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I talk a lot. Draw a lot. 🌿Co-creator of SQUIRE (Harper Collins, 2022) 🌿 Co-founder @play_multiverse (YC W20)🌿 She+Her 🌿contact:

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If y’all don’t start asking marginalized creators about their craft, storytelling, character building and all that…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskI was about to photoshop a bad drawing of a butt on to a stock photo of a white hand using a tablet, but I CANT DO… have been paying 10 bucks a year for creative cloud using my college email and now the scam-- sorry my ambitions… @Photoshop what does a girl gotta do for a creative cloud sponsored membership @juststeffiart @AmyTaraKoch @nytimes YESSSHey y'all it's #ArtMubarak ⭐️ I'm an award winning Jordanian-American creative director at @play_multiverse, and an… #ArtMubarak!! i’m an 18 yo muslim art student from indo :-) uh i draw a lot of characters........ ✨links -…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Maskhello I'm Ziyed I'm Tunisian Amazigh and I draw for a living #ArtMubarak I do commissions every two months or so an…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskHi everyone! I’m a 22 yo Lebanese-American concept artist. I love painting clouds and rocky environments :)…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @clementeworks *crowd boos* @clementeworks Sky guide!!!!! It is so cool, I can’t believe it is only 3 bucksGuardian...... of the Alpha Bootys Y’all the gift that keeps on giving last night we saw this star in the sky and pulled out my fancy pants star guide app to figure out what it was ca… @Porecomesis @Lazarus0024 This is the oneThank u to the 7 people who found this funnyHaving one foot in comics and one foot in start ups means I sometimes can’t tell when VC means variant cover art or venture capitalistHowdy #ArtMubarak! I’m an Algerian/Berber Muslim writer and narrative designer who wants to include more Muslims in…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskBillie Scott is an artist. Her debut gallery exhibition opens in a few months. Within a fortnight she'll be compl…
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I respect people who have figured out how to use diva cups more than I respect the troops
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask[BAÏDIR] Help us to bring this amazing project to life! PLEDGE FOR OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN NOW >>>…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @almag1cc Lol no we are about to go on a hike ahahah but FOR YOU I WILL MAKE TIME @MafazAlSuwaidan I’ll ghost tweet for u @almag1cc Join usssssbeen gone
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @rfarrowster I need to rewatch this movie he was brilliant
@danielwarren86 We must be the change we want to see @fawnrelic NOW WE ARE TALKINGself serve"your adventuring party reaches the tavern, what do you order for the table?" "yall got some earl grey or some shit?"creeping shariah in my stories because I refuse to mention beer and ale in my fantasy conceptsthey sell fruit punch google docs makes me feel like I’m using caveman tools now We were such simple creatures!!!!It’s a Saturday morning and all I can think about is how Notion is the best product in the world
Call out post for this movie!!!! Here are reasons to really avoid supporting this film! - scene where antagonist i… is problematic because people (tw:death) die @Megcurdy @spelkollektiv Megan this is such chaos @HassanOE Omg I have this comic printed out in a newspaper format it is AMAZING @heyjenbartel that teal is just breathtaking @the_trq @play_multiverse many.....misspellings in the art direction..... @paulheaston Couldn’t have done with them, or without them ❤️Sara this is big aries energy and I love it
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @runwithskizzers IT REALLY BE LIKE THATOk but what if instead of a “Dedicated To” page in books we started writing “In Spite Of” @studioanisa im so very curious ahahah happy to help!! @studioanisa WAIT WHAT 👀👀👀 CAN YOU AT LEAST SAY WHICH PIECES 👀👀👀👀👀 @rhineville This is a great outfit, love that pattern! @karekareo @seokthestallion I have the fits but I don’t have the photo shoot quality ahahah @itsdeenasaur Sebinarsomeone recommended me: Dhan (IG:dhanilliani) she's so creative
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @karekareo @seokthestallion I HAD NOT SEEN OMG @Cy_lindric I make way more money on inprnt with the same level of nonexistent effort I put into red bubble
@DommiFox Yeah it was definitely....mighty motivating in art school to know there was no room to fuck this up ahaha… @DommiFox Hello to fellow breadwinner artist kid @Nadia_Shammas_ @kevinpanetta Of course you were immediately summoned by this tweet too 😂 @kevinpanetta People still talk about her like she’s a newcomer and it is absolutely baffling @rfarrowster You are a solid 3 @jmjafrx @wellreadblkgirl Can I ask what the source is for this quote if it is to be properly cited?"So much of the work of oppression is about policing the imagination." Saidiya Hartman
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @SebastianPiriz I do have a patreon but it’s just a tip jar at the moment! I don’t have time to maintain new projec… @kecia_ali @aaolomi At this point I should be getting a marketing check but I should also mention all eps are coming to Netflix in a week!!! @kecia_ali @aaolomi YOU DESERVE JOY All 4 books of Korra are great. As a heads up they have a different animation… @Ghadaaax Is color.... not modest???Did you know that breathing and literacy are pre cancerous conditionsIf lip balm doesn’t work, consider that you may be actively dyingMe: how do I deal with chapped lips WebMD: chemotherapy @trufelman Oh HELL YEAH @JennRavenna This is absolute joy oh my goodnessNext stimulus needs to be $20k, a pound of weed and a large sword
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskMy #bettercartoon pitch. Make CODA a series. That's the tweet.
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskA thread about the life and wisdom of Kenji Ekuan, designer of the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle.
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @EricaFails If not now, when @SpiralShark Lol it’s very quiet and not great if you are terrible at keeping numbers in order. However, I was alwa…'m a lil bitter about my education, but getting paid to do all this art digging and comics recommended, and illust… @matiasbergara who gave u the right to make such beautiful pagestbh the best thing that ever happened to me as an illustrator was getting to work in a library in college. Who woulda guessed.LRT diversity can't be just one to one projects as in "that creator's identity lines up with this character's ident…
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Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @almag1cc Keeping this for future debates @almag1cc This is horrifying oh no 😂😂😂 @almag1cc Oh no that mean I’m gonna get lectured too @almag1cc I wanna read before I write the obituary @ComicsisPeople @careydraws @McElroyFamily @Inkwellmgmt @01FirstSecond AAAYY @kevinjaystanton WOAH @almag1cc I'm finding conflicting information on this because some of the videos are claiming it is UAE, but also v… sweet summer coconut water ☀️🥥
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A Mask @gotou55 these are so much fun!!! @YingjueChen this is so awe inspiringgo ahead and draw the same portrait looking left 450 times, who gives a shit just repeat after me, ash hadu ana, cmon now do I have a religion for u @trevorbasset what do I do to get to design a blanket, theyre rad as hell @tha_rami aaaaahh I was dying to get this one
@matiasbergara That’s the charm of it! @matiasbergara If we ever find each other at a con I wanna give you a mini portrait in return for sure this is great 😂I was throwing away doodled scraps of paper to reduce the EVER-MOUNTAIN of sheets at my desk and I almost lose this…
Retweeted by Sara Alfageeh says Wear A MaskI have a deep love for repeat-after-me kids books but should do a test run to make sure parents don’t hate me for h… @DevinElleKurtz Thank u I came up with it right now while vacuuming and now it’s all I wanna doIt’s called Basma Goes Blargh and it’s about different kids all over the world saying good night to the monsters under their bedMe: man I’m really stretched thin by the creative projects that dominate my time and as satisfying as they are, I’m… @victoriaying I would really really really really wanna read that