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Don't just assume knowledge. Consciously acquire it.⛱
Retweeted by Sani YusufHahahahaha Birthday @unicodeveloper Its funny how we once discussed how running a company wasn't for everyone. Now, lo…, if you plan to leave Nigeria, It is like paystack but for leaving NigerianIts almost like how dare mandem have standards. Mandem, have standards and be unapologetic about it too. The custar… stated my fitness preference on clubhouse last night and all the gyal dem came after me like I stole someones Mac… @sugabelly I see it @Echecrates What did I do this time ? Me and my own presence ooo. When people were mentioning height, we did not fi… yall asked me my presence but una wan chop me. Why am I always the bad guy ?
@fsalomaomarcel1 I think the whole thing is bullshotI dont believe in love language. I think its bullocks @Echecrates Lol I removed myself from speakers. If I talk naaa dem go stone me. I wanted to be like cant be heavier… @Rahmaayakolo @6thCode You already know @asemota Ohh the singles thing. Ill listen in soon @asemota What is going on today again @abbati Fita daga nan @robert_thas Lol God is watching you @robert_thas Hahahaha their wings are just unmatched with that curly friesTaco Bell, Hooters & Chick Fil A are the best fast foods in America. I promise you Hooters is on this list for the foodIgweee Nnayi Polu @sugabelly That is brain development. Not the same as adulthood. Adulthood is do I understand the consequences of m… is what happens when TAX THE RICH is your motive. Sounds good but fails to answer basic questions @sinzubaba We nor fit kee ourself naOrdering Edikan Ikong WIth Turkey And Eba. Akwa Ibom Kind Of NightStrike First Strike Hard No Mercy The Ronin Final Finds A New Master South Korea 🇰🇷 to Brazil 🇧🇷 @alishamorenike @design_code_art Haha I have known you longer doe technically @abdoullfurya Amin @DoubleEph @AfroVII do you have figures for this vote? @dokasto @levyngrey See Drogon oooBrother and Sister Years Ago @rukykb greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. —Stephen Hawking
Retweeted by Sani YusufThis is spot on Getting the job done is what gets the Job done @onitare It was on club house. If anyone recorded it, it will be a breach of trust as clubhouse is not supposed to be recorded @Echecrates Bra pure evil. this is why I say play champion league. it kind of became "men are scum" conversation i… @design_code_art They clearly did not learn anything from the training. @asemota He is me with a platform. Super Centrist @asemota He endorsed Bernie. He isnt a republicanSomeday I will tell you how to handle toxic team members. @Faty_Alfa @zafuhrer Again I do speak some french so maybe I am able to understand his context. The English I share… @Balloooooooo Which part is false? @Faty_Alfa @zafuhrer Did you watch the video itself? I mean it is in french but there is English dubs. He literally… Absolutely Nobody: Nigerian Politicians on every interview:
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @zafuhrer And I speak french so french links are welcome too @zafuhrer Link to this statement or something. I want receipts. @zafuhrer Educate me. What did Macron say that is wrong. I genuinely do not know. SO you could be right here. If so… @Fahd_kareem Again just one Achievement. All these are your own opinion. Give me just one bill or law or just anyth… @ChidinmaKO @_saucecode See that year wey I dey trip for you small heheWe have a winner. @alabbaad_X First we can publicly condemn people beheading people instead of getting angry at Macron. @Fahd_kareem He is a populist opportunist. No real record of huge policy change in his entire career. Tell me, wh… am Muslim, Always have been. We live in an age where Terrorism is almost synonymised with Muslim. A good chunk… @AbiolaAyoola7 Exactly and the IRA thrived. Problem is the IRA does not recite Psalm 23 before they blow up a build… told you people years ago that Corbyn is the cancer on the left @Mus_bie To amma yanzu wa ensu su dauki si kama si Allah ney. Annabi ba Allah ney ba. Mutun ney kam ni da kai. Shi… @Mus_bie Exactly. Gaskiya, Gaskiya ney. Annabin mu jar Jifan sa aka yi. Ya yanka mutane? @AbiolaAyoola7 Again you want to read what you want. No one said we are. However, to say we have not looked away at… the Naija ladies that do Android pon mi timeline?I think the motivations are different from place to place. But the enabling factors are very similarIslamic terrorist do not represent the religion of Islam, but we are mistaken if we think the way our society is se… @AbiolaAyoola7 An 18-year-old boy beheaded a teacher and you think the Islamic community should not take some respo… I say Muslims are responsible mostly for creating an environment that enables Islamic terrorism to thrive, thi… terrorism must be fought tooth and nail. It starts with Muslims accepting that we are just as responsible f… @Echecrates What have you and Audu started lolWhat has Audu started. I want to sleepWrote This In 2016 About @paystack!! #Elections2020
Retweeted by Sani YusufHaha which one is Igbo Demon again lololol I'm deadPerson came to move furniture lololOmoooooo see demonic stories. Poor men. They have always been the victimMake no mistake, all relationships are transactional on some level. You are 6ft plus, she 9/10. You got a great jo… @DatMichCray Good Gurl, DM me the listHahah Victor coming with the goodsDodging my question lol. Would you date someone long distance for 5 years? yet to hear yes or no @ToluAdetunji Exactly Champions leagueThey are all calling me Yoruba demon on clubhouse lol. Na wa wo @biodunalfet Wetin I do lol @ToluAdetunji But na true I talk, everyone wana say im the demon @Echecrates You gotta wait for best losers, highest goal scores, top assists. Yellow cards. These things matters @Echecrates Lol na true I true nor be kill I kill personA good man is a prize to be won, kept, and looked after.
Retweeted by Sani YusufLol No Demons here. Im soo itching for my turn in clubhouseKunle just ended usKunle has started. Dont belive anything Kunle says lol. I know Kunle @Babajiide @musti_ag @asemota @joinClubhouse Im glad we are talking about women being demons. I cant wait to chime in @Babajiide @musti_ag @asemota @joinClubhouse Babajide nor gree talk. E nor wan sleep for parlourKunle Is In This Room. The Wolves Are In The Sheep Clothing @musti_ag @asemota @joinClubhouse Its Invite only. An audio version of Twitter. Ask @Babajiide for invitation as I dont haveThis clubhouse room is supposed to be revealing Yoruba demonic moves of lads but what I am learning is the ways of… Nigerians are legit discussing Yoruba demons on Clubhouse. I'm here for this @asemota @joinClubhouse I don enter, lol warris goign on. Why are they cancelling my students here ? @InexorableGuy Im proud of you @asemota @joinClubhouse Im coming right away
Coding Quiz What Is The Difference Between i++ and ++iPicture Fail Circa 2017 what people do, don't listen to what they say. @InexorableGuy Haba kai kuma 100 na easy peezy but this woman is strong @DatMichCray I want to marry youState police is not the answer. I will never support that @InexorableGuy How can you say this is I like the woman I am becoming post. Im done hahaThis meal has everything. Octopus prawns fish muscles . Everything