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@turntdais Yo give me the deets on Alex and Blake. I know you know. Just tell Blake to stop being stupid because it… @blakeps It’s in the pm sir!How stick people became extinct.
Retweeted by Santos Preciado @DzintraSullivan Wtf lol @turntdais @blakeps C’mon he was joking about not having anybody. Wazzup with the toxicity?
@simpkkvno I’m ... not sure how I made it. But fuck it! Rae’s the shit! Lezgo!Stream tomorrow! Not sure what time or what it'll be if I dont get into nopixel but it will happen! Then for sure a…
Retweeted by Santos Preciado
@sonii Sadie. Down with Men! @angmaire They build them in wooden forms and section by section rebar them and pour concrete afterward. That asphalt shit comes last.
@AlixxaPlays Coffee withdraws complete. Congrats. 🥳
@PlaIism How do you know how many views it has, huh?
@AlixxaPlays Gl with the headaches @Thypeachcobbler Me
@Animesh96180782 @DisguisedToast Fuck x. @Animesh96180782 @DisguisedToast Still a dumb af ban. @DisguisedToast One Twitch stream and they get butt hurt. Xqc allows way worse stuff from his chat. You know this i… happened to @DisguisedToast twitch channel?
@DisguisedToast The freedom of Facebook! It’s so powerful, I love it! We should make fb into a country and make ido… @Yassuo I teared up some reading this masterfully written DM. The grammar and syntax are woven into a heart-warming… @ClixHimself @charlidamelio Why’d you at Charli? Lol @QuarterJade @aeriiyu @QuarterJaded Aw! You know they love the art when it’s their wallpaper! @READY_ISHA @agorapovic @DisguisedToast @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno @Valkyrae Disguised Toast always looks like a tire… @DesideriaMesa What’s you mean “How do you know it’s not you?” Like, ‘How do you know if you’re not gaslighting you… @OwlFN_ I am not. Zzzzzzzzz 😴 @szzlcj @BuckeFPS I think Clix’s team actually beat them @AR1SFN @BuckeFPS How was Bugha throwing? He was the only won that clutched up and won them a game solo. @Maddynf Same! I suspect any minute I should doze off but who knows anymore! 😔
@itsraechill Lezgo! @Scoped Nah he gonna win @Khanada @BuckeFPS Make out with him already. @Valkyrae Wooooo! Team "JUDGEMENTAL" Toast!! 💪
Retweeted by Santos PreciadoWhy is this 🔥 @fuslie Fuck them GTA rp haters piece of shits. No one did it better than you. Anybody who takes a video game that…! I’m so ducked proudnof you Leslie. Fuck then GTA rp haters! You’re doing beyond good.
LIVE now!! Playing Siege and taking a shot for every loss! #smallstreamer #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchaffiliate
Retweeted by Santos Preciado @KadeeKate Woo hoo! @jakenbakeLIVE @SantosPreciado4 oh wait that’s myself! @YourFellowArab @blakeps @Quick @EmadGG I’d fucken watch some vlogs from you guys! @ClixHimself To feed you during infancy. After that it’s for sex. @guerrero_ramey Fuck then haters. Remember them when you’re successful and they’re just criticizing people not havi… @AutumnRhodess How the heck did you get one of those! I’m so jealous! @Ninja Hit up Yassuo! You guys would make a hella good duo. @Ewok @forpzy @ClixHimself Ewok! @Laggy777 @ClixHimself How’s that working for ya? @ClixHimself I love “you” guys, or you just love guys? Nvm, whatever. GL today in scrims. @alyssasantora5 @TTfue Daaaaamn! Shoot your shot I guess. Lol @BorisSlocum Depends. But usually when two cultures meet, it’s a good thing. They want to be friends at first, out… @ClixHimself Honestly, as if late, this is my favorite trio to watch. @StephenKing Haha. Nice!Holy cow! Haha @simpkkvno Haha. George has a lot to learn about Corpse apparently. Lolsmh lesson #1: corpse simps for sykkuno first and foremost
Retweeted by Santos Preciado @NoirHayes If my future wife wants a black wedding, I’m gonna give her a black wedding. Goth Supremacy! @agorapovic If you’re not murdering each other, do you even like one another? @JaeMargal Both! @TimHoelscherX Painters for sure. Vincent Van Gogh actually ate his ear off somehow. @TreyStoneAuthor I write horror but never read it much until recently. I wish I would’ve read it more because horro… @jilltalbot The one outside our apartment complex that I tied myself to so I could become cool spy, but immediately… @IdgieStark Are you a witch? Cause if you are, I wanna be friends. :T @g_szawaryn I love dominant women @agorapovic Lezzzzgo! @jordanfisher This how you prove who has noti’s on. @asianjeff Kraken. Be careful when buying. Shit is bound to drop soon,‘along with Bitcoin and Etherium.? @Scoped Hey!! @Safarooniee Matching wallets! It’s fucken beautiful. 😟 @softydwt @brookeab Tina’s so beautiful it actually pisses me off. @LillianRhaine Por que no los dos? @newberg_sean @UnknownxArmy1x did you say this bro? Haha, gawd, I’m funny. @CorinnaKopf It’s bound to go down. @CORPSE Babushka! Btw, no one ever explained what Bingus meant when it was said on prox Among Us. Did it mean “kill?” No @ClixHimself I’m unsubbing for that dumb ass joke. You ain’t loyal. We matched on Grinder. Haha a hah ... ha .... ha. No? Fuck all y’all. @CorinnaKopf ....aaaaaaat! @MaggieGilewicz As opposed to non-physical boobs. Gotta be porn and ebooks! Haha @storiesbybella The noble is one book, ma’am. So you have 149 to go! Lezgo! @AutumnRhodess All nighter now? @StableRonaldo Are they fake? Do you live in the matrix? Do I? @BuckeFPS You don’t watch anime! Loooooooooozer! @DoesGizzy @dimestorec0wgrl 7’8!?! Like for real? @dimestorec0wgrl 5’10 0 piercings Lots of tatts Scorpio (tis true, we toxic that love toxic girls) @CorinnaKopf It’s his bank account isn’t it? Is he single? @mkroghwriting That getup is clean bwo @blakeps Gotta tumble dry them. The heat from the dryer shrinks the cotton. @pokimanelol Yup, you evil business woman! @itshafu @PlayVALORANT And he’s probably a bitch too! @IdgieStark Night Ghosty! @ShorseXfnm @YungCIutch @CorinnaKopf These copy pastas scare the shit outta me. @ShorseXfnm @YungCIutch @CorinnaKopf You see these comments btw. These people about to kill themselves over her. Wa… @ShorseXfnm @YungCIutch @CorinnaKopf Issa joke. @KadeeKate You streaming tonight? @PlaIism hahahahahshaHAHAHAHAHANDKDKDJKSJDJKSJSKSJSJJZHSHWJBZB!!!!!!! Fuck you! @KarlJacobs_ @MrBeastExtra @Corpse_Husband When did he play Minecraft! Wtf @ShorseXfnm @YungCIutch @CorinnaKopf But the pic looked so official! @MarkEGDorey1 @IdgieStark @J_Motoki I’ll fuck the shit out of a vampire.
@IdgieStark Make a story and live in it vicariously. The protagonist name you’ll be projecting onto will be Smordy Ghost. @YungCIutch @CorinnaKopf Yeah link me that article please! Cause it’s bullshit! @robkiernxn @CorinnaKopf You good? I say this with sincerity bro. Find help. @CorinnaKopf Vlog* @CorinnaKopf Tfue? C’mon, Corinna. Give us a clog if you two hanging out. @cutiekkuno @peterparkTV Sykkuno on his neck! Lol @agorapovic Or Sykkuno’s name on his back? Haha