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@Uma_2010 It’s so cute and so good so good. @Uma_2010 Hahaha
@RPrasad12 It was a do or die situation for the four accused. They might have thought its better to fight n run ins… @sushantsareen How do you know it was a fake counter? Don't you trust judicial/magisterial inquiry? @RPrasad12 How do you for sure know if the four accused didn't try to run away, knowing very well that this might b… @vanya_gargya @MumbaiVodafone I thought fate will bring me back to Mumbai, so I kept it operational. My faith in th… decision to park my ex primary @MumbaiVodafone number, after I moved out of the city, by regularly paying rental…
@vanya_gargya Well, pour yourself a glass of cold-drink on ice, put on some classic rock /hip hop, put your feet up… of the best
Why is this thing ‘JNU’ behaving like a university?
Japan- We will build your Bullet train. India- Ok J- And we will fund it I- Ok J- Negligible interest on it I- Ok J…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @airindiain Kings & queens in civilised constituional monarchies have less royal paraphernalia than elected PMs in…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @absaysthis hahahah 😂A pilot plant to convert agricultural waste to biocoal has been set up at @NABI_India with support from…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @SInow @PelicansNBA Super cute @NooseVp 🥶
Stare at the top for 20 seconds then look at the picture.
Retweeted by Saиkalp"It is so shocking to find out how many people do not believe that they can learn, and how many more believe learni…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @VictoriousNamo योज्कामां दूषयेत्कन्यां स सघो वधम् अर्हति। The one who forces a girl(rapes) for sexual pleasure,…
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Ready for another AirPods Pro giveaway? Got five pairs this time. Just RT and you're in! Giveaway open worldwide, w…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @GabbbarSingh He has always been the gold standard of male pattern baldness.System.out.print("Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha"); @vanya_gargya 🙂 @vanya_gargya Bad situations are similar to bad haircuts. Just a small annoying phase in the grand scheme of things, isn't it? @vanya_gargya ट्रूSo much of gloominess due to the fall in GDP. But actually there is so much of a bright side to it that we are fail…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @Nidhi All part meeting? are you kidding?? The govt. will end up just wasting 1000s of Rs. in their chai n biskoot.… @imcurious__ Hahahaha
Nightmares are bearable, for they die when you wake up. Good dreams, on the other hand, are unbearable. They take y…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @vanya_gargya That’s utterly shocking to me. Like that’s nexxxt level obsession. Itne bhi kya khoobsurat hai smh 🙄
@RubikaLiyaquat बहुत ही बढ़िया। @vanya_gargya Wait..what?..keypad? The one that I am using right now to type this comment?? It has their face 😳 @vanya_gargya Hahahaha yes. Funny scaredy-cat @Panjabisailor Me deleting apps I use almost daily to free some space 😓 @vanya_gargya I am still laughing. It’s sooo hilarious the way they look at the screen with bewildered expression a… @vanya_gargya Hahahhahahaha de best 😂😂
This is the greatest 5 minutes of storytelling of all time. 10 years later and I still get inspired by it.
Retweeted by Saиkalp @abajabadabaa @IshitaYadav Buttercup is overrated @jasuja My whole life has been a lie (´・_・`) @ImsomethingnU Not everything is not impossibleFuck love. Let’s nap together. #WednesdayMotivation
Retweeted by Saиkalp @vanya_gargya Hahaha @darshanvmehta1 Nice. When is the IPO going live? @vanya_gargya So true
@suhasinih Happy Democrazy everyone! @vanya_gargya I too was taken aback by her causal admission of memory lapse. How damn convenient!! @jaiswalswapnil Haha. That’s a company that sells ready to brew coffee. It’s not a cafe, if that’s what you’re thin…
@jaiswalswapnil @sleepyowlcoffee Which part of the tweet made you think so 🤔
The trend #ThanksMughals shows exactly what is wrong with modern India. Imagine if people in the US trend…
Retweeted by Saиkalpमहाराष्ट्र में चारों पार्टियां लोगों की सेवा का मौका चाह रही। इतना पैसा लगाया इसी मौके के लिए। जब इतनी प्रतिद्वंदि…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @divya_16_ Political morality is long dead.Sunday morning started late but right, right? Brewing in progress! #coffee @sleepyowlcoffee looked left. They looked right. Oops, they were hit by 'Center'. #MaharashtraPolitics
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That's true.
Retweeted by Saиkalp @jonbecker_ If a plain slice or pizza doesn’t taste amazing, it’s not good pizza and no topping will ever make it good pizza.
Retweeted by SaиkalpFrank Underwood perfectly explains the current #politicalsystem.
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I don’t want to conclude any political thoughts here. But the data from official sources of the university help us…
Retweeted by SaиkalpA long thread on JNU fee hike. Is the protest justified ? Some data points can help us analyze. Step-1: Do you know…
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@safiranand Unkill sab sahi na? What are you snorting? Thoda kam kardo. @safiranand @Fraudupdate1 OK boomer 😆 @safiranand @Fraudupdate1 Aree unkill Sarcasm tha😝. Context aur bhavnao ko samajiye, aur fir bhi na samjh aye to…
Indian Food >>>>>>>>>>> Burger, Pizza, Momos, falana dimkana
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@Fraudupdate1 @safiranand Who names a Shrimp exporting compnay 'Avanti Feeds'. Rename it to Bubba Gump Shrimp Compa… @vanya_gargya Is 'The Colonel' a hairstylist? 🙄😬 @AksharPathak Ah, I see you’re a man of culture.
On August 21, 2010 I threw a message in a bottle into the ocean from a beach in Rockport, MA. On October 10, 2019 t…
Retweeted by SaиkalpBaba would go where the flowers grow Almond and peach trees in bloom And he would know just when and what to sow S…
Retweeted by Saиkalp @hvgoenka @kakollu_bhushan HOW TO FIND WORK USING TWITTER: 1. Go to home screen 2. Tap twitter icon and delete it… @GabbbarSingh aya tha re...sacchi me...apun bola apun ko CM nahi Governor banne ka....toh kaat dia phone.Now that building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is on autopilot, the nation must focus on how to stop and turn the dai…
Retweeted by Saиkalpएक तरफ़ हैं 20-21 साल की उम्र में नौकरी करके परिवार का पेट पालने वाले जवान। (जो टैक्स भी भरते हैं) दूसरी तरफ़...
Retweeted by Saиkalp @ANI BC,Jo Delhi me khud ke Ghar me rehte hoge unke traveling expenses hostel ke fees se jyada hoge. Wo khud hostel me hi rehte hoge.
Retweeted by Saиkalp @yogesh_m_ @ANI Hahahahah😂🤣😂🤣😂 @Vaishalianand13 The picturesque Majuli, a one of a kind mid-river deltaic island.
@Vaishnavioffl Why not school as well? 5 acres is big enuff for both school and hospital. @AwwwwCats HAhahaha @NooseVp Kafi suljhi nd bholi lagti thi. Sab dhokha hai bhai
@ndmaindia @PIB_India @CMOGuj @AndamanCeo @PIBAhmedabad @PIBKolkata @InfoGujarat @NDRFHQ twitter?Et tu, pannnu!? @NooseVp जयyyyyy श्रीeeee राaaaम 🙏🚩I’m not a ‘religious’ person. But I want Ram Mandir to be rebuilt in Ayodhya because none should EVER think they ca…
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@engineeringvids 9 months later....
Retweeted by SaиkalpBiggest scam that 90s kids ever pulled off was convincing their parents to buy a computer bcz it ll help them in studies.
Retweeted by Saиkalp @Uma_2010 haha..hopefullyReally happy about the new Twitter alt #Mastodon where fiberals/hatemongers are migrating en-masse. It means I wont…
Hey @JioCare Broadband internet ain’t working. Troubleshooting says DNS server ain’t responding. ‘elp!and to be frank BAKWAAS.Tried the new twitter alternative social media network #Mastodon. Since it's unlike any other SM, it's a bit confusing. @ankitv Birds will freak out.😂
Retweeted by Saиkalp @airtelindia Sirji, Why is your 3G faster than your 4G? @Modern_Monk719 @HaramiParindey We still have one dabba that we use for storing detergent. That dabba must be at least 15 years old. @HaramiParindey I have. I love Chyawanprash. Used to have it daily with milk when I was in school.
@aamir_khan Sweet @realDonaldTrump @shrutiahuja110 NeVeR StOp TwEeTiNg Mr. TrUmP!! 🌝 @GabbbarSingh @bhak_sala Hahahaha @b50 Political Science undergrads ka kya hoga phir?
Hooliganism level: MAX @chaturvedi_upma Thank you so much, Ma'am. I'll definitely check thm out. So far I've been ref. to Rupa Made Simple… @jaiswalswapnil sad high five 🙌