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@yeochin04 @Cold_Peace_ I asked about non-muslim Head of State/Government...means president or prime minister,not g… @ADenzing Sad to hear your story!...Respect for preserving your objectivity. @BernieSanders Got your cheque from CAIR on time,eh naughty boy? @KenRoth Got your cheque on time from Riyadh,eh naughty boy? 😁 @ParveenKaswan They've been doing it for millions of years and we started just about 10K years or so ago...! Nature… @rsprasad @DeepikaBhardwaj Why weren't the other two transferred along with him? And if the consent is necessary,d… @nailainayat This should give an inferiority complex even to Deepak Chaurasia! @Cold_Peace_ Can a non-Muslim become Head of State/Government in Indonesia or any Muslim country? @Tweeter_kar @ParveenKaswan Humans will become extinct due to their own follies and arrogance or a natural calamity… @SherineBalti GM...!🙏 Thank you for introducing this wonderful part of India and its mesmerizingly beautiful people!
@KS1729 Absolutely shameful, cruel ,criminal and reprehensible tradition... Elephants belong to the jungle,not to f… @ImranKhanPTI Time to change your ankle high've pissed more than once already. @KamalCheema19 @hemantmorparia Your question is a signal to me that you are way above my pedestrian intellect. Plea… @SidrahDP @khanumarfa Now is the time to think of Kashmiri Pandits... @Anonymous__In @Atheist_Krishna "Anonymous" asking 'who are you'? This is irony from another galaxy! This qualifies as a meme! @Aakar__Patel @narendramodi He's more into Garuda Purana... @DaudKhan3283 @najmafkhan हाहाहाहा... सही पकड़े हैं!😁
@GayatriiM @Neelavanam The most developed, progressive, peaceful,creative and innovative countries have the highest… @painter_nancy @SenSanders @MannySchewitz Your dope dude duped you. @hemantmorparia You are welcome Sir...and Thanks to you for making us smile! 😊🙏 @akkkuuu18 @HarmanManchanda @TimRunsHisMouth 🙏🙏🙏🙏😊 @HarmanManchanda @akkkuuu18 @TimRunsHisMouth 🙏🇮🇳 @HarmanManchanda @akkkuuu18 @TimRunsHisMouth Harman ji..I appreciate your sentiments,but being from Rajasthan,I can… @ParveenKaswan It is disappointing to note that even Dainik Bhaskar,Jaipur edition can't get your surname right! @hemantmorparia This is EPIC!! 😁😁😁😁 @StrangeAnimaIs That's extraordinarily beautiful if we can set aside our prejudices.
@AdityaRajKaul Wajib ul encounter? @globaltimesnews We have better doctors and medicines. Deal with it. @ParveenKaswan This is magical! But,the noise pollution by humans and their machines in elephant kingdom is an unpardonable crime. @chekla The second pic has such a calming effect! @DDeshrajan @bharatyadavias @SwachhBhopal @BMCBhopal @CollectorBhopal @bhopalcomm @SauravS68007689 @27f5d4bbe9814c4 @aslam_IPS Did you take the permission of those two adults to take their pic &share it on twitter?It's an infringem… @caribbeanalpha @rahm3sh That doctor would be looking over his shoulders all his life... !Way to go India... @_garrywalia Finance...He would have done away with taxes altogether. When you have Veerappan at the helm, why extort indirectly? @ahmedalifayyaz @realDonaldTrump @narendramodi Does the fact that your ancestors at that time were tortured, raped,…
@GY18164253 Cats are liquid... @AbijitG Sonam level hypocrisy is the BIS mark in hypocrisy. @ParveenKaswan Why can't people just shut up and soak in the majesty of it all? @ShashiTharoor @INCIndia @PTI_News Stop this pussyfooting... desperate situations need desperate measures. If the n… @FIDE_chess It's an art when I'm in a creative mood, it's a science when I want to study its intricacies,I can just… @ShashiTharoor We are of the same stock... delusional, fantasizers and escapists. An inept,faith driven set of peop… @moksha0013 @rwac48 @SinghNavdeep @kayjay34350 @kjsingh2 That's a low quality weed from pakistan bro... they've duped you. @DonaghyWisdom Krishna placating Pandavas.. (Sorry, only Indians would get this one)! @iRupND She's using Urdu words to prove superiority of Hindi, Hindu culture,by implying Urdu is non Hindu or non I…
@ParveenKaswan Didn't know that! What a feel-good bit of info! Some of the credit should go to Edwin Lutyens too...… @ParveenKaswan No need to respond to negativity Sir... But your repartee was nice!😁 @27thLetterrr @alex1004u They look like models &if they aren't,then these are Rajput women. It is the most patriarc…
@davidllada My nieces ...the younger one (in white top) is a Down's. Chess is the most effective mental excercise f… @hatindersinghr1 Sorry for being the odd man out here ..The kid should be riding a bicycle at his age ,not a bike,e…
@AacharySahiL कृपया ये ना भूलें बिहार में चुनाव होने वाले हैं... तमिलनाडु के टाइम साहेब मसाला डोसा खायेंगे और बंगाल में हिल्सा मछली। @chekla Trust me that's fortunate X 2..😊 But seriously, having seen it all...I long for living in a place like this. Count your blessings. @chekla Visual atyachaar on the less fortunate! @ShaneLamb15 @ADenzing True...but it's not just black or white.. India's history is complicated....and it most defi… @iamzappy @ADenzing Very true...Right wing, wannabe theocracies are,by nature, cannibalistic... that's what history… @iamzappy @ADenzing It's tragic really...This is what delusional majoritarianism can lead to! Twisting, tweaking hi… @iamzappy @ADenzing History on WhatsApp!😂 Spot on! @iamzappy @ADenzing Exactly. Delhi was built 7 times by different kings. Agra was built by Akbar downwards.. Ahmad…
@aruthra_rutz @Binny_Kuriakose @RishiShenoy @dp_satish @usainbolt Really? But that was short-lived... Here's the la… @Neelavanam WOW! This is your best till date! @7rajashree @ADenzing I concur, absolutely. @MrinalPande1 बोलो ज़ुबां केसरी!🙄 @7rajashree @ADenzing Nobody is for celebrating the invaders! I am fully abreast with the problems that Assam is fa… @7rajashree @ADenzing I can understand that Ma'm. Likewise the Portuguese,Dutch or French had absolutely no influen… @7rajashree @ADenzing You forgot arts,music, literature, languages, handicrafts,attires and military.Try to find ou…
@ADenzing India is too vast,too diverse& too complicated for everyone to know about every part of our history& geog… @ADenzing I can understand your pique. Playing victim is the best strategy for closure when a biased,agenda driven mindset is called out. @ADenzing Ok I get it.Mughals(by implication Muslims I guess) didn't contribute anything worthwhile to India's hist… @ADenzing History is complicated, it's not black &white. Delhi underwent makeovers. Agra in all its grandeur as we… @ADenzing You didn't read my tweet closely...I specifically mentioned Old Delhi(Formerly Shahjahanabad)& New Delhi.… @ADenzing I am afraid you are way off the mark. Delhi(Old Delhi) was built by Shahjahan &New Delhi was built by Bri… @Aakar__Patel I disagree with this premise Sir that a dip in number of casualties mean that terrorists are not shel… @Aakar__Patel Doesn't "terrorist safe haven" mean a shelter for terrorists rather than number of casualties? How ar… @kapskom Spot on! @Debbie_abrahams Show me your one tweet,just ONE cuffing tweet, which empathizes with with the plight of Kashmiri P…
@YusufDFI How would the mother of unidentical twins know which breast is for the boy and which one is for the girl child?🙄🙄 @IndianAtheists Ab toh utha hi le deva🙄🙄🙏🙏🙏 @AudreyTruschke @Aakar__Patel Most probably you'll be given Debbie Abrahams treatment next assured. @DDeshrajan @anandrai177 @jigneshmevani80 @Anil1834 @Dr_Uditraj @pathari_yadav @WajidShaikh24 @VinayDwibedi @Amani90__ A hijabi woman in a modern police force in 21st century? Hardly anything to be proud of...Facepalm.🤦‍♂️ @taslimanasreen And not to befriend a kafir and/or kill kafirs as a sacred duty. @Debbie_abrahams @Aakar__Patel Keep your self righteousness to yourself...If you are so concerned about human right… @mychessapps @FollowChessApp @FIDE_chess @SusanPolgar @juditpolgar Chess Saves!🙏 @suryachess64 @anishgiri @SGanguly99 HAHAHA 😁.. This would easily win "Caption of the decade" award!This is heartbreaking... "Disney's Queen of Katwe star Nikita Pearl Waligwa has died at age 15" @bhootnath @DrSJaishankar 1in 5 of the voters in her constituency l are you-know-who so that explains her bleeding heart for Kashmir. @milinddeora @INCIndia Bros, join hands and get rid of you-know-who and indulge in nation building instead of notio…
@ShashiTharoor Since you are mightily embarrassed and eating crow...your reluctance to share a second video which s… @romanaisarkhan Enjoy this video too please..What happened just before what is shown in the video you shared. Lesso… @clary_co @Aakar__Patel All of the above plus a subtle "STFU you self righteous ignoramus". @edipyuksel @RanaAyyub This should help you recover from your itch to pass judgement without due diligence... @RanaAyyub This is for your perusal...👇 @Jamia_JCC @DelhiPolice @ndtvindia @ttindia @tehseenp @RanaAyyub @Mdzeeshanayyub @ReallySwara @ANI @CNN @arunbothra Nope...I think the lips are not in sync with the words in every video. @edipyuksel @snehapai @RanaAyyub So no proof on the contrary will convince you?
@TamaraDBrown @dp_satish @usainbolt I wasn't wrong Ma'm...please see the time! 😊 Glad, someone else noticed it too… @sufimusafir @IINStudies @MEAIndia @DrSJaishankar @speakingtree @suhasinih @indiaconf2020 @SecySanjay @PMOIndia @pmurT49848558 @dp_satish @usainbolt You are welcome! 😊 @JackNLE312 @Nav_Dhadwal @RishiShenoy @dp_satish @usainbolt 😁 @JackNLE312 @Nav_Dhadwal @RishiShenoy @dp_satish @usainbolt Spot on! I'm more than sure those who are going overbo…