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xkcd: Linguists (I plead guilty). to a new study, music beats sex and drugs when it comes to relieving the stress and sadness of the pandem…
Remember terrorism? Globally deaths from terrorism fell for the fifth consecutive year in 2019
A really good new visual illusion.... birthday, Spinoza! Excommunicated by his Jewish community @ 23, excoriated by greater Christian Europe (even…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerAnother gripping piece by @ericboodman. As a kid, his factory work paid for his dad’s cancer care. As an oncologist… if Trump won’t leave the White House? A hostage negotiator, an animal-control officer, and a toddler whisperer… Trump + Republican Party 2020 = Lucy in Peanuts January 20, 1955 | via @GoComics
Another Russian interview: Кудрявый метод: Стивен Пинкер — о том, как мир становится безопаснее in Forbes Russia: «Насилие нас зачаровывает»: нейропсихолог и писатель Стивен Пинкер о демократии в США и… Better Angels of Our Nature (in Russian translation) designated one of the 10 best books of 2020. Геббельс, Не… we remember events, the emotional peak and the way it ended are especially important. Trump has chosen a pathe…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerThe Enlightenment: The Pursuit of Happiness, 1680-1790 by Ritchie Robertson. (The subtitle of my Enlightenment Now… important counter-argument to the inevitability of great power competition, a Thucydides/Hobbesian trap, etc.
As a new Covid-19 treatment arrives, hospitals scramble to solve logistical and ethical challenges by @ericboodman birthday, George Eliot, novelist and ethicist supreme! “Will not a tiny speck very close to our vision blot o…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerWhen the World Seems Like One Big Conspiracy Bias that Divides Us by cognitive psychologist Keith Stanovich: Superb review of the psych literature on the My…
Charleen Adams @cdanielleadams debunks yet another election-fraud claim, regarding Election Timestamps her Youtube channel. Videos — Helen Sword Sword's Web site: site for Helen Sword's Writers Diet app. @bryan_caplan @OurWorldInData Thank you for sharing!
Retweeted by Steven PinkerThe Writer's Diet: English scholar Helen Sword, one of my favorite researchers on writing style (she coined the del… if Instead of Calling People Out, We Called Them In?
Jeffrey Flier, Former Dean of Harvard Medical School, on This Week’s Good News About the Hunt for a COVID-19 Vaccin… nice explanation here: Benford’s Law Does Not Prove Fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election by Jen Golbe… Benford’s Law (fewer leading big digits) show 2020 election fraud? Forget it: the law doesn’t apply when the t…
Plato, Gödel, Spinoza, Ahab: A new interview with Rebecca Newberger Goldstein @platobooktour on 3:16
RIP Jonathan Sacks, the U.K.’s Inclusive Former Chief Rabbi.
Gary @garymarcus has been writing for years that many AI claims are fragile and overhyped. A new study confirms his…
why is it so many college-educated people have trouble grasping that with the US population rising, it is standard…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerKing David, vile human being. “Appreciating the gulf that separates the man from the myth encourages readers to app… is funny (and we won't try to take credit for the musical allusion).
Not Too Scary, Not Too Tame: Horror Experiences Need To Hit A “Sweet Spot” To Be Enjoyable via @researchdigest
You can study fear in the lab, but in this study, "a large man with a bloody butcher’s apron and a pig mask emerged…
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Chief Humanist Andrew Copson interviews Rebecca Goldstein @platobooktour Boston institutionTommy Heinsohn. A disdain for officials, and a love for Celtics via @BostonGlobeLest we forget. of my session at the World Federalist Movement conference last week (my talk begins around 25:00).
Also out today: The Fabric of Civilization, a history of cloth by @vpostrel Virginia Postrel is Cognitive Psychology 101, and flouting it is a major human factors fail by Google. today: Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science, by my colleague and neighbor Jimena Canales (including… ethical way to alter organisms (thoughtful op-ed by MIT’s Kevin Esvelt). via @BostonGlobe
Why Biden Can Unite America With Nuclear Power — Or Divide It With Renewables via @forbes a hard election, the real work begins, say Harvard analysts and scholars (forgive the lame headline - this co… Trump’s attempt to reject the U.S. election outcome was largely met by silence from Republican leaders in… our case, the autonomy of electoral bureaucracies, mainstream media, the military, House of Reps, state governme… is distributed across institutions. No leader can control every last citizen. As @EricaChenoweth has shown, t… few years ago this scenario would have been terrifying, nearly unthinkable. Yet we're all partying. Why aren't we freaking out?We are technically in perhaps the worst governance crisis in US history. The commander-in-chief, in control of the… Birthday, Quillette, a lungful of fresh air, and congratulations to Claire Lehmann @clairlemon for her remark… hashalom -- sad to hear of the passing of Lord Jonathan Sacks, former UK chief rabbi, a lovely, erudite, and h… metamagically paradoxical genius Douglas Hofstadter devised this cute ambigram. Whichever way you look at it,…
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"Our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses. It is time for our… want to jump into your screensaver? These are the destinations behind them.‘s absurd that when we listen to digital music we’re deprived of info about the musicians, writers, & other metad…
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An excellent suggestion from the past.... experts (that would be Ryan Enos, Theda Skocpol, and me) weigh the good and bad of political predictions…
Take it from a Canadian: When it comes to elections, dull is good. The US comes in last among major democracies in… analysts react to Trump's election lawsuits. via @HarvardWe won't know this without further data, but it strikes me as plausible. What happened in 2020 that could have canc… stressed about the election? It’s not your imagination (insights from my colleague, and occasional guest le…
This means you: For The Good of Our Democracy, Please Don’t Spread Unverified Election Rumors. (Most are from the r… do we make sense of the discrepancy between Betting Markets and Prediction Models? An observation from psycholo… the eminent psychologist David Myers: She Persisted: Lessons From the Life of Judith Rich Harris Truth: A Practical Plan for Putting Truth Back Into Politics by Gleb Tsip... via @amazonVoter turnout has been unevenly increasing over the years, but young people still stay home. Trump tries to steal the election, people will surely protest. But stopping a coup requires more strategy,…
A dynamic graph is worth a thousand words. Superb graphic of COVID Cases since June by state partisanship
My vote won’t decide the outcome, so it’s irrational to vote, right? Think again: The odds are small but nonzero (d… eye-opening feature from @ourworldindata. One graph can show so much. Why is life expectancy in the US lowe…
BREAKING: @JohnKerry endorses #YesOn2! “A yes vote on Question 2 affirms that tradition is alive for the next gene…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerOpinion | Alan Alda: I cannot remain silent as Trump rejects science and endangers lives
An important, cogent, and data-driven argument by @Richardhanania : Americans hate each other. But we aren’t headed… West Wing We Knew by Susannah Jacob, one of Obama's speechwriters (who invited me in for a peek). via @nybooksThis is how far the world has come in the fight against polio. In the 1980s more than 300,000 children were paraly…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerI too loved @NAChristakis Apollo's Arrow (talking to him Friday on my Science Salon podcast) but a small nit to pic…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerWhy fiction is good for you via @BostonGlobe
“You can think of hope as a PPE—a Personal Protective Emotion” via @WSJCO2 Emissions from Fossil Fuels May Have Peaked in 2019 via @TheBTIElection Beat 2020: How news outlets become misinformation superspreaders Kindness of Strangers: How a Selfish Ape Invented a New Moral Code by Michael McCullough, now available as an a… open-minded? Good at thinking in guesstimates? Know what Bayesian reasoning is? Try your hand at rational… Radio 4 - Drama, Fusion Confidential. An effervescent radio play by my oldest friend, Marcy Kahan (we met at 13… Christians Should Dump Trump via @BulwarkOnline
That dog with 1000 words, your cat looking like she's reflecting on free will, parrots saying thanks - is human lan…
Retweeted by Steven PinkerWhy Fourteen Critics of "Social Justice”/woke/identitarian/postmodernist/Critical-Theory illiberalism think You Sh… different kind of interview, great fun. See below for some highlights that Matthew pulled out. fun interview ... not the same old questions. to vote in your state concert by a great blues band — The Stephen Barry Band - I listened to them 45 years ago, before their harmoni…
Planet Word Virtual Ribbon Cutting via @YouTubePlanet Word Opens This Week. Here’s a Look Inside the High-Tech Language Museum.
Even If You Are, For Some Reason, A Liberal, Single-Issue Anti-Wokeness Voter, You Still Shouldn't Vote For Trump
Global Zero Commends Nuclear Ban’s Entry into Force Live | Facebook I'm speaking at a session on a conference on global governance ... now
Far fewer American children attend preschool than in Canada or Europe, but a new study shows that those who do enjo… on the contributions by me & the other authors of the multi-authored PNAS piece on the pandemic and hum…