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Sara Alfageeh @SaraAlfageeh Boston, بيت ابوي

I talk a lot. Draw a lot. Co-creator of SQUIRE (Harper Collins 2021) // Producer @play_multiverse // She/Her // contact at

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@NotLikeFreddy My favorite trope???? My favorite trope. @ArtofNickRobles the moootiooon, the composiiiition aah
@retnolaras @koenigcochran Of course, it's a physical and mental exercise. But drawing practice needs to be supplem… @koenigcochran Yeah for me it's not a calculable thing. Not to sound artsy fartsy but taking a walk is working on a…*been drawing Attention to detail is not something I've improved on this past decade @koenigcochran I don't really think it matters how many hours you just spend literally drawing. A lot of improvemen… illustrators are doing a comparison of their work from 2010 to now. I have not actually be drawing a full deca… @cyanparade Mostly on weekend ahaha, we dont have time to make fresh bread every morning. But zaatar and oil tastes… @cyanparade That's a staple in my house! My mum gets home made zaatar straight from our relatives in Jordan. Made w… was finals week pulling late nights in the screenprinting studios we needed all the god we could get ok most active da'wah I've ever did was getting white friends in college hooked on Sami Yusuf(People who pick Kylo Ren as their fav when Finn and Poe are RIGHT THERE)I'm wheezing @rfarrowster and I made the same exact analogy at the same time when complaining about star wars fans @yoshisquared So glad to see it come together at the end (and still keeping my eyes peeled in case we hit the final… my kickstarter sprints to the end, want to thank everyone that made this possible. I couldn't have made it with…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @arvalis Yesssss- you really nailed it. This is the kind of feeling that made the Pacific Rim movie so fun for me.Cover art and linework for Mulan: The Legend of the Woman Warrior 🌸⚔️ (You order the book here!:…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @TheNazzaro The goal is to survive @Gothsalts 🚀👽🚀👽🚀👽🚀👽🚀 Thanks for supporting the project!What is a movie that is terrible not because it failed to execute, but because it succeeded in exactly what it set out to do?
Can Amos and Prax have a happy lil family yetNew season of The Expanse?????? @GWillowWilson if my jeans do not reach my 3rd rib I refuse to put them on @RobotJQ thank you!! definitely feel stronger in my character acting this year 💕💕some faces happy to report that all the holiday cards I've ever received from friends have been delightfully corny family photos with their pets.One christmas tradition I actually am wildly surprised, and genuinely impressed, is real: sending out holiday cards @fahmida_azim this is the christmas special Ive always neededConcept: a Christmas movie starring all the people who don’t celebrate Christmas and how they navigate the season
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @shannondrewthis @Scholastic @GraphixBooks @SeaEileen @toastasaurus @varianjohnson HECK YEAH SHANNON @ComicsisPeople 25 whole dollars well gosh golly mister, where do I sign. @softsadpoet Thanks so much for supporting the work!! So glad to be a part of your joy :DI GOT SOME STUFF FROM THE ALHAMDU KICKSTARTER AHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! i’m geeking 🥺 @SaraAlfageeh i’m over the moon !!!!!
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Trungles @JennRavenna "I'm not your enemy and also I'm very tired" @JennRavenna Lol this reminds me of a time I said tumblr is fine for portfolios so long as it is easy to navigate a… @Trungles There Is No One Right Answer, Don't Sweat It is the energy I try to combat it with, with limited success @Trungles Yes. @JennRavenna I'm very confused, what do folks lose by having their work up there in addition to other website/socia…'m not trying to be like "hurr durr technology is evil"...but there is so clearly a disconnectIs it a show of human resilience that people pivot to humor so quickly in the face of horrible events, or has our a… @TimMcElreath @Mipsterz Niiice! Thank you for sticking with the project, and always being a vocal supporter of the work!
I'm gonna wake up and keep trying to do good and so are you and nobody gets to vote on that.
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @nadiyahrs I really like it too! @danielwarren86 @MENALibAHS I actually never watchrd LostI don't trust girlboss companies who use intimate gal pal language with their workers any more than I trusted techb…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @laurasaurusrex Did you watch The Boys? I think I'm having difficulty bc while that show still throws everything at… @laurasaurusrex thats the thing I dunno anything about the comics, and can't help but feel like I'm watching an eas… @MENALibAHS People are all saying ep 6 Am I really supposed to watch 6 hours of tv not understanding what is going down(I'm halfway through ep 2)at what point does hbo watchmen start making sense
Astronaut mom and Lunar Boy fashion collection 💛💖
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehI wasn't going to do this, because debuting on the NYT bestselling list seemed cooler before I hit it, but hey, bei…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehI don't have the time or energy to be in fandom, but will assign a friend to filter out all the nerdy gems for me a… @almag1cc @itsDeenasaur once I figure out how to style it ok!!!! @almag1cc @itsDeenasaur mine sits on the corner of my work desk because I have a tiny headFinally got around to listening to TAZ Graduation. I highly recommend listening to it. Everything about it is so fu…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Trungles I'm sad that I drifted away from manga once I hit like 17/18. It was that visual literacy that ended up h… @Trungles This was me for squire, suddenly digging deep into all the shounen I read in high schoolSeasonal office views to everyone who didn’t back the @Mipsterz Alhamdu Kickstarter because I just got my pin today and it’s sweeee…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Peter_Wartman love to design things and be like "thats someone else's problem" and that someone else often is me @Manda_AMSBT Leo was also such a nice surprise!! I expected him to be edgy and annoying, like the blondie from Yuri on Ice @Manda_AMSBT Stupid and pretty and unashamedly CARES SO MUCHPromare was a lot of funGalo Thymos: *breathes* Everyone: did anyone hear an idiot? Was that a goddamn idiot? Was that a stupid useless idiot?
@TheNazzaro Big moodAre you in the right headspace to receive feedback on your client work that could possibly hurt you?This is part of the reason why I never mind long commutes, especially if I can do it by trainI'm a morning person because I want like 3 hours of nothing before I actually get started doing work for the day.We’ve been working on this one for a long time, and at last @ozm is proud to present THE INFLUENCER AND THE HIT MAN…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Brendan_Moon ARE THEY REALLY? nooooooo, I had to drop out of my table this year because I'm traveling for other work. @thalassians @Mipsterz AAYY NICE thank you so much for sticking with the project ❤❤❤aaaa i got my backer rewards from the @Mipsterz alhamdu kickstarter the tote is amazing and the print’s colors are…
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehIt is just so damn DIFFERENT than anything else on TV and I love how delightfully weird it is too. Homelander is… Boys is some of the best TV I have ever seen. This show so perfectly nails American attitudes, trademark symbol… @rosiebee555 Right on the lapel! I am honored. Thank you for supporting the project!HUZZAH!!! Most excellent pin has arrived! 😍
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh @Lexxercise Things I've learned: - Leave room for names - Leave room for improv - Leave out your username so your… @dancingofpens Honestly yeah, and most friends who do work fulltime in a creative field do not have any energy for… @Lexxercise Seeing everyones extra categories is such a joy
@sciencecomic God if only art direction could be that straightforwardNobody gotta know you can't draw kneesComic artist thrills: The adrenaline rush of knowing you can cover a hard to draw area in a panel with a word bubble @NotLikeFreddy I cant pin point why I didnt like guardians but something just didnt click for me. On the other hand… @NotLikeFreddy maybe less than popular opinion: Thor is the only MCU superhero whose first movie I enjoyed, and wou… @NotLikeFreddy what was so brilliant about Ragnarok is I still fully believed thor had the capacity to be that dumb… @SAChakrabooks @Mipsterz ahhhh thank you Shannon! Glad it made it to you safely :DSome excellent mail from @Mipsterz with lovely art by @SaraAlfageeh
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehRealism isn't better. Static isn't worse. Improvising isn't messy. Let gooooo, be freeeeeeeeIt has been fascinating to see how different artists have done these, and assigned value to certain traits. None of… went in absolutely blind, and that's definitely the only way to see that movie. Didn't even see a trailer, friend… was such an interesting and wild movie and I love how the house itself was such a key character @Beavs The horse emoji ahahah perfect
@kevinjaystanton @sbosma SAME HERE. The knight lecture piece is one of my all time favorites.Man, @sbosma chewed up every single editorial illustration he ever did (and I think about these pieces all the time)
Retweeted by Sara AlfageehAdulthood is bringing ibuprofen as ur only snack for the movies @apbeeZah Essentially how ambiguous or clearly is a story being told. @BionicConscious I know what I want ok at least I'm being honest @johnleedraws 😂😂 I was trying to think of a way to phrase work style like hyper focused or short bursts of energy i… to come up with my own take on Artist Stats! Would love to see how you work