbykatalist @AnsabaAddison e leff school badge... @kobbykatalist @AnsabaAddison Ghanaians comments under this tweet 😂😂Lou Moon Resort in Axim, Ghana.
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Lil Wayne performed KOBE BRYANT with a new verse at the #BETAwards 🔥
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Accra, Ghana at night.
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @iamagyaadu 😂😂 @iamagyaadu Hard guy 😂When my kid wants to put their honor roll sticker on my Range Rover
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Congratulations to @burnaboy for winning the 2020 BET Best International Act Award. 🇳🇬 Nigeria standup 🙌🏾…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭This is Accra, Ghana.
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @mukadas_maestro what exactly were you expecting?Abdella die3, he for teach marketing ooo herrah enaar that?...the guy go fit convince anybody herr 😂😂 @kwaminaofficial oh saa... I make late thenTime aso ooPresidents address, no prior notice? anaa ebi me I no hearJR Smith better no come messup
it’s the laugh for me 😭😂😭
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @otemaaaa all the boys seeing this... @espn Top in their prime.... Currently buttom @_EasyJay easy bro easy lol @ayoodestoo Very TrueI don’t know how much the government is paying these people but bro there’s no need to defend everything they do. I…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Crazy how females want male friends but don’t evn know how to be real friends. Y’all will use them for male advice,…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Murder! THIS IS MURDER!!!! why in the fuck would you tase a pregnant woman IN THE STOMACH??????? Put this bitch und…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭FUCKING KING
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭The Situation was critical when @stonebwoyb was leaving the premises of UTV... no be juju, Ebi genuine Love!…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @NatTettehGhana funny how like almost 60% of the military are Voltarians lol @fdygbaja Daayummn 😂😂
This is my friend’s cousin. His name is Caleb Walker and he is 11 years old. Please share so we can find this man a…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Big facts!!!! I would be terrified if I ran into a white man in the wild!
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @joey_clev @eli___k and let them keep the change tooWhen you encounter mothers like this on the street, buy whatever they are selling, don’t bargain for it. Just buy a…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @Kaypoisson1 @Stiiixx see broke people just being broke in tweets... leemaoJayson Tatum is a new man
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭those student's just won over $7k... wow @JB_Peeples that's Man's best friendLmao this lady on Telemundo be slapping the shit outta people
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭nick cannon got 24-hours to respond
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @adjoatasha @OneKeys Women will show you bruh...
You know every stingy person because you beg a lot 😂
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭what do u want???
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @BleacherReport @br_betting One won a chip .. the other brought a funny step backWho did this? 😂😂😂 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭unbelievable
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @anasglobal @sergio_de_ennin Amanfuo dema heart cott lolAre you ready? It's coming, the corona quacks and thieves in Ghana. It would be served hot on #BBCAfricaEye and all…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭#TGIF Retweet if you’re a Gob3 lover 😂
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Latest project what y’all think?🏡
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Dean Smith, who died in 2015, left $200 to each of his former UNC players in his will, so they could "enjoy a dinne…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Yahoo is not a hustle. You're a thief.
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This is awesome! We would love to have you guys at the #Extraction 2 premiere...DM us and we’ll get you there!
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭The Whole world ebi Hushpuppi he make hot... herhKevin De Bruyne is a free kick wizard 🧙‍♂️✨ He gets Man City (-130) level with Chelsea on this incredible shot ⤵️
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Phyno warned Hushpuppi three years ago but e get coconut head.
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭 @Ballislife 🔥🔥🔥Hushpuppi deserves a prisoner's wear from GucciGot bored. Mango flavored puff-puff 🥭
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭This Flashy lifestyle on Social Media.... wellWho did this to Hushpuppi? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Hushpuppi showing off was one of the things that led to his arrest... Lesson learnt ?? Living a private life irres…
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭2009 vs. 2020
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Where do we go from here, ppl?
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Bringing this back to the TL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Watch till the end
Retweeted by Sammy🇬🇭Instagram influencers coming to twitter to take screenshots.
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