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Sara Alfageeh @SaraAlfageeh SF, Boston, بيت ابوي

I talk a lot. Draw a lot. Co-creator of SQUIRE (Harper Collins 2021) // Producer @play_multiverse // She/Her // contact at

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@tonikopantoja @SamuelDeats Shitposts as in absurdist humor, dumb jokes. Essentially letting your professional pers… @_DaanishSyed inteereeeesting. I had been meaning to check it out but all the tickets were sold out. This makes me… @joshcornillon Peter Parker unable to monetize his Spidey social media hits because linking a bank account would re… @joshcornillon My headcanon is Peter parker barely scraping 500 followers on his personal IG, but is the hottest shit as Spidey.Millenial content creator Peter Parker we love to see it Showreel is finished! Having never picked up a cinema camera until September 2019, I'm excited about the progre…
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@EricaFails When u don't do the reading @almag1cc @imzeferino Fatma when did u change ur profile pic u look great @imzeferino @almag1cc @writejessr Local House Wife Knows An Oppurtunity When It Presents Itself @almag1cc Dont say brazil, theyll hear uMe, a goblin, scrambling through the metaphorical window not realizing the door was unlockedThis is so much of illustration
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Trungles I am the kid arab dads are using to set the bar-- I'm both so sorry and so relieved @badlanas @saladinahmed It really is the best time to go into creative industries, there are oppurtunities everywhe… @badlanas @saladinahmed With every baba approval I grow strongerMajor baba energy @Taijuey same. sometimes u just need to get a direct feel for WHY something works @sumi4prez I was so mad @sumi4prez god I nearly confiscated my mums phone over a screenshot from The Onion about a guy who apparently "left… @JennRavenna it be like that
@kevinjaystanton the hiighlights on those greeeens aaah @Trungles when will we stop being cowards @Trungles I can only dream of what it would be if it was picked up by Adult Swim @Trungles desperately want it to be actually fun style, but a comedic adult cartoon? definitely the networks will play it safeWatch the whole damn thing, I have not laughed at something so hard all week this wiped me outI AM WHEEZING @sstarkm @DannyAraya Im losing my goddamn mind @karekareo kami if they don't hire you I will lose itrt-ing bec of #TheZoneCast news! ! ! there will be??! an official version??!!!!
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@brosandprose I got off of pneumonia where I was coughing pretty intensely for like 3 weeks, and it happened to me… @Taijuey those landmark-ey points where bone and musculature connects are the only thing that's relevant to know of… @Taijuey Yep, but I actually found that learning that anatomy stiffened me up though if I didn't try to apply that… @puppypetter2000 that's actually cheaper than the quote I saw in Boston, I was gonna dish out around 800 there, but… @puppypetter2000 I have short stubby brows and have been dying to try it aaah is there a place in SF you recommend?… @youssefmaguid It's....actually good and fun as hell???? I can't believe it. @EricaFails @DandiaAsad @lucaless fire emblem is the top nintendo game internationally so???? why yall surprised@ everyone annoyed with another Fire Emblem character in smash, listen I hear you I understand but also yall can Stay MadI have found my new main. @d20plusmodifier sweet expansion pack dudeThis pictures just told me "Halat bit shoof"
Retweeted by Sara Alfageehmy book is for yall first and foremostArab kids will know.’re beyond excited to announce that #TheZoneCast Balance arc will be an animated series on @peacockTV
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @almag1cc UK MUSLIMS REALLY LOOKING OUT FOR US @almag1cc this is everything we wanted Ramy to be6 EPISODES PICKED UP YOOOO is so good oh my god where has this been said end 👏of👏list👏 @imzeferino Incredibly fair. Brenden Fraser acting encapsulates an entire medium on its own tho. @notstevely Burdensome.Complete list of perfect movies that cannot possibly be improved on: 1) Disney's Mulan 2) Into The Spider-Verse End of list.#portfolioday again! hello, i am kit mills, a queer & trans illustrator, comic artist, & designer. i'm available fo…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehEy, it’s #portfolioday! I’m a visual development artist for animation, with experience doing background painting as…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageehtwo can play at that game
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @TheNazzaro is it really 10k?? I have been hovering around 9k and had no idea that was a thing @jacklarsonok It definitely exposes me as Very OnlineI've never been more relieved that a joke flopped @somaiyadaud Just the one?If it helps, I did hesitate before postingYour Republican Girlfriend Retweets Your Twitter Reply To Elizabeth Warren [ASMR] (Positive Affirmation, Sleepy)the gun girl is anti-socialism which is funny considering she keeps on getting publicly owned
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Very sorry to discourse bc really, the topic of “Art Style Theft” as a whole feels silly and juvenile, but I actual…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @matiasbergara Oh absolutely @cathygjohn Youre speaking directly to my spirit @NoahMacMillan the text message is the stuff of nightmares to me. I once found out instagram published my personal… @SAChakrabooks send those kiddos off to collegeunpopular opinion: I prefer phone calls if the client isn't used to working with artists. Save myself the 37 emails. @foxville_art anoosha I am deceased this is preciousHere is my first short film, Remember Me. Shot and directed by me, by the help of an amazing crew, with an origin…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehLovely weekend with these fantastic, creative and inspirational women in Aspen, CO!
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Beavs Lmao lawful evil "this is valid way to reach me but I don't have to like it" @ArtofNickRobles Nick Please We need it @neonlanterns @Trungles Yep, I need a structured learning environment and think best in discussion. I'm too extrove… @Trungles Aaww I really appreciate that!! Main thing I credit for art school ed is the grear art history professor… @Trungles For real, my imposter syndrome gave me the drive to take advantage of all that stuff. I felt so far behin… @Trungles I went to a different art school that was more technically focused for a semester to compare the experien… @Trungles I think the main pro to being in art school was exactly that. Low pressure practice and room to try techn… @twilight_crows that obvious huh 😂 @Trungles can I ask what kind of stuff you assume other people know because of their formal art education? I stil… school secretary took off the top buttons of a brand new sweater with a box cutter because it was out of un… @rhineville You work freelance to protect the rest of us🌿 @EricaFails LOL it's just between me and my two friends the options are limited @rhineville It has really divided us, between "I'm not gonna touch any of it out of fear of reprisal" to "I'm gonna just eat it all"Battle of the Shared Workspace Muffin @MazenNashat GRAFFITI ART FOR ABDEL HALIM HAFEZ LMAO WHAT A CHOICEThe cropping The styling The distorted title, and mismatched subtitles The color choices I hope that one day I am… school egyptian music is so good, but I'm really here for these truly timeless album covers. are only 10 types of movies. (A short thread) 1. Orange and blue action
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehIn my spare time I love to paint small landscapes with a fantasy/fan art flare You can contact me for freelance a…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehIs it too late to do this? #PortfolioDay Heeeey my name is Eddie and I like doing a bunch of stuff, but mostly envi…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehSo glad to have spent the weekend with the most amazing views and fellow artists. I feel so excited and refreshed t…
WIP of my favorite boy.
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @joshcornillon @optyck OH MY GOSHMy only gripe is I couldn't stand Rebel Wilson's character. The drunk flambouyant captain was also played for goofs… yes bright colorful found-family story that lets a kid take charge of their world in all their wondeful absurd…