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The Machine from Unfortunate Girl 03 is on the naughty list! mode is on the naughty list. Even using this image hurt my eyes. @ConnorEatsPants @CrypticNoHoes Don't leave me hanging Connor @ConnorEatsPants @CrypticNoHoes Bet.This dog is on the nice list for being LGBTQ+ supportive. I imagined it just walked over to the chalk and barked "… @Wallac3B Definitely gonna try to use this in the futureThese two people are on the nice list for trying to put me on the nice list for putting people on the nice list.… person is on the naughty list for trying to put me on the naughty list for putting people on the naughty list.… too can assist in deciding who is naughty/nice by becoming a discord elf! Afton is on the naughty list. Santa is on the naughty list. @CouRageJD Did you just say NickMercs- @Corpse_Husband I've been working on music a lot, if I sent you something could you judge it honestly? It'd be coo… @AlTheGeneral7 @ClipsoTheAlien @Corpse_Husband @machinegunkelly Tbh I'd rather be called cringe by millions than sw… @LilReply Ayyo dms @yunggravy I mean if you really want me to ok @slickstevie1 AYE THIS A JOKE RIGHT @ClipsoTheAlien @AlTheGeneral7 @Corpse_Husband @machinegunkelly CLIPSO THE HOMIE @theoisasnail Yes @ClipsoTheAlien Probably @Corpse_Husband or @machinegunkellyWhy? Because you're all amazing. @MoonzRhino If I win give it to one of my followers @s8nstan 🎅😈 @SantaDecides2 @MoonzRhino I follow them Wheres my follow me
@ShakeNBake Proud. @SlimJim Nobody can keep up with Jim Jim, nobody. @JakeRyanTweet @MoonzRhino Definitely naughty... @JakeRyanTweet @MoonzRhino Wait I have alts! I know what to doVending machines that get the food stuck are on the naughty list. @JakeRyanTweet I decide what's nice. @JakeRyanTweet Yes we are other me! If somebody doesnt follow they're on the naughty list @ScopeShotzYT NoTurn back on notis yoTeachers who hold their students after class for 5 minutes are on the naughty list. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on the nice list!... yes even Mikey... MAN IS ON THE NICE LIST!!!!! cat is on the nice list! with hoodie is on the nice list! @JakeRyanTweet @MoonzRhino They're only 110 away from 1k!Thank you guys! @Viper_Siren @AlbertTheChair @MoonzRhino Ty!! They already did a transaction with me. I trust 100% @AlbertTheChair @MoonzRhino It's not, just trust @Krisis1k @zaltei @NorCal_Esports Deal @MoonzRhino And we all love you too! Thankful for this opportunity.2k likes and I put snakes on the nice list. 1k retweets and I put them on the naughty list. @MrBeast Heck yeah, snakes are on the naughty list but bread isn't. @SlimJim @VelanteG @JakeRyanTweet You're the awesomest Jim Jim! @VelanteG @SlimJim @JakeRyanTweet Wait When did this happen :0 @LuckyDecides Gotchu @PausedSponge Not one of my best moments @naruto_alt @MrTop5 @Rosey_ishere1 Ty @SantaDecidesAlt @MrTop5 @Rosey_ishere1 Delete this account. @CarlosR IN ME??? @Seapeekay R.I.P @Kay40067239 AND NOBODY CRIEDNickelback and Machine Gun Kelly are on the nice list. @God_Decides Lol hello, could you give my friend the @ please @VelvetIsCake Immortality sucks @VelvetIsCake I just want to be a creeper, that's it. @TheLordDecides Dms @Matthew43724670 I always do. They just end up on the tl.Ho ho hope you're having a good night. ❤Wow @MoonzRhino gives away a lot of money lol. Following rn so the Elves can get a raise! You should too in case y… @The_Nodzy Yayyyy at least you have hope!! @notmrvurb Proud @keyboardHarpist Heyyyy U smile for santa? @bitchofglitch Awww well hey just draw your character then get some rest! Try again tomorrow @_BlossomSkies_ @bitchofglitch Why what's up? @xCermia What's going on? @GetPog No105k people are here, but only you and a select few are still awake. How are you feeling? @ReadSouthall What list you thinkin read? @Etrnl_T @BlondeBoyzDo1n They were saying that there are more isis members that are male therefore calling her that… @NotSoulsLive @Skittles @ZyphonYT @Noname4297 @Lego_Maestro @loefars @ignspangu @sneeckz Very fun!!!! @GooseWayneTV @DogeDrip Dogedrip >>> @kevstuhh @Dragonbombgamin @KSI Oh crap @slackdz @OnePercentHQ Ight time to follow a new person
@Luminosity LETS GOOOOOOO @BadLvckCharmosu @Salih64465031 ...did they? @jschlatt Schlatt I'm not sure if I should put you on the naughty list for this, or to put you on the nice list for… @Luminosity When does the follow thing end? 🥺🎅The person who took my Instagram @ is on the naughty list. If you're wondering why there's no Santa Instagram, it's because of them. @SlimJim @ImLiteralLarry1 Everyone like Slim Jims reply so Larrys ratio has no use! @Alyantdm Dang y'all really jumped on this one lolAnd like I don't wanna just delete a bunch of tweets without any explanation whatsoever so I say I'm deleting themOh by the way noti people, the reason I do "Deleting in ____" tweets is bc I don't want my account cluttered with s… @AXE I ate mine @PcEIitist__ @DieselBusters @verge @PlayStation @PlayAdoptMe @Bl4azePT @CarsOnBluray2 @SammyGoesHowdy Awww they love me @fuck_stuart I'm always on Twitter @TalentLacking @DoorDash Hello! My apologies for how the order was delivered but Rudolph got hungry and is on a str… @fuck_stuart Proof?I think imma hop off Twitter for a few hours out of respect.Rest in peace DMX. You was a real one. Thanks for the years of entertainment. @KSI So it's real this time? @EnclavePRTeam @LegendaryDates U are forgivenPin from BFDI is on the nice list! @PcEIitist__ Did I just get botted lol @Luminosity Hey @SlimJim wouldn't this w look so beautiful on our list of accomplishments?