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Draws comics: DC, Archie, Dark Horse, AHOY. Rhymes w/ barrel. He/him.

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@KurtFleischer @ErikJLarsen @KurtFleischer @ErikJLarsen Yep! Here they are a little sharper. @alex_segura (We crossed postcards in the mail that week, I’d drawn Batman into my stamp) @alex_segura I’ve got “Batman” in Toth’s handwriting @neilkleid @Jody_Houser @Ben_Abernathy @RobotJQ @craigrousseau @ZackDavisson @AmyChu @georgembenson @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @robertoglezcano Right?!? And it’s a couple years old, she was EIGHT“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” A 10 year old girl from Japan
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @beckycloonan With occasional exceptions, I’ve been doing everything on a 12.9” iPad- but when I do physical pages, they’re 11x17”. @PatrickZircher @kittycoffee @beckycloonan Yep, I’m sure to find problems after I’ve shared it everywhere
@kittycoffee @beckycloonan I see mistakes better small! I’ll make a li’l jpeg of a finished page or drawing, and su… @KevinNowlan @klausjansonnyc Mine too! Happy birthday, sir. @Slowp0ketail @TKOpresents @JMDeMatteis @gerryconway @PaulKupperberg @Williamson_Josh @TomTaylorMade @parentdaniel @laurenboebert Resign @ZackDavisson @Ben_Abernathy @AmyChu @craigrousseau @georgembenson @Jody_Houser @RobotJQ @GeekintheCity @finalfuryk watched this, and check that key grip would you @ZackDavisson @Ben_Abernathy @AmyChu @craigrousseau @georgembenson @Jody_Houser @RobotJQ @GeekintheCity @finalfuryk @kmichaelrussell It’s been a looooong 4 yearsSee?It’s all the way over at Tumblr, but I promise you won’t be sorry you looked
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellThere is a correct answer:
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellThe myth of white supremacy is written in the DNA of our country and institutions. This is another example. We nee…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @AllredMD Happy late, fella! @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @GOPLeader Resign @GOPLeader Resign @marissadraws @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @finalfuryk @ZackDavisson @jeffparker @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @Jody_Houser @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy
Marshall trying to show me how to draw, all circles and Bridgman Marshall Rogers Day, everyone! best comics you missed it, I published this today about what I call “white privilege extreme”: “White privilege extreme i…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellHank Aaron “ignored hatred” he experienced playing Major League Baseball so much he could still vividly recall it n…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellThe late, great MARSHALL ROGERS was born 71 years ago! Dig these classic covers given a glorious Golden Age revamp:…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellIt's not just you. Every creator I know has had issues all year with focus and concentration. The work we do is dep…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellT-Shirts, prints, stickers, and everything available on TeePublic.
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellHey, look! It's three of the greatest super-hero costumes of all time that never need to be messed with.
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @alex_segura @OttoSchmidt72 Look, it’s my souvenir tour mug @alex_segura @OttoSchmidt72 Lol, I’ve been a fan since ‘85. You’ve heard Tracey’s Xmas album, yeah? @alex_segura @OttoSchmidt72 Saw them touring both of those!
@PaulAllor You’re Rick Rubin now?Hey look, here’s a 5-page preview of next week’s @AhoyComicMags Tell-Tale Heart by @jamesfinngarner and yours truly by Ernie Bushmiller
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell is staggering to me that the same people willing to fight an illness by dumping actual buckets of ice water over…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @Guitarlord34 WHAT @jeffparker @ZackDavisson @AmyChu @Jody_Houser @georgembenson @GeekintheCity @RobotJQ @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @ThatDaveJordan NICE @ThatDaveJordan I just kept going back2013 at HeroesCon I took some pics of Kirby originals (that I couldn’t afford) at a dealer’s table. Inks by Sinnott… @SenTedCruz Resign, traitor @AmyChu @Jody_Houser @georgembenson @ZackDavisson @GeekintheCity @jeffparker @RobotJQ @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy @Jody_Houser @georgembenson @ZackDavisson @GeekintheCity @jeffparker @RobotJQ @craigrousseau @Ben_Abernathy
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellThis morning. I may have this framed.
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @pauljholden Right there with you, I’m exhausted @jpalmiotti
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell#gtfo IMMORTAL HULK: FLATLINE #1 variant cover sketch, pencils, inks and colors. A very rare opportunity to hand-draw…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @highway_62 EARS
@PaulMHD @Lord_Azoth Thanks, Paul!You want to thank Black women? Cancel student debt -- all of it. Black women carry more student debt than any ot…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @jamesfinngarner @AhoyComicMags @SeelySays @tompeyer Nobody EVER remembers, geez @jamesfinngarner @AhoyComicMags @SeelySays @tompeyer I had a blast! Thank *you*!Color framing tragicomedy with a b&w horror story in the middle, just like mom used to make! day! I’ve got an 11 page story in this fine periodical from @AhoyComicMags, in shops January 27th. of people killed by U.S. police are disabled.
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellProcrastinating by fiddling with a 2 week old drawing #madamehydra National Guardsmen have been removed from Inauguration security mission after vetting found they had ties to far…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @BronzeAgeBabies Klein really enjoyed inking at Marvel after years at DC, because it was *so* different. It’s a sha… @BronzeAgeBabies I love those Buscema/Klein Avengers issues @AaronMeyers Love those Buckler FFs @SecPompeo Fuck off“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know I’m not blonde.” – Doll…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellIt is wild how many people fell for that misleading CNN headline. Far be it for me to defend Chuck Schumer, but Jes…
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @ThatDaveJordan Yeah, that looks pretty 1977 :) @ThatDaveJordan Over... Pollard? @ThatDaveJordan @ThatDaveJordan Ha, yep! He obviously respected Jack’s work, and inked him with CONVICTION. @Zwiebacker Comics *are* books @AndyKanzer Usually the writer, at least these days. Here’s Jack from a few issues prior, though: @ThatDaveJordan It’s hard to argue with this, right? Kirby/Chic Stone one more, AFAIK her only other sequential work (besides coloring, of course) at DC. From Girls’ Love Stories 14… here’s a story- by Bob Kanigher and Liz, from February 1970. It’s a short one!
Here’s an interview from a few years back:’ve just seen that Liz Berube passed away Friday, 8 days after her 78th birthday. She colored comics at Archie and…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellBy sharing Martin Luther King Jr. in color, it reminds folks that the civil rights era was not that long ago. The b…
Retweeted by Sandy JarrellA wall of Dr. Kings at the kids’ old school, 2017 #MartinLutherKingDay @shutupdougan Thanks, pal!It's so thoughtful Brent was able to include these! Nick Filardi did and INCREDIBLE job coloring the book, as always
Retweeted by Sandy Jarrell @almosthomefree Thanks! There were a few false starts, I’m really happy to have pulled it off.