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@Sir_carma @IndustriesGame Has it really been 3 years? wow @lucatron_ wow.. as a tweet cart even
@lazythunk 💯 @lazythunk The best part of these is actually stopping you from being a super spreader going around sneezing on peo…
@mikekasprzak yeah, as did mine... but my loaves kept coming out very different. Sometimes this is good, if you mes… @mikekasprzak This looks great!turned on some debug to show what's going on - I cast rays to check for ground / normals anyway, so I use that info…
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @mikekasprzak One of the things I do, is I only let the top half of the dutch oven pre-heat in the oven.. then I pu… @fasterthanlime Hitman go? Deus Ex go, the same team did a bunch.EXApunks is very much my jam
@mikekasprzak Yeah a crunchy crust generally doesn't ruin the bread inside!
@mikekasprzak You'll get there, it's a bit of a waltz. Once you have the rhythm you don't forget it :) @jennifermarie Sounds borderline therapeutic 👍
In our mission to bring SUPERHOT to every possible platform we present to you: PICOHOT! It's the most innovative pi…
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@jontsuei Zojirushi rice cooker? Your pot looks the same as mine. Also... that umami goodness wouldn't last two days anywhere.... @garywhitta Just realized I've developed a bias, any time I see someone complaining about the cost of things in GBP… @DanStapleton Some people prefer krita for OSS image editing. I think affinity photo is worth the $50.
I felt like I learned more in this talk about selling and marketing than I have in the last 20 years of indie dev. @jennifermarie "I hear ya sister" says my wife :)
@cliffski @Jonathan_Blow Binged it last night and enjoyed it a lot. Soundtrack is amazing.More sourdough. Stay home, stay safe. @justindbensonn @archillinks @archillect mmm yeah, could be for sure
@archillinks @archillect Blade of the Immortal is my guess... any others? @mikekasprzak Very into this approach.
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @mikekasprzak Wait, so you already got a cheque? That seems fast...
@apocalynds 🥂 <- to our health! @apocalynds I have a dry cough and a sore throat, but I just opened a bottle of red. It's those kinds of times! @apocalynds 12.5 % !
@andyschatz big progress! @fightpunch Tasty @OskSta Just stop already Oskar.... I can't take it anymore! (Keep it up) @dhabiheng Now everyone's going to procreate on their iPad pros... ;) @ibogost I believe this writing style is what we refer to as "Orwellian". Weird flex. I'm more accustomed to tech…
@eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 I don't think they are a monopoly... just agreeing with Tim that… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 Essentially Facebook and all their influence wasn't enough to ge… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 FB decided it wasn't worth the hassle. One can only assume that… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 Sure.. but they don't care about something going on inside a me… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 *you can't sell items/content. @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 So in this way, Apple protected their 30% cut and just stopped p… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 Apple was experimenting with allowing these games to use IAP, bu… @eric_seufert @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 Just about every messenger app has an instant games platform now… @TimSweeneyEpic @DaxHyena @Andrewmd5 @eric_seufert Gotta be tiring explaining this over and over again. @ibogost It has this "demagogue" sort of vibe to it... maybe not the connotation you want to associate with "teaching". 🤷‍♂️ @ibogost Had to look up "Pedagogy". Feel smarter already.To protect Washingtonians from COVID-19, I am issuing a ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order. Here is what it means f…
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @mikekasprzak @OwenGoss @MattRix So many people don't know snood.
Albert Uderzo, the French illustrator behind Astérix​ and Obelix has died aged 92. His cause of death is unrelated…
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @ksen_otaku I like how there's a little more of a narrative in your mech drawings these days @pfrazee There's one oddly specific verse that seems kinda crammed in there... ;)
@wnadb @archillect Looks like Battle Angel Alita...It's almost time to depart. Industries of Titan is coming to Early Access on April 14, 2020.
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @IndustriesGame So so good. Incredible work everyone involved.
Sourdough from the other day became bread pudding with caramel sauce. @scalzi Bread pudding tomorrow! @progrium The weird thing I see is people seeing the darkness in themselves and assuming it's in humanity. Re: Ever…
@OskSta Not that useful for sandy beaches though eh? :) @mikekasprzak I use Affinity Photo all the time now as a PS replacement. It's been great. @mattmacdonaldis @JoelMacDonaldis That was my experience in the cities anyway. Mine's got a heated seat (and heated water) so nice! @mattmacdonaldis @JoelMacDonaldis May explain the absence of a TP rush in Japan. Mine's about 15 years old!Here's our latest film reel. Watch full screen and LOUD! 🔊 #motiongraphics #screengraphics #vfx #filmreel
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @JoelMacDonaldis 2-3 squares to dry off. A roll can last a month even WFH. @JoelMacDonaldis You asked for it.... bread was selling out in the stores... @mrjakeparker Given your frog metaphor, "Dissecting a Hellboy Short Comic" might be an appropriate title :) @mikekasprzak Yeah, that seems reasonable. If you feed it to early the yeast never gets a chance to really consume… @mikekasprzak It's great progress though... if the surface starts to dome downard, as if the center collapsed a lit…
@mikekasprzak Yeah, you want to see some larger bubbles, and a very sweet pungent smell... that tells you there's happy bacteria (yeast) @apocalynds You've inspired me to do something like this in the future. Big respect. 👍 @Pentadact @tuxedolabs The lighting is so good in these clips that I almost have to forcibly remind myself it's all… @andyschatz Congrats! @unseven @TupelosHoney It's pretty "cookies on the bottom shelf" design thinking... @unseven @TupelosHoney Backpack... you mean like Dora the Explorer? @apocalynds Self inflicted injuries are the most mentally taxing.... @mikekasprzak Yep, it’s a good start... you want the surface to dome a little at least before you feed it
@apocalynds This is great 😎 @mikekasprzak Yeah, I got some of that yesterday too... thinking of mixing it with some stone ground white and see… @antonkudin @timsoret The big reveals always used to have the same marketing message every generation "This will ma… @mikekasprzak They should probably double in size is my guess. What flour did you use? @apocalynds I would have killed for something like this as an an engineering student looking to become a game prog… @jpegan v. good take ;)Ciudad Cayalá, Guatemala. Designed by Léon Krier, building commenced in 2009. Traditional urbanism.
Retweeted by Dan MacDonaldI should make more round things, just for the shading! #roundstuff2020 #ShardsOfAscension #madewithunity #unity3d
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @mikekasprzak Exactly right @mikekasprzak You'll probably have to wait 3-5 days before it gets a good ferment on. Don't feed it too soon. @mattmacdonaldis We're all gonna get it, you know that right? @pourmecoffee Turns out it's just the leftovers from a huge party @andrewchen @UberEats While the grocery stores still seem packed with produce, I've noticed restaurants aren't orde… @scalzi I guess I'm the a-hole who says they've never? and I have lots of cheese! It just stays in my fridge... @Nelsormensch @Ekanaut @thatJaneNg Recent dells managed to get it back up above the display...
@garywhitta That's cuz ur american now Gary.... ;) @RobbieSTrevino @gabeliu9 Yeah, too close to call. I'm happy to have both 👍Made a scifi city with Unreal Engine and Magica Voxel this weekend.
Retweeted by Dan MacDonald @RobbieSTrevino @gabeliu9 I could never decide if this or Nina Scroll was the GOAT @jamesrice Geese Louise, "unholy political alliance" ? what the.... @IndivisibleRPG @personasama I had no idea these stages would be 3D and have such depth and beauty. Making me excited for this game again. @jamesrice @Naughty_Dog Cause they don't already crunch enough? @Pentadact @apocalynds yesssss @apocalynds @Pentadact One of the standout features of this movie is the helmet design. Few films get spacesuit hel… @TwinStickGames I'll check it out! What else do we have at the end of the world? :)