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Kai Sángo @SangoBeats Pacific Midwest, USA

Be Patient, Grow Daily

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The only way I can put my daughter to bed is if I take her milk away and then give it back. And then I have to fake… @BOSSMANLOVESYOU This is the order too @JoshuaKissi Same @BOSSMANLOVESYOU Lmfaooooo“Be Patient, Grow Daily” hoodies by Sángo - available at min more merch soon. Online.I really hate drunk people with a passion. @lophiile I had a show last night here!Oh I’m def back in Michigan. Niggas jittin in the venue.
Yeah I’m def in Michigan again. Mfs got shorts on it’s 37°.Back home with it in Grand Rapids City. @beatsbysavon @WaldoDaDon @TheSeventh_AGO @SuperDre @venusxflyytrap @AGO_MusicDenver airport is a mess @BOSSMANLOVESYOU Over tackoD Wade be riggin.Be Kendrick in this video for your friends. of the most important events Grand Rapids has come to know is being orchestrated by a Black woman. This amazin…
Retweeted by Kai SángoThis one was my fav. ROBBED Aaron won lmaooooooI love seeing everyone on here use Chicago slang.Let’s go D Book! Show em you should be an all star doe.D wade love you but that earring man!!! Lol
last night was top tier
Retweeted by Kai SángoDenver wya? I’m here today. @montebooker Damn bro love you
@FuuckYugi Mfs just don’t understand that’s all.Be grateful you’re healthy.This new Tame Impala slap.u come to a sango show u gotta be ready to move, aint no standing lol
Retweeted by Kai Sángo @jordankwheeler Idgaf at this point lolPpl burning sage to rid the crib of bad energy, whole time they the bad energy .. light yourself on fire.
Retweeted by Kai SángoDon’t even apologize. I don’t want you stressing bc im not stressing.If you ask for a guest list I expect for you to not show up and that’s ok lmao.The real question...What is your personal fav project of mine?Another bonus: Man on the Moon & So Far GoneBonus: Pharrell - In My Mind. By the way, I love hip hop.7 Albums to Get to Know Me (More / Less): [no order] 1. Daft Punk - Discovery 2. Timbaland - Shock Value 3. Trib…
I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut when I’m excited about something. Let that adrenaline take its course andden ref…’s Thursday and we in Portland with it. Slide. @Vuhlandes The classic forty ball request.whats the time signature? 🤔
Retweeted by Kai Sángo @kaelinellis You gotta drop your link now.Shit tough being married and you ain’t seen your wife in some WEEKS. Ain’t no more sweet holy honey left. @Gifted_Gab @UGLY_FRANK Lmaoooo look. I’m not a rapper so I don’t need good form.
You can damn near make up a lie and they will go for it, knowing they have no idea what you even sayin.Man I can kinda get along with most personality types, but I really can’t go when a person is trying hard to relate so bad. @KingThelonious All is well.New everything on the way
Retweeted by Kai SángoAye y’all got that uhhhmmm...??When you order something off the secret menu on accident > @davebspacedot LolllLove you Seattle. We in Vancouver, BC tonight.
Who nailed it better? Lmao“Y’all are dumb as hell for this broom challenge.” My dawg...lighten up and have some fun for once.Seattle tonight, we @Neumos
Retweeted by Kai Sángo @cisceroo @BeatsByESTA Lmao! @BeatsByESTA 30° is light work. You’ll be fine brotha @PlsNoMatata @davebspacedot @Neumos Sunday 2/16! 18+ / doors at 7pm TIX:
Retweeted by Kai Sángo @lagirlDana Yes I know 1st hand :) @lagirlDana Not even tho
@NickyChulo You a warrior. @NickyChulo I quit after 3 days lolNiggas really was going door to door selling carpet cleaner and spot remover. I’m glad I followed my dreams. @BOSSMANLOVESYOU Bro said stellar lmaoooooAny 3D artists follow me? I got an Oscar worthy short film idea to go with this image. Get at me 😳
Retweeted by Kai Sángo @HueyBriss That boy on fireThe first hip hop song I can vividly remember discovering on my own, was “Get A Hold” by Tribe. A Dilla beat. I was 5.Y’all don’t understand the importance of Dilla in my group of friends’ lives. Coming from Michigan too man. Like th… @KeyNyata Love you bro!Koreans winning at the Oscars right now. Fire. @Elaquent Lmaoooo right TIP the main one.7 & 3. 7 is perfection. 3 is the unity.Little reminder you think Mike Vick was the Allen Iverson of football? Not taking anything away from them both. Just an observation.
@JoshuaKissi Lmao as a people, why are we so extra?Durag Javi.
Retweeted by Kai SángoBro why y’all spend so much money on a damn bubble moncler jacket? @theycallmeTUNE @TJay @StewYorkCity @iwrightmusic @TheRuler02 @MaleekBerry @Wale @JulsOnIt @Jidenna @iAmShakka Lolllll @KeyNyata @NachoPicasso @KeyboardKid206 Bruhhh @garrettjtartt Naw fr?!Imma NBA fanboy.Devin Booker would be so nice playing with Lonzo, Ingram and Zion.#GirlDad @ErikDudley_ #GirlDad
@mrcarmack @gjonesbass I’ll be back very soonWho’s in Berkeley, CA? We there tonight. @mrcarmack @gjonesbass When Carlton popped mollly on fresh princeMichigan niggas invented Carhartt. So let us have that back when y’all done lollll.Real proof we are related.Black History Month Fact: I read the craziest thing about how some Black Americans particularly Gullah people (my a…“i put my son on like doc rivers” - @SangoBeats
Retweeted by Kai Sángo
Gravei uma pro disco do @SangoBeats ❤️
Retweeted by Kai SángoJay Dee LIVES ON!Aye y’all didn’t know about that ragtime huh? Deep! you’re in San Diego, CA tonight, go catch @XvrOmar’s show 1st, then slide to my show after.New @brentfaiyaz is strong! Bro got off.