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2017 Santiago clearly had some issuesI mean… They’re not right, but also not wrong?Listening to a political philosophy class that basically says we can’t have socialism because rich people evade taxes. @duu_oui @xaaavierr @FriedmanGrace My goal in life is to be even half as good at trigerring people as Neera Tanden isIts too early for Biden to be breaking things can we wait till January 20th
Retweeted by Santiago MayerVoters of Tomorrow is wishing President-Elect Biden a speedy recovery after his ankle injury earlier today. We are…
Retweeted by Santiago MayerWhat the actual fuck is wrong with you caitlin have a trickle down economics joke but only 3% of people would get it
Retweeted by Santiago MayerI still occasionally confuse Jake Paul, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.For a libertarian, Rand Paul seems to really want an authoritarian to steal an election.Right now seems like a good time to remind everyone that Trump went to Walter Reed in an apparent emergency and we never found out why @realDonaldTrump Trying to get a pardon? lolInjured Joe Biden can walk down a ramp better than a healthy Donald Trump.Not gonna lie, seeing all the people who bought “Make Democrats Cry Again 2020” merch bitch about how we’re rude to losers is quite rich.Remember back in March when we thought the lockdown would only last 2 weeks? Lol*fliirting* So… do you want to go to DC and see Trump get dragged out of the White House?
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The future is female.
Retweeted by Santiago MayerAt this point it might be easier to put him in a fake White House, tell him Rudy succeeded in overturning the election, and call it a day.The Count was victorious. It was unstopped.
Retweeted by Santiago MayerOn average, the Trump campaign paid $34,483 for each new Biden vote in Wisconsin.*looks around and whispers* Mark Kelly is getting sworn in as a US Senator tomorrow.*fliirting* So… do you want to go to DC and see Trump get dragged out of the White House?The Count was victorious. It was unstopped. we remember that Donald Trump actually lost the popular vote BOTH times he ran?Donald Trump has paid more for recounts than he has in taxes.Just in time for Christmas...
Retweeted by Santiago MayerListen, it’s been almost 19 years and I’m still asking that question.
Retweeted by Santiago MayerMadam. Vice. President.
Retweeted by Santiago MayerSo what I’m getting is that “FBI and DOJ” is trending because the President is a fucking idiot? @happigroomer57 @VotersTomorrow “We WILL see...”Curious about how Gen Z consumes news?
Retweeted by Santiago Mayer @ECMcLaughlin 💙💙💙Okay, so as long as nothing happens to the monolith in Utah, we’ll be fin... oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.Madam. Vice. President. @MerrylJill @VotersTomorrow I couldn’t find her account, happy to follow if you can send a link.Can y’all do me a huge favor? Can you all go follow @VotersTomorrow? We’ve got a bunch of big stuff coming and I… guys won’t believe it, but, Joe Biden is still the winner of the election. Shocking, I know.At least now that the election is over, my anxiety and stress have decreased. !⃝ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹𝘀 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗮𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲. @clairecmc And they said women were “too emotional” to be President… @JoeGuillotin Yeah, It’s basically just a parked domain though. I don’t have the time to… @JoeGuillotin I’m adding it to my website: “Who is Santiago Mayer? Good fucking question." @SophiaShapiro_ @JoshShapiroPA 🔥👏Happy 100k followers @JoshShapiroPA!! I have to admit, your twitter game has really been, as you say, “🔥” recently…
Retweeted by Santiago MayerListen, I haven’t been here that long... But if it’s always Republicans who wreck the country and Democrats who f…, it’s been almost 19 years and I’m still asking that question. Rudy GiulianiWhat do you mean I can’t get a girlfriend by discussing tax policy for three hours?!?
Retweeted by Santiago Mayer @ProgressBar202_ HURRY UP @VitaminDeon “What 3rd century political philosopher are you based on your Starbucks order” @lilpaulyrc Fuck her very very much @0142Gil Mucho más bonito que te digan que buscan a alguien como tú cuando tú estás ahí 🤷‍♂️You guys, r/Conservative is a fucking goldmine.
We’ve all heard about the law of diminishing returns, but somehow, each time Biden wins it feels a tiny bit better than the last.Incredibly excited about this next chapter for @VotersTomorrow. Big things coming.
Retweeted by Santiago MayerYada, yada, yada. Let me fix it for you: Specific allegations were not proven, Massive proof was not shown, Judges…
Retweeted by Santiago MayerI had a Rudy Giuliani joke but I tucked it awayI have an Alan Dershowitz joke, but it doesn’t have its underwear onYou’d think that after 74 years of failed business ventures he’d learn to accept defeat, but nope...I cannot wait to see the kind of ungodly batshit crazy insanity December 2020 is about to bring us.Incredibly excited about this next chapter for @VotersTomorrow. Big things coming. @MaryLemanski @jimsciutto I’m very much aware. I’m pointing out how he’s spent more than a year in Trump properties.Can we take a second to appreciate how Trump supporters and the Trump campaign paid $3,000,000 just so Wisconsin co… @jimsciutto A year has 365 days.Biden cheated by being a decent guy and running against a malignant narcissist who killed 250,000 people through sheer incompetence.I have a Melania joke but I stole it from Michelle ObamaWho the fuck is Jon Voight?What do you mean I can’t get a girlfriend by discussing tax policy for three hours?!? @michaelharperTn @clairecmc I’m going to assume you’re trollingI have a Rudy Giuliani joke but it only works between a crematorium and a dildo storeI had a Sidney Powell joke but Hugo Chavez stole itTrump supporters are really paying to find votes for Biden this is incredible lol @clairecmc I did not expect Claire to be a Star Wars fan. I very much did not expect Claire to be a big enough Sta… the Trump campaign paid $3,000,000 for Biden to get an extra 132 votes. So grateful for all the Trump supporter… @OracleNil Maybe? Idk check back in in a decadeI’m laughing my ass off at the idiots who genuinely can’t understand how Biden got more votes than Obama did in 200… @LynsLeach I do. Them? Not so much.So is Joe Biden a senile old man who can’t string a sentence together, or is he a criminal mastermind who conspired…
I wonder if Dave Filoni’s back is alright. It can’t be easy to carry the weight of an entire fucking franchise all… #ArizonaHearing is being held at the Hyatt Regency Sewage Processing Plant, next to a strip club and a sketchy… #ArizonaHearing isn’t a hearing, it’s a clown convention. Just like Pennsylvania.We’re never gonna find out where the monolith actually came from, are we?Y’all understand that my dog, who I’ve been calling Yodito for like a year, will now be called #Grogu, right? #TheMandalorianHow many times has Joe Biden won today? @KilohanaKona It’s a rite of passage. If you watch the Holiday special, you’re a true Jedi master. @KilohanaKona We don’t talk about the Holiday special.The god. @dave_filoni #TheMandalorian
Retweeted by Santiago Mayer @KilohanaKona It’s a darn good show in general, basically a western in space. It rewards you for watching everything else thoughI’m legit giving Disney $70 a year for the #TheMandalorian alone. @DianaLashua Bruh I’m subtweeting SCOTUS here, Idk what you’re talking aboutI hate to ruin Thanksgiving, but a bunch of Trump 2020 staffers are updating their LinkedIn profiles to “Trump 2024… fact that something this simple is emotional speaks as to just how much moral leadership has been lacking in th… the Pope, the fucking Pope, says you’re taking religion too far, you might be taking religion too far. @MiJoOc76 She’ll 100% be in tonight’s. It was directed and written by Dave Filloni who created the characterMy favorite Star Wars character, #AhsokaTano, is trending 6 hours before she even shows up in #TheMandalorian.*livingThe current President is throwing a temper tantrum and leaving in an alternate reality because his feelings are hur… are thankful for millions of first time voters who showed up and made their voices heard. You are powering a po…
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@LSWalts *coughs in Clone Wars*Start packing, bunker bitch. really don’t like the sun’s new schedule