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Sam Brannen @samwashdc Washington, DC

Director @CSIS Risk and Foresight Group. Parent, recovering Pentagon staffer & mgmt consultant. Geopolitics, macro trends to 2050, strategic planning, cooking.

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We are how we consume even more than what we consume. The medium is indeed the message and our brains are those of…
Quote of the summer: “Sports are like the reward of a functional society.” ⤵️ Sean Doolittle frames up MLB’s retur…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenThe Trump administration is hurting, rather than helping, the countries of the Americas respond to the health, econ…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenHospitals in Texas are spending their own money to pay for ads to tell people to socially distance. They don’t have…
@BeverlyKirk Happy birthday! Glad it turned out okay!!!
Amazing how leftover birthday cake, covered and left on the counter, slowly disappears without any formal servings.… @ahfdc Solidarity! Just started exercising again for the first time in truly more than a decade and it has been rou… report here with findings on pre-Covid protests. with the accelerating trend line we identified. Protests in Trump era America have been the largest in US hist… @steven_metz There are a lot of people who never got that intro course the first time around.What will the world look like after #COVID19, from aviation to supply chains to surveillance and more? The "Penn on…
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@Iainbking Fitting that the horseman of the apocalypse formally arrive via Mongolia. @steven_metz @PayPal Strongly agree. Had someone start emptying my checking account once using PayPal. Called PayPa… thoughts from @sladislaw and me about how leaders should grapple with the future uncertainty of COVID-19. S… that because you are rich, white, have children, don’t live in a high-count area, are younger and you can’t g…
This. The failure to prioritize social goods in the midst of this pandemic is so disheartening. Government and publ… thought I'd find a long-form article about autopsies a must-read, but there you have it we live in 2020 and I… is fragile. Don't forget that for an instant. It can be quickly taken and it is rarely given. Leon Panetta speaks, I listen. If only President Trump would take to heart his central message: "Leadership is… my fellow Arlingtonians: don't ruin this trend line. Phase 3 starts today: observe physical distancing like all… headlines: "What Goes Up, Must Come Down When Covid-19 Is Raging" "Drunk On The High Wire" "Algorithms Do… tells me at the beginning of this Space Force thing someone said “no idea is a bad idea” and it has been… prevails. Indoor bars not reopening in VA phase 3. Thank you, ⁦@GovernorVA⁩ @ntsafos I want to know how much you own of each!
Important read. soon to a 3D printer near you: Plant-based steaks
Retweeted by Sam BrannenComing to a protest near you. sure wouldn't want to be a PLA guinea pig for this...
We are living in an age of pandemics. And it probably means we should stop eating meat or radically change our farm… evidence that the Europe strain of Covid much worse than what hit China first--so that "famous" China trave… @ErolYayboke @HillmanJE Definitely ordering too! I learn from every conversation with @HillmanJE. And he’s already working on a follow up!When your friend and colleague writes a must read book about China's belt and road (& a whole lot more), you pre or…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenChina's decision to pick this moment to ratchet up tensions with India betrays a fragile psyche and lack of strateg… the same question regarding the US, there is more variance, with 71% of the population in Denmark saying their v…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenHow has your view of China changed during the coronavirus crisis? New European poll by @ecfr
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Close all the bars. I’ve seen enough.
Retweeted by Sam Brannen @arawnsley I had to wear a headset to keep my hair back @arawnsley Got a haircut last week and it was life affirming. I tipped accordingly! @JimGoldgeier Any statement yet from Inhoffe, Rubio or Risch? @milouness It’s clear we need to close all bars/night clubs now. Crystal clear. This is as stupid as not moving on masks.Umm... to point out the obvious maybe we just need to rethink newspapers? I mean, if any business model has failed…
@NarangVipin @samwashdc
Retweeted by Sam Brannen @mchorowitz @NarangVipin Sent to me straight away by @ahfdc!“[I]t is clear that an array of countries, from secretive regimes to overconfident democracies, have fumbled their… to share a piece I co-wrote in the @chicagotribune w/ my fearless friend & Monumental Women Project partne…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenRacism is a threat to our national security and foreign policy (Period, hard stop). But unlike most threats that ar…
Retweeted by Sam Brannen @actfortransit @gregorysanders Garlicky, salty and very crumbly. Delicious garbage food. The potato chips of biscuits! @gregorysanders Had some eggs over a leftover biscuit for breakfast. Awesome!
@NathanFreier I had to have a Belgian beer tonight after seeing this photo. @BeverlyKirk Pro tip: it requires 1/4 cup of shredded cheddar. Not included! @BeverlyKirk Safeway. It was there in the aisle. Calling to me. @bsondker Grilling some mojo criollo marinated chicken breasts too @JennWongSilver My daughters favorite.I’ve got serious plans tonight. simply isn’t a functioning federal response to Covid-19. I absorbed this harrowing truth months ago. It’s the…"...[O]ur data suggest that making it easier to vote and, especially, offering a slate of candidates who give young… China realizes that blowing up the trade deal isn't actually a threat Trump cares about at this point but wo… testing events in Arlington, VA prove that more testing doesn't mean more cases. It means you figure out the r… fever is real, friends.Still debating how best to test in this country. Still debating it., Ronald Krebs & Randall Schweller challenging my thinking about polarity in their recent…
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It took the world about 100 days to go from 0 cases to 1 million detected cases. Then: 1 to 2 mil: 12 days 2 to 3 m…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenEricsson: We can replace all of #Huawei's equipment in the UK's 5G networks
Retweeted by Sam Brannen“Wear a Mask,” says Portland, Oregon, during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic:
Retweeted by Sam BrannenChinese economy likely to overtake United States this decade. @mchorowitz @atjlennon @JimGoldgeier @WonkVJ @dhnexon What's truly insane is the lack of guidance schools are getti… @milouness Polling definitely indicates increased grumpiness. Biden’s strategy to let Trump defeat himself of worki…'s celebrate this good news, and recognize the critical role both of WHO, the CDC, and U.S. companies that devel…"Dozens of Secret Service officers...were ordered to self-quarantine...part of the fallout from Trump’s insistence…
Jim is a consummate pro across multiple D & R administrations, including 8 years as DASD for European and NATO Affa… @natsecHeather L. Paul BremerSchool systems around the country should be planning how best to open, not announcing how they'll stay closed. We l… have "Black House Autonomous Zone" on their 2020 foresight bingo card? Anyone? title: Americans think government should do more on climate—as long as it is innocuous, they don’t have t…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenI remember being excited about this tweet. 18 months later, I'm anxiously waiting to hear from lawyers what Trump's…
Retweeted by Sam BrannenProposition: "The pandemic will empower China at the expense of the United States." I disagreed Confidence level 9.…
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Yesterday my 2yo was back at his daycare and my 4yo was at her preK's summer program. I got a haircut. Cases are lo… haven’t fought an 18-year war; we’ve fought a one-year war 18 times.
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My path to citizenship began with an H-1B, and I’ve always thought the United States should staple an H-1B to every…
Retweeted by Sam Brannen"My advice to young protesters: Use the vote to speak volumes. Demonstrate excellence in your profession or vocatio…
To all the dads out there: I see you. These are tough times and you are there for your families, working hard, maki… I love a perfectly executed book review. Bravo, ⁦@IgnatiusPost⁩.
@steven_metz I’m impressed by their innovation. The sane person at my house will murder me if I buy anything else.… update: @steven_metz Nice. I cooked on a big green egg for ten years. Just got this used about two months ago. Love them bo… @JustinTLogan Nope. Once it’s set it’s there. Unlike ribs, which need some time to crisp back up unwrapped. That sa… @steven_metz Hasty Bake Legacy.Pork still resting in a cooler but fire still hot 11 hrs later so... piece puts in stark context the failing response to Covid-19 in the United States. It is willful disregard of… @SIMplydaONE Thanks! @BrewerEricM Definitely right around then! @jteurope @ExumAM Sorry! These are for a socially distanced 70th bday for my father in law. Stand by for a EUR-NATO invite!Update. @jteurope @ExumAM How do we judge? Jim can you travel between our respective locations and play this critical role?#JuneteenthDay @HijabShah You are my meme-mentor! That's perfect. @HijabShah I’m very old and lost... please memesplain?WFH setup today includes wireless thermometer receiver to monitor two pork shoulders on the smoker. this along with what just happened with India, South China Sea actions, threats toward Taiwan, Hong Kong natio…’m neither a bookcaser nor a blank-waller when it comes to Zoom. I go with an askew angle capturing a mysterious c…