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I compliment everybody not even on purpose but if I think something nice of someone I want to share it
Retweeted by The ManiacHeaded out for the night @Samwiseldn supplying the bangers for the way
Retweeted by The ManiacHenny on her lap, 120 on the fast lane then I ease back.
Retweeted by The ManiacShawty right by my side, sunlight in my eyes, weed in a sack.What Dave is doin, at his age in particular, is very impressive“they say you should be grateful, we are the least racist. I say the least racist, that’s still racist”
Retweeted by The ManiacDave: "The truth is the Prime Minister is a real racist." #Brits2020
Retweeted by The ManiacFinally one of favorite joints of the year every day spin #Crazy
Retweeted by The Maniac.@Santandave1 had got something to say. This man is one of a kind. #BRITs2020
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when the sun comes out just reach 1 MILLION STREAMS on spotify ♥️♥️♥️ link;
Retweeted by The Maniac☀️☀️☀️❤️❤️❤️‘Home’ OUT NOW Dir. By @RayFiasco
Retweeted by The Maniac @IrisldnWorld ExactlyYeaaaa love when people clock particular bars of mine @OnlyOneSketchy LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @SoundWavePapi Yeah last time I was in barca I went plug and that was good tbf that’s cap not every time but these lot move like lemon haze is the shit ak low itEvery time I’m in Europe I’m smoking meedy weed KmtI get a kick out of handling my businessThe person who made up the rumour that the Chef from New tingz got corona virus is still laughing to this dayI’m beginning to feel like even if you’re an atheist, prayer is necessaryLike get out my crib man I’m disgustingThe after feeling of sex with someone you don’t like like that is too shit ngl. I must be agingSYWS reflects the zeitgeist of the time
@isla_sosa Why you asking me on the TL Isla Kmt 🙄Vauxhall link up vibes foreal
Retweeted by The Maniac @_mvrganH @Dannystern_ You man 😂😂😂
Need dat ASAP💔 hard on myself
Every mannerism is so funny coz you know he loves it🤨... where is this energy from UEFA and FIFA when It comes to dealing with racism?
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Do it so your mum can brag to her friendsMe & my female friend right before we book our hotel
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House Of Pharaohs' @Bandannaclips hops inside the booth to supply some melodies on "VVS". 🔗
Retweeted by The Maniac💾 New song 🇬🇧 @samwiseldn - Birdseye View
Retweeted by The Maniac @EmmanuelOmoniyi @Samwiseldn need to make sure i stretch and glue down my wig for the 13th😤
Retweeted by The Maniac @Samwiseldn Less than a month till the headliner 🤯🤯 @niaagathu
Retweeted by The ManiacMe & my female friend right before we book our hotel nah I know this feeling tho 😂 some pics ppl have uploaded of me are mad kmt a mixtape this year 🔥🌍 Producer SamThe UK is so narrow minded at times, it’s sad. Think global, not local.
Retweeted by The ManiacSYWS is an EP. Debut Album 2021.
This is what “liberated by the west” looks like.
Retweeted by The ManiacA young Libyan man took pictures in the city of Benghazi in 2018 in the same places where he had taken pictures in…
Retweeted by The Maniac💎 @Bandannaclips drops lively "VVS" video ➡️
Retweeted by The ManiacCan’t wait for 808ink headline tbh I always dance my ass off
❤️ Productions: The Duo Behind @Samwiseldn 's Loophole Video [Interview]
Retweeted by The ManiacStarted from the bottom now in magazines! @BandannaclipsHus shoulda put me on Triumph#nowplaying @Samwiseldn - loophole #verrouillé 🔒
Retweeted by The Maniac @damnshaqshouse gonna be like this it or not...if everyone would just say fuck it and do would be 10000 times better
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Bandanna - #VVS ( OUT NOW ) 🦋
Retweeted by The ManiacProfessor Mashudu Tshifularo. Say his name!
Retweeted by The Maniacbandanna - Playground ( Official Music Video ) 🦋🐝🤪
Retweeted by The Maniac7PM Tomorrow 🦋
Retweeted by The Maniac @ErinMaybery I thought so. Felt like he captured the characteristics of a young black London boy well, without forcing itDeno’s acting is proper 👌🏾
Retweeted by The Maniac🤘🏾🔥 gang‘Home’ out tomorrow via @ClashMagazine 🏠 Dir. by @RayFiasco
Retweeted by The Maniac @Samwiseldn Energy never dies (P.S SYWS is mad - honestly sick musical output and I'm so excited to see how you change as an artist)
Retweeted by The ManiacTold mum ima be immortalBlessed
Maybe the weed addicted to me, ya’ll ever thought about that???
Retweeted by The Maniac‘Come like man been playing charades, the way man talk wit them arms’ headie one mocked it this bar is cold on so many levels"We're out here asking random cops the same silly ass questions they ask citizens" I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂🤣 (vi…
Retweeted by The ManiacUsing “black people timing” as an excuse for being late is very boring. Grown ass people feeding into that silly stereotype is ridiculous.
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Cosmic GirlThis is evil, yet this the capitalism that we fight for *tweets off an iphone*'m not really sure how to make sense of this I just know I want peace at the end of this
Retweeted by The Maniac @Dannystern_ @ScarythingsJK Lowkey saw it coming that guy was fed up wit him
France I see youuuuu
YOU READY FOR THE EP..? #txturx March 6th 📀 A visual by @reelmim
Retweeted by The Maniac‘Birdseye View’ OUT NOW 🕊🔥
Retweeted by The ManiacS/O Daniel Kaluuya for the mention🙏🏾 Been showing love from time
Retweeted by The Maniac @Knucks_music Let’s goooJheeze I see you @Samwiseldn 👌🏾
Retweeted by The Maniac @Samwiseldn congrats bro! Very proud! 🤙
Retweeted by The ManiacCONGRATULATIONS @Samwiseldn !!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Retweeted by The ManiacWhen I eat a meal I save a little bit of everything for the last biteGyal like batty n breast tooLOVEBOX 2020 IS HERE 💖 Tag 3 mates & share this post to be in with a chance of winning x4 VIP Weekend guestlist 🎊…
Retweeted by The ManiacI wish that being black & everything to do with it wasn’t a debate
DowntownloudpacksurroundsoundshouldntletyourgirlaroundonesmileturnherfrownupsidedowntownhairoutflexnowgoodshoutNEW VIDEO: @Samwiseldn - Loophole Prod by. @kadiata93 Visuals by. Delphino Productions #SYWS | Sorry You Were Sa…
Retweeted by The ManiacThis new @SENSEIAPEX 🔥 DarkskiesBrand new Blaze YL @BlazeYunglordTrain my regiment, share with my unit
@Samwiseldn I'm upset I wasn't there :(
Retweeted by The Maniac @Samwiseldn I'll be feeling the same in March
Retweeted by The Maniac @Samwiseldn We had goosebumps too
Retweeted by The ManiacGoosebumps the first time performing Birdseye View the other dayMaking of loophole 🎞 Watch the full video here
Retweeted by The ManiacLoophole music video out now! Enjoy!
Retweeted by The ManiacBig man like @Samwiseldn at lb too
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