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Nipsey said “work on how u react when u feel disrespected”
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @t0nit0ne Not adapting to changes. @t0nit0ne Nope. Positive reviews from the ones I call friends and worthy of the title.
If you don’t come out of this quarantine with: - a new skill - your new side hustle started - three magic beans - a…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeA holiday, dinning it, riding a bike, a stroll in the park. @ricaraiissa @Afia_Rach 👀And When I do address it, it’s because I want us to grow from it and become stronger. I do not talk for talking s…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeJust because I don’t say something, doesn’t mean I did not see.
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@kingxkhaz @Oloni @ricaraiissaIt’s “aww” what a cute baby and hello to a few more children. 😪 If u left a job after 28 Feb, that old employer can rehire you to furlough u. So if needed ask. We knew…
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@oliviazao @Abidemiomi
@LateefSaka @Ibey_A You are both 😍😍🙌🏾 @LateefSaka @Ibey_A @Ibey_A Are you taking any applications for new friends?
@atiepikin @segunadeyemo_ @seyitaylor OzarkI am so in awe of my life sometimes that I can’t thank God enough for His favour.
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @koriannee Second this..Especially social media detoxing. Also can you send my stuff over?👀
“Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8 NLT
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeSorry to these colleagues😂😂’m no longer worried about my Eulogy. All positive feedback. My tribe is unmatchable!! just want to say how proud I am of Ghana during this pandemic.
To all my single people out here, finding a spouse shouldn’t be about potential, it should be about patterns. Is he…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeLosing respect for someone is always such a weird thing because you don’t hate the person, you just don’t feel the…
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@ImAdeAkins I was sweating 😅*Ade’s suggestions.PSA: if you’re setting up online meetings w/folks in Africa: We don’t have unlimited data plans. Internet is stil…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeHaving long distance friendships can be hard but the way we’ve been checking on one another in the last few weeks is heartwarming. @mybreakingviews I hope you’re keeping up the good work. @thejfrimpong Don’t stop tweeting because you actually motivate me. @ricaraiissa 👀 Spring Run went well. I need an accountability exercise group.
I’m quite particular about things. is not the time for lazy faith/Christianity. God is calling us into a period of greater, deeper intimacy. seek…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee"Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not." -Boris Johnson
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeAlways be happy for other people... Your time will come.
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @Raji_ASAP @MrMeeds This article covers it perfectly. @mybreakingviews You can do it!Check on your people dem please.
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If you want to get a new job after the #coronavirus blows over, start preparing now. 🛠️ Build your skills. 🔊 Buil…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeThis Corona virus will pass by mid April !! Speaking it into existence
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @LegendofBaba I can actually see you do this too😂😂
@EmergMedDr Totally with you. General Public. Stay in your houses. Stop stockpiling food. Stop drinking too muc…
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@korejay @Abidemiomi @MikeOmoniyiCS The ones I have chosen to call my friends have proved they are worthy of the title therefore I’ll say yes.An insecure watch party would be great! @mussbefit @TheCal1287 It isn’t corny. It’s sweet. The world needs more of it.• Nandos - 50% off food and drinks • Burger King - Free drinks • BrewDog - 50% off food and drinks • Las Iguanas -…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee• Carluccios - 50% off food and free drinks • Pizza Hut - 50% off food • LEON - 50% off food • L’occitane - Free ha…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeI’ve always wondered this. that are happy with their own life rarely bitch or insult others The way people act towards others is often…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeRestez informés sur l'évolution de la maladie à #Coronavirus #COVID19 au Togo. Retrouvez toutes les informations su…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeIf anyone experiences stuff like this where retailers are increasing the prices ridiculously high, then you can rep…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeLast week it was shortage of milk. We literally had no milk or 3 days. This week it’s bread. @DiamondBusNW In light of all changes regarding transport in the country due to COVID19 would you be issuing refunds for monthly passes? @StarlingBank At EFITTER we are solving your biggest headaches when online shopping for clothes AND helping retaile…
Retweeted by Sandii_Deethe biggest loss in the end is if we come out on the other side of this unchanged.
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeIf there’s anything this phase of life is teaching me, it’s that you really don’t have to be the 0 to 1 guy to unlo…
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Same. Especially bowling and golf😪. @richiewill14 @sainsburys Waiting for you since you’re a bored 40 year who has nothing better to do. @richiewill14 @sainsburys Sure am up cleaning TOILETS not TOILIETS just like you.
Find peace in God.
Retweeted by Sandii_DeePlease read the Imperial policy recommendation document that the government is basing its change in tactics on. T…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee😂😂 had to go to Lidl earlier just to get out. May God help us.
I’m 22 years old and I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve been debating on posting, but I want to share my experi…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @SincereOfDXB I’ll pray for your family. My condolences.If you would like to show your appreciation to our incredible NHS staff, please stay at home. Simple. #NHSThankYou
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeFor those that enjoy space this is perfect lol had the same comments few minutes ago. Told them I was helping them by not showing my face. My input > my face. @richiewill14 @sainsburys They are usually up at that time to get their newspapers 🤷🏾‍♀️
Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you. When you do not treat yourself the way you want others t…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeCORONAVIRUS DEBT AND REDUNDANCY HELP 🤝 Contact your local council and see if they offer financial help:…
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Please do me a favour. If you enjoyed #noughtsandcrosses on BBC 1/ iplayer, PLEASE go on IMDB and give us a star ra…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeCan’t believe people don’t take this seriously So tired of people following blindly.
When God confirms to you that you’re on the right path >>>
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee"You may be on the wrong side of the present, but if the present is dysfunctional, then you are on the right side o…
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@TemitayoBlack So happy another adult loves this show ☺️
@Ayishat_Akanbi Sincère condoléances.What a sermon!😂
Attending the gym in the evening isn’t it. @LateefSaka stories is one of the few things that is putting a smile on my face.If only people who read instead of following the masses @R_Lanc @ricaraiissa This is you with Tilapia @_Abundant1 @Mika_Abraham1 Literally said this earlier. With 9 months left why are people having such a negative view on the year?
@BrickzwithTipz What?!!Also have to thank @myleik for sharing her life experiences.There is something about being a Taurus, something about an individual who works on themselves and self aware which… @Ghanasfinestx @ricaraiissa @blicktargaryen @korejay Totally second this.What's something you could confidently talk about, for 15 mins, with literally no preparation?
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeStill hoping to find a friend like this this year.
From a well respected friend and intensivist/A&E consultant who is currently in northern Italy: 1/ ‘I feel the pres…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @ImAdeAkins A real one! I wonder how we all got here. These standards are too high.
@joshnizzy @Ayo_GT I hope someone joins you and thank you for thinking of us.YO DOES ANYONE WHO WORKS IN FINANCIAL MKTS WANNA DO AN INSTA LIVE OR SOMETHING THIS WEEK??? Chop it up about curre…
Retweeted by Sandii_DeeFREE MONEY IDEA - Write 500-1000 word articles for brands - Charge £50 for each article - Write two a day - Th…
Retweeted by Sandii_Dee @ShaynaTMarie @R_Lanc @Abidemiomi 👀Here’s a few more things you need to know about God’s favour. When the time comes, it can locate you wherever you a…
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