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@mrbasil_pesto @Batsphinx They're worth the hunt. @robsaunders1 ❤️❤️ Ty mateyPassed probation and got first days off for 6 months. Bliss. @DominicFarrell Fuck off you worm.
So long, cables we save daylight @CoMutiny I've ordered it. it is done. @itsJenSim @CaptainToss Prod Ed in the making.
which one do i paint next @lucyjamesgames KEEP YOUR EYES @usebomswisely This is beautiful. @sairaspooks The dog or his owner @sairaspooks @davehurricane Hahaha. No ☹️ He's Bertie's brother's new brother (not by blood tho).Hello @gabs820 @Beavs He is. Have some goddamn respect. @Beavs @gabs820 6 months crying that their hero didn't die in honourable bloody combat instead of washing their dicks. @DarrenLatham One of the best models GW have ever released. Spectacular. @edgeblend GimmeCharity allows the state to escape its responsibilities. Always. Remember how a 99 year old man dragged his broken…
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Retweeted by Sam WhiteA moron @charlottekennny @JReynoldson Oh my days @gankstrr Hahahahaha
@philcsf Oof, at first base @thequiffisdead Oh dude I'm so sorry. @TheSteveBurnio it's just a PS5 mate. @nathan_brown is that a pack of CIGARETTES brownThanks Sony @geoffkeighley be over soon xxxx @lucyjamesgames @garfep @garywhitta Face on egg.oh my @itsJenSim what material is your desk it looks lovely @GenePark Ok enjoy yourself! @GenePark The guy got bodied en masse already. I just don't see what purpose is served by dredging up an opinion he had once. @CaptainToss Stealing a living, you lot. Use your UNEARNED MILLIONS to FUND a CABLE MANAGEMENT BOX. @GenePark In all honesty, dredging up a past opinion as if he was somehow making a prophecy that he should be held… @GenePark It was fucking boring though tbf. @SayemAhmd @Hero_Kvatch HhahahaBig news: I'm trying to tidy up my cables. Show me your tidy desks/TV setups. @TCGSco @IrregularDave @FareShareUK Bet you write it off as a tax expense though. Classic Farley. @GenePark *that* delivery eh @NightmareModeGo @AlwaysAgnew Have this with a lot of people I know. Calling them out for privileged and shit opini… @ultrabrilliant Wife and I are good man. You? @ben_cameron @TheFatConsol3R on the take as usual. Classic Cameron @cymrogav "which crunch lover can I seduce today!" @ghostlycola It wasn't him who said the women take longer to animate stuff, he's clarified as much before. And even… @CaptainToss @schillingc That's not what you said you said "I hope he catches a rare disease for suggesting this heinous crime" @schillingc @CaptainToss Holy shit hahaha. @CaptainToss Jeffy? We're pals. @CaptainToss Nah you don't body someone en masse, send abuse, and call for them to be fired over a tweet like that SEAN.We worship them seeing a bunch of insecure babies getting pissed at Alex for a flawed but interesting opinion. Leave the fuckin…
Retweeted by Sam White @JBoneDS Hahaha @TheFatConsol3R Agreed. No contest. @Neil_Druckmann You got a sex scene in this one as well?HELLO EVERYONE!! I am INCREDIBLY EXCITED to announce my first ever Kickstarter - ◆ TAROT ELEMENTS COLLECTION ◆ 🌙…
Retweeted by Sam White*Santa looks at chimney stack* *He looks back at PS5* *Back at stack* *Back at PS5* *Back at stack* *Back at PKnown Idiot Chats Shite Again @charlottekennny no it isn't eggish enoughI'm ashamed to say, he's a gamer. bio. Incredible. @MegaSlippers The new Avi hahahahaha @JBoneDS Oh I agree I agree(he doesn't I'm just joking xxxX) @JBoneDS I'm joking! I know he doesn't mean me.he means me is like that moment Al Qaeda told ISIS to chill out a bit. @YouMustBeAnna Exactly this. 20 mill? @Thene_tho @CoMutiny You've just guessed with no evidence whatsoever, is what you're saying.People call me a Tory a lot but: I hate the conservative party. With all my heart I hate it.Oh fuck OFF about "taking responsibility" you disingenuous prick, your own fucking leader and his cabal of arsesuck…
@Tintinsquiff HahahahahaHahaha. Who tucks in their shirt flat on their back on a bed?! @RossBishop @robbiereviews Incredible back and forth, this. I give it 5 stars.Microsoft bought it. @sairaspooks @Beavs @Danny8bit Saira. @Beavs @Danny8bit I didn't read anything in the reports about him coming.Pointing out he's in fact a married 76 year old touching his cock microphone in front of a "mid 20s" woman in a hot… @MckKirk @Luceobrien @stillgray Honestly who is doing IMC's hoopjumping here because he doesn't look like he has th… @Luceobrien @stillgray Wankers protecting wankers. @HannaFlint The way she says "tronk" Unbearable @HannaFlint Hahaha. @JulieSparkles88 @BBradley_Mans All that effort from your mum and you still turned out awful. @ladyhaja Hahaha @notgavin I love that @HollieB @BeccaCHenry We're too professional for email. @HollieB @BeccaCHenry 999,999 of them from me. @HollieB @BeccaCHenry You have the power. @WaterratAccntnt @RichOfTheBurns Yep. @hummusandpizza We got two kittens simultaneously when I was youngwr and it wasn't too bad. They were siblings so i… @tamoorh I don't want to talk to you after your LotR tweet please leave. @JacksFlavour Haha I'm only being facetious. I'm averaging around 40, but it rises and dips depending on the landsc…
So the RTX3080 is absolutely absurd. I hit 30fps on Flight Sim! @mmahardy The ending of that show. Fuckin ell. How far in are you? @Serrels They get worse. @AnnaHollinrake You're going to be fine the idea is great and you are too shut the hell UP with this.