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sentient butter roll aka BEARocrat 🐻. product design @discord. she/her—banner by @301mongu

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@neonusagi Sang also got her on 2nd free 1x pull. Maybe there’s some better chances that way 😂
These free single pulls tho
@brittanyforks holy molymentally i am here @WaifuHunterNyan OwO in the hOwOmenow why tf would Twitter refresh when I’m actively engaging in content?? Well now I can’t find the content!🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡 19 women allege medical abuse in Georgia immigration detention
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅI wanna be genshin impact not genshin wimpactOke was killed yesterday in Nigeria. A beloved son and brother. Rising designer and wonderful human. I'm matching…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅIt’s absurd that there is no official law preventing a president who has been impeached from running for office again 🤨
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅFor months, Uber drivers and passengers in California have received aggressive messaging in support of a controvers…
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looks like Alex Hutchinson is "that guy" Judge dismisses 3rd degree murder charge against former Mpls police officer Derek Chauvin in death of…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @jedmund me Early votes for the 2020 election (47 million) have exceeded the ENTIRETY of early votes in the 2016 elec…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @jaytronzero Gimme some flippy floppies @cli6cli6 Love me some zebra steel pens!! #ReneeDavis
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅfirst of all shoutout to all the social media managers out there. shitposting for work is arduous
For Nigerians in the diaspora who want to help, @WeAreNDAS organized a fund to distribute money to grassroots organ…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅPortlanders: USPS Mail Carrier Spouse informs me that if you don't have your ballot by today, it's likely a mis-sor…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅBiggest crossover made an aoc among us fancam for the tl ✨✨
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @muffinsAKA My favorite quote so far: "You just server muted a congresswoman?!"
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅJoin me, @pokimanelol, @hasanthehun, & more on Twitch TONIGHT as we help folks make a voting plan at…
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Hey @github 👋🏽 how’s it going Hello @natfriedman hope you read this
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅsaving some time and money and just crying about the film now thank you,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds.
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @pumasoksarobot Umami mami have been trained our whole lives for voting. why do you think those ballots are like scantrons!!
@daniel__designs ah that last one really is a rite of passage
@muffinsAKA pog'We are all leaders today': Arrests don't stop Thai protests
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅWays to support the Mi'kmaw #ModerateLivelihood fishery. A (new and improved) thread. [Note: I will try to put wa…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅOh I’ve been on this bird app for *checks notes* TEN YEARS??
Speeches on Market Street #sfprotest
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅFront of the march on Market #sfprotest
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅWomen's Marches Being Held In Washington, D.C., Cities Nationwide
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅBackground on what is happening in Nova Scotia to the Mi’kmaq people
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @kevinvqdam that long tip kinda fascinatingreddit app really put a marquee in there huhI’m inspired by her every day my 13 year old daughter in Washington DC at the women’s March #WomensMarch2020
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅTruth #WomensMarch2020
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ#RBG supporters face off against #ACB supporters outside the Supreme Court at the #WomensMarch2020
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅMi'kma'ki is my home. All of my family & relatives live there. Racist non-native fishermen continue their violence…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ6:05pm These pictures from Lat Phrao intersection were sent to me by someone who wanted to remain anonymous. They s…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅThe enormous crowd gathering in central Bangkok spotted water cannons wheeling up nearby. This is how they reacted:…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ1/ I am enraged. Excellent reporting from WSJ's @dseetharaman and @EmilyGlazer finds that Facebook engineers—with s…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅPlease help us spread the news. This is #whatishappeninginthailand right now. Fully armed police force are using wa…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅthe real genshin impact is the waifus we pulled along the waytfw you get to "the sun goes down" on papercut @muffinsAKA Same tho @gabriewee I’ve done it!! It’s very fun, decently easy. Good luck!
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @swftjack But ya lookin great!What does outside feel like#WhatsHappeninginThailand we are fighting for democracy and in the midst of this fight for decades many people have…
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Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅBless be thy pulls
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ @areyouokAnni never format @Yolo_Tengo this is VIVIDTo all voters, poll workers, election administrators: Have you had or heard about any trouble with voting in the 20…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ#BREAKING: Fire seen burning in South San Francisco. [Photo: @98brgkmp]
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**Stickers are coming to Discord** Stickers are available to our Canadian friends first and will be rolling out gl…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅwe're looking for a senior ux writer to join my team at @discord! please apply!
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅThis is an absolutely gutting read. Not just what has been done to the expertise and reputation of the CDC, but the…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅ we go @avalonstar *nervous laughter*
Meet Trick'cord Treat Bot Trick-or-treaters will appear and you'll have the chance to greet them. Use the right co…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅToday would have been George Floyd’s 47th birthday.
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅMade In the Future, a design fellowship for aspiring underrepresented designers, has been a project that is years i…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅI am getting a ton of inbounds asking “How Can I Help?” With @MITFfellowship The support from the community has be…
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅjust a lil pre-drama is voting an opt-in when it could be automatic. Like it would be easier for our govt workers too if everything… is the only day you can retweet this
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅA witch on a late night stroll 🌙✨
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but when can we get a My Chemical Opera?On #PrimeDay, let's not forget. During the pandemic, Jeff Bezos became $97 billion richer by increasing prices by u…
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@BiancaCiotti thank you 😌 @devnte absolutely — looking forward to the portability and comfort @AndyLunique i need more context into this part of genshin impact or another game?just thinking about my heritage @RedValoroso gacha by the balls @jedmund thank you it's quite comfy and warm all things consideredAND it takes apply pay on iOS? gtfoh 😭 hate how well done genshin impact is on playing across different platforms. "shut down my pc just to play it on…
@CrystalikeC Fuuuck I’m sorry crystal 😭😭😭I’ve learned that drinking blood gives you green lipstick in Jojo S2
@lalalalinna hell yeah yeah yeahs😭💕✨ if planned parenthood was helpful to you or a friend in some way
Retweeted by San ᶘಠᴥಠᶅWouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t gamers - @mangosangohow the debates are gonna go now that they’re online 💀
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