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I felt this in my soul
@Scriblit That’s horrible. Thinking of you! Get well soon!! 💗
This is the best thing I’ve seen all day! Man quits Facebook - his family receives an actual condolence card from p… @Amandycat Let’s do some weekend sobbing! @7ellis96 I think you’ve misunderstood how sobbing worksIf we’re IRL friends and I haven’t sobbed hysterically down the phone at you this week, let me know. Scared I’ve missed someone out.
I’m Jewish so my household bubble is a bubbalahOr a bauble. I don’t care which term we use as long as I invented it.This Christmas edition of a household bubble is a BubléGiven that every single one of you has responded with a different emoji or gif, I rest my casePetition for an emoji that’s shorthand for “I have no idea how to respond to that”If you have to say “does that make me an antisemite?” deep down, you already know the answer @RottenInDenmark *laughs in Jewish* @MisterABK I’m still laughing at that visual gag hours later5 Things Wizards Are Sick Of Hearing
Retweeted by Sara GibbsBrb just clubbing a squirrel to death and gnawing on it raw while chucking my faeces at poor unsuspecting neurotypicalsToday in Just Trying to Exist While Autistic, William Shatner advocates a traumatic type of “therapy” designed to m… like and share to show how connected we all are
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Hope I can become a universally adored global icon so I can one day needlessly shit on my legacy 🙏🏻If your Very Sensible Indeed outlook has you reasoning yourself into sharing bizarre conspiracy theories which are… @hughster What’s he doing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ @stand_for_all @vonny_bravo Do it. Say I made you. @EmmaMKCrosbie 😊💗 @vonny_bravo *raises glass* this feels like it might be an autistic thing 🎉 @annaandthering It’s a date!!I am 100% exiting this pandemic dressed like an eccentric elderly dame whose glittering Hollywood career is 50 year… @IamGregP Didn’t have a TV in the house until my teens so unlikelyI assumed he was ItalianWhen I was a kid I thought Gusto was a person who was super encouraging, because whenever anyone did anything enthu… husband and I both dreamed about rainbows last night! WHAT DOES IT MEAN @JessalynSmall Oh no!! We’ll have to find another way to confuse them!I am 100% on board with the T-Rex being the new autism symbol. @awesomebrandi @AndriaMoore2 ...those statements as they sound way off. I also don’t expect NTs to necessarily know… @awesomebrandi @AndriaMoore2 I don’t know a lot about Paige, beyond that she’s a Tik Tok star and that’s so far bey… @AndriaMoore2 Thank you so much Andria, it means a lot that you listened and responded. That’s how progress is made xThis is how it’s done. Thank you so much for listening.
@elsalwilliams Ears. (Yes) @westulon That’s so kind! I can’t speak for all autistic people and the book is just my personal experience, but I… @RegularAvgGuy @EricMGarcia Sorry but when the point of the article is basically “this woman wants people to listen to her” then yeah, it is @cquilty52 I wish I’d done that! But sadly I’m just sitting at the boring top of the stairs @CaroDMcD I’ve taken them off 😂 @lornlornlors They’re Jeffrey Campbell - got them from Free PeopleThe nineties in a shoe @jaxd38 Yes and that’s totally fine - but it’s also Paige’s preference and the article is literally about how people ignore her preferencesIn contrast, here is a rather good article me, the Sia issue isn't just about the film itself. It's also about the multiple levels of ignorance that allow…
Retweeted by Sara Gibbs @ambersalamander Gonna need a plus one for that event, bringing my autismI’m not a person WITH autism. I’m not diseased. I’m autistic. The same way I’m Jewish, not a person with Judaism.If the people sanctimoniously trumpeting to others to listen to us aren’t actually bothering to listen to us and do… Even this Buzzfeed article with its heart in the right place can’t get this shit right. Paige literally says,…’s fans trying to pit disabled people against each other in some kind of suffering Olympics. Not that it matters… this is how Sia’s fans are talking to disabled people. These are the consequences of her “love letter” to our c…
@yourewrongabout @Amandycat @hellomumpy Thanks Amanda! And good god, no! It’s your experience! With my sensory and executive functio… Let’s use this moment to promote nonspeaking/AAC user voices! Here are some powerful advocates I follow right…
Retweeted by Sara GibbsAnd for the record, Sia, I’m disabled. Not differently abled, not special abilitied, not someone to pat on the head… don’t have a lot more in me right now. I’m drained from fixating on this. I can’t bear the thought that in future… @vonny_bravo Sending love, Vonny. It’s completely disrupted my life to be honest. I’ve lost sleep, shed a lot of te… @fodderfigure I know. It’s horrific. I felt such a burden of responsibility writing my book. It felt like a fragile… Sia, we are just a passing fascination - a concept she’s always had a “thing” for. For us, she has bulldozed yea… that’s when it’s MINE to tell. This story doesn’t belong to Sia. Yet she’s treated it with all the care of a we… thought of the weight of responsibility I’ve felt this last year explaining my own heart, my own brain, my own li… I thought of the damage this will do for future generations of autistic children. I thought of the year I’ve s… don’t know if I’ll ever be able to explain how it felt to watch that trailer. The visceral pain of being patronis… don’t know what to say to the Very Sensible crowd who think this whole backlash is manufactured outrage. I don’t… after “three fucking years” of research you’re still using functioning labels, you’re either lying or you haven’… in your “three fucking years” of research, you haven’t come across the notion that Autism Speaks is widely regar… you can’t even provide appropriate accommodations on set for an autistic actor to not become so distressed they… you are so ignorant about disability that you can’t even say the WORD disability, preferring patronising alterna… claims to have spent “three fucking years” researching autism. Three fucking years in which she didn’t learn on… can’t count the number of late-diagnosed autistic people I know who cite not being like Rain Man as the primary r… disability isn’t just another art project. It’s not just another role for an actor to sink their teeth i… know what? No - it wasn’t my last word on the subject. I have been distressed about this Sia stuff for days. It…
She didn’t want to have to talk about us like we weren’t in the room - so she shut the door to the room and locked us out.Her whole premise is about us (shock) being people, actually. Magical, inspiring people, she seems to think. Yet st…’t want to talk about us like we’re not in the room? Bring us into the room & listen to us. Bring autistic write… is my very last word on the subject, I promise. But I just watched an interview with Sia where she said it’s c…
@TudorAcid Thank you! Not really back and by no means better just been in proper tears today over this and felt lik…’ve been thinking about this all day and it feels somewhat like Sia had no idea autistic people have actual though… message to all fellow disabled creatives feeling affected by the Sia debacle today: our voices are valid, vital &… true colours on display here and they’re not pretty. I’m logging off again now so won’t be able to reply but b… @Sia Your behaviour around this has been alarming. How dare you heckle the community whose story you’ve hijacked? H… I don’t hold out much hope for a movie about autism made by someone who supports an organisation most autistic… also please remember that autistic people will have had to fight and work infinitely harder to get to the top o… please - please - PLEASE - if you, a neurotypical person, want to do an autistic project because we fascinate yo… they don’t ‘ring true’. Our own, lived experiences don’t ring true. Why? Because they don’t resemble movie aut…’m not saying MY projects were it, but every single autistic creator I know has a story like this. It means there’…, every time a neurotypical person makes an autism project, they are taking up space. I have had multiple autis… different? I don’t recognise myself in any of the autistic characters written and played by non-autistic pe… the world. This not only damages the way the world views us, creates more stigma around us & paints us as some… time a non-autistic person makes a project about us for art, it sets us back in numerous ways. The first is o…’m really not supposed to be here. I’m currently not well enough to be here. But this Sia movie has been brought t…
Taking a couple of weeks off socials & messaging services to get my pain stuff under control again. I’ll be back 30…
Same energy #TheCrown @TudorAcid That’s a while off for me yetPetition for a @yourewrongabout The Crown season 4 watch party @1rorycowan I’d say it’s the most common response I get @elsalwilliams I’m the chilli hot chocolate. Sweet with a kick.“You’re autistic? You must be very mild” favourite type of tweet is the “OMG this blew up” follow-up tweet after something unexpectedly goes viral, thank…