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Sara-no-h Alfageeh @SaraAlfageeh Boston, بيت ابوي

I talk a lot. Draw a lot. 🌿Co-creator of SQUIRE (Harper Collins, 2022) 🌿 Co-founder @play_multiverse (YC W20)🌿 She+Her 🌿contact:

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@_DaanishSyed It’s such a great time to be in games and only getting better 💛 @JennRavenna MMMMMMHMMMI am incredibly thankful and lucky to have so many women in my life who I can look up to and grow with personally a… @almag1cc I’m stealing that cardigan @paulreinwand It is so goddamn breathtakingThe jerk in question times accurate Diana ⭐ #dianaprince #wonderwoman
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh⭐️NEW VIDEO⭐️ Today we are talking about PORTFOLIOS: A guide on how to design/build a folio to get you hired!…
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One of our Discord members got everyone to collaborate in writing "d100 books that you'd find in the Occult Club li…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h AlfageehI’m taking a train for one of the very few instances this past pandemic, and there is a guy clipping his nails at t… @JazzlynStone Boston....why do you need to know how to catch a snake?!?!!
@The_StephC Shoulders on gals
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh @JennRavenna YEAAAAAHHH JENN 🎉 ❤️ 🎂 @zoethorogood @PlayOverwatch @DarkHorseComics @Blizzard_Ent this is great!! @princenquinn thank you!Thinking about my old notebooks from college. Sketching helped me focus really well on what was being said, just lo… I can’t wait until I’m done with drawing this book so I can go back to actually enjoying other people’s graphic…
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how do religious speakers learn to talk with uppercase lettersHello webcomic creators (and readers)! Is there a reason you guys prefer one platform over another? Like webtoons vs tapas vs something else
I'm a simple person. If your story gives a girl a sword, I wanna know more. @MaraJayneC I’ve been like this for a WEEKNo gods no kings just Victorian Semi Decorated With Fearless Drama and Teal AccentsI’m getting sucked more and more into home decor inspiration Pinterest boards please someone stop me @danagasta1 if you have an ipad, that very easily becomes a drawing tablet! I recommend using that, although my fir… drew my antagonist and realized this meme was the same energy glasses come off to reveal this where I take off my inch-thick glasses main reason I hesitate to get laser eye surgery or wear contacts full time is because this is how I sign things… @youssefmaguid You but with a rotisserie chicken
@victoriaying Oh my gosh this is stunningI sit here lurking, waiting, watching until someone eventually drops a visual archive I need for drawing references.I follow a fair amount of historians and academics and I never know what any of you are saying but I also want to f… I have to see one more close up of the decaying corpse king himself Rudy Giuliani I'm going to delete my twitter
Come hang out out on twitch! We're building an occult club dorm spooky level at @play_multiverse with lead artist… @faqihahahaha Literally everyone I know agrees 😂 good to know my twin is fighting the good fight @youssefmaguid I’ve been working on my American dialects to blend in @thanaetos It’s a shame I don’t know how to do eyeliner like that swear I get tagged anytime y’all see a girl in hijab and large frame glasses ;_; am streaming later today for @play_multiverse !!! 🙈 ⏰8 PM UST - 3PM EST - 12PM PST We'll likely be building an O…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h AlfageehDeeply envious of my cat whose entire day consists of finding different places to fall asleep and occasionally ripping a sofa.Eating store bought hummus MENTION of the 2020 Middle East Book Award, Youth Literature Category: ONCE UPON AN EID: STORIES OF HOPE…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageehmetal slug is actually great tho, I will put aside my values and self respect for this gameMe: *watching a game where you can mow down terrible stereotypical and violent caricature of arabs* Me: oh cool th…
@Megcurdy I already thought you lived like thisThis story takes place in like a fake 15th century Middle East, and now all I wanna do is draw these kids in hoodies making tiktoksI can’t wait till I’m done with this graphic novel so I can stop drawing my characters fighting and draw them playing Mario Kart insteadIn preparation for tomorrow's level editing stream, what kind of environment do you want to see @Megcurdy tackle?…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh @almag1cc Hair volume doesn’t count @almag1cc I think I’m slightly taller than you?? @gizem__vural Your wardrobe is just so much fun aahh5 foot 4, if you squint 👀
Retweeted by Sara-no-h AlfageehFor Sale: Baby Trebuchet, Never Used
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✨Exciting Announcement✨ Join our Lead Artist @Megcurdy this Thursday at 8pm UTC (3pm EST / 12pm PST) for our first…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh @Nadia_Shammas_ Oh now that is just a joy @Nadia_Shammas_ I had the audacity to be surprised with the search results.There is a hand lettering design book cheekily called "Hand Job: A Catalogue of Type" and while that's all great an… @GWillowWilson I’d lose my phone so fastAutumn. Animated on @Procreate.
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh @_gabrielpicolo @thejamfilter @DinDuarte @Procreate The bird!!!!!!! Has a beanie!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so much of what I loveChar designs I did on stream!
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drawing some good faces today @imzeferino HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LITERAL RAY OF SUNSHINE☀️ @imzeferino The childhood flashbacks, the drama, getting riveted by scenes of a game you don’t even understand the rules of
Queen's Gambit is a BBC sports anime @the_trq Isn’t a yak a type of cowsometimes you gotta protect your cow from evil eye 🧿 don't get creators who demean fandoms, but are actively trying to get their own audience
Impostor Syndrome. Still one of my favorite illustrations I've drawn.
Retweeted by Sara-no-h AlfageehKadani the Ork Sorcerer’s Max HP is 22, and the two Wraiths he is facing both have a 12% chance of a critical hit.… was helping a team member sort out how HP and constitution bonuses worked in our game, and lemme just say… @yesitshanna Listen.first rule of art is to check for dicks in the sketch stage.3 hours into this painting and it appears this rock is a bit.......phallic****demon souls. See this is how little I knewI don’t play Dark Souls so when people were tweeting about a DS remake I was really confused about peoples commentary on a new Nintendo DS
Oh hey, long time no see. We should probably fix that. Join us next week for our first ever Multiverse Twitch stre…
Retweeted by Sara-no-h AlfageehThe contents of the British Museum
Retweeted by Sara-no-h Alfageeh @bbcgarcia This was the best ps5 advertisement to meMOU IPPON @victoriaying I love that everyone on my TL has great taste
Plz sir I’m trying to provide for this family @dezinpub I had never watched an anime so fast like I did with Given omg @victoriaying This is it @sstarkm Why was he always angrier in our versionswithout downloading new pics, what’s it like dating you? @almag1cc I love that sweater omg
Give me all the weird giant spider statues by Louise Bourgeois is back in the latest issue of Ms. Marvel, out today!! @Megcurdy @Salmikawolf I can’t believe someone made an entire game targeted only at you Megan @cavaticat I CANT WAIT THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE @kevinjaystanton @marissadraws @jakewyattriot @reimenayee @chootalks @careydraws I LOVE THIS COVERMomo crashed the talk, and is now using my mic to scritch scratch her head
@SAChakrabooks Howl is the one that really gets me. All of the Lungs album is just superb