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Sandy Johnston @sandypsj Jamaica Plain, Boston

Planner @BostonRegionMPO. @ualbany/@JTSVoice/@Columbia grad. #CHI & #NHV expat. Transit, housing, cats, Cubs. Opinions mine, facts are facts.

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@nilocobau @EnglishRail @yfreemark @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @A320Lga The crash program to b… @alon_levy @EnglishRail @yfreemark @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @ericgoldwyn @A320Lga A...billion...dollars? @andr_w The thing about Chicago is that unit loss is happening in a few gentrifying neighborhoods, but massive amou… @andr_w Certainly, market rate production isn't going to give Chicago's numerous poor folks much of a leg up; it ne… @andr_w Chicago doesn't have the same level of demand that we have in coastal cities, and arguably is in a worse pl… @_cityjunk The Berkshire end is definitely prettier.This linguine has a mind of its own. Broke through both its own bag and a gallon bag to fall all over my head from… gonna lie I initially read this as "the ass end of the Pike," which the NY border kinda is? @greg_shill It is. Merrillville basically only exists because Gary elected a Black mayor. @greg_shill Based on the ~1999-2005 spike there's probably plenty of inventory. @greg_shill Well, if you believe this, the last time Lake County IN permitted a multifamily building was 2007. @DowntownJCO Let's just say I'd be more optimistic about our chances of buying if we lived near my parents there than here in Boston. @LeoniaBatlan I don't actually know! @MarketUrbanism and @Ted4P are my gurus on this. @alex_block @mayorseidel @bensh__ @RAILMag Gah, not this again. This problem comes up in half the popular media stories about Penn Station.Some of Chicago is definitely gentrifying, but it remains broadly fairly affordable, and the suburbs are almost cer… homebuilding. Lots of building still going on in Chicago proper. This is...good? Maybe the massive sprawl… @alon_levy @yfreemark @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @ericgoldwyn @A320Lga @EnglishRail Hasn't there also been considerab… @alon_levy @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail Find me a funder to match my curr… @Egocrata @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail No but they have a dual… @mayorseidel @RAILMag @A320Lga I mean I'm saying this is necessary but not sufficient. I'm not opposed to (a logica… @Egocrata @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail The third rail to NJ is… @Egocrata @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail That is a wonderful que… @nilocobau @mayorseidel @RAILMag Yeah, this. Penn's platforms are uniquely narrow, the stairways and escalators are… @HannahLebovits Absolutely...but I don't think that effect is unique to administrative efforts. In many places it's… @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail I think the transition of commute… @HannahLebovits Obviously, not all civil servants are that good. Nor are all electeds that bad. But there comes a p… @HannahLebovits how best to serve, is arguably a far more "democratic" intervener than someone who wins an off-year… @HannahLebovits I guess I feel like "did someone elect you" is a pretty crude measure of democracy. All functioning… @konufer @HannahLebovits 💯 @HannahLebovits So electeds have unlimited, unaccountable power to mess around (because very few people pay attenti… @HannahLebovits Ideally! But--and again, speaking from my experience in planning--actual consultation with staff is… @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail Ya don't say ;-) @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail Or rather, multiple overlapping c… @A320Lga @aarmlovi @nicolegelinas @alon_levy @ericgoldwyn @yfreemark @EnglishRail Yeah, this. The technical stuff i… @HannahLebovits I mean, yes, but we also have electeds who don't know anything about deeply technical issues making… @mayorseidel @RAILMag I'm open to hearing the case that it wouldn't work but it seems to be international best prac… @HannahLebovits @konufer Yeah. I think if we want to prevent it (and specifically in my field, it's not great, but… @laderafrutal @HannahLebovits There have got to be, but I'm not overly familiar with the polisci literature ;-) @laderafrutal @HannahLebovits No it 100% is! In so many ways. @konufer @HannahLebovits Most of them will be able to find a lucrative job in the private sector if they leave. But… @HannahLebovits And we have a serious problem in this country with even elected officials who profess progressive,… @HannahLebovits Whereas even the most minor of elected officials has a bully pulpit of some sort that is habitually… @HannahLebovits Yeah, I don't think we should necessarily assume anyone is altruistic because of their position! Pe… @HannahLebovits Like, the ideology that incumbents must be protected, and given jobs in the thinktank/party/machine… @HannahLebovits I am! ;-) Obviously I'm biased, but I think we need to consider that a lot of people, not unreaso… @garrett_wollman I think ST still exists? Not sure though.Would be kind of wild if the majority party in this transaction actually did acquire the IP and abandoned the liter… @wtyppod @akgerber Haaaaa @A320Lga @Jackson_Strong_ Speaking of CSOR, one of the pro-competitive measures the STB should require should be co… @mdasilva1563 Yes, and I would hope they'd be upset about it. @AlexAnotherOne Oh do they? I hadn't heard that but sadly not surprised. @garrett_wollman My impression is that CSX is not considered one of the better Class 1s to work for.
@Cosakita_ Haaaa there we go @AlexAnotherOne Stewart's is so good. Great ice cream, great dairy products, regionally sourced eggs, just a great convenience store.NS' comment on the Pan Am news. 👀👀 elements: -Emphasizes competition multiple times -NS "has ensured the success o… @the_transit_guy Presumably once STB signs off CSX will acquire Pan Am's rail assets but Mellon will retain the brand name. @Cosakita_ hmmm yeah that's weird @StarLineChicago First task for integrating Pan Am into the system: figure out where it actually is. @Cosakita_ It is (incorrectly) showing MNRY as part of Pan Am. @A320Lga Presumably it represents some kind of haulage rights? Kind of weird though. @jeremyzorek "best condition" is quite relative on Pan Am. @akgerber I have to imagine that Mellon is retaining the Pan Am brand name. Wonder what it will pop up on next. An… @jeremyzorek And presumably immediately off the to the scrapper...PSR means CSX must have loads of excess power laying around, right? @ScollayU Gonna be really interesting to see! NS has contractual rights in the event of a sale, but they're not public, so we'll see! @Jackson_Strong_ I honestly don't have any idea what will shake out. This is not the deal I expected!OK the rail lines in this graphic are definitely shifted about 15 miles north of where they actually are press release:'s final: CSX will (pending STB approval) acquire Pan Am. @nilocobau Having to golf alone seems like the very minimum consequence one should expect from exposing someone to COVID!IDK if I were Jim I would probably never speak to Bob again? And that would be a totally rational and reasonable wa… @bensh__ A tunnel to GCT gets you the other half of Midtown! And LIC is a growing office center too. Of course none… @bensh__ I mean, hell, even a tunnel from Hoboken to connect with the ESA tail tracks would be more helpful than the rest of Gateway. @bensh__ If NJT needs the additional capacity so badly, how about they start working on a second tunnel that would… @sandypsj The report itself is encouraging. But this is totally also Cuomo playing small ball by recognizing that N…
Retweeted by Sandy JohnstonMaybe the LBA report is wrong! Certainly Cuomo has not earned anyone's trust. But the riders need to come first, al… @RailfanGuy @IlRailwayMuseum Is it clear that service would use the UP line to Rockford? I thought maybe the IC was still an option.If--as the LBA report suggests--the existing tunnels can be repaired for another 100-year lifespan at a cost below…*If* it's true that a new idea for fixing up the tubes in a shorter time period will set back the larger Gateway pr… is on its third CEO recruited from the private sector (after Anderson and Moorman). But this period of the r…
Retweeted by Sandy Johnston @sandypsj Yep, this creates a new President position, but Flynn's memo says it doesn't alter the rest of the executive structure.
Retweeted by Sandy Johnston @TMannWSJ Is Flynn still the CEO?From an internal memo: Amtrak just promoted EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner to be the railroad's president.
Retweeted by Sandy Johnston @mrpresident1776 @380kmh @ofsevit Oh, that's interesting--I had been given the impression that it dated back to NYC… this American transportation planning? @bensh__ @RAILMag Even the ones they've implemented on their own section have cost too much and taken FAR too long… @GeoGDF01 @380kmh @ofsevit Beavers are stubborn assholes. They always find a way to come back. @crzwdjk @RAILMag Does Amtrak own that track? I think that's a complicated area. @380kmh @ofsevit I have heard there's considerable concern about ROW subsidence. I have to imagine there's a better… @ofsevit It's useful to divide it into sections. Schenectady-Utica: very little, it's very curvy. Utica-Syracuse: m… @RAILMag Also, they didn't even manage to add a high platform at Schenectady.This is the correct take. @ChittiMarco Definitely. The new stations in Rochester and Schenectady are similar.New paper on redlining that reinforces what Amy Hillier already found back in *2003*! The HOLC redlined maps are no…
Retweeted by Sandy Johnston @meptrsn Depends on how extortionate CN is being.Service northwest from Chicago has been studied nearly as much as high speed rail in Ontario. new Buffalo Exchange Street station looks pretty nice. Although I could do without the airport-style chairs. @oevans82 @ambrown @A320Lga Yeah 90 (the Skyway) is tolled while 94 (the Bishop Ford) is not. @RAILMag Cc @amtrak @MTA @NJTRANSIT Re: New York Penn StationToronto’s regional transportation body is planning to reduce tracks at Union Station to widen platforms. If their R…
Retweeted by Sandy Johnston @A320Lga That is a lot of maps!