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The less talented half of @summercampband. I also made @romcommovie.

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What. The. Fuck. Is. This? Contact your MP today. Now. This is an absolute outrage. People. Are. Dying.
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyThese protesters in Seattle are literally chanting “we don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear” & doing not…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankeyfor any allies posting today, do not use the BLM hashtag - #blackouttuesday is the one
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyEssential reading from Rebecca Solnit on how we should be talking about ‘violence’ - lead with the state violence a…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyI’m rarely more aware of being in an ethnic minority than when reading, watching and listening to the British media…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyFuck Trump
today I’d like to remember and celebrate Sylvester — the Black queer androgyne behind such Hi-NRG hits as “You Make…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankeycan't remember where I saw this but this is good - automatically splits your donation between bail funds…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyWe're here & queer, with a Lockdown Special to go in your ear! With guest @sankles dir. of @RomComMovie. Suggestion…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyElizabeth Sankey’s excellent Romantic Comedy (78 mins) is still on @mubiuk for a few more days. Watch the film and…
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@CasparSalmon Taking full credit @damnitned @jwojwoCan we not go crazy this week? The virus is still out there. Still 8,000 infections a day, still 300+ dying a day,…
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Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @RorMcGror Your mum @RorMcGror I think it is the context @RorMcGror Worked better on WhatsAppblack people riot when their anger over being murdered and oppressed reaches a boiling point. here are some fun re…
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@_stephwatts AgreedIf you can...
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyAt 2.30PM I’ll be making my @wittertainment debut on @bbc5live, filling in for @KermodeMovie and reviewing films wi…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @HelloPaulSmith @heavier_things @wittertainment @edibow 🤩🤩🤩
😢😢😢😢😢 @lem207 hahahahaSo excited @theseahorsefilm about @freddymcconnell becoming a dad will be released in the US by @1091media on digit…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyThis is BRILLIANT: Ghosts at the museum
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @LukeIbbetson Yeah the original poster missed a trick there @Roxy_Hart Yeah you may well be rightMy main takeaway from this is that Martin Clunes puts his food shopping *loose* in the boot of his car.
This is completely fucked @CasparSalmon Cary in her dressing gown and all of the double entendre ❤❤❤❤Don't miss it - a purely silly and joyous comedy with (it seems quite likely to me) two queers in the lead roles ha…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeySince you all love my Uncle David so much, here he is with his husband, my other Uncle David, who makes an amazing…
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@nia_loves_films @CasparSalmon @JosieLong I find Henry so fascinating because it's an example of an actor I intrins… @nia_loves_films @CasparSalmon @JosieLong Yeah I'll allow it but still not as hot as Pacey S3 @CasparSalmon @JosieLong Raise you @JosieLong @CasparSalmon Who the fuck did you like Caspar?! FUCKING DAWSON? Get out of here you're embarrassing yourself @bettyfelon I just sent it to my friend who did the original tweet!! @CasparSalmon Touched a nerve there didn't I 😜 @CasparSalmon Your words don't make sense? @heavier_things @laurasnapes UNDENIABLEPacey will forever be one of the hottest, if not THE hottest, characters on television. You can keep you Jordan Cat… @badmachinery Have you seen this @louisbhose @MissEmerKenny Urgh she's the worst I muted her yonks ago @louisbhose Lol Kate just asked me on insta. It's Essex, I can send u info? @damnitned @jwojwoWe swam in here today and it was so amazing but I still really miss cinemas. @nikeshshukla UGGGHHHHHHHHHH @HackneyAbbott ❤❤❤❤❤
“So, lets get this straight. You were driving, to Castle Barnard, to test your eyesight...” “Yes.”
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @timjonze She's smashing it @samwolfson Love u @heawood You must feel so stupid for not realising!Did anyone else with a small child know that there were special rules for us? I didn’t.
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankeysorry just had bagpipe practice, what did I miss?
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyPestON? PestOFF more like lol I'm here all week @GuyLodge Hahahahahha @jwojwo Boris wanking @rickedwards1 I think Boris is forcing Dom to wear one of his suits and it's comically oversized @jonhillcock 😭😭😭😭😭😭WAS HE WEARING *THE* CHAIN THO DAVE rails in venues wondering where everyone is
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@Yuckband 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌"I realised I had a lot of internalised misogyny about my love of rom-coms." We speak to Elizabeth Sankey about her…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyThis is obviously beside the point but just want to state publicly how much I HATE the "ARD" trackie bottoms he alw… @harrietgibsone Amazing work!
@JeanieFinlay So sorry Jeanie, they are atrocious xx @preetholt Tell me more.wild that jenny harries is a doctor but doesn’t appear to know what a spine is
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyScreaming at the tellyDomestic abuse charities lobbied the government SO hard to allow for a safeguarding loophole to try and stop so man…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @ladyhaja @iainjwatson Gorgeous! @archiebland So great isn't it. Talking about ROADS. @preetholt hey babe! U OK hun?Seething with rage tbh @benpartridge hahaahah Ben! @badambads I know a great place for sausages in Durham @badambads What can I bring?
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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS @emmak151 Thank you! Xx @missbarton @jwojwoSo relieved to finally see the racial politics (and problems) in NORMAL PEOPLE being discussed! And so thoughtfully…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @LukeIbbetson @Schreiberland I dunno, have you ever had shortbread?
I just received a letter of complaint from my 8 year old son 🤣
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyWe went on @Schreiberland's #ShowUsYourShit tonight and I showed him the spell book I made when I was 11 which for…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankeythis is how all zoom conversations start
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyJoin our team! We’re looking for two editorial fellows who are interested in film, writing, feminism, and popular c…
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey10 million views on Inside Cinema for @bbcarts, and series 2 on the way... thanks to all the incredible writers who…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyI wrote about my new favourite old movie from 2003, Peyton Reed's DOWN WITH LOVE for @NewStatesman
Retweeted by Elizabeth Sankey @ellen_godwin Exciting!! I hope the need to pee isn't too bad. Lmk if your hips suddenly start killing cos that's where I'm at right now @ellen_godwin How many weeks are you?
"I think it’s easy to dismiss romantic comedies as frivolous or unworthy of serious critical analysis, and I unders…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeySummer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey (@sankles) the musician-turned-director is on a mission to save the romcom...…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeySo pleased to have a story on the @ShortFiction8 @LiFTS_at_Essex prize shortlist. And that the list is SHROUDED IN…
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@Dante_Banks @EatYourOwnEars @summercampband @RomComMovie @NME @jwojwo @Moth_Club No need for it to be a secret 😉had a v nice chat with @sankles about @RomComMovie (+ lockdown, privilege, and other stuff lost to word count) for…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyHI HELLO. The spreadsheet is done! If you want it, email me and I'll send it to you! Again, I 100% can't get anybod…
Retweeted by Elizabeth SankeyThis is Arthur. He received a letter today from his 10-year-old neighbor, Troy. I’m told he is incredibly flattered…
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