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forehead on the floor ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ

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@unapproachabIee I love you @daffar89 💞 @capnyuji 💕💕💕💕Happy Father’s Day to my world 💘 @legendoflaflame She’s so beautiful mashAllah 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 @traichiii @zakspittin He need a degree @GRAVEHOPP1877 He watching a show have u heard of lupin? @zorosbabymomma @salaransarii like these
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @GRAVEHOPP1877 Moss won’t teach me man @NotSeijuro1 😭Not this again… rt to find mutuals😞
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @GRAVEHOPP1877 LMAOOO @goldoflame What’s that @zakspittin 💘 @WavyBoneLaw 😭😭💕 pops always sending me wake up calls 💕
@kapposensen Like !!! Omg. I wish I knew beforeFeel sooooo goood can’t wait to go again. Especially for YOGAI went to the gym today and honestly feel so goooood @deathbyglizzy Wtf @deathbyglizzy Wat? I hope you’re okay man😢My child will always come first lmao that man can wait ! @unapproachabIee Marry me @unapproachabIee You’re literally drop dead hot. @zakspittin OuchyyYoooooooooo?!?!??! I love it
Retweeted by sarz🔥Why akashi add everyone in his list but me ? @hoodhero35 @Akashi4PF LMAOOOwhen the neighbors watch via a stream with a 30sec delay
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @Nwzygg @mangekyochai got it @JAGWithMustashe @mangekyochai CryinMan is mocking it
Retweeted by sarz🔥How you miss that
Retweeted by sarz🔥Hoody meeting Maj for the first time“He’s going to eat me” LMAOOO @zakspittin WowI found one affordable Jilbab/abaya store. 😭💕 So happy. Had to share with my sisters.
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @kiiingkrystal @siveoc Wanjiiii @lalelulelol 🤰 @zorosbabymomma me @TheEtherSoul Pls let’s switch. I love the sun @SmithZodek @SendoGoat 😭 @Ikram__xxx Hella depressing argh SKCJSKF @decimo2times Look at our PrinceOne Piece 15 years ago today
Retweeted by sarz🔥Why’s it raining everyday. I’m so tired of this weird assss summer @aofijii Akashi LMAOOO @Toxiwagon1 LMAOOO why u watching it😳 @mimichuu_08 Lmaooo I don’t use it but I’m so sure there’s kids on there😭LMAOOO why twitch turn into pornHubMy Villain Academia - Tomura Shigaraki
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @Saaamiraoxo YOU DID THAT. IT WAS ALL WORTH ITTAfter a long stressful year. I’m finally done with my placement and PGCE! I’m officially a QUALIFIED teacher! And…
Retweeted by sarz🔥HOLY SHIT!!!! #MHASpoilers
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@amelleWRLD Also why she say socks like that 💀 @unapproachabIee I see 👀 you... get it💘💚💞💛💔💕🤰 @cupsofkafee LMAOOO @amelleWRLD LMAOOO DEADASSS WTF WAS THATLadies, it’s not a must to be everyone’s friend. Throw these banaat in the binnnnnnn 🗑
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @zakspittin Dont group us with psycho paths @sistersaf Bruh @zakspittin @sIeepyhou U literally r a rabbit @capnyuji This again 💀
i’m really over here friendless since i started taking my deen more serious…
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @_violetdreams Ur so pretty mashallahclose up 🌟
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @mangekyochai .. @asxhaa 😞My family and I with the help of friends have decided to set up an account to raise money to build a well as a form…
Retweeted by sarz🔥Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. My heart is in pieces. I lost my beautiful mother last night, my world. May A…
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @mangekyochai CAN I BE ONE? @wickflow @SendoGoat 😭😭💀💀💀 @SendoGoat Fat people scare meIf she posted pics of me and edited an anime character over my face, I’d kill myself dawg 😭
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@KimmieD__ U so cute 🥰I’m always happy when I have One Piece Merch!!! 😊
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @JayDlegend @unapproachabIee WOW @curtisjuro Zoro @unapproachabIee Letme sniff u @iH3RMiT @unapproachabIee Baby cake @JayDlegend @unapproachabIee LMAOOO @SendoGoat @WallysR34 Omg @JayDlegend The girls 🤰 @MrG0han 🥺 @mangekyochai You know why @kaiserzak_ @WavyBoneLaw arrrrrrr @WavyBoneLaw You apeI hate humans. You’re all f*ckin s*hittt
@AomineReborn LMAOOOthe coon chip has been activated niggas waving flags
Retweeted by sarz🔥 @SendoGoat I’m out yo. ByeWHAT THW FUCKSusuIizjejjdkskxkskckYAYYYA with Pogba with United France
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