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This why I need to see snow every year. @mrmedina We gone bro. Lmao.
This song comes on in any Michigan house party u gotta stop what you doing.’s Plan is my fav Drake hit. I love the message and he had everyone everywhere singing it. It’s also diamond. Look at God.all my niggas hate chelsea boots
Retweeted by Sango @YolaTheDon Lol most people really never tried 2-3 of the 4Y’all really about hate on poutine.S/o @BOSSMANLOVESYOU for this idea lmao.Y’all gotta pick one. I’m tryna see something.Da Rocinha 4 out 25 Sep • Ainda...
Retweeted by Sango @beatsbysavon @SkubaBabyi_need_to_go_to_sleep_93bpm.m4a
Retweeted by SangoMidwest Kids x Be Patient Grow Daily coming this year.Soulection x Be Patient Grow Daily coming soon. @Swaqq_Muffin It’s great lol im just a hater @Swaqq_Muffin To hell w that damn ass restaurant.Sunday is like Friday & Saturday’s older sibling.This update slowed my phone down 🙄People be having the most in they bio😫 @CoryTownes Lmaooo.
@beatsbysavon Lmao @WaldoDaDon You a Virgin you not a Virgo 🤣 @realdalsegno Y’all be like “Howzit bra?” @SEVNTHOMAS Bro what?!!!!! LmaoIt gotta be them Cancer niggas.I wanna know which group of zodiacs be talking they sign the most. @beatsbysavon Ppl who smoke weed everyday be the happiest saddest people I know😂.They be like “brew” in Johannesburg. “Bruv” in London. “Broski” in Chicago.You can tell where a person is from based on how they say the word bro.Sango Drops New Single "Quanto Tempo" | ⁦@VMAN⁩ been to about 11 diff cities during this pandemic. I pray y’all stay safe / healthy. @SheldonJMaurice StatementThe most common birthday month in the U.S. is September. The 9th of Sept. to be more specific.Extroverted people bring the best out of me. 🤔DR4 out next week.‘Dance On Me’ prod. by @SangoBeats and I out everywhere, go and tell somebody
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Puma said Yeezy who? from New York blow my mind when they speak. It’s like they come right out of a movie.Having children really takes the stress away from being in the music industry. I be immediately grounded again seeing them.Man Ye ain’t lie about them Pumas man lmaoooooolll. @montebooker @ravynlenae album coming?????😭😭😭My grandma told us we are related to Levi Stubbs from The Four Tops. Real Motown shi🤫.Niggas listen to one @brentfaiyaz song and think one thing about bro. If you listen to his album / projects he has… @jordankwheeler 😲 @mrmedina’m moving soon and I’m thankful. Longevity, prosperity and family.This type of tweet is what defines twitter. It can’t get more twitter than this. @joshuacalebx You really tryna clown a classic this funny to me.Changed the game forever. might be the dad talking, but there are plenty of shoes to buy not worth stressing over, unless you’re a reseller...I get it.I have never tried to buy shoes on SNKRS. That sounds like automatic stress to me. @mrcarmack @montebooker Come back to reason Aaron!“Quanto Tempo” ft. @LuccasCarlos and @jaoheardme - New single from DR4. Out now! Escute agora em todas as plataform…
Retweeted by SangoI’m pretty black😂🤔 @Solzilla too!New Brent crazy! Them boys workin.Protect @kaelinellis forever.L.S.S.: Even it seems like your life is going to change based on a certain event, that might be a time to really th… years back, I was just about to finish college and I was offered two deals. One rep. offered less money than w…, since when you was a heat fan? PS4 still cost the same too lmao. No love.I cheated and got that Dairy Queen Apple Pie Blizzard. It was fire.HOLY FUCK THIS IS AMAZING. I COULD CRY
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Which NBA star is gonna get his next shoe deal? @ozmusicproducer My dawg is a fiend! 😭 @Chuckisdope Bro built like a half eaten pizza.QUANTO TEMPO — the 2nd single off of @SangoBeats DR4 OUT NOW 🌞 featuring @LuccasCarlos & @jaoheardme DA ROCINHA 4…
Retweeted by SangoClippers needed to walk humbly. They are an example now. @mindofasante It’s looking grim. Ps5 itI wish the PS5 was all white and blue.Should I wake up @beatsbysavon to get this PS5? @KNARLYdb I caught the L tryna get a pair for the fam. 😅 @FreshestPilot @AnwarCarrots I tried getting some for the fam. The bots won. @SouthpawSwade Better than my cousin talking about dick on IG.They robbed Brad Beal. @Zayashotme Bad jokeMy wife secured a PS5 in the middle of the night. Idk how but we good now.Finna cop @AnwarCarrots crocs in 12min 🥺🥳 @rilgood Of course 🤣🤣 @mrmedina @JimmySpencer @MrSnugglePuggle 2New @SangoBeats single co produced by me and vocals by @LuccasCarlos let’s goooo!
Retweeted by Sango“Quanto Tempo” ft. @LuccasCarlos and @jaoheardme - New single from DR4. Out now! Escute agora em todas as plataform… song in 10 min.Niggas dropped the PS5 like how the teacher tell you there’s a pop quiz. @CardoGotWings @Walmart I’m sick as hell
@WaldoDaDon @beatsbysavon I’m crying bro @nileJnich31 That ATL show was Live!!!!!Come look at this. @BeatsByESTA Don’t let cosmo see this!Imagine Nuggets beating the Lakers 🤣.From watching Sango perform at Electric Brixton in 2018 to now working on a track for his new album is a true bless…
Retweeted by SangoI’m tryna get all the homies in Brasil paid in USD.Eu decidi virar beatmaker por causa de um dia que escutei Da Rocinha 3. Hoje eu faço parte do Da Rocinha 4. 25…
Retweeted by SangoI love when y’all randomly find out, that I produced on a bigger song. It is what it is. Enjoy the song even if you…’m thankful for my manager @wrobillardcole who has kept all of us (his clients / best friends) from signing stupid ass deals.Man Trump really be on twitter scrolling on this mf.PRODUCERS How did you get your name? Two words: Anime and Yoruba of all the ways to end the season, I know Dame shooting that 3 in PG face still haunts him.Pat Bev jokes be a1.