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Flight Attendant 👩‍✈️Bisexual 💖💜💙 Geek 🤓 Star Trek fan 🖖🏼 Star Wars fan 🎥 Italian 🇮🇹 living in Switzerland 🇨🇭

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@TXTrek @TrekOnTheTube @trekkerprise @Tyranicus @TrekLad @jessiegender @starfleetboy @Boatrek1 @larrynemecek @Captain_Revo And of course, how can I forget Seven 😍😍 @Captain_Revo Deanna Troi on top of the list, then Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, Ezri Dax, Kes, B’Elanna Torres. I couldn… @KitSwink He is! And so are you ❤️
@LizVassey @DavidEmmerichs And gorgeous weather btw! Wow 🤩 @LizVassey @DavidEmmerichs Beautiful! So happy for you, Liz. Happy Birthday 🎁❤️The bday started with a hike up Echo Mountain: 5 miles, and at the top there are the ruins of Echo Mountain Resort…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈Happy Birthday to the wonderful @LizVassey . You’re an amazing actress and human being. Without knowing it, I’ve be…
@FinalFronqueer Most cis are such dumb dumbs... cis is a perfectly normal term just like trans is. @LizVassey @DavidEmmerichs Let’s hope it will be soon! Please feel free to contact me on any platform of your choic… @LizVassey @DavidEmmerichs Good Saturday to you, Liz. This was one of my latest trips to Tokyo with my very good fr…
@AndryPresh You’re too nice! Did you at least leave a message for them not to park there or to leave a number for next time?
@andrewkeates @JoshWichard 😍😂 @Marina_Sirtis back from my trip and I’m so glad it went well, even if we got masks on the all time and we had to q…
Anyone else finds Bajoran women absolutely irresistible? Nerys, Leeta, Laren and Jaxa for example of how gorgeous,… Mayra Ramirez became the first American COVID-19 survivor to receive a double-lung transplant — and she…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @Marina_Sirtis 😂 @Marina_Sirtis a little gift from Japan to you. The view of our beautiful sunset tonight ❤️ @Marina_Sirtis I think it’s more than fair to tell you that I got safe and sound in Tokyo. Thank you for thinking of me, it worked well ❤️❤️I’m sorry ma’am, but as a European I can assure you that the reporters there are far more aggressive than Jonathan…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈
@rebekah_starks @Marina_Sirtis Bekah, you’re the sweetest person ever, my great friend and sister ❤️ Marina, you do… @Marina_Sirtis Thank you so much 🙏🏼 it means the world to me. I know, it’s so scary and I’m so glad you managed to… @Marina_Sirtis I wish you a good start of your week at home. I hope you’re well and that you got things to do to ke…
@SamanthaOttawa I really do! Thank you for sharing it with me. The artist perfectly captured her eyes 😍 @andrewkeates 😘 quite a sturdy tube you sent it in! Thanks for the extra care ❤️ @Sara_21_10_87
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @SamanthaOttawa Oh wow it is so beautiful 😍 @andrewkeates just got home to the best of surprises. Thank you ❤️(ignote the random things I placed on it to make… @andrewkeates @JoshWichard The best Sunday I might say. Glad you had a good day 😊 @Marina_Sirtis traveling myself today, train from Italy to Switzerland 🇨🇭back to my Swiss home. Don’t have the fanc… @TrekLad Awesome, amazing, amazeballs ✌🏼✌🏼 @rebekah_starks I love the look they give each other in the scene 😂 so cute and funny at the same time! @Fred2700 Aww thanks! You too 😊 @Fred2700 @Marina_Sirtis @DarkSublimePlay Got a similar photo with Marina, the same day. You’re a blessing, Marina.…
Let’s check our tweets in the future. #YesWeCanAgain.
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈#YesWeCsnAgain
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈I’ve said it once, I’ll say it 1 million more times, YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!! #COVIDIOTS
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈The @realDonaldTrump and all #Magats, THIS 👇🏽👇🏽
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @Marina_Sirtis 😂 I love this one @Marina_Sirtis glad to see you’re enjoying yourself watching your beloved footy while in quarantine. Much love ❤️A beautiful souvenir of better times. To come back again ❤️⁦@Marina_Sirtis⁩ ⁦@DarkSublimePlay⁩ @Marina_Sirtis @DarkSublimePlay I was just thinking about that, I was there and my phone reminded me of it 😢 @rebekah_starks @Marina_Sirtis Yes absolutely. Like men would know how a woman feels about orgasms... or anything e… @Marina_Sirtis , I hope you had a good trip, not too stressful and that you’re safe in the Uk. Thinking about you, always ❤️ @TrekkieRob I think Kai Opaka would have been very careful with joining the federation but ultimately would have ha…
@theChuck0 Liam Neeson beard is on point ✌🏼Hey @jack why do you keep allowing accounts with a big platform to spread misinformation on the daily? Asking for *…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @TrekkieRob I love this episode, Nana’s performance was absolutely amazing. I think that if Kai Opaca didn’t die,… @Marina_Sirtis Wish I could wear the face shield myself... glad you were all protected! Hope you had a good flight,…
President Obama speaks the truth. I miss having a president too. A person that brings us together. Vote!
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @Marina_Sirtis 😮 you’re traveling? We will all think about you and your safety! Bring extra disinfectant and masks.… @4TerryFarrell Oh thanks for sharing, Terry! I will definitely check it out! @andrewkeates Absolutely I agree with you ❤️ and so sweet! @andrewkeates My cousins cat doing the same thing. poor, disabled, minority relegared to living in the slums/ghettos. Sounds more and more like the DS9 epis…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @KatAndSabrina @Yahoo Absolutely. Every time I see that episode it makes worrisome... it looks like too much of the reality of ours... @AndryPresh It’s just like the pest, absolutely. @starscythe Very pretty indeed. I love your top! @andrewkeates Good Morning, Andrew 😊
@FinalFronqueer Oh my darling, that’s horrible. I’m sending you much love and a virtual hug. I’m so sorry that happened to you. @andrewkeates Always ❤️ @NanaVisitor just saw your performance on Sid City social club, recording on YouTube. You’re as usual, amazing. I n… of our great theater directors- followed him after I read this. Really, now I’d follow him anywhere.
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @rebekah_starks I love it 🥰 you can see her beautiful, deep and thoughtful eyes. And her smile, her gorgeous smile. @4TerryFarrell @Malissa_Longo Nicely done Malissa. Terry, you look great, no matter what! Your eyes are still gorgeous 😍
@SamanthaOttawa Already got you there ;) hope you’re well. @4TerryFarrell @ModoYoga Yoga is so important! For body and soul and for everyone ❤️ glad you’re enjoying it even if at home. @rebekah_starks @Marina_Sirtis @jonathansfrakes Shades of grey!! Love it ❤️
@LizVassey @rebekah_starks Liz, you’re amazing as much as these women, big or small your part in the Trek Universe.… @rebekah_starks @KitSwink @JeriLRyan @Marina_Sirtis @4TerryFarrell @NanaVisitor My connection with Trek was smaller…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @NanaVisitor Such a sweet son, so happy for you. @rebekah_starks @KitSwink @LizVassey @JeriLRyan @Marina_Sirtis @4TerryFarrell @NanaVisitor I agree with Kitty, you’re amazing. @Marina_Sirtis I loved London and I got to love it even more last year. I hope we can all meet there again, soon ❤️The women of Trek, at least the ones I have corresponded with, are some of the BEST role models in the universe and…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈It made my heart sing that you loved my hometown so much.
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈
@4TerryFarrell @NanaVisitor 😍😍 Beautiful relationship you guys have ❤️Happiest of Birthdays @NanaVisitor . I know that this year is a very unconventional one but I hope you can at least…
The fact that swastikas are illegal in Germany but Americans simply go and wear them in public. Disgusting and depl…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈For any fans of #StarTrek, I have created this artwork, inspired by The Wrath of Khan to help me pay the bills, whi…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @LizVassey Coming home this week to see my family ❤️ @Captain_Revo I think i like best 12 and 21 @KitSwink Apple pieBye guys my ride is here! Good luck with the pandemic @JeriLRyan we’ll pick you up at noon, don’t overpack! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈 @MarinaSirtisFan Had to have braces when I was little, from 13 to 17 years old but glad I did, they’re perfect now.…
@AndryPresh Gorgeous 😍😍 enjoy
On Voyager so many awesome guests stars! Today I’m watching the episode with the amazing @GeorgeTakei ❤️❤️
@Mr_Picard Nop... not really. Then the next day I’m sleepy and exhausted 😩 @Mr_Picard Same with me. So sleepy! My mind: @SamanthaOttawa Yeah I know but we were safe at the hotel and only Briefly left for breakfast and Walgreens @_MaryannLyons Hi 👋🏼😊 yes but not much! Being careful and all, so far so good.
@_MaryannLyons happy Birthday ! 🎂🎉 thanks for @MarinaSirtisFan and her beautiful tweet, I can send you wishes as well! Hope you’re well ❤️😘Happy #TrekTuesday y'all! My favorite episodes are Troi eps of every series. "The Child" is my 1st favorite & it ma…
Retweeted by Sara Secco #itsalwaysprideforme🌈
@4TerryFarrell Good Morning 😃 you’re such a busy bird! Well done 😊👍🏼 having a good soundtrack always helps with any chores! 💪🏽💪🏽 @rebekah_starks Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama ❤️❤️
Watching Voyager and guess who pops up: Aaron Eisenberg 😍😍 #nog #wemissyou #amazingactor @Malissa_Longo @LizVassey Same! Everyone else is like “what the hell are you singing” and I’m the only one that hears the music. @rebekah_starks @_MaryannLyons sorry girls, the app didn’t let me tag you in the tweet so I’m tagging you here.Now it’s my time to share. This popped up in my app this morning and made me smile. Miss you all and I just hope th…
@Marina_Sirtis 😢😢 I saw that just a few minutes ago. Made me so sad 😭 @LizVassey Hello dear Liz. Star Trek Deep Space Nine for the past 4 months almost. It helped me so much! Distractin…