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South Indian classical singer, cricket crazy, almost done with ODIs & T20s, reader/boardgamer/gym rat/Arsenal/CSK

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கடவுளை மறவாதே ##ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 book online
#randombrowsing Pakistan v Australia, Adelaide 1976-77. "The two young spinners will trouble many a Test batsman…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanMy bad.. It was the #Abheri #Tanam with variation in raga that was the highlight! And who can forget the rhythmic…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanYesterday, when the Delhi Daredevils were spell bound by the Chennai Super King @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAn excerpt from an amazing evening, thanks to @sanjaysub !
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanNot bad Delhi - it’s a blue sky this morning a Thirukkural RTP in Shankarabaharanam, he sang Kandena Udupiya Krishnana, a composition of Ranga Ramanuja Je…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanSpecial Mridangam Appreciation tweet. Enna vaasippu for this kriti... Unconventional trailblazing!
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan4. A beautiful alapana of Khamas followed by Muthuswami Dikshitar's Sarasa Dala Nayana
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanHappily placed myself in a cozy corner at Thalaivar @sanjaysub s concert .. 1. Vanajaksha - Reetigowla - Ata - Patn…
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One fellow still got 3 wickets?? Besh besh!Morning bliss 🎼🎧 kaddanu vAriki, tOdi @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanDelhi people who enjoy #CarnaticMusic must attend this and listen to Sanjay Subrahmanyan
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAWESOME OLD CRICKET GOLD! Fair amount of gold here- David Saker in his debut domestic match for the Vics, gets the…
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#carnatic #sanjaysubrahmanyan
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Poove Ilayapoove . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanOn November 15th 1969, our legendary batsman Gundappa Vishwanath made his test debut and scored 137 (the then highe…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan @sanjaysub Welcome to Delhi Sir.. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow's concert 😃
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyanஉனைப் பாட இது வேளை - #ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 - book online
Listening to this in a loop from morn...what a composition, rendition!!!
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyanஎன்னைப் புவிதனில் ஏன் படைத்தாய்?... இவர் தமிழ் தனித்தமிழ்
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyanபொல்லாப் புலியினும் பொல்லாக் கொடியன் எனைப் புவிதனில் ஏன் படைத்தாய் சம்போ !!
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanPollaa puli - Mayamalavagowla - Sanjay Subrahmanyan via @YouTube'Yaarukku ponnambalam kripai irukkumo' to listen to this gem live from @sanjaysub!
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#carnatic #thamizhumnaanum @sanjaysub
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Arun Mozhi: The ‘thotakaran’ of Tamil cinema
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Poonkathave . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan"காலை இளம் காற்று பாடி வரும் பாட்டு எதிலும் இவர் (சுசீலா) குரலே" 85th Birthday Greetings to "Ganasarawathy" P Susee…
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@rparthiepan has given us a winner in Otha Seruppu! Thank you sir! Now available on Netflix @sanjaysub Your துன்பம் நேர்கைஇல் rendition from New Year's day in posted a month ago was transcendental - bringing…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanYou don’t #whistlepodu just when CSK plays. Get whistlepodu tickets for the இன் திங் ஆன் சன்டே, டிசம்பர் 7த் அண்ட்…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanPromo for #ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 - book online games are nothing but non competitive net sessions. Please remove FC status for them and stop reporting the scorecards#ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 - book online -
16th Nov, Kutchery in Delhi - Free admission 1953. I found a time traveler.
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanSwathi Sangeethotsavam - Kuthiramalika Palace - January via @YouTube @actormohanraman Just call them and book offline - details below in point number 10 @suprita2009 @sanjaysub Don't know why @BCCI & its affiliates like @SunRisers are gender biased. When Rohit sharma…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanIncorrect. Ekta Bisht. 3/16 vs Sri Lanka in 2012. First Indian to take a hat-trick in T20s.
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanThe tradition of juxtaposing both the "daivatams " is typically classic of @sanjaysub
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Ever heard Saravana Bhava Enum like this? Do I have a 1/10 chance to hear it live again from @sanjaysub this season…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 book online #dyhams . Vaanile Thenila . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
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#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Penmaane Saangeetham . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan"சிதம்பரம் போகாமல் இருப்பேனோ நான் ஜென்மத்தை வீணாக்கி கெடுப்பேனோ" Thalaivar @sanjaysub at PS School 8th Nov 2019…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanMy perspective...@sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan @sanjaysub at Dakshinamoorthy Auditorium. Photos taken before the concert for PS institute of music, arts and cultu…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanSix months of drought came to an end - finally attended a @sanjaysub concert - தலைவர் கச்சேரி கேட்காமல் இருப்பேனோ…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAnnamalai Reddiyar Kavadi Chindu @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanStraighta sixer only today. Sendhil Andhavan @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanThe dreamy Vasantha and @sanjaysub 's powerful rendition Ellam sivan seyal brings all the positive emotions right h…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanA firm favourite! Some @sanjaysub swag at #psseniormylapore #carnatic #mylapore
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Many rounds of 'Kapi' since morning with this beautiful prabhandam viruttam, but i'm still not done with it. Imagin…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanMessi is definitely out of this world. What A Genius.
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanEven before the Tamizhum naanum double header in Chennai next month, @sanjaysub releases a mini-version of “ Kannad…
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@sanjaysub Such a lovely and breezy album sir. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanNoted BIRTHDAY TO DEAR KAMAL SIR . 💚💚💚💐💐💐❤️❤️❤️ #DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Raja Kaiyya Vecha .…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanWoke up to this! New album from @sanjaysub on @spotifyindia Fantastic!
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanGlad to have checked this tweet on the way to work and opened spotify to listen to this.. one of those pleasant sur…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAssorted sweetbox where all ur faves have been arranged nicely for relishing, micro tracks with macro impact. (Hu…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAm not exaggerating one bit. Woke up very sleepy and groggy and saw this. Just played a few seconds of Japathjapath…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanLife just got better! @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanThose who missed the extremely melting surutti,Ramalinga Swamingal's மாற்றறியாத செழும்பசும்பொன் by @sanjaysub at…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanYesssss! My work music just got better. :3
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"தானம்" பாட ஆரம்பிக்கும்போதெல்லாம் இவரின் குரல் எந்த நீள அகலங்களுக்கெல்லாம் இன்று சென்று மீளப்போகிறதோ என்று ஆர்வம்…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanSnowflakes are unique in their design, never seen before & never to be seen again. Listen to this @sanjaysub Tanam.…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#Consistency in his #musical innings @sanjaysub . One more to the spectators at chennai on friday. Do watch the li…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Idhu Oru Nilaa Kaalam . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
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Kutchery coming up - 8th Nov - Free admission, no tickets, all are welcome @rahulkicha #NewProfilePic’s Lalgudi, Pazhani, GNB that I can identify vA vEl murugA- Sindhu Bhairavi- Mayuram Viswanatha Sastri @sanjaysub #TuesdayMotivation
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A galloping start of the season by Thalaivar @sanjaysub. Sparkling Abogi swaras after a marvalous Manusunilpa kriti…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanShankarabaranam in it's richest form bringing forth all the nuances of the raga and receiving frquent thunderous ap…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanNormally, Achievers' lifetime ambition will be to reach extraordinary levels in their respective professions. But,…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanRemarkable clip from 24 years ago. Bill Gates answering David Letterman's questions about what the internet can off…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#OnThisDay 1973: Sir Matt Busby discussed Clough, Best entertaining football and curtailing the cloggers, on Parkin…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanA @sanjaysub kucheri in Chennai after ages. Me grabs a seat next to a mami who is a new Sanjay fan so asks 100 FAQs…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanI've said this before and wouldn't mind repeating it a million times. The camaraderie between the trio - @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanBharathi sans mundasu. @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanI kicked my long tough/rough day as hard as i could to have this.. சுப்ரமண்ய சாமி தரிசனம்..@sanjaysub at…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#ThamizhumNaanum #TN2 - Book online at
What am I but a mere singer .... you wait for the @sanjaysub concert today, here's a little bit of Kalyani from Nadasurabhi to keep u happy&peace…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Aathaadi . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan @sanjaysub Blissful Asaveri🙏 #SkandaSashtiSpecial Excerpts from the concert held at Sree Neelakanta Sivan Sangeetha…
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Aha... @sanjaysub live at Nadasurabhi, Bengaluru, 1 Nov 2019. Chalamelara Saketharama
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanThe confluence of music experiences last evening at @sanjaysub concert was pulsating and enthralling. His vocals ke…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanPlayfulness is such an integral part of the creative process. @sanjaysub tickling the audience to get us all giggly…
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanPaahi vaageeshwari from yesterday's concert . Brilliant swaras by sir @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanBrisky naatai swaras in Pallandu @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanPallavi from RTP in shanmukhapriya. @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanSahaana in RTP @sanjaysub
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAnd the mesmerizing darbari kaanada. Whatte rendition sir @sanjaysub . Holiday well spent !!!
Retweeted by Sanjay SubrahmanyanAmazing musical experience yesterday at Nadasurabhi by @sanjaysub Feeling super happy to have attended with my dau…
Retweeted by Sanjay Subrahmanyan @kgbadariprasad @sanjaysub Every minute spent at his concert is worth one's time n money.He doesn't waste a sec Ras…
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