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Sanket Sahu @sanketsahu Bangalore, India

Founder & CEO, @BuilderX & @GeekyAnts • Built @NativeBaseIO & @VueNativeIO • (he/him)

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@voidnen @sveltejs @geekyants @divyanshub024 @rishaba9 Thanks, Hasnen! Your talk was great. Right on time and so fr… weekends by meeting new peoples and Learning new things from them , motivates me a lot Thanks @sanketsahu
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @karanganesan @jlengstorf @SvelteBangalore Wow! I didn't know that, Karan! 😊 @karanganesan @geekyants @reactjs @dan_abramov Intresting. Never came across anything as suchGood old mutations are back with Svelte. Insightful talk by ⁦@sanketsahu⁩
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu.@srishti_08 sharing her Svelte Dashboard experiment at @sveltejs Bangalore meet-up. She rebuilt SB Admin in Svelt… @SvelteBangalore @tlakomy I showed your Todo Svelte tweet 🙌 @sanketsahu finishing off with this 💯 @sveltejs ❤️
Retweeted by Sanket SahuOn stage @sanketsahu kicking of the meetup and sharing his views on why #svelte is for #React Dev's.
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @sanketsahu kicking off the first @SvelteBangalore meet-up 🎉🎉🎉 #svelteblr @Rich_Harris/@sveltejs
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @bmandi1983 @pavanpodila @Globant Pavan, I really wish more people to use MobX. People are using other complicated… @_anothercoder @_kamlesh_ @FlutterBLR Haha, when did you click this? I didn't even notice.
Twitter guidebook, page 12, rule #513: Change your name: Ok Change your picture: Not Ok📣Agenda out now! The very first #svelte meetup is tomorrow and our speaker squad is ready with their amazing talk…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @colmtuite @Modulz Still waiting for the early access. 😬 @_kamlesh_ @graphqlasia Good job @HasuraHQ @graphqlasia 👏 @akileshsri Yeah, that would be weird 😬Okay, now do another fold. ?? what?.when ? 'where?' : 'why?' Some valid JavaScript by @BenLesh
@hellonehha @geekyants Oops! And we have GraphQL Asia as well. Btw, I am giving a Svelte talk at React Bangalore on 29th as well.It's crazy how much this company gives to the community. 😭
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @Baconbrix @expo Now all we need is a babel-plugin to auto-import from "expo/html-elements" and change lowercase JS… @expo @youyuxi Wow, I tagged the wrong Evan. Here is the-core-@BaconbrixExpo & Evan never fail to amaze the React Native community! It would only increase the adoption of developers comi… @VishwaMehta30 @thepunnyhooman @graphqlasia Oh you're around. Feel free to drop by @geekyants 😊 @pavanpodila @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thanks, Pavan! ☺️ @hellonehha @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thanks! Let's see if the recording came out well :-) @VibhuBanka @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp It worked 😊
@Muskein @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thank you so much! 😊I will be speaking at @DevOpsDaysPrg about how we are confused between being passionate and being stressed in order…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @matzatorski @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thanks, Mateusz! 🙌 @MThakkar_ @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thanks, Monte! So, you're back in Bangalore? Awesome! Let's catch up sometime next week. @Manishalexin @geekyants @pratiksahu @atulrp Thank you so much, Manish! 🙌
And not to forget the other co-founders @saurabhsahu13 @varunsahu27 @iMeghaKumari I am so lucky and blessed! (2/2)I delivered the best speech of my life today at @GeekyAnts. I spoke about how we built the company driven by the P… @ruchikaSjv @geekyants_life @geekyants Thank you, Ruchika! Happy to have you as an important part of GeekyAnts 💪 @sharma_push93 @geekyants_life @geekyants Thank you so much! Let's write the next chapter of GeekyAnts together 💪 @ahuja_raghav24 @geekyants_life @geekyants So, it worked 😀 Glad to have you in the team, Raghav 🙌
@Ahkohd @siddharthkp That's @NativeBaseIO. @siddharthkp Btw, ship it! I would love to see what it is. 🚀 @siddharthkp Past trauma. Here is mine 😢
🏫: these posts on ⏳: developer salaries 🏷: are missing so much 🌎: context it is more 💸: harmful than helpful
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I got DDoS attack as my Valentine's day gift 💔
These cold emails from the HRs are very weird and out of the blue too. It goes like, "We are looking for a softwar…, A Forture500 Company, Please fix the <u> in your signature and Comic Sans, seriously? the Developer Avocado 🥑
Want to work with @geekyants? We're hiring! If you are highly motivated and think that you can be a part of our…
Retweeted by Sanket SahuHey, React Native community! With the growth of our team, we have some room for new projects coming up! Our Senior…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @BilalBudhani @tailwindcss Removes React and adds Svelte. @sidag95 @ReactBangalore I am not sure. But I am going to record the same talk at @geekyants later if not recorded. @salujaharkirat @ReactBangalore Sure! See you there!
@ReactBangalore about "Svelte for React devs" on 29th Feb at @ReactBangalore Come, say hi! 👋 @tanishqxyz Sure, you can try it here:
@FlutterComm @DevenJoshi7 @nlycskn @FlutterWk @r_FlutterDev Thanks for writing this up @DevenJoshi7 ❤️ I remember…
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@colmtuite Spill the beans 😄
@Adi91504276 @tanaypratap @VarunMayya Here we go: you learn to code, learn to codify. Codifying means taking the repetitive tasks in your job or life and org…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @dan_abramov Magnet appReact Native has suddenly got a lot of mind share. It shows that it's nowhere dead. Big co.s are investing big doll…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @SlackHQ Thanks! I have been doing something like that for a while 😄
Retweeted by Sanket SahuToday I learned you can move a screenshot area by holding the spacebar. 🤯
Retweeted by Sanket SahuSuch a neat Design System for React Native! Congratulations @iamshadmirza 🎉 Give him a star and RT for reach! Nested bullet points? 🙏Now what should I do with the slim-fit clothes which was bought in "hope" with the gym subscription on 1st Jan?
@kunalcoehkumar @sardesairajdeep Everyone who is voting in Delhi must watch this! @VivekNayyar09 Thank you so much, Vivek 🙌 @ritz078 Lol. Thanks! 🙌 @ritz078 @_kamlesh_ On point 🤣 @_kamlesh_ Please share. I so much need this. @SwapAgarwal @join_ef Congratulations 🎉 All the best!Don’t sell, educate. Don’t network, make friends. Don’t try to grow your audience, create value for your existing audience.
Retweeted by Sanket SahuExcited to speak at React Europe and share the stage with such great people! 🤩
"You can learn so much on the internet for the low, low price of your ego." -Shawn Wang @swyx This is probably one…
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Thank you @geekyants for hosting us for the #graphql codelab. @samarpanda 👍👌
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @akileshsri @ReallySwara Hey dude, enlightenment me! I would love to learn more 😀
@GantLaborde Yay! Guitarists 🤝 Tabs
Retweeted by Sanket SahuInvites for @jslovers_del #graphql workshop are out. See you all at @geekyants Do carry your water bottle, laptop, and curiosity to learn.
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Design & Code = Music & Lyrics @bwohl @BuilderX Hi Bob, we built BuilderX and we use it internally for mobile app projects. BuilderX doesn't have…
@itsashis4u Yeah, there are two solutions in the SO answer. 1. Using Android's XML file 2. You can wrap the <Pick… @karanganesan @geekyants @sveltejs @SvelteBangalore We are going to start with one of our existing meetup groups, m… @itsashis4u This is a good answer from SO:
@VibhuBanka @devongovett @BuilderX Design goes first. It would be similar to how we used to do things in the Flash era. @twilio @narendra_shetty Wah! Good going, Narendra 🔥 @geeky_writer_ @geekyants @sveltejs @SvelteBangalore Only @kiran_abburi / @_kamlesh_ can do that. 😀 @bobakemamian @fnthawar @Shopify @reactnative @ShopifyEng @Airbnb this is AirBnB's mobile team:
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @geeky_writer_ @geekyants @sveltejs @SvelteBangalore Really! Meetup overdose. @devongovett We are going that with @BuilderX. Mind commenting?Going fully remote was nice, but the real benefit was in going fully asynchronous. Here are a list of the benefits…
Retweeted by Sanket SahuWe have fallen in love with Svelte (@sveltejs). To spread the love, we have a new meetup group: SvelteJS Bangalor…
Retweeted by Sanket SahuHey, did you know that Bangalore loves @reactjs? It's true! Check out @ReactDayIn:
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @NotionHQ @FullstopCoding @wesbos Thank you so much! Once the API to Export HTML is available, I think this will be easy to implement.
After 𝟕𝟐𝟏 commits since Dec 2018, with a combined effort of 𝟐𝟗 contributors and several early-adopters who helped i…
Retweeted by Sanket Sahu @NotionHQ @FullstopCoding @wesbos Hello my friends at @NotionHQ, I would love to give my Notion Docs a friendly dom…
✍️New essay: Two Words Open Source. Inbound Marketing. Black Swan. Purple Cow. Rich Dad. Premium Mediocre. Atomic…
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