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Moments - AGO - Soulection

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Xavier Omär & Sango Moments Spent Loving You - LP October 25th. Pre-Save:
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Frank Ocean – Nightz (Sango Bounced It) #ForThe13thWard
Retweeted by SángoSpending the rest of the year gassing my shy friends up.Frank Ocean is back. #blondedRADIO 008. Listen NOW:
Retweeted by SángoNew Frank Ocean! Listen to Frank Ocean - Cayendo (Sango Remix)
Retweeted by SángoCAYENDO 7" VINYL dark circles under my eyes is natural. I AINT TIRED!I don’t think I’ll ever release another project in the summer. I prefer the sunset part of the year.Big Top. Wyoming, MI.
Retweeted by SángoLove bro
“No Permission Needed” ft. @Bas [Prod. @SangoBeats ] Video Out Now, bb. Tap in or you’re fake .. and God don’t like…
Retweeted by SángoIn queens again.It’s official me and @JulsOnIt are doing an ep.Shhhhhhh y’all too loud is texture. @laotiantaco TamaulipasEvery time we wanna go visit my wife’s family is Mexico, it’s too hot at the moment to go. Smh violence man...Tickets live: by @WaldoDaDon out now -
Retweeted by SángoKings by @WaldoDaDon out now -
A lil @AndersonPaak inspo...Being a black present father. tell you their plans, but that don’t mean it’s for certain. Let it play out.Don’t believe the enemy when he’s tells you things about yourself that isn’t true. We don’t need to fit in anywhere… @WaldoDaDon tomorrow. @atrak It’s true!Things change👍🏽
Retweeted by SángoDelta is like the Chick-Fil-A of airlines.All my chapsticks I’ve lost are looking down at me from lip balm heaven just disgusted.Playing some gems for the ppl tonight. Blonded. The World.’s okay to flex from time to time, juts make sure you not looking ugly doing it.Tickets Oct 18*
They hate on you b/c you’re a threat to them. Carry on.I been on soundcloud mostly.With #FatherFigure3 dropping 11/6, @RexxLifeRaj taps @Bas for the @SangoBeats-laced "No Permission Needed"…
Retweeted by SángoGoing on tour 2020. AGO & WXOR 94 Starpower presents: Sango - The Quiet Storm Sessions Live with @beatsbysavon. Mo…“No Permission Needed” ft. @Bas [Prod. @SangoBeats ] Out now , bb! RT To Bless Someone Wh…
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@Taliwhoah LmAoI see the same type of dog on everyone’s ig like there’s only one dog we can own lmao.Sango Drum Kit: Installment 2 out now via -
Retweeted by SángoFinna get back to sending beat over email. Those that been waiting it’s coming.
@tanbrownsings I gotta new computer w/ catalina already on it.Our ears and mind are tied to seek emotion when we hear music. Lyrics carry a good weight, but not the majority. St… to all my ableton sets. For right now. Apple w/ their new encoding BS. Anyone got links on how to fix the mp3 issue??
I was talking to @XvrOmar recently and he mentioned that we gotta let moments be moments. Let things live in its ow…*Bro wtf is up with these police?! Sad..Finally listened to some of the Summer Walker album and has to know where she was from. It was bothering me....of c… new single “Kings” produced by @sango_ and @BeatsByESTA dropping 10/18. “Grove” the album coming this November…
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“Kings” - single by @WaldoDaDon coming 10/18. “Grove” the album coming in November. #michiganmade Produced by… song I sampled for @Wale’s “Love & Loyalty” @iamjaredjackson @joekay HahahahhahHow we feeling bout the new single?
Retweeted by SángoBig Happy 37th Birthday to my bro @joekay @XvrOmar @SangoBeats This is beautiful. Thank you.
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Drake got hood niggas from Detroit playing Giggs. Give him his credit.I’m happy for @Wale @joekay Me and @TayIwar made a joint that’s afrobeats blended it w the Bay Area bounce.Sango Drum Kit: Installment 2 out now via - who needs to hear this but you are not introverted you are just lazy
Retweeted by SángoNew @Wale midnight. song w/ @XvrOmar and @parisalexamusic at midnight.Drops at midnight tonight & @parisalexamusic is TALKIN DAT TALK on this.
Retweeted by SángoPeople were LOOOOSING THEIR MIND over your work, hands down don’t know any dj that could bring this kinda energy to…
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95% of a healthy relationship is teamwork.Burton Heights.
Retweeted by Sángo @jrobbdaproducer @Image_Line Aye @jrobbdaproducer holla at @reasonstudios 😊 I will be happy to assist this migration.Thinking about donating one of my platinum plaques to my high school music hall.Support is always nice.
Carmack finna mess y’all heads up with this new music.Just wrapped the first rehearsal for Carmack Immersion Orchestra - Tickets available for December, USA shows @ >>…
Retweeted by SángoXavier Omär & @SangoBeats | What Do We Do? ft. @parisalexamusic | FRIDAY
Retweeted by SángoAnnouncement in an hour. @JooseXConqueror I’m cryinTaking an L don’t always mean loss. Lesson. Learn.
I’ll tell you all about it on Friday + a new song.
Retweeted by SángoTour season is approaching.Proud that my son knows his colors in English / Spanish. We working hard! @BibiBourelly “lol shakers” this was hella specific lmaoooooooo @mrmedina @kanyewest @Timbaland @THEREALSWIZZ @Boi1da @djofficialdj @JustBlaze @Hit_Boy @GAWVI @OVO40 @WhoisBeam always serves a purpose
Retweeted by SángoThat man @alphatmu the texture king.
@IsattaSheriff You know this!This man @TayIwar sent back some fire!!!!PARISMFNALEXA
Retweeted by Sángo @BOSSMANLOVESYOU Lmaoooooooo95% of people I sit next to on the plane are awkward. Say hi and they just be looking at you weird af. (Tends to be USA mainly) @Sofasound The devil worked hard that dayI’ve gone through 44 hours of flying in 5 days without any way to charge my computer. Made like two beats smh.Mfwethu
@AfrikanJeanyus Hahaha it’s official. When I come here I’m XhosaNow I guess I am Swati now. @DjRicoSA I’m whatever y’all tell me I am now.So, apparently I’m Xhosa when I come to South Africa lol.Bouta be the first dad w/ one of those dangling earrings. @johnnyh95 True but we can’t look to entertainers liek they are some sort of savior.I gotta put the location on my tweets so it don’t look like I’m tweeting a storm at 4am. @GuessuR Yeah is what it is.Gotta just hit the “Thats cap” button keep it moving.I almost get mad when y’all waste your energy by getting mad at Kanye. I’d rather be mad at you for being so naive… @tylerthecreator the original.