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Sanchovies @Sanchovies Toronto, Ontario

twitch partner and girlfriends haver .. #HDMI Gaming Ambassador .. business inquiries: ✉️

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@TwitchSupport how stupid is it that I can’t skip through a show/movie in a watch party stream? My stream dc’d 30 m… @JungleMan72 shut up bitch. im on the wallet phone. @Sliker @Nas @macawcaw123 get on roobet @macawcaw123 KEKW @Sev__1999 5pm EST I guess @ilykizetsu yeah twitch view parties with amazon video I’m pretty sure @JungleMan72 @asyyyc @asyyyc no fucking way HAHAHAH @w0a0i0f @Kaim_Sa no need for that
@mangocherry26 i go justt for u @Repobah @asyyyc مع تدابير النظافة الموثوقة في مطابخنا وخدمة التوصيل بلا لمس، تقدر تطلب دجاج كنتاكي على الإفطار وكل… @portilho kinda bangs here’s one for u @Kaim_Sa who is this sexy guy ? Lol @xChocoBars @IWDominateLoL @Yassuo hi janet and dom @Yassuo If u are happy I am happy my friend 🐣💞
@timo77lol thanks @LoLTarzaned welcome 🤝 @JanuWilliams40 karasmai rn @asyyyc @JungleMan72 for today @JungleMan72 @KrisGriffiths87 AHAHFHJAHFLFND @RANGERZXD sadness just a useless emotion, makes me unproductive and feels awful but anger and frustration for me is part of passion @ForestWithin @NALanguage @notchaselyons @koordell @JungleMan72 No 💯 @RezzKennen 100 Thieves presents “No Camping” 2020 Autumn Collection Ft. @Yassuo 🍂👀💧 @JasonTheAzn_ she’s gonna see this @Fudgecakey
@ForestWithin @JungleMan72 >mfw there’s a diffusion in the jiffusion @JungleMan72 she wanna meet hekarim @ForestWithin @lilsamsquanch66 The Jim Halpert of barstool! That’s the word on the street! @macawcaw123 same .... idgaf doe!! 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ @chachi_ld he wants to be me soooo bad
@Yassuo yooooo play among us with bronny and dont invite me LOL i would hate it @rxynii @JungleMan72 no (no) @JungleMan72 respect the hustle @hoajuu mmmm green peash @hoajuu mental illness @BieIik Let’s go young goat @loltyler1 Go Emily!! Go Emily!! 🤞🏼💞 @asyyyc I boost u soon @peterparkTV @ItzMasayoshi whats going on here @poutkid no idea who this is
@asyyyc @mangocherry26 have u been obeadient? @YeeshBoo @SoloRenektonLoL hes just being humble 💞 @Sptemberr @DragoonL0L @Revengeleague Yeah I think I’m at least an A but seriously some of these are tragic @DragoonL0L @Revengeleague @Sptemberr yeah legit the top list is so confusing @Yassuo @m0xyOW YASSUO 😱😱💞 @JungleMan72 Chicken stock @JungleMan72 beef stock
@JungleMan72 @ArabMilfy pure facts milfy also do not scroll down 5 media tweets @poutkid poutshawty 😱😱😉 @JanuWilliams40 @Scafelol needs to learn from the inventor of predator birdio imos @Scafelol i checked korean vods and they still run it post nerf with yellow tree @T1 @loltyler1 lets fucking go HAHAHAH @Scafelol wait im gonna play camille LOL @ItzMasayoshi thanks for the support @Svenskeren1 hello dennis @LSXYZ9 @OMGseas retweet it and gift me my subs @genz707 doing the troll face in real life @macawcaw123 is that ur head im crying @RANGERZXD AHAHAHAHA @mangocherry26 @NickichLoL my pussy volunteers @asyyyc Improvementchovies <_< @Barb0ssa_lol I have the 10 follower minimum filter on what does ur tweet say @Repobah 🎵 حان وقت الاحتفال 🥺🥺🍔 was good :d @Repobah 🗣🗣🗣‼️‼️😱🚨🖕🏼
@Kaim_Sa poonut sauce more like. so @Kaim_Sa love a bit of fries and feces @LilJulieVert What are we @ChadDraven I won’t tweet abt league np @akbulletsv3 it’s so addicting @Revengeleague @asyyyc skarner was open but i dont think he wanted to pick it after this @LoLTarzaned they nerfed her to the ground but keep typing @Repobah Same time tomorrow sir.
@asyyyc why i looked 6'6 @chancetherapper nugget in a biscuit @asyyyc nugget 😱 biscuit 🤓 nugget in a biscuit 🥺 @akbulletsv3 @JanuWilliams40 on my bm he got the extendo 😭 @JanuWilliams40 enemy blitz when I am reading chat in tri bush at 1:10 @Svenskeren1 @portilho u thinking ur not muted is so rich @pleaseletmeclap Real. @IWDominateLoL @jadeyanh mind ur business @jadeyanh It appears you have missed my messages my dear heavenly blessed beauty! I hope they are receiving you wel… @humzhlol tier average: Teta’s Dolma III @asyyyc @ForestWithin @MarkYetter @RiotWeeknd @RiotAugust @Riotswimbananas @RiotKingCobra @ForestWithin @MarkYetter @RiotWeeknd @RiotAugust @Riotswimbananas @RiotKingCobra is this why there is a kindred ad… @portilho @thestrokes album of da year fr
@genz707 when karasmai sees flex queue games on my opgg @genz707 so fucking low why post @jasminericegirl 🗣🗣🗣‼️‼️ @JanuWilliams40 januwilliams40: saving f for next game? KEKW @m0xyOW @Repobah Wait play akali when we duo LOL @Sliker @m0E_tv @DJellyPeanut @LiethAssad @Yassuo @Odablock @pokimanelol @pokelawls @LL_Stylish @TSM_Myth down @LSXYZ9 cringe. anyway wheres my 30 subs