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Attachment is the root of all suffering. Do not attach yourself to anything too tightly. All that is given, can be… starting to like this guy, he is a troll like me I rate this level of trollness I dont not like you no more I li… Man Scored 77 Freekicks. 77? @madeofhuman Disable slack notifications from work on your phone @LMFinney They are smart children, they will be won over .
@javebratt @ashleymcnamara Manuel's papa and dada @NaijaFlyingDr Omo colonizer na badooYou Canadians are made off different material A Cross Saka Is Good Kolasinac Are You Seeing Your Mate?Why isn't that a free-kick for a high boot?
Retweeted by Sani YusufThis guy is the ultimate troll @imasuen_design Baba don find malo babeFam, I really love the north. Northerners are still the nicest people I have met in Nigeria. Also the tea culture here♥️♥️
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @BWLawal That na serious brushing ooo @Timothy04346755 He almost killed that manCan we get An AJ vs Fury now.I called it. TKO Fury. Wilder could have been killed tonight. Like Fury could have killed this man tonight. He is l… looks scaredWilder looks like he has no energy left. Even the tight hand is absent. One solid right on wilder and he is goneDamn Wilder looks half deadWannan Tabbas cikakan dan kwaya ney idan aka yi bincikey @Dejify @CbianBen @MakiSpoke Lol lol @CbianBen @Dejify @MakiSpoke Lolol @RexChapman This I how Corona was created @_bela_virino @Kuchiiiii @MsLami_A Waney ney wa ennana Kuma fati
@boltannical @TheLotaChukwu Tenant will still return home @Dejify @MakiSpoke Hope you find the Obo you are clamouring for myself and @allenakinkunle go into modelling, we will blow @MaaziIkenna @TheLotaChukwu @asemota Nor be true @_AlameenYaqub @AlServant I don't know about his personality but his criticism about the bills of my religion islam… @jennifazor @Samson_Goddy @unicodeveloper @oscafrica Naa this his style. He killed it @Mochievous wawuuuu @ibeulah10 @asemota @TheLotaChukwu I dont get it lol @TheLotaChukwu @asemota Lolol @asemota @TheLotaChukwu @TheLotaChukwu @asemota @asemota she don start. @MakiSpoke There isn't We don't even have cities in the diaspora of even neighbourhood of just rich black folks. We… 100% think this is a great piece of advice for men. this is sick. And satisfying.
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @AlServant Lolol @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz @unicodeveloper But jokes aside looking well pumped @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz @unicodeveloper See your bobby lolStop calling it soccer Americans @senisulyman You did it. Yeeees @JapaneseNkume @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz I have revival powers
@yoruba_dev @InexorableGuy @daveed_kz I had a good day today TBH. Weights and, cables and even boxed.Me Yesterdays edition Step mum @sebawita Tsoma @allenakinkunle I know I hate him Fear of Poverty @_bela_virino A nan Zan kama ta a lungu @JapaneseNkume @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz Again I dont need no horse. The horse learns from me. @AlServant Lol happy disrespecting @AlServant I respect the man doe what's wrong with that @JapaneseNkume @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz Naa vain is trying to be me and failing hard @yrezgui @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz Haha naa he is trying so hard to look like me @victorr_ugo @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz You need to come make we train one day @JapaneseNkume @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz Naa he cant be this fine. Only one sperm was this fine not 2 @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz Not gunna lie the back and shoulders are coming nicely. The V taper was only… ya doing pon da Friday @InexorableGuy @yoruba_dev @daveed_kz @MrOdanz @norberth_9 Lolol good one. @MrOdanz LololPick me guys are the most infuriating types wallahi. Use the pair you already have @folasanwo Haaaa so my mummy was a bad girl all this while @don_csay @Bobbybandino Reply with k or lol @Giigy_N Guilty as chargedAeroplane In The CarwashGod Wants Arsenal To FInish In Top 5 @t2pitchy Its me and you no one else. From your side that is they have put Disc 2 You Give An Igbo Babe Love Without Money @t2pitchy The Wrath WIll Only Have Me More interestedOnce You Start Seeing Self Love, Love Yourself ETC Demonism Has Done Its Job LOLDont Worry The Tide Will Turn In your Favour Just Wait @t2pitchy Omalicha <3 Number OtuTwo generations of patriarchy. Two heroes of old-time masculinity. Two icons worthy of emulation. Two Lords of the…
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @OdunEweniyi Odun, by now you shouldnt be trying to make sesne out of Nigeria @musti_ag @asemota Agenda must agend @M_borlarjoko @Jollz @asemota Al fasha wal munkar. Mine will be small. Only a few people will be invited. My family… @M_borlarjoko @Jollz @asemota Ah toh. Which one is all this ceremony. Each to their own. Same way I'm going to have… @Nefermira God of thunder and lightening look at this creatureWhen all else fails...
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @Jollz @asemota I'm not a fan of kneeling down. I'm guna sit on a table and tell you I want marry you and why I wana marry you.If the girl accusing Balotelli indeed lied about her age , shouldn't she be tried to go to jail ?
Lani And Yasmin Please I Beg You, People, We Don't Want To See It. Please #BkchatldnThis is while mostly playing at LB lately guy was a billionaire. God punish you in hell. But thanks for the money @Chxta Man said engine lightDavid Luiz much confusion today. @Giigy_N Just felt like itSani puff puff contains dairy and you are lactose intolerant. And you had the guts to roast beans this night. God help you tonightThat was Bukayo's 9th assistWe would have not win against olympiakos away and kept a clean sheet with Emery. Arteta is a legendI just ordered ewa agoin and had it with bread for dinner with puff puff @JoeyAkan @dokasto I like youNot everyone deserves your vulnerability. In many situations, it diminishes you.
Retweeted by Sani Yusuf @i_am_mylo @gerardx2 LOL Its that Validate part that I have no Idea about. Any blog posts for node JS? @gerardx2 Yasss this is what Im after. Looks like is what I need. I just need to sent the t… @gerardx2 Thanks Man Ill look it up @Kdenkss This is an elected member of parliament. Do these people understand how economics works? Jeremy Corbyn giv…