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Randy☄ @SangenshokuJr Kingdom of Science👨‍💻

Lucy, Benio, Kagome, Kohaku, and Noelle are my favs ☺ @Judaaime mutual first, human second 🤧

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@mjmid @Ecchii6Shift @BCLeaks_ Kai would be the nigga to retweet lmaoOkay now I go to bed @Ecchii6Shift Those BC spoilers got me feeling something warm and fuzzy @Ecchii6Shift Sorry sorry not yet 😭😭😭why am I in a shipping mode @NonFlyGuy Same 😞Out of my top 4 Benio, Noelle, Kagome all admitted to liking the main male character 🤧 only one thats left is Lucy… Noelle's confession translation 💘
Retweeted by Randy☄I had to catch up first though 🤧 Noelle + Asta ♥️
Retweeted by Randy☄ @hwksrightwing You're welcome 🥺Goodnight I guess lol Gonna watch me some Dragon Ball and go to sleep @hwksrightwing They both cute 🥰 @hwksrightwing I wanna eat it tbh🤤 @lifeboydead 😭😭 man that sucks hope they go away though @lifeboydead Omg are you okay🥺 @NonFlyGuy Racist...Nice view @dripuniversl It worked???Why is there a 3 on 3 basketball event in the Olympics 😭 @dripuniversl I'm sorry I disappointed you 😔 @SpaceMageAnime The OGs @TheEtherSoul I only wanted to fuck with spec lol @TheEtherSoul Zeref⁉️
Retweeted by Randy☄ @SpaceMageAnime Hard Agree @SpaceMageAnime Nah just EZ @capgodreigen @SpaceMageAnime Same. Most usually say FT had the better startAye if she can pick me up then she definitely a keeper 😫 Treat me like a dumbell baby 🤤 @civsone_ @cr1sco_ Perfect for Fafnir then lol😂夏休みっ🏖‼️
Retweeted by Randy☄ @AuthorArianna @Spectre799games Okay @AuthorArianna @Spectre799games 😭😭bruh I'm not even insulting the characters dont get so angry. I just said they were 😟 @FairysZero Definitely 🤧 would love to read other's stories @SpaceMageAnime All in the name and yeah this shit was definitely surprising @villeshu Oof time then 😞So pretty 🥰 @kelkelMatoi I wanna pipe Kurenai 🤧Dr. Stone but Fire Force still great @capgodreigen @lifeboydead Wtf ew😭Okay this is definitely a moment I'm ready to see animated 😭 @dripuniversl @EclipseSunnoon @_Krazy2 Got bitched by a light skinned nigga😭Rumiko Takahashi hasn't missed yet istg 😭Sakura Mamiya ☺ @capgodreigen @lifeboydead You do homework 😟
@judaaime Sleep well ❤ @judaaime GoodnightBro Selene has that much power?😂😂 damn but ik Selene isn't down for the countナツルーちゃん気合を入れる時の仕草が対照的で好き
Retweeted by Randy☄Yooooo😭 @Edens_TopSister 😟 @Aiden2OP @judaaime I confirm @judaaime @Aiden2OP 🧎🏿‍♂️🧎🏿‍♂️ never going to keep you waiting @Aiden2OP @judaaime Ong I'd be a whole hour early @villeshu @smutx_xv1 Okay good because while I do think this arc is slow it'll get better i hope @villeshu @smutx_xv1 ... @smutx_xv1 I mean it kinda is ngl😭 and I'm use to slow arcs, shit I'm a Dr. Stone fan so I'm used to slower arcs bu… 😂 @lifeboydead🥰🥰's so cute 🥺 red handed😂😂 sides to Hakua 😂 chapter completed is going to be an interesting series they're all living Secret lives chapter in and I already love her 😭 got a favorite 🥰 up. So he ran into three cute girls in one instance just like that😭😭😭 wtf bruh @mirra_aa think I'd like this series a lot I'm definitely adding this to my list @mirra_aa I'm great good to talk to you🥺 @judaaime 🥰love you more cutie @inuthug We'll see @judaaime this tweet is for you🥺 @mirra_aa How are youwe love confident queens
Retweeted by Randy☄ @wonyeontan @capgodreigen @dripuniversl It's true to a certain extent wtf @capgodreigen @wonyeontan @dripuniversl And this is why the Fandom went to shit, because they exiled me and Drip. We were saving yallIk I'm spitting @mirra_aa Mira!!!!!There's a difference between pretty and hot, but I think you're pretty hot @kyngromaine Fairy Tail Bleach Black Clover as well 😂刻晴 #原神
Retweeted by Randy☄ @judaaime Aww thanks 🥺 @DrippyKazuto @AndreNotHere Ong that tweet was dookie @judaaime I'm stuck at work and I don't want to be 😞 @wonyeontan @capgodreigen @dripuniversl Good at putting me to sleep @judaaime How is your day going though beautifulBro should've put Laxus vs Alexi or Wendy vs Chelia 😂